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Using Anime Effects.

In a New World!

"Finally! The first episode of Arc-V is about to start!" I thought excited as I waited for the video to finish loading. "Yuya is the main character; I hope he's a funny but serious guy who beats everybody in his Duels. Like Yusei kinda..."

I laughed to myself as the episode finished loading. I clicked the play button and I was met by white. Any second now the episode will start. Any second. Come on... the heck?

I grunted as I paused the video and re-started it, but nothing happened. Instead, the screen continued to get whiter by second, until it became a blinding light.

"What the-" I said as I tried to shield my eyes using my arm, but the light got too powerful until I didn't see anything.

I didn't realize I closed my eyes while attempting to block the light. As I opened them, I was meet by the sunlight, birds were chirping happily, and random people passing past me.

I blinked twice as I looked at my surroundings, seeing I was in the middle of a road in a city.

"E-Eh!?" I mumbled confused. "W-Where am I!?"

I gazed to the side and noticed a male around my age staring at me. I made an embarrassed smile as I waved my hand, and so did the other person. "Just play it cool..." I thought.

As I waved my hand, I realized I was wearing some kind of gauntlet on my left arm. It was a black color, as I moved my hand to touch it, I noticed the person doing the same thing, also, he too had a red gauntlet.

I raised an eyebrow, and he copied me again. "W-wait... is that me...?" I thought as I moved a hand through my hair earning the same movement from him. It seems I was watching my own reflection in a shop's doors.

I had shoulder-length sand-colored hair. I wasn't wearing my home clothes, but instead some thorn blue jeans, black shoes, and a white colored t-shirt. But what caught my attention the most, were my dual colored eyes: my right one was a green color, while the left one is now a ruby color.

Out of nowhere, the shop's door opens, and a teenage boy walks out not looking ahead "That's it, Yuzu! I'm not coming shopping with you again!" the boy said irritated to a girl behind him.

"Watch out!" the girl, Yuzu, shouted as she noticed me standing in front of the entrance.

Before I and the boy could dodge each other, we collided and both fell with a loud 'thud'. "Ow..." we both whined.

"Yuya, are you ok!?" Yuzu asked worried as Yuya stood up. "Yeah... I'm ok." he nodded smiling. Yuya then turned to me with a surprised expression. "Sorry. I didn't see you from the shop's inside!"

I sweatdropped as I waved my hand, "N-No worries..."

"I'm talking to him. I'm really talking to him! To Sakaki Yuya from Arc-V - wait, that means I'm in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V? Sweet!"

Yuzu turned angry as she glared at Yuya. "What's your problem!? I was just checking clothes and you suddenly storm out the store!"

Yuya glared back at her, "What do you mean what's my problem? You pick out a dress, put it back, walk around for the store for like eternity, and choose the very dress you placed down at the beginning!" he blamed. "I've wasted all my afternoon in this one shop!"

Yuzu gasped as her face turned red from anger.


"That's what you get!" she yelled putting her paper fan away. Yuya placed his hands over the hit spot, murmuring something under his breath.

"That escalated rather quickly..." I spoke up. "Are you two... a couple or something?"

Yuzu and Yuya's faces turned red as they waved their hands "What, nooooo. We're just friends!" Yuzu quickly stated.

"Yeah like we would never be lovers," Yuya added nodding.

"I-If... you say so..."

"I'm Sakaki Yuya. This here is Hiiragi Yuzu. Who are you?" the tomato hair quickly said, changing the subject.

"Wait who am I?" I thought quickly. "I'm... Vince!" I firmly said. "Sakushi Vince."

"Good to meet you. You must be new here, I never saw you before." Yuzu wondered as I nodded to her.

"Yes... I just arrived."

"Welcome to Maiami City then!" Yuya chuckled. "What brings you here?"

"I... came to... Duel new opponents!" I quickly stated.

Yuzu nodded as she looked at my Duel Disk. "So you're a Duelist? Are you attending to any Duel School?" she asked.

I shook my head, "No. I'm self-taught."

"Eh? That's something new," she blinked. "You don't see self-taught Duelists every day."

"Hey, Vince!" Yuya smirked as he placed a hand around my neck. "Wanna have a Duel?"

"Yuya, you can't just go around and ask people to Duel you." Yuzu scold.

I smirked back. "No need to worry, Yuzu-san! I accept your challenge Yuya."

"What... is this place?" I asked as I pointed at the building in front of us.

"This," Yuya chuckled. "Is the Duel School we attend to: You Show Duel School. Here, we practice Entertainment Duel."

"Ent... Ent-what now?"

"Entertainment Duel is when we, the Duelists, entertain the public with our Duels." Yuzu explained.

"We use flashy presentations, death-defying acrobatics and a bit of humor, making it seem like a circus act designed to please the audience," Yuya continued.

"Death-defying what?"

"Don't worry 'bout it!" Yuzu smiled as she took hold of my hand. "Why not try it out?"

"Uhhh... I guess..."

"Then let's go!" Yuya said happily as he took hold of my other hand and the two teens pushed me into the building.

"Are you guys sure?"

"Come on, Vince! Don't be shy!" Yuya sighed as he and Yuzu directed me to a rectangular-shaped room.

"Somebody is Dueling?" Yuzu asked no one.

True to her words, it seemed like a Duel was ongoing in the room: I and the other two were standing in a viewer's room and we could see four people Dueling. One was a cyan haired short male going against three little kids.

"Hi Yuya, Yuzu," a voice greeted from the viewer's room.

"Hey, Gongenzaka!" Yuya greeted back. "What's happening here?"

This new person had a huge frame, black hair styled into a large pompadour, restrained by a red band, and his nose is somewhat redder than the rest of his face. Gongenzaka appeared to wear a white jacket over a buttoned white coat that has golden trim, as well as white pants.

"Nothing special," Gongenzaka told as he moved his gaze back to the Duel. "The three kids challenged Sora to a Duel. How come you guys came here? You said you'll be shopping for the afternoon."

"Well that was the plan," Yuzu spoke up seeming irritated. "However Yuya decided to behave like an idiot and he accidentally collided into somebody. Gongenzaka, this is Vince. Vince, this is Gongenzaka."


"I, the man Gongenzaka, am happy to meet you."

"Why is he talking in third person?" I thought confused. "This show is getting weirder and weirder..."

"A new student!?" a new voice, much energetic then Gongenzaka's shouted out of nowhere. A man with brown/orange hair walked up to me with a big smile. "I'm very happy to have you enrolling into our school! I'm Hiiragi Shuzo, the principal of the school and "

"Father stop! You're scaring him!" Yuzu cried out. "And he isn't a new student!"

"Oh... well nonetheless, you're free to enroll into our school whenever you like!"

"Okay..." I slowly nodded. "This is getting out of hand..."

"Vince says he's self-thought and I'd like to Duel him!" Yuya said. "That's why he's here."

"Self-thought?" Gongenzaka parroted with a shocked face. "I, the man Gongenzaka, can't help but feel intrigued by your Dueling skills myself."

"I want to Duel him as well!" a childish voice shouted. The cyan-haired shorty appeared out of nowhere as his eyes beamed with interest. "If you're self-thought, you must be much more powerful than teacher!"

"Sora, how many times have I told you I'm not your teacher," Yuya sighed in desperation. "Besides, I'm the one who wants to Duel Vince first!"

"Wha-That's not fair!" Sora pouted.

As the two started to argue with each other, the three kids who were Dueling Sora before approached me.

"I'm Ayuwaka Ayu," the little girl with red hair from the group introduced herself.

"I'm Harada Futoshi," the puffy boy next to her said.

"I'm Yamashiro Tatsuya," the last one with blue hair told.

"Nice to meet you all," I said with a smile. "Are those two always behaving like that?"

"Yes." Yuzu immediately answered as she glared at the arguing Yuya and Sora. "You two, stop it!"

The two teens stopped shouting at each other as the pink haired girl snapped at them. "If you two would use your brains, you could come up with the option of making a Tag-Duel. Since both of you want to fight against him, you guys could be a team, while Vince could fight with Gongenzaka."

"I, the man Gongenzaka, approve with your idea Yuzu!" Gongenzaka nodded as he looked at me. "What about you Vince?"

"I'm in," I told with a nod. "Getting to fight the main character of the new Yu-Gi-Oh series? Of course, I'm in!"

"Great!" Yuya exclaimed as he looked over to Shuzo. "Principal, I think we can start!"

"That's the spirit!" he nodded. "I'll go and set things up for the Action Duel!"

"Wait a second!" I suddenly shouted, catching everybody's attention. "What's an Action Duel?"

"Eh!? You don't know!?" Yuya asked shocked. "Are you serious!?"

I nodded.

"Then let me explain things!" Sora chuckled as he licked a lollipop. "An Action Duel occurs with the help of tangible Solid Vision. This Solid Vision surrounds the entire field and the Duel takes place in the entire area. The monsters Summoned during these Duels are real enough to let Duelists interact with them."

"Wooow, that's cool!"

"Wait, there's more!" Sora told me. "In an Action Duel, a Field Spell Card commonly referred to as an Action Field, is activated before the Duel starts, modifying the terrain to look similar to card's artwork. Action Cards are then scattered throughout the field, which either Duelist can search for to aid them. When an Action Card that is a Spell Card is found, it is placed in the hand and can be used right away. When a card is activated, a player can use the Action Cards they found to pay the cost if necessary. However, to discourage Duelists from simply hoarding Action Cards, a player may only hold on to one Action Card at a time."

"That's... what's the word I'm searching for..."

"Utterly broken and stupid?" Sora suggested.

"Exactly." I nodded.

"That's what I first thought when I started using them, but you never know when they can come in handy!"

"Okay everybody, let's start already!" Yuya shouted not being able to calm down.

The four of us entered the Solid Vision Arena and Shuzo pressed a few buttons in a control room. "Action Field on! Field Spell, Athletic Circus activated!"

The whole arena glowed as it transformed into the inside of a giant colorful circus tent.

"Duelists locked in battle!" Yuya shouted out of nowhere.

"Wait what?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Kicking the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters!" Sora continued with a smile.

"They storm through this field!" Gongenzaka went on.

"This is the newest and greatest evolution of Dueling!" the three kids from the viewer's room shouted.

The other three activated their Duel Disks, giving life to different colored energy blades. I quickly pressed some random buttons of mine, activating one myself.


"DUEL!" Yuya, Sora, and Gongenzaka shouted.

"D-Duel!" I shouted a bit late.

Yuya/Sora - LP 4000


Vince/Gongenzaka - LP 4000

"Vince! Allow me, the man Gongenzaka, to take the first turn!" my Tag-Partner called out to me.

"Ok..." I nodded.

"Thank you. It's my turn then!" Gongenzaka announced. "I set a monster face-down. Turn end!"

"A defensive play." I thought interested in his deck.

"Then it's my turn, draw!" Sora shouted happily as he drew his card. "From my hand, I normal summon Fluffal Sheep from my hand!"

A sheep with yellow colored wool and two angel wings formed on Sora's field.

Fluffal Sheep (LV 2/ATK 400/DEF 800/Fairy/EARTH/Effect)

"Ok..." I sweatdropped at the summoned monster. "That's very cute monster, I guess..."

"Why thank you!" Sora chuckled. "My monsters are always cute, just like me! Now continuing with my turn, I activate the Continous Spell Card Toy Vendor from my hand and use its effect! Once per turn, by discarding a card from my hand, I can draw a card and reveal it. If it is a Level 4 or lower monster, I can special summon it!"

A giant toy vendor machine formed on their side of the field as Sora jumped on some of the circus balls and picked up an Action Card. "I send this Action Card to the graveyard as a cost for Toy Vendor! Now I draw! The card I got is-A monster! Edge Imp Scissors!"

A pair of scissors with demonic red eyes emerged from the toy vendor.

Edge Imp Scissors (LV 3/ATK 1200/DEF 800/Fiend/DARK/Effect)

"When this monster is summoned, I can return a Fluffal monster I control to my hand," Sora explained as Fluffal Sheep vanished from his field. "Then, I can special summon a Fluffal monster from my hand! Let's welcome Fluffal Bear!"

A pink colored fluffy bear appeared beside Sora next with angelic wings.

Fluffal Bear (LV 3/ATK 1200/DEF 800/Fairy/EARTH/Effect)

"So those are Action Cards..." I muttered intrigued.

"I activate the effect of Fluffal Sheep! When this card is returned to my hand, I can add this card from my deck to my hand Polymerization!"

"What!?" I gasped. "You're a Fusion User!?"

"Yep! So get ready for this! I activate Polymerization, fusing my two monsters on the field!" Sora's monsters got sucked into a red and blue spiral portal as he chanted.

"Claws of the demon! Fangs of the beast! Become one and reveal a new form and power! Fusion Summon! Appear, horrifying beast that shreds everything! Frightfur Bear!"

A pink colored fluffy bear with scissors sticking out its arms and stomach emerged from the portal with a maniac laugh.

Frightfur Bear (LV 6/ATK 2200/DEF 1800/Fiend/DARK/Fusion/Effect)

"God! What's that!?" I shouted horrified by the monster.

"The cutest thing alive!" Sora laughed not bothered by his own monster's appearance. "Next I activate another Continous Spell Card, Frightfur Needlework! With this card, by sending a Fluffal or Edge Imp card from my hand to the graveyard and targeting my Frightfur Bear, when the latter attacks this turn, the opponent can activate monster effects until the end of the Damage Calculation! I send Fluffal Sheep to activate this effect!"

"Battle!" Sora exclaimed as he threw his fist forward. "My Bear is attacking Gon-chan's face-down monster!"

The Fusion Monster laughed hysterically as it punched the face-down monster with its paw, destroying it, revealing a blue armored machine with giant bullet-like hands.

Superheavy Samurai Waka-O2 (LV 4/ATK 0/DEF 2000/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

"Alright!" Yuya cheered from the side. "The monster Sora attacked was Superheavy Samurai Waka-O2 which can't be destroyed by battle. However, due to Needlework, that effect is negated!"

"That's not all! The effect of Bear activates!" Sora stated. "When this monster destroys an opponent's monster by battle, I can equip that monster to Bear and have it gain its ATK!"

"But Waka-O2 has zero ATK, so its ATK doesn't increase," Gongenzaka said calmly.

"Of course I know that. Thus I activate Frightfur Needlework's other effect!" Sora stated. "By sending a face-up card I control to the graveyard, I can add a Fluffal, Edge Imp, or Fusion card from my graveyard to my hand; I choose to send the equipped Waka-O2 to the graveyard and return Polymerization to my hand. With that, I end my turn."

"Okay. Then it's my turn," I announced as I placed my hand on the top card of my deck. "I draw!"

I stared at the six cards in my hand: one monster, three spells, two traps. "Could've been worse..." I thought. The only monster in my hand was a Normal Monster too, however, half of the card was colored green and the other a sand color, also, it had a blue and red colored arrow with some type of effect written in a rectangle above its usual text.

"Strange... well it's the only card I can play at the moment so I guess I'll ask someone later about it."

"From my hand, I normal summon Mythorror Orthrus!"

A black-furred twin-headed wolf appeared beside me with a howl. Golden armor glistened on the monster's back and necks as its eyes glowed a scarlet color.

Mythorror Orthrus (LV 4/ATK 1800/DEF 1500/Fiend/EARTH/Pendulum/SC 3)

"Mythorror?" asked Yuzu from the other room. "I've never heard of it."

"Its name is a mix between Myth and Horror" Tatsuya noted.

"It certainly gives me the shivers!" Futoshi told with a scared tone.

"Next I equip to my monster this card," I continued as I slowly placed a card into my Duel Disks copying Sora. "Demon Halberd. A monster equipped with this card gains 700 ATK, thus, Orthrus has 2300 ATK!"

"Alright! Now it has more ATK than Sora-oniichan's monster!" Ayu cheered with a smile.

"Okay, now my Orthus is going to attack Frightfur Bear!" I announced as between my beat's two jaws a crimson colored halberd appeared (ATK 1800 → 2300).

"I don't think so!" Sora shouted as he started running.

"Another Action Card?" I wondered aloud. "Then let's see if I can find one too!" I said before starting running.

"Bingo!" Sora smirked triumphally as he picked up a card from the ground. "I activate the Action Card Evasion! By targeting your monster, I negate its attack!"

"Found one!" I shouted picking up an Action Card myself. "Surprise! This card lets me target a monster I control which attack was negated and allow it to attack again!"

"Oh no!" Sora gasped as Orthus used its weapon to slash Frightfur Bear into two, destroying it.

"At this moment, both Demon Halberd and Surprise's other effects kick in!" I shouted as I read both card's texts. "With Demon Halberd, when the equipped monster attacks a monster, the opponent's effects are negated and all battle damage is doubled. With Surprise, this turn, all battle damage you take involving the monster which attacked again is doubled!"

"The difference between Bear and Hollow Blade's ATKs is 100. Since its doubled, it becomes 200," Yuya thought aloud. "But its doubled again, so we're going to take 400 damage!"

"Not bad Vince!" Sora praised. "I underestimated you, it seems."

Yuya - Sora (LP 4000 3600)

"Don't sweat it Sora," I told him. "I place two cards face-down and end my turn."

"Now let's see what the main character of this series is capable of!" I thought as I smirked.

"It's my turn next, I draw!" Yuya shouted before spotlights focused on him. "Ladies and Gentleman! Don't look away now, especially you Vince! Here's something you don't get to see every day, so watch! I, using the scale 1 Stargazer Magician and the scale 8 Timegazer Magician, set the Pendulum Scales!"

As Yuya's swiped the two cards on either side of his energy blade, two pillars of blue light appeared behind him as two monsters rose up in them: a white-robed spellcaster with a purple cloak and long blond hair and a black-robed spellcaster with spiky brown hair.

Stargazer Magician (LV 5/ATK 1200/DEF 2400/Spellcaster/DARK/Effect/Pendulum/SC 1)

Timegazer Magician (LV 3/ATK 1200/DEF 600/Spellcaster/DARK/Effect/Pendulum/SC 8)

"It's here!" Tetsuya cheered.

"Yuya-oniichan's Pendulum!" Ayu shouted happily.

"Shivers!" Futoshi said lastly.

"Now I can simultaneously summon monsters with Level 2 through 7!" Yuya declared as he smirked. "Swing, pendulum of souls! Draw an arc of light across the ether! PENDULUM SUMMON! Appear! Level 4: Entermate Whip Viper! Level 2: Entermate Sword Fish! And today's main attraction, the rare dragon with differently colored eyes! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

A portal opened between the two pillars of light as three rays of light shot out of it, revealing a purple colored snake with a hat and necktie, a blue colored sword-shaped fish, and a red scaled dragon with different colored eyes and two horns sprouting from its back.

Entermate Whip Viper (LV 4/ATK 1700/DEF 900/Reptile/EARTH/Effect)

Entermate Sword Fish (LV 2/ATK 600/DEF 600/Fish/WATER/Effect)

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (LV 7/ATK 2500/DEF 2000/Dragon/DARK/Effect/Pendulum/SC 4)

"For real...?" I thought almost irritated. "The two Magicians and the dragon are cool and all... but the other monsters are just... and what in the world was that 'Ladies and Gentleman' thing!?"

"I activate the effect of Whip Viper!" Yuya shouted catching my attention. "Once per turn, I can swap the current ATK and DEF of a monster my opponent's controls! I choose your Orthus!"

"What?" I muttered dumb folded (ATK 2300 → 1500).

"Next I activate Sword Fish's effect!" Yuya continued. "I lower the ATK of an opponent's monster! I choose Orthus for the second time!"

"Those monsters look ridicule, but combining their effects sure make them troublesome!" I thought aloud (ATK 1500 → 900).

"Battle!" Yuya called out as he jumped on his dragon's back. "First, Whip Viper will lead the stage! Attack Vince's Mythorror Orthus!"

"I activate my face-down!" I cried out quickly pressing a button on my Duel Disk. "Book of Aether! This card can only be activated when a Mythorror monster is attacked. I choose and activate one of two options: I choose the second one! This turn, I take no battle damage involving Mythorror monsters!"

"But your monster is going to be destroyed!" Sora pointed out.

I gritted my teeth as I ran for another Action Card. I gave a sigh of relief as I found another one on a floating ball. "Wait how do I get there!?"

As if waiting for my question, Orthus lowered its two heads, inviting me to hop on his back. I nodded as I hurried up and the twin-headed wolf jumped onto the ball, allowing me to pick up the card. "I activate Choice of Miracle! With this, I choose to protect my monster from being destroyed by this battle!"

"Well played, Vince!" Yuya praised seeing how his attack didn't work. "However I still got my Odd-Eyes attack! I attack Orthus once again! Spiral Strike Burst!"

The dragon roared as it released a stream of spiraling red energy from its mouth, hitting Orthus and destroying it.

"The other effect of Demon Halberd activates!" I abruptly stated. "Since this card was sent to the graveyard, I inflict 500 damage to my opponent!"

The Equip Spell Card reappeared beside me as a lightning bolt shot out of it, striking both Yuya and Sora.

Yuya - Sora (LP 3600 3100)

"I also activate my other Trap! Book of Myths! When a Mythorror monster is destroyed by battle, I can add two different named Mythorror monsters from my deck to my hand! I choose to add... um..."

I trailed off as I watched all the monsters in my deck appeared on the Duel Disk's screen. "I choose to add Mythorror Niebla and Mythorror God Yamatochi."

I blinked twice. Did I just say that? It was my voice, that's for sure, but I don't even know the monsters existed!

Two cards shot out my deck, saving me the trouble searching for the declared monsters. I took hold of them and looked at their name: Niebla and Yamatochi. Strange... I'll return to this problem after finishing the Duel.

"Good moves Vince, but I've still got an attack left!" Yuya pointed out. "Battle! Sword Fish attacks you two directly!"

The Entermate monster used its body as a sword to slash me, sending me falling off the floating ball and fall on a trampoline, making the bounce on it.

Vince - Gongenzaka (LP 4000 3400)

"Okay! This Action Dueling is dangerous!" I shouted while jumping off the trampoline.

"I set a card face-down and end my turn!" Yuya finished as he jumped off his dragon's back. "And with that, our act comes to an end!"

"My turn, draw!" Gongenzaka declared as he drew, creating a strong wind. "I normal summon Superheavy Samurai Kagebo-C from my hand! I activate its effect: by tributing this card the turn it's summoned, I can special summon a Superheavy Samurai monster from my hand! The monster which represents my Steadfast Dueling: Superheavy Samurai Big Ben-K!"

A blue colored machine with a flute appeared on Gongenzaka's field before it vanished in dust as a much bigger machine took its place. Big Ben-K was a warrior machine holding a staff with a pointed tip.

Superheavy Samurai Big Ben-K (LV 8/ATK 1000/DEF 3500/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

"Those are some DEF points..." I whistled. "And what is Steadfast Dueling by the way?"

"Steadfast Dueling is a different Duel Style," Gongenzaka explained. "This style uses a full monster Deck, the Duelist does not chase after Action Cards and remains stationary, no matter what, even if an attack from a monster is received. I, the man Gongenzaka, am the son of the Gongenzaka's Dojo's owner."

"A deck with only monsters!?" I widen my eyes in shock. "That's... interesting... wait, if you're a Steadfast Duelist, then why are you here at You Show Duel School?"

"I'm a friend of Yuya's and the two of us polish our skills by Dueling against each other from childhood," he told. "But that's enough of our past! Let's resume this Duel. I activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Yobidash-C in my hand: by banishing this card, I can special two Superheavy Samurai monsters, one from my hand and one from my deck!"

Superheavy Samurai Yobidash-C (LV 5/ATK 1000/DEF 2000/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

"With this effect, I special summon Superheavy Samurai Soul Great Wall from my hand and Superheavy Samurai Soul Double Horn from my deck!"

A green colored shield and a chest plate-like machine appeared beside Big Ben-K.

Superheavy Samurai Soul Great Wall (LV 3/ATK 1200/DEF 1200/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

Superheavy Samurai Soul Double Horn (LV 1/ATK 0/DEF 300/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

"Now I activate both these monster's effects!" Gongenzaka shouted. "Both Soul Great Wall and Soul Double Horn can equip themselves to a Superheavy Samurai I control, and when they do, that monster gains 1200 DEF and can attack twice thanks to Great Wall and Double Horn respectively!"

Both machines attached themselves onto Big Ben-K as the latter's eyes flashed red (DEF 3500 → 4700).

"Wow! It has 4700 DEF!" Tatsuya breathed out.

"Shivers!" Futoshi shouted.

"Big Ben-K can attack even in Defense Position by using its DEF during damage calculation," Gongenzaka revealed. "Battle! Superheavy Samurai Big Ben-K attacks Entermate Whip Viper!"

"What!?" I gasped yet again. "It can attack using its DEF!?"

"Action Spell Miracle!" Yuya called out as he swiped an Action Card he picked up into his Duel Disk. "Whip Viper can't be destroyed by this battle and all damage is halved!"

A transparent barrier formed around Whip Viper, blocking the attack of Big Ben-K.

Yuya - Sora (LP 3100 1600)

"Battle! Big Ben-K attacks Entermate Sword Fish!"

"Action Spell Encore!" Sora shouted as he gathered an Action Card. "This card's lets me use the effect of Evasion in my graveyard once again!"

Sword Fish dodged the giant machine's staff just before it could've collided into its body.

"I end my turn."

"Note to self: never go against Gongenzaka." I thought. This guys deck was insane! Raising the DEF of his monsters to insane stats, then attack in Defense Position using its DEF as ATK. If you let your guard down, you're done.

"Then it's finally my turn again! Draw!" Sora shouted as he started his turn. "Since in this Duel we're sharing our fields, I can activate Yuya's Whip Viper's effect, changing Big Ben-K's stats!"

"Now our defense is stripped down to nothing..." I muttered annoyed (Big Ben-K: DEF → 1000).

"Next I activate Fusion Conscription! This Spell Card lets me target a Fusion Monster in my Extra Deck and add a Fusion Material monster from my deck to my hand!" Sora smirked from ear to ear. "I reveal Frightfur Kraken and add Fluffal Octopus to my hand. Next, I activate Polymerization! Fusing Octopus and Edge Imp Tomahawk in my hand!"

"Demonic claws. Become one with the devil apostle and show us you new powerful form! FUSION SUMMON! Sea devil that steal freedom and pulls everything into the darkness! Frightfur Kraken!"

A purple colored Kraken stuffed animal with tomahawks at the tip of its tentacles emerged from the portal.

Frightfur Kraken (LV 8/ATK 2200/DEF 3000/Fiend/WATER/Fusion/Effect)

"Battle! Frightfur Kraken is going to attack Big Ben-K!"

"I activate the effect of Soul Great Wall!" Gongenzaka stated. "By sending this card to the graveyard, I negate the opponent's attack but Big Ben-K's DEF is reduced to zero!"

The green shield attached to Big Ben-K shattered into dust as the attack was stopped.

"Luckily for me, Kraken can attack twice during the Battle Phase!" Sora explained. "So I'll attack Big Ben-K again!"

Frightfur Kraken swung its tomahawk tentacle against Gongenzaka's monster, destroying it with ease.

"I activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Soul Makarugaeshi in my hand!" Gongenzaka abruptly stated. "By sending this card to the graveyard when a Defense Position monster I control is destroyed by battle, I can revive that monster in Attack Position!"

Superheavy Samurai Big Ben-K reappeared beside its owner (ATK 1000).

"Then I'll use Yuya's Odd-Eyes to attack it again!" Sora shouted as he pointed forward.

"Then Odd-Eyes' effect activates!" Yuya stated. "When battling a Level 5 or higher monster, all battle damage is doubled! Reaction Force!"

"Action Spell Big Escape!" I interrupted making everybody's heads turn towards me. "This card's effects force the Battle Phase to come to an end!"

"Oh come on!" Sora whined as he stomped the ground with his foot. "We were so close to winning too!"

"While his opponents were occupied with his Tag-Partner, Vince used this opportunity to search for an Action Card..." Yuzu told. "A sneaky move, but it did save him."

"I end my turn with a set card!" Sora pouted. "I guess this Duel is going to be longer than expected."

"That's my cue then!" I shouted as I drew my card. "With the current cards in my hand, I can also use this Summoning Method Yuya used." I thought victoriously as I stared at Niebla and Yamatochi in my hand.

...Use Niebla's Pendulum Effect...


"What's the problem, Vince?" Gongenzaka asked as he saw my confused face.

"Somebody said something, right?"

"I, the man Gongenzaka, didn't hear a sound."

"Oh... n-nevermind then..." I told him.

Was I imagining things? Somebody just spoke to me, so how come Gongenzaka didn't hear anything. Use Niebla's Pendulum Effect... what's a Pendulum Effect? It can't be the Monster Effect, so maybe it's the text above the latter?

"Come on, Vince!" Sora snapped seeming bored. "Are you gonna do something or not?"

"Y-Yes, sorry!" I apologized before reading the text of Niebla. "Well, I guess that must be it. So how did Yuya do this thing again?"

"Sorry for the wait, but now I'm ready to make my move!" I shouted to everybody. I held up a card from my hand, copying what Yuya did the last turn. "Using the scale 9 Mythorror Niebla, I set the Pendulum Scale!"

A pillar of blue light appeared behind me as well as the said monster rose up in it: Niebla was a charming woman ghost with a long white dress from which a cow tail tied under it. Her skin was faint, almost transparent, and she had long blond hair and two sky-blue colored eyes.

Mythorror Niebla (LV 4/ATK 1400/DEF 1600/Fiend/LIGHT/Pendulum/SC 9)

"What!" Yuya was the first one to break the silence with a shocked expression, just like all the rest of You Show and Gongenzaka.

"I activate the Pendulum Effect of my monster!" I stated. "When Niebla is placed into the Pendulum Zone, I can return a Mythorror monster from my graveyard or face-up in my Extra Deck to my hand! I choose to return Orthus from my Extra Deck!"

"No way... Vince can..."

"Pendulum Summon!" the three kids finished Yuzu's sentences.

"Now using my scale 3 Orthus, I complete my Pendulum Scales!" I shouted as the monster from before appeared in a pillar on the other side of my field.

"With these scales, I can I can simultaneously summon monsters with Level 4 through 8!" I declared "PENDULUM SUMMON! From my hand: Mythorror God Yamatochi!"

A portal opened between the pillars a dark ray of light shot out from it. A humanoid monster revealed itself: it wore silver armor from its waist down but didn't have any other clothes. Its chest and arms were bare, and it wore an angry-looking dragon mask. Seven dark-scaled dragon heads thrashed from the monster's back as they hissed at the enemy, while eight dragon tails came out the monster's lower back.

Mythorror God Yamatochi (LV 7/ATK 2800/DEF 2000/Fiend/DARK/Pendulum/SC 4)

"No way... why can you Pendulum Summon, Vince!?" Yuya asked shouting.

"Um... you see..." I sweatdropped. Was it a bad thing Pendulum Summoning? Oh crap...

"S...Somebody gave me this deck!" I quickly invented. "Yes! Before coming here to Maiami City somebody left me this deck! I don't know who, but somebody gave it to me... Resuming the Duel I activate the Continous Spell Card Level Mania!"

"When Level Mania is activated, I place Level Counters on this card equal to the total Level of monsters on the field. I count 34. So I place 34 Level Counters on this card. Then, by removing five of these, I can increase the ATK of Yamatochi by 500! Also, since I have Niebla in my Pendulum Zone, all monsters you control lose 400 ATK!"

All the monsters on our opponent's field gained a dark aura around them as if a curse was placed on them by Niebla.

"Now let's battle!" I shouted pointing forward. "Yamatochi will attack Odd-Eyes! I also activate Level Mania's other effect! When a monster I control declares an attack on an opponent's monster, by removing five counters from this card, your monster loses 1000 ATK!"

Level Mania: Counters 34 29 24

Mythorror Yamatochi: ATK 2800 3300

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: ATK 2500 1100

"I activate my Trap!" Yuya cried out. "Entermate Last Trick! This card can be activated when a monster I control is attacked whilst I have an Entermate on my field: by banishing a Spell Card from my graveyard, I can apply that card's effect! I choose to banish Evasion, negating your attack!"

"Thought you'll try to do that!" I smirked victoriously. "When the opponent activates a Card Effect during my Battle Phase, by removing all counters from Level Mania, I can negate that effect!"


Level Mania: Counters 24 0

"But now you can't use that effect anymore!" Sora pointed out. "Which means I can freely activate my face-down, Jack in a Box! When the opponent declares an attack while they control two or more monsters, the attack is negated and Big Ben-K will be sent to the graveyard and Yamatochi will lose ATK equal to the former's ATK!"

"Another reversal!" Yuzu gasped amazed at the numerous attempts to stop my attack.

"I activate the Pendulum Effect of Orthus!" I cried out pointing at the monster. "When an effect which negates an attack or battle damage is activated, that effect is negated and all damage my opponent takes is doubled!"


Yamatochi released a stream of dark energy from its seven heads which hit the dragon, destroying it and sending both Yuya and Sora falling onto their backs.

Yuya - Sora (LP 1600 0)

Winner: Vince/Gongenzaka!

"He did it!" Tatsuya and Ayu shouted smiling. "Vince-san defeated them!"

"Shivers!" was Futoshi's usual word as the Action Field dissolved.

"Whoa!" Shuzo entered the Solid Vision Arena with an energetic shouting as he ran up to me. "That was a fantastic Duel, Vince! It was Hot-blooded!"

"Thank you, for the compliment..." I muttered a little shocked by this person's spirit.

"That was a splendid finish, Vince." Gongenzaka praised as he walked up to me. "I, the man Gongenzaka, am amazed by your Dueling abilities."

"Yeah, what he said." Sora lazily said as another lollipop was between his fingers. "You sure are an interesting fellow."

"You're strong, Vince," Yuzu told as she and the three kids approached me.

"It was a fun Duel!" they told in unison.

"Fun?" I parroted. "Yeah... I guess... it was fun."


We turned our gazes to see Yuya slowly coming towards us. "How come... you knew all that about Pendulum?"

"Well, I saw what and how you did it, and I copied you," I admitted. "I think I'm getting the hang of this Pendulum Summoning thing."

"You were able to Pendulum Summon for the first time after just one glance of it?" Sora asked surprised. "That's quite amazing!"

"Say, Vince: what do you think of our Entertainment Duel so far?" Shuzo asked me.

I thought about it for a second, earning everybody's silence.


"Only good?" Shuzo asked seeming a little disappointed.

"It was good enough to make me want to enroll in this school!"


"If you shout one more time in my ear than no!" I told as I placed my hands over my ears because of Shuzo's constant shouting.

"Sorry sorry," the principal bowed his head in forgiveness. "But really?"

"Of course." I nodded smiling.

"OH THANK YOU!" Shuzo yelled again in excitement. "We're really happy to hear this!"

"Dad, you're shouting again." Yuzu sighed.

"Oh! Sorry." he nervously chuckled. "Vince, whenever there's something you need, come to me and I'll gladly help as thanks for you enrolling into our school."

"Really? Well... there would be one thing..."

"Just say it, I'm all ears." Shuzo smiled.

"Well, um... I'm new to Maiami City... do you know a good hotel where I could go for the night?" I asked a little embarrassed.

"Why didn't you say right away? There are a lot of hotels here in the city, but all the prices have increased due to the shortly incoming Championship... I know: come to live at our house!"

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah!" Yuzu chimed in with a smile. "We have a guest room ready to be used."

"B-B-But," I muttered surprised. "Won't I be a burden?"

"Don't even sweat it!" she laughed with a wave of her hand. "Having some guest will at least liven up our house. You can stay until you want."

"W-Well... ok." I faintly nodded. "Are you really sure I won't bother?"

"Of course!"

Time skip: Hiiragi's residence...

"Hey Yuzu..."

"What's up?" she wondered staring at me.

I have to admit: their house is really good looking and well put. The guest room was in perfect order, the food they make is very delicious, and they're always asking if I need something. The Hiiragi sure are good-hearted people.

"Why was Yuya... so down after the Duel?" I asked.

"Oh... that..." she sighed looking a little depressed. "You see... Yuya took a great hit in the past, something which time wasn't able to wash away by itself. When Yuya was a kid, his father mysteriously vanished from the world's face and hasn't returned yet. Sakaki Yusho, his father, was and still is Yuya's idol, the disappearance really did a number on him."

"Oh..." was the only word I could say.

"If that wasn't enough, other kids started to look down on him," Yuzu continued. "He was bullied a lot. After he invented the Pendulum Summing, he thought he could clean his father's name and become a pro-fighter... seeing how his only ray of hope was used by somebody else must have reduced his self-confidence."

"Oh... I didn't know..."

"Knowing Yuya, he'll just need some time," Yuzu told with a sad face. "Tomorrow I'll go and talk with him. At least I hope this will help..."

"You two are really good friends."

"From childhood," she corrected with a smile. "We've been through a lot together."

"But not in love," I said with a serious face.

"Finally somebody understood!" Yuzu sighed. "We aren't in love, I don't get it why everybody thinks that!"



"You aren't in love... yet!" I chuckled the last part.

"Vince, stop that!" Yuzu scold. "It's late; I'm going to bed."

"Goodnight~" I waved my hand as she left the guest room, closing the door behind her.

"Those two are so in love!" I thought. "The ship is so obvious, even a blind can see it."

I sat on the edge of my bed as I held the cards of my new deck between my hands. "Let's see what combos I can come up with during the night."

"But before that-Have I got an Extra Deck!?" I immediately extracted all the ten cards in my Extra Deck: two were Xyz monsters, a Rank 4 and 7, one was a Fusion monster, one was a Synchro monster, and all the others were blank?

"How am I supposed to use these!?" I sighed after some seconds. "Maybe I'll discover that in the future, knowing how Yu-Gi-Oh Anime works... now that I think about it: what was that voice during the Duel? I know overlooking things like these are a really bad idea, but I don't have any clues whatsoever."

"Well, whatever. For now, let's see what combos I can come up with."

What do you guys think?

The reactions my OC had were the same I had when I first saw Arc-V, especially with Yuya and Yuzu shipping.

The deck 'Vince' (I really like the name, don't judge me) uses is a Fiend Deck based after different horror-legends, their Boss-monsters are Gods from different myths.

With Vince going to Yuzu's place I was able to make that little conversation at the end, making Vince know Yuya's past and have a place for our OC to stay at.

Fanmade Cards:

Action Cards:

- Surprise

Action Spell

Target a monster you control which's attack was negated: That monster can attack again in a row. Also, this turn, all battle damage your opponent takes involving that monster is doubled.

Used by Sora:

- Frightfur Needlework

Continous Spell

Once per turn, you can send a "Fluffal" or "Edge Imp" card from your hand to the GY to target a "Frightfur" monster you control: This turn, when it attacks, your opponent can't activate monster effects until the end of Damage Calculation. Once per turn, you can send a face-up card you control to the GY: Add 1 "Fluffal", "Edge Imp", "Polymerization", or "Fusion" card from your GY to your hand.

Used by Yuya:

- Entermate Last Trick

Normal Trap

Activate this card when a monster you control is attacked while you control an "Entermate" monster: Banish 1 Spell Card from your GY and apply its effects. You can only activate one "Entermate Last Trick" per turn.

Used by Gongenzaka:

- Superheavy Samurai Yobidash-C

Monster Effect: Banish this card from your hand or GY only while you control exactly 1 "Superheavy Samurai" monster in Defense Position: Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower "Superheavy Samurai" monsters, one from your hand and one from your deck. You can only use this effect once per turn.

- Trivia: This card's name is 'yobidashi' which means 'invocation' in Japanese. The 'C' at the end of its name stands for the way 'shi' is pronounced in Japanese which is, in fact, similar to the 'c' letter (or maybe it's just me who thinks that).

Used by Vince:

- Mythorror Orthrus

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect can't be negated. (Quick Effect): When your opponent activates an effect which negates an attack or battle damage, negate that effect, then double any battle damage your opponent takes for the rest of this turn.

Monster Effect: None. Lore: The howls which signal the arrival of your worst nightmares...

- Trivia: This card is based on Orthrus (from Greek mythology) which was a two-headed dog who guarded Geryon's cattle and was killed by Heracles.He was the brother of Cerberus, who was also a multi-headed guard dog.

- Demon Halberd

Equip Spell

A Fiend-type monster equipped with this card gains 700 ATK. When the equipped monster attacks a monster, that monster's effects are negated and all battle damage your opponent takes in doubled. You can only control one "Demon Halberd" at a time.

- Book of Aether

Normal Trap

Activate this card when a "Mythorror" monster you control is attacked. Activate one of these effects:

This turn, "Mythorror" monsters you control can't be destroyed by battle or card effects.

This turn, you take no battle damage involving "Mythorror" monsters.

- Book of Myths

Normal Trap

Activate when a "Mythorror" monster you control is destroyed by battle. Add 2 different named "Mythorror" monsters from your deck to your hand. You can only activate one "Book of Myths" per turn.

- Mythorror Niebla

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect can't be negated. When this card is placed in the Pendulum Zone, you can add 1 "Mythorror" monster from your GY or face-up in your Extra Deck to your hand. As long as this card is in your Pendulum Zone, all monsters your opponent controls lose 400 ATK.

Monster Effect: EFFECT UNKNOWN

- Trivia: This card's name means 'mist' in German. This card is based after the Huldra and is a dangerous seductress who lives in the forest. The Huldra is said to lure men down into endless cave systems, that they would not be able to find their way out from, or lure them into the forest in order to secure her freedom or sometimes to suck the life out of a man. One of her methods is to appear suddenly out of the rain and mist, friendly and enticing to the point that no man can resist her charm. She has a long cow's tail that she ties under her skirt in order to hide it from men.

- Mythorror God Yamatochi

Pendulum Effect: EFFECT UNKNOWN

Monster Effect: EFFECT UNKNOWN

- Trivia: Based on Yamata no Orochi, a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese dragon which was slain by Susanoo. This card's name is Yamata no Orochi.

- Level Mania

Continuous Spell

When activated, place Level Counters on this card up to the total amount of Levels on the fields. Once per turn, you can remove up to 5 counters from this card and have a monster you control gain 100 ATK for each. (Quick Effect): When a monster you control attacks an opponent's monster, you can remove up to 5 counters from this card and have the opponent's monster lose 200 ATK for each. These boosts last until the End Phase. (Quick Effect): When your opponent activates a card or effect during your Battle Phase: Remove all counters from this card to negate that effect. Destroy this card during the End Phase of the turn in which it was activated.

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