Summary: In a world of death gods, murder and sociopathic geniuses, Hatake Kakashi fits right in. A Naruto and Death Note crossover story. AU.

Disclaimer: Death Note and Naruto are not mine.

Note: This is the revision of the fic entitled Copy-nin no Death Note. This is a bit...darker so watch out for that.


The invasion was intense.

Hatake Kakashi tried to be everywhere he could - to defend Konoha to the best of his abilities, but he's getting tired. After all, even with his thousand techniques and renowned genius, he wasn't Kami. Not like the monster that he was currently facing.

Not like the god who calls himself Pain.

When he sacrificed the last pieces of his chakra to save Chouji, Kakashi fell into oblivion with a smile on his lips.

Unbeknownst to the people fighting below, Nu, a passing Shinigami with a particularly odd visage, stopped when she saw a bright-haired human.

The silver hair was certainly striking but that wasn't what caught her attention, no.

It's the repentance, the sheer grittiness of the feeling, that this particular human exudes with every slash of its sword and every attack that it gracefully bequeaths its enemy. It's beautiful, stunning...magnificent.

In another reality, Nu wouldn't have cared. She would have gone back on her realm, forgot this encounter as time passed by as she grew older and older. But in this world, she did and it all changed everything.

Raptly watching in awe of the human with all the eyes in her rock-like body, Nu faltered when all of a sudden she saw it fell and slowly die.


Not that one.

Not yet.

Determined, Nu's numerous eyes flashed red as she strained to write the human's name on her death note before its soul leave its body.

In a blink, she's gone.

Flying towards another realm, Nu smiled triumphantly as she used her death eraser to revive the exquisite soul of the captivating human being into another world where she can monitor and watch it grow.

It would certainly be interesting, to say the least.




A cry from a previously thought dead infant named Em Lawliet broke through the hospital room loudly.

Nurses started turning themselves into a tizzy at the sound, and the baby's parents cried in joy at the thought of their daughter's continued survival.

(Considering she was at death's door minutes ago, the infant was fine and healthier than she should have been. Her being alive was well- a medical anomaly among anomalies since she wasn't healthy before the affliction to begin with, and coming off with next to no scratch from that, as a toddler no less, was nothing less but a miracle.)

(So when the doctor insisted on conducting further tests despite the earlier pronouncement and lengthy diagnosis, the parents-)

(-the parents left - wary about the avaricious light that seeped in the doctor's eyes - barely seen, but noticed all the same. They heard the rumors and they knew that greed could creep in even on the most upstanding and honorable of men.)

(Maybe it was paranoia whispering into their ears and influencing their eyes - seeing things that weren't there to begin with - but they couldn't - wouldn't take the chance.)

(Not if they could help it.)




A seven-year-old dark-haired boy with calculating onyx eyes looked at the small bundle in his mother's arms blandly as the family of four drove back home.

"She survived." He murmured curiously, intrigued. He didn't expect her to do so, considering how weak her constitution was despite the continuous medication. His sister was a premature baby, much like he was as his father once mentioned but considerably more fragile since she seemed to have inherited their mother's weak immune system.

He was sure her heart even stopped at one point, once he heard the plaintive wail his mother let out when he was waiting outside the emergency room.

The dark-haired boy smiled, the expression fitting oddly into his face - the smile too wide to be considered natural, too...strange that it would have jarred anyone have they cared enough to look.

"I'm glad." He said quietly and his father smiled warmly as he heard the sentiment from his usually apathetic son.

(Except, for the dark-haired boy, it wasn't so much as a sentiment, but more of an anticipation of the person that would come from this small pink-faced baby.)

(For surely, someone that could defeat the odds stacked so much against them would be more interesting than the people he was with most of the time.)

(Surely, she would just be better-)

(-wouldn't she?)

Additional Note: Nu isn't an OC. She's canon, not very well known, but her profile fits the fic.