A/N Quick NaLu oneshot I needed to get out of my head. Set at the the end of the 'Key of the Starry Heavens' arc.Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognise.

"Lucy!" Natsu cried out.

She was falling, lost in a sea of blue stars, plummeting at an alarming rate towards the cold hard earth.

Natsu ran. He could see her, he wouldn't miss her!

His life wouldn't be the same without Lucy Heartfilia.

Her eyes flickered open, wide and scared. The wind rushed passed her, she couldn't hear anything else. Her blonde hair streaked behind her as she noticed him.

"Natsu!" She cried desperately.

He tripped on a stone, tumbling across the solid ground. Cursing, he got up and kept running, she was almost in his reach!

Natsu launched himself off the ground,She slamming into Lucy, halting her fall.

Holding her in his arms they landed.

Tears came unbidden into Lucy's warm brown eyes.

"Natsu..." She said tearfully. She smiled slightly. "Thank you."

He grinned, his signature happy go lucky smile.

"No problem Luce. Anytime."

Their eyes met and he embraced her. She hugged him back, burying her tear streaked face in his scarf.

"You're in loooooove!" Came the voice of a certain blue exceed.

"Shut up cat!" Natsu and Lucy shouted.

Then their thankful eyes met and they burst out laughing. The whole guild joined them.

FairyTail was back with a bang!