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Using Anime Effects.

"Now that I think about it, you said something about your deck yesterday," Yuzu remembered as she took another bite of her breakfast. "Something about not knowing who gave it to you, right?"

"Oh, that?" I smiled as I also took a bite of my food. "You see, before I traveled here to Maiami City, one morning, somebody sent me the Mythorror deck I currently am using. The sender didn't put any names or reasons in the letter, just cards."

Pretty Lies.

Last night, after having checked out my deck, I started thinking about every question anybody could've made me: where am I from, family and such, and look at that! About my deck.

"I see," Shuzo nodded as he was washing plates in the kitchen next to the table we were eating. "You're really lucky, Vince! That deck is really powerful."

"That's quite true!" I chuckled. Good that I can keep a good face if not, I would've died of laugher at how easy it is to manipulate people.

"How come you don't have anything with you, Vince?" Yuzu asked.

I widen my eyes as I stared at my plate. Didn't think of that question... oh no...

"W-W-Well you see... when I stopped in another city for a night rest, I went for a nice walk but after I came back to my apartment, all of my stuff was stolen!"

Nervous sweat purred down my face as the Hiiragi family stared at me for seconds.

Buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it-

"That's really sad, Vince!" Yuzu's worried face gasped. "Who would do such a thing to a person!?"

"This is the world we live in, Yuzu," Shuzo told her daughter with a shake of his head in disappointment.

They actually bought it!

"Exactly..." I nodded.

Turn 2:

You Show Duel School Under Attack!

I literally am jumping up and down in my chair.

No matter how young or old, a person never really is a fan of going to school; seeing your friends and learning is always good and important, also fun, but the idea of going out of your house and go to school is always a mood killer.

But when you have to go to a school were you ONLY study how to play a Card Game, I'm ready to bet every person would be standing in front of the school 24/7.

You'd be paying attention to every word the teacher says, take notes even if you already know everything, and be the cutest angel on planet Earth not daring to interrupt the lesson.

Even now, I'm taking notes on how to NORMAL SUMMON a monster! The adrenaline in my veins wouldn't make me stop writing or listening.

Sitting next to Tatsuya is also a bonus: whenever one of us two is left behind because of taking notes, the other one would help the other, making the two us an unstoppable team!

Futoshi and Ayu were whining about the lesson being boring since they already know this stuff, while Sora was busy eating ice-cream and donuts in the back.

"Dad!" Yuzu shouted as she stood up from her chair with a worried expression. "We don't teach Xyz at our school do we?"

"Eh? Xyz?" Shuzo seemed shocked by the sudden question. "W-We don't. I can't teach what I haven't done. Why are you bringing out Xyz out of the blue?"

"No... I was just wondering..." Yuzu muttered in a low tone.

"Oh oh! I know Xyz!" I happily shouted while waving my hand.

This seemed to catch everybody's attention, especially Sora. "Really?"

"Hmhm!" I chimed as I stood up from my seat and walked up to Shuzo. "Principal-san, you go and take notes. I've got this!"

"O-Ok..." the other unsurely stated.

"So, Yuzu! To answer your question," I began saying. "Xyz summoning is the act of Special Summoning a Xyz Monster from the Extra Deck by overlaying at least two monsters with the same Level. Normally you need two, but there are Xyz monsters which need three or even more materials."

"A Xyz Summon can be conducted during the player's Main Phase," I continued. "However, Xyz monsters, unlike other monsters don't have Levels but Ranks. Which means effects which only affect Levels don't work on Xyz monsters."

"Really!?" Ayu gasped seeming shocked.

"It's so cool it's giving me the shivers!" Futoshi happily told.

"Vince-oniichan," Tatsuya called out as he raised his hand in a polite manner. "You said Xyz monsters don't have Levels, so I can's use them to further Xyz summon another monster?"

"I'm afraid you can't, Tatsuya," I shook my head. "Unless the monster you're summoning states that you need to use Xyz monsters for its summon, then no, you can't. Other questions?"

"Vince, what are Overlay Units?" Yuzu asked.

"Good question!" I smiled wider. "Overlay Units are what Xyz monsters use to activate their effects. They are cards stacked underneath a Xyz Monster which can be removed when the monster's effect states you can or have to."

"You seem to know a lot about the matter, Vince," Sora finally spoke up, maybe the first time in this hour. "Are you perhaps a Xyz user?"

Before I could give my answer, loud voices from outside cut off my sentence. We rushed outside to see Gongenzaka talking to three teenagers in the same school uniforms, the one Yuya also has.

"What's happening here!?" Shuzo asked.

"Oh, Principal!" Gongenzaka said as he turned to look at us. "I, the man Gongenzaka, was in the middle run for my leg training when I noticed three suspicious male figures peeking into your Duel School, and when I questioned them they said Yuya ambushed someone yesterday night, unforgivable!"


"I did!?"

Shuzo and Yuya shouted respectively with shocked faces, like the rest of You Show.

"That's right!" one of three, the one with purple/brown hair told.

"We were there and saw you with our eyes!" the one in the middle said.

"There were five witnesses in total: Sawatari-san, us, and her! Hiiragi Yuzu!" the last one pointed forward at Yuzu.

"Is that true, Yuzu?" Gongenzaka addressed her. "You saw it too?"

"Saw what exactly?" Shuzo asked too.

"The face of the culprit!" the one in the middle spoke. "The assaulter who attacked Sawatari-san, the face of Sakaki Yuya!"

"Stop lying!" Futoshi shouted as he stood between the confused Yuya and the three.

"Yuya-oniichan would never do something like that!" Tatsuya protested.

"There has to be some kind of mistake!" Ayu also told.

"Instead of shouting at one and another," I spoke up, waving my hands in defense. "We could all have a normal talk like normal people and sort this problem out."

"I approve with your idea, young boy."

Everybody turned to look at a woman stepping out a limousine. She had blue eyes and magenta hair curled into the shape of a heart. She wore a dark pink skirt and blouse with a high collar lined in black, and padded shoulders, in addition to magenta high-heeled shoes with golden attachments that resemble snakes curling around her ankles.

"I'll explain it to you."

"But you're LDS' - !"

"LDS' current chairwoman, my name is Akaba Himika." she presented herself. "Let's take this conversation inside your school."

The three goons left as Himika arrived at the scene. We went back inside the school, Himika took a sit while Shuzo and the rest of You Show stood on the opposite side. I sat down next to the principal as I let my feet dangle down the couch.

"I highly doubt Yuya attacked someone, knowing his personality from a day," I thought as Himika started talking.

"Everything they said is true. The fact that one of our school's students, Sawatari Shingo was attacked," she explained. "As well his statement about Sakaki Yuya being the culprit who currently is enrolled in the You Show Duel School."

I noticed they mentioned this LDS a lot, must be a very good school. In fact, if I remember correctly, it must be that giant tower in the middle of the city with 'LDS' written on it.

"Well Yuya," Shuzo looked at him. "Did you really do it?"

"Of course not!" Yuya burst out. "I would never do something like that!"

"I, the man Gongenzaka, believe in my friend!" Gongenzaka told. "If he says he wasn't the culprit, then I shall support him as his friend! It's the same for all of you isn't it?"

"Of course!" Futoshi agreed together with Tatsuya and Ayu.

"Yuya... that really wasn't you right?" Yuzu asked with doubt leaving her voice.

"I don't know what you saw, Yuzu, but I wasn't the one who attacked Sawatari!" Yuya assured with a serious expression.

"I got it," Yuzu smiled. "Then I believe you too, Yuya!"

"Oh my, what strong bonds you have," Himika spoke up with her usual smile. "It seems it would be impossible for me to ask to hand Yuya-kun over. But, we cannot back down at this point anymore. If the rumor spread out that a student from LDS, the number one Duel School lost in a Duel, it would bring forth immense damage to our reputation."

"But Yuya didn't-"

"That's no longer relevant!" Himika shouted, cutting off Shuzo.

"Himika Rage activated. Effect: Himika starts shouting at everyone until they beg down before her," I mused in my head.

"The problem here is the symbol of LDS has been dragged through the mud!" Himika continued as she narrowed her eyes. "The only way to clear this disgrace is a duel between our schools!"

"A duel!?" Shuzo parroted shocked.

Himika's cruel and cold smile returned. "Yes. If your part wins then we'll ignore this case concerning Sawatari-kun. But if we win, we will have you make this school part of LDS."

"Not only do you want to clear your name but take over You Show as well!?" Gongenzaka asked shocked.

"Chairwoman Akaba, I've heard you acquired many other Duel Schools across the world, so am I right in saying You Show Duel School has become your next target?"

Himika only smiled wider, giving her answer to Shuzo.

"Don't tell me-! You set up the entire attack on Sawatari just for this!?"

"There wouldn't be any need for that!" I spoke up, earning their attention. "If LDS is the number one school in the world as Himika said, she could've just entered this school's doors any time she wanted and bought it. However, if that would be the case, there would still be the possibility of you refusing the offer, but now, you only have one choice: agreeing into a duel between the schools. She merely used the chance given."

"That's quite correct," Himika chuckled. "The chance to have four pillars to support LDS, namely Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum, would be an amazing gift don't you think? Using the skills and abilities of Leo Corporation to add Pendulum Summoning to our curriculum will increase the number of enrolling students. There are many Duelists who want to Pendulum just like Yuya-kun does, and I can't ignore this fact."

The room went silent after that. Yuya was the first to break it.

"Dueling is not a tool for fighting!" he said while grabbing his pendulum necklace. "But I don't want our school or Pendulum Summoning to be taken by somebody else! You Show Duel School was created by my father to teach Entertainment Dueling, thus, I don't want somebody like you who uses money and power to control others!"

"Well said Yuya!" Gongenzaka commented as he placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I, the man Gongenzaka, agree wholeheartedly! In order to defend You Show, I'll fight alongside you!"

"But your an outsider, aren't you?" Sora inquired as the other froze on the spot. "If You Show students are fighting together, than Yuya, Yuzu, Vince, and I will be more than enough."

"T-To think you would exclude a man such as I Gongenzaka! I-It-It's unforgivable!"

"It seems your student's feelings are in line with each other," Himika pointed out. "Shall we begin?"

That being said, all of us moved to the Solid Vision arena as Himika was accompanied by three youths.

"Three versus three. The one who gets two wins is the victor, is that good with you?" Himika asked with a hint of delight. "So then... who will go first?"

"Me!" Sora shouted as he stepped forward.

"Wait a second now, because I'm going first!" I declared moving in front of the shorter male. "This would be a great opportunity to demonstrate that it wasn't a bad choice from your part on letting me enroll here!"

"Oh, hold up! You might be new here, but that doesn't mean you get to steal my duels away!" Sora whined as he glared at me.

"So you're a newly enrolled student?" Himika asked with a sarcastic chuckle. "Very well. This way you'll see how foolish it was to team up with weaklings. The one who'll oppose you is going to be..."

"LDS' Xyz course member, Shijima Hokuto," the one with purple hair declared as he stepped forward.

"Alright! Show him your abilities, Vince!" Shuzo roared from the side. "Burn on! Hot-blooded!"

Everyone walked out the arena and watched from the viewer's room. "Our students can handle every situation," Himika boasted. "So choose whatever you want."

"Can handle everything you say!?" Shuzo scoffed with his usual energetic attitude from the control room. "Then how about this! Action Field on! Field Spell: Cosmo Sanctuary activate!"

The entire arena transformed into an ancient sanctuary with a view over the stars of the universe. "Use the power of the stars to fight Vince!" Shuzo yelled.

Hokuto seemed confused for a second but he quickly started laughing.

"Of all things you choose the field which suits me the best?" he inquired amazed. "Do you even want to win?"

"WHAT!" Shuzo exclaimed in utter horror.

"Just by looking at the name Hokuto you can figure out that much..." Sora told with a disappointed sigh.

"What does his name mean?" I asked tapping my chin.

"Hokuto is the Japanese name of the Big Dipper and an alternate name for the North Star," the name's owner explained. "I suggest you remembering it, after all, knowing the name of who defeats you is the minimum you can do."

"Aren't you the confident one," I snorted as I activated my Duel Disk. "Let's get this started!"

"Duelists locked into battle!" Ayu started the Duel Chant.

"Oh yeah, the chant before starting an Action Duel! Totally forgot about that..."

"Kicking the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters!" Futoshi continued.

"They storm through this field!" Tatsuya went on.

"Behold!" Yuya shouted. "This is the greatest and newest evolution of dueling!"


"DUEL!" I and Hokuto yelled as several Action Cards spread out on the field.

Hokuto - LP 4000


Vince - LP 4000

"Now show us your abilities, Hokuto," Himika urged the Xyz course's top duelist.

"Understood, chairwoman," Hokuto said. "I'll be taking the first turn! I normal summon Constellar Algiedi from my hand, and when I do, I can special summon a Level 4 or lower Constellar monster from my hand: come to me, Constellar Kaus!"

Two armored humanoid monsters formed on Hokuto's field: Algiedi held a stuff in its hand and a cape around its shoulders. Kaus, on the other hand, held a bow and arrow in its hands and had a centaur body from its waist and downwards.

Constellar Algiedi (LV 4/ATK 1600/DEF 1400/Spellcaster/LIGHT/Effect)

Constellar Kaus (LV 4/ATK 1800/DEF 700/Beast-Warrior/LIGHT/Effect)

"Constellar?" I thought aloud surprised. "Not for nothing he's from the Xyz course..."

"I activate the effect of Kaus!" Hokuto stated as the said monster fired its arrow in the sky which exploded into a shower of light. "Twice per turn, I can target a Constellar monster I control and raise its Level by one! I target Kaus and Algiedi with this effect!"

Constellar Algiedi - LV 4 = 5

Constellar Kaus - LV 4 = 5

"Using my two Level 5 monsters, I build the Overlay Network!" Hokuto announced as his two monsters turned into rays of light and entered a galaxy portal. "Light of the stars! Come, descend and shake this very earth! XYZ SUMMON! Rank 5: Constellar Pleiades!"

A larger Constellar monster respect the previous ones emerged from the portal as it swung its sword at an imaginary enemy.

Constellar Pleiades (Rank 5/ATK 2500/DEF 1500/Warrior/LIGHT/Xyz/Effect)

"So this is a Xyz monster..." Yuya gasped amazed.

"It doesn't have Levels but Ranks," Tatsuya noted. "Just like Vince-oniichan explain this morning in class!"

"And those flying lights must be its Overlay Units!" Ayu told.

"I end my turn with a set card," Hokuto finished. "Now let's what you're capable of."

"With pleasure!" I smirked drawing my card. "Since you're the only one controlling monsters, I can special summon Mythorror Niebla from my hand through its effect!"

The monster based on the Huldra myth formed in my field as its long dress blew in the wind, giving the monster a much more ghoulish appearance.

Mythorror Niebla (LV 4/ATK 1400/DEF 1600/Fiend/LIGHT/Pendulum/Effect/SC 9)

"This monster can be treated as two tributes for the summon of a Mythorror monster!" I explained pointing forward. "So I release my Niebla to Advance Summon the Level 7 Mythorror God Yamatochi!"

Niebla vanished from my field as the giant dragon God took its place, its seven heads hissing at the enemy.

Mythorror God Yamatochi (LV 7/ATK 2800/DEF 2000/Fiend/DARK/Pendulum/Effect/SC 4)

"Alright!" Yuya smiled as he raised his fists. "Yamatochi has 2800 ATK which is more than Pleiades' 2500!"

"The effect of Yamatochi activates!" I declared. "When normal summoned by tributing only Mythorror monsters, I can add a Continous Spell from my deck to my hand! I choose to add Hope Aspiring Flower. Now let's battle! Mythorror God Yamatochi is going to attack your monster!"

"Naive!" Hokuto scoffed with a wave of his hand. "Such childish moves won't even faze me! This much was within my expectations and I was right! I activate Constellar Pleiades' effect! During either player's turn once, by detaching an Overlay Unit, I can return a card on the field to its owner's hand! I target your pathetic monster with this effect!"

"I was waiting for that!" I shouted shocking Hokuto. "I activate the Quick-Play Spell God's Authority from my hand! When a Mythorror monster I control is targeted by an opponent's card effect, this card negates that effect and gives my monster an extra 600 ATK!"

Mythorror God Yamatochi - ATK 2800 = 3300

"Everything you do is within my expectations!" Hokuto repeated with a smirk. "Even this was! I activate my Trap: Nakshatric Constellation! This card can be activated when a Constellar monster I control is attacked! This card negates the attack and lets me add any Constellar monster from my deck to my hand! I choose Constellar Sombre!"

A circular barrier showing all the Constellation signs formed in front of Pleiades as it blocked the dark ray shot by Yamatochi, leaving it unharmed.

"The match just started and they're already outsmarting one and other," Gongenzaka pointed out in a serious tone. "I, the man Gongenzaka, don't think this will be an easy ride for Vince."

"Adding that monster to his hand... could it be..." I thought, narrowing my eyes. "I set a card and end my turn!"

"It seems this was a bad opponent for him to face," Himika chuckled from the sidelines.

"By mastering Xyz Summon, I've won forty games in a row," Hokuto told with a sinister smile. "And this will be the number forty-one. I won't let some weakling like you ruin my reputation! My turn, draw! First I'll activate Holy Meteorite from my hand! This card can be only activated while I control a Constellar Xyz monster, and when I do, I can destroy a Spell or Trap card on the field for each one I control! I choose your set card as its target!"

"Then I'll chain it to the activation!" I countered. "Closed Gate of the Heavens! This turn, my opponent can't declare an attack on a Mythorror monster I control!"

"Then all I have to do is get rid of your monster!" Hokuto told as he pointed forward. "I activate Pleiades' effect once again! By detaching one of its Overlay Units, I return your fake God to the hand!"

The last light orbiting around the Xyz monster got absorbed into its chest as Pleiades threw its sword against Yamatochi, making the latter vanish from existence.

"Now Vince-oniichan's field is bare!" Ayu shouted in a worried tone.

"That's not all," Sora pointed out. "Since he doesn't control Mythorror monsters, his Trap Card's effect doesn't apply anymore."

"Which means Hokuto can attack him directly!" Yuzu said in evident shock.

"Vince! Go search for an Action Card!" Yuya shouted.

Much to their surprise, I staying on the spot not moving an inch as I kept my own joker smile. "There is no need for such things, Yuya-kun! I've got everything under control!"

"Under control you say?" Hokuto snarled enjoying my foolish choice of words. "Let me put this straight: you won't beat me! Say whatever you want, but this You Show Duel School will become part of LDS! I normal summon Constellar Sombre from my hand!"

A female warrior appeared next to Pleiades as its web-like wings glowed behind its back.

Constellar Sombre (LV 4/ATK 1550/DEF 1600/Fairy/LIGHT/Effect)

"I activate the effect of Sombre!" Hokuto declared as his monster's wings started releasing golden dust, enveloping his field in yellow light. "Once per turn, I can banish a Constellar monster from my graveyard to add another one to my hand! I banish Algiedi in order to add back Kaus to my hand! Also, the turn this effect is used, I can perform an additional Normal Summon!"

Constellar Kaus reappeared on Hokuto's field as galloped down from the sky.

"Two Level 4 monsters..." Yuya gasped. "Another Xyz Summon!?"

"Next I use Kaus' effect to increase both its and Sombre's Level by one!" Hokuto stated as his monsters got surrounded by another shower of light. "Using my two Level 5 monsters, I build the Overlay Network for the second time! XYZ SUMMON! Rank 5: Constellar Pleiades!"

The second Pleiades emerged from a galaxy portal as is stood beside the other one.

Constellar Pleiades (Rank 5/ATK 2500)

"Following that, by using a Constellar Xyz monster I control as Material, I perform another Xyz Summon!" Hokuto declared as the Pleiades with zero Overlay Units re-entered the galaxy portal. "Rain down your dazzling light! XYZ SUMMON! Rank 6: Constellar Ptolemy M7!"

A white and gold armored dragon emerged from the portal with a valiant roar.

Constellar Ptolemy M7 (Rank 6/ATK 2700/DEF 2000/Machine/LIGHT/Xyz/Effect)

"Pendulum Summon being acquired by this school was simply a coincidental gift," Himika spoke up. "Like I said, no matter who it is, joining with LDS is in their best interest!"

"No!" Yuya shouted in a dismissive tone, causing Himika to glare at him. "I believe in Vince that he'll win this! Go, Vince, you can do it!"

"Go, Vince-oniichan!" the trio of kids supported.

"Words won't save the dead!" Hokuto yelled as he threw his fist forward. "Battle! Constellar Pleiades will attack you directly!"

"True fools don't realize their own mistakes!" I laughed with a smirk. "I activate the other effect of Closed Gate of the Heavens in my graveyard! By banishing this card when I'm attacked directly, not only the Battle Phase comes to an end, but you take 1000 points of damage!"

"A Trap from the graveyard!?" everybody exclaimed shocked.

A giant wall of light erupted from between the field's center as it blocked M7's attack. A lightning bolt also shot out the wall as it hit Hokuto in the chest, making him stumble backward.

Hokuto - LP 4000 = 3000

"D...Damn you..." Hokuto muttered in anger. "Within my forty consecutive wins, you were the first one to damage me... I'll make you pay for this humiliation! I activate the Continous Spell Constellar Tempest! This can be only activated while I control at least two Constellar Xyz monsters, and during each of my End Phases, I can cut in half your LP!"

"What did you say!?" I gasped as several meteors started purring from the sky towards my direction. "Are you serious!?" I shouted as I jumped behind a rock to dodge the incoming meteors which covered the entire field in smoke.

Vince - LP 4000 = 2000

"What do you think you're doing!?" Futoshi yelled at my opponent.

"Do you even know what a Duel is!?" Ayu asked.

"Silence!" Hokuto snarled. "Dueling is a fight! If it's to win, you can't be picky about your methods!"

"You're wrong!" Yuya debated. "Duelings isn't made to hurt others!"

Yuzu gasped at his statement, seeming shocked for some reason.

"Quite the useless chit chatter!" Hokuto scoffed. "You're wasting your breath."

"Then let's put it to a good use!" I shouted as the smoke faded, revealing me smirking. "My turn, draw! To start things off, I activate the other effect of God's Authority in my graveyard! By banishing this card from my graveyard during my Standby Phase whilst I control no monsters, I can target a monster you control and negate its effects! I choose Pleiades!"

"Alright! Now that Pleiades' effect has been sealed, Vince's cards are safe!" Gongenzaka smiled.

"Now your last line of defense has been stripped down to nothing," I chuckled. "I'll continue my turn by summoning Mythorror Pesadilla from my hand!"

The new Mythorror monster that descended onto my field was a skinny young woman, dressed in a nightgown, with pale skin and long black hair and nails. Its eyes glowed with a sinister yellow.

Mythorror Pesadilla (LV 4/ATK 1700/DEF 400/Fiend/EARTH/Pendulum/Effect/SC 6)

"Big deal!" Hokuto scoffed at my monster. "It's ATK is lower than Pleiades and M7's! What do you hope you can accomplish!"

"Why don't you discover it for yourself!" I laughed while raising an Action Card from my hand into the air. "I activate the Action Spell Dark Star! With this card, a monster on your field loses 600 ATK while one of mine gains that much! I choose Pleiades and Pesadilla!"

Mythorror Pesadilla - ATK 1700 = 2300

Constellar Pleiades - ATK 2500 = 1900

"What!?" Hokuto widens his eyes in shock. "When did you get an Action Card!?"

"While the field was covered in smoke, I managed to find this card under the rock I hid! And now I hope you weren't thinking on saving your LP with an Action Card, because you CAN'T! When Pesadilla declares an attack, my opponent can't activate any card effects!"

"Impossible!" Hokuto gasped.

"Oh, but it's quite possible!" I shouted pointing forward. "Mythorror Pesadilla will attack Constellar Pleiades!"

My monster's nails extended to sharp blades as it slashed the Xyz monsters into pieces.

Hokuto - LP 3000 = 2600

"Since a Constellar monster left my field, Constellar Tempest is destroyed..." Hokuto stated as his card vanished. "To think I would suffer this much damage... unforgivable!"

"Yeah yeah, whatever. I end my turn with this!"

"My turn, draw!" Hokuto immediately shouted. "This turn will be your last! I activate the effect of M7! By detaching its Overlay Unit, I return your last monster to the hand!"

Mythorror Pesadilla vanished from my field, leaving me defenseless once again.

"It all ends now," Himika told as her smile widen.


"VINCE!" the entire You Show shouted concerned.

"I activate a monster effect from my hand!" I abruptly stated. "When I'm attacked, by destroying all cards in my Pendulum Zones, I can place Mythorror God Yamatochi in my Pendulum Zone to halve all battle damage I'm about to take!"

M7 fired a ray of light from its chest which got blocked by a dark barrier formed by Yamatochi. The monster then rose up into the sky as it got surrounded by a blue pillar of light with a 4 under its feet.

Vince - LP 2000 = 650


"Pendulum!?" Himika lost her composure, seeming deeply shocked. "This can't be real! Sakaki Yuya should be the only one possessing Pendulum!"

Unknown to all of us, a hooded person was watching the Duel unfold from a shadowed corner of the room. "So the singularity of Sakaki Yuya being capable of Pendulum Summoning is false... who is this Vince...?"

"First an effect from the graveyard... then one from the hand!?" Hokuto gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists. "I... end my turn... but my overwhelming advantage didn't change! I'm still in the lead!"

"Not for long! My turn! Draw!" I announced. I looked at the drawn card: Demon Halberd. Not the card I wanted, but I still have one trick up my sleeve.

...Give up...

The voice from yesterday!

...You've lost...The chances of you drawing the card you need are one to a hundred...

One to a hundred? That's more than enough. Knowing of Anime works, I'm going to draw the card I need, also, I must draw 'that' card! After I showed such self-confidence, I must draw it!

...Foolish human. Your kind has and never will understand when to give up. What makes you think you're no exception? You don't even know how Pendulum Summon works...

I noticed the voice started talking with more anger to its tone.

"I won't give up until I believe in myself!" I declared. "Using the scale 6 Mythorror Pesadilla, I complete the Pendulum Scale! Then, since a Mythorror monster has been placed into my other Pendulum Zone, Yamatochi's Pendulum Effect will let me draw a card!"

As Pesadilla appeared in a blue pillar and rose up next to Yamatochi, the top card of my deck started glowing. Everything went silent as I drew my card and flipped it over, revealing...

"It's here!" I smiled from ear to ear.

...The Goddess of luck seems to be on your side, foolish human. Very well then: I shall assist you...

...When a Pendulum Monster is used as Material or is destroyed...It goes to the Extra Deck...From where it can be resurrected...

...Treasure my words, you foolish human...

"Alright, now pay attention everybody! I activate the Pendulum Effect of Pesadilla!" I stated. "Once per turn, I can target a card in my Pendulum Zone and increase or decrease its scale by 3! I choose to decrease Yamatochi's scale to 1!"

"What is he planning?" Yuzu asked no one.

"Now I can summon monsters with Levels through 2 and 5!" I explained. "PENDULUM SUMMON! Revive from my Extra Deck! Mythorror Niebla!"

A portal opened between the two pillars as a single ray shot out, revealing Niebla.

"Did you just say Extra Deck!?" Hokuto asked confused. "How did it get there in the first place!?"

"When a Pendulum Monster is used as Material or is destroyed, it doesn't go the graveyard but Extra Deck!" I revealed shocking the viewers. "So they can be resurrected on and on for eternity! This is the possibility of Pendulum Summon!"

"Instead of summoning Yamatochi, he uses it as means to summon?" the hooded person narrowed his eyes. "Possibilities of Pendulum... interesting."

"Now by sending my two monsters in the Pendulum Zones to the graveyard, I activate two Continous Spells from my hand: Hope Aspiring Flower and Despair Unbinding Fruit!"

The two pillars exploded in light as two plants bloomed from the ground, one is a golden flower and the other a golden apple hanging from a root.

"I activate the effect of Despair Unbinding Fruit!" I stated as the apple started glowing. "Once per turn, I can target a monster I control with 2000 or less ATK and gain LP equal to its ATK! I choose my Niebla!"

Vince - LP 650 = 2050

"At this moment, the effect of Hope Aspiring Flower activates!" I shouted as the flower also started glowing. "When I gain LP, a monster I control gains ATK equal to that amount! So Niebla is about to gain 1400 ATK!"

Mythorror Niebla - ATK 1400 = 2800

"Niebla's ATK has surpassed M7's!" Gongenzaka cheered.

"I equip Niebla with Demon Halberd, raising her ATK by 700. Battle!" I declared. "Mythorror Niebla will attack Constellar Ptolemy M7!"

The demonic halberd formed above Niebla as it got launched towards M7 by an invisible force.

Mythorror Niebla - ATK 2800 = 3500

"Like that would happen!" Hokuto hissed as he picked up an Action Card from the ground. "Action Spell Gravity Pressure! When the opponent declares an attack, by targeting the attacking monster, this card sends it to the graveyard and inflicts 400 damage to the opponent!"

"The effect of my two Continous Spells activate!" I abruptly stated. "With Despair Unbinding Fruit my monster can leave the field by the opponent's effects! With Hope Aspiring Flower I gain 500 LP since you targeted a monster I control with a card effect! Also, with the latter's first effect, Niebla's ATK will further increase!"

Mythorror Niebla - ATK 3500 = 4000

"WHAT!?" Hokuto shouted in horror as his monster's body got pierced by the halberd.

"When a monster equipped with Demon Halberd attacks, the opponent's monster effects are negated and all damage is doubled," Sora sighed. "This is the end."

Constellar Ptolemy M7 exploded as Hokuto got sky-rocketed in the air and landed against an invisible wall in the sky. He then slowly fell to the ground.

Hokuto - LP 2600 = 0

Winner: Vince!

"That's one win!" Yuya cheered as the Action Field dissolved.

"He did it!" the trio of kids shouted.

"Hot-blooded!" Shuzo cried in the control room.

"Well done Vince!" Gongenzaka smiled as tears purred down his cheeks. "I, the man Gongenzaka, was really moved!"

"Vince-oniichan!" Tatusya, Futoshi, and Ayu shouted as they hugged me together with the Steadfast Duelist.

"Guys... can't... breath...!" I muttered as they let me go.

"Good job, Vince!" Yuya said. "Okay, now for the next Duel-"

"Leave it to me!" Yuzu cut his words off as she stepped forward, her eyes filled with determination. "I'll definitely win!"

That being said, Yuzu started her match against Kotsu Masumi from the Fusion Course, a talented Gem-Knight user. Yuzu seemed to be on the winning side as she summoned her Ace, but Masumi quickly Fusion Summoned Gem-Knight Master Diamond. Yuzu tried to save herself with an Action Card, but her vision got tricked by the reflection of a crystal, resulting in her loss.

"With this, the score's one to one," I commented as my face turned serious. "But more importantly-"


"That's quite the show you're giving us," Masumi also taunted at Yuzu and Yuya who were embracing each other.

Yuzu's face grew tomato red as she shoved Yuya away, the latter falling to the ground in pain.

"Where did that come from?" he stood back to his feet. "If you were going to apologize you could've just said sorry. You didn't have to push me around!"

"S-Sorry... it was such an important Duel and I..."

"Don't worry about it!" Yuya assured as he placed a hand on Yuzu's shoulder. "All we have to do is win the next one!"

Sora was feeling up to it, so he let Gongenzaka take the following Duel. He was dueling LDS' Synchro course's Todo Yaiba, an X-Saber user. He was doing an excellent job in cornering Gongenzaka during his turns, however, the latter used XX-Saber Gottoms' own effect to his advantage by activating the effects of Superheavy Samurai Soul Break Armor and Soul Big Bang in the Graveyard to end the match in a DRAW.

"The results of the Best of three is one win, one loss, and one draw," Shuzo recapped as he looked at Himika. "Chairwoman Akaba, you said you would take this school if you won the Best of three. But seeing the result is a draw, I kindly ask you to leave."

"What do you think you're saying," Himika inquired as she glared. "This was a Duel to settle everything. There can be no draws!"

"Yes but, the Duel did actually end in a draw through-"

"A tie-breaker!" Himika suggested. "We will have one more Duel to decide the true winner!"


We all turned to see a hooded person walk out the shadows. They removed the hood, revealing a grey-haired young man with purple eyes and glasses.

"I shall settle the score."

The son of Himika, Akaba Reiji challenged Yuya to the decisive-Duel. The latter let Reiji take the first turn since he got to choose the Action Field. Reiji started by activating three Continous Spells, all having the same effect of inflicting 1000 damage to himself during the Standby Phase. Netherless this shocking event, he managed to Fusion Summon on his first turn by using his Spells additional effects. He uses a D/D Deck, very interesting if you ask me.

Yuya tried to destroy Reiji's D/D/D Flame King Temujin with Entermate Whip Viper, but Reiji easily protected his monster with an Action Card and activated Lease Laundering destroying his Contract cards and replenishing his hand.

In the next turn, Reiji went serious, summoning both a Synchro and Xyz monster to the field, completing his Extra Deck-line up. Yuya activated Hippo Carnival to protect his Whip Viper, but Reiji easily destroyed all his monsters by using his three kings, Temujin, Alexander, and Ceaser.

Yuya managed to destroy the kings by using his Pendulum Summon, but Reiji just revived them by using Ceaser's effect and adding two D/D monsters from his Deck to his hand by using the Trap D/D/D Human Resources by shuffling the three kings back into his Extra Deck.

Spotlights fall on the LDS' second CEO as he takes his turn and sets the Pendulum Scale, much to everybody's surprise! He summons three D/D/D CEO Hell Armageddon and mounts a fierce assault against Yuya, leaving him with 350 LP.

Yuya had a plan ready to win as he started his turn, but Reiji's Hell Armaggeddon's effect increased its ATK up to 6000 after the first Armageddon got destroyed by Odd-Eyes, leaving the Entertainer to end his turn.

As Reiji started his turn, his Pendulum Scales started changing as they destroyed all the monsters on his field. As he was about to make his move, a man in suit arrived telling him something which went unheard by us so he left You Show by surrendering the Duel, giving the school its second win.

"That was pretty amazing..." Sora breathed as the LDS cru left. "To think he could even use Pendulum..."

"Yeah..." I agreed with him, still shocked by Reiji's displayed power. "He's... beyond good..."

"Yuya!" Yuzu shouted worried as she rushed to Yuya who was wearing his goggles.

"How could he know how to Pendulum..." he asked no one as he fell to his knees. "Pendulum Summoning... should be... unique to me...!"

"Man, anyways good for us!" Shuzo said as he appeared next to us, with an embarrassed smile.

"What do you mean 'good for us'!?"

"Well, the LDS left," he answered his daughter who seemed angry. "First and foremost we protected our school thanks to everyone's effort."

"Even if you say everyone, the only one who won was Yuya," Sora pointed out, earning glares from the trio of kids.

"You didn't even fight for us!" Tatsuya accused him. "You shouldn't be complaining!"

"Yeah, you weakling!" Ayu shouted.

"You Show doesn't want somebody like you on board!" Futoshi told.

"Yeah yeah. Sorry," Sora smiled before he left himself.

"Hey! Where are you going Sora!?" Shuzo asked the cyan-haired male. He then turned to the three. "And you shouldn't be talking like that to him!"

"Whatever! We don't need him!" Tatsuya complained. "All we need is Yuya-oniichan's Pendulum-"

"Pendulum isn't mine anymore!" Yuya burst out as he tried to run, but his wrist got grabbed by Shuzo.

"And where do you think you're going?" he inquired with a serious expression. "Reality won't change if you run away. Just as you said, Pendulum Summoning isn't unique to you anymore."

"That's right!" I commented stepping closer to Yuya. "If what Himika said about Reiji being his son is true, then he must be the owner of the entire LDS, the number one school in this world! Don't you think it would be child's play for him to develop more Pendulum Cards!"

"Do you really believe that, Vince!?" Yuzu gasp shocked like the tomato-haired teen.

"He already has a total of five Pendulum Cards in his possession, the ones he showed us today. Those are more than enough for him to create a dozen of Pendulum Cards!" I stated with a serious face. "Who knows: maybe he was the one giving me the Mythorror cards in the first place!"

"Vince-oniichan... somehow he's scaring me..." Ayu whispered.

"He's totally giving me some bad shivers..." Futoshi muttered.

"Yuya, you must have understood by now: Pendulum Summoning isn't your thing anymore and you're still having difficulties accepting that. But the more time you waste with your emotions, Akaba Reiji will continue to improve his own Pendulum Summoning, to the point you'll be forgotten!"

"Is that what you want? If you've forgotten, then you won't be able to show to the world your Entertainment Duel, the one which you inherited from your father. You'd be dragging both yours and your father's years of hard work through the mud!"

"Don't go talking around like you know my father!" Yuya suddenly shouted as he removed his goggles, revealing his eyes burning with anger. "Everything started to go the other way around the moment you showed up! This is all your fault!"

"Pointing fingers won't save you, Yuya," I told with a wave of my hand. "But so be it. If you say that I'm the reason of your currently loss-in-confidence, let's resolve this the old fashion way: a Duel."

"Are you guys even listening to yourself!?" Yuzu worried face became frightened. "What will a Duel resolve now?"

"Let it be, Yuzu," Shuzo addressed her. "This is the only way."

"Vince is challenging Yuya to a serious Duel," Gongenzaka's eyes narrowed. "You can tell just by looking in his eyes."

"Let's go," I simply said dragging Yuya into the Solid Vision arena. "What am I even doing? The words are just falling out my mouth like I actually have a plan or something! No matter. If this is what I have to do to help Yuya, then so be it."

"Are you ready, principal-san?"

"Yes!" he shouted from the control room. "Action Field on! Field Spell: Magical Broadway!"

The entire arena got transformed into a street with flashing lights in the dark night.

"This is... dad's favorite field..." Yuya noted.

"You said I don't know your father, Yuya. Then show it to me! A true Entertainment Duel!" I shouted activating my Duel Disk.

"Fine! I'll show you a true Duel!" Yuya vowed as he activated his own Duel Disk.

"DUEL!" we shouted as Action Cards fell onto the field.

Yuya - LP 4000


Vince - LP 4000

"The first turn is mine!" I declared looking at my five cards. "To start, I normal summon Mythorror Pesadilla from my hand!"

The same monster which I used against Hokuto appeared before me as it bared its long nails at Yuya.

Mythorror Pesadilla (LV 4/ATK 1700/DEF 400/Fiend/EARTH/Pendulum/Effect/SC 6)

"Next I equip my monster with this: Demon Aegeis!"

A shield made of roots with several thorns appeared in front of Pesadilla as it covered behind the shield.

"This card can only be equipped to a Fiend-type monster, and during each of my End Phases, if the equipped monster didn't battle this turn, I can inflict 400 damage to my opponent and change Pesadilla's Battle Position!" I explained. "I set three cards from my hand face-down and end my turn! The effect of Demon Aegeis activates!"

All the thorns on the shield bloomed with beautiful roses from which black rays of light shot out against Yuya, hitting him.

Yuya - LP 4000 = 3600

Mythorror Pesadilla - ATK = DEF 400

"He dealt 400 damage to his opponent during the first turn!?" Ayu cried out amazed.

"Vince-oniichan... is going all out..." Tatsuya noted.

"My turn!" Yuya called out as his eyes showed hesitation. "Draw! I normal summon Entermate Friendonkey from my hand, and when I do, I can special summon a Level 4 or lower Entermate monster from my hand! With this effect, I special summon Whip Viper!"

A donkey with a box around its back formed on Yuya's field as the purple serpent emerged from the box with its funky hat.

Entermate Friendonkey (LV 3/ATK 1600/DEF 600/Beast/EARTH/Effect)

Entermate Whip Viper (LV 4/ATK 1700/DEF 900/Reptile/EARTH/Effect)

"Hoh? You aren't going to Pendulum?" I asked mimicking a disappointment face. "Has Reiji given you that much of a shock you're afraid of using Pendulum? Either way, this won't stop me from activating my set card! The Continous Trap Athena's Intimidation! As long as you control two or more monsters, you can only declare an attack with a single monster during your Battle Phase!"

"With Pendulum Summon, a player can special summon numerous monsters from the hand and Extra Deck results in multiple attacks during the Battle Phase. However, with God's Intimidation in play, if you summon more than one monster, you can only attack with one them," Gongenzaka stated narrowing his eyes. "Athena's Intimidation could be considered a proper anti-Pendulum card."

"Dammit..." Yuya cursed at how his number of attacks got severely decreased no matter how many monsters he summons. "Battle! I may not be able to attack that many times, but I can still destroy your monster! Entermate Friendonkey will attack your Mythorror Pesadilla!"

"Has the Duel with Reiji clouded your mind this much?" I taunted with a smile. "Because you should know this much won't even faze me! The other effect of Demon Aegeis activates! The equipped monster can't be destroyed by battle once each turn!"

Yuya gritted his teeth as he started running. He picked up an Action Card from the ground. "Action Spell Defense Drop! A monster in Defense Position is switched to Attack Position and its ATK will drop by 600 points!"

Mythorror Pesadilla - DEF ATK 1700 = 1100

"I activate my other set card!" I abruptly stated. "Loki's Mischief! The first time I would take battle or effect damage each turn, I can negate that damage and recover LP equal to that amount!"

Entermate Friendonkey rammed its body against the thorn shield and I got covered in a green light.

Vince - LP 4000 = 4500

"EH!?" the trio of kids cried out.

"Not only he protected his monster but he also recovered LP!?" Gongenzaka looked astonished. "I, the man Gongenzaka, am deeply impressed by Vince's tactics!"

"So this is that Vince kid Yuya talked about."

A new person entered the viewer's room: the person was a young woman with long blond hair the front bangs being golden in color. Her hair is tied in a ponytail and sections out as spikes and she had green eyes.

"Yoko-san!" Yuzu gasped surprised by her friend's mother.

"Let's hope the kid can get his message into Yuya through this Duel," she told with a smile.

"You're too soft Yuya!" I shouted to my opponent. "Reiji was right about you: your softness and kindness aren't helping you!"

"Shut up!" Yuya snapped. "I end my turn!"

"Then I'm up! Draw!" I shouted placing the card in my hand, making me hold one. "I activate my last set card: the Trap Card Eden's Ruin! I can deduce you all know the story of Adam and Eve right?"

"If not, let me enlighten you: Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God and they lived in the garden of God, called Eden. The two were expelled from this holy place when they disobediently God by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

"And what does that have to do with our Duel?" Yuya asked impatiently.

"Because history is going to repeat itself! By gaining absolute knowledge over good and evil, God shall punish me by destroying all face-up cards on my side of the field!"

A giant lightning bolt shot from the sky as it annihilated ever card on my field.

"For each Mythorror card which was destroyed this way, I can draw a card from my deck. With Pesadilla, I can draw a card!" I stated, drawing. "However, for every non-Mythorror card, I get inflicted with 200 damage! With three, I get hit with 600 damage!"

Vince - LP 4500 = 3900

"He destroyed ever card on his field for what? To draw a single card?" Yuzu seemed beyond confused.

"I believe we're going to see why in a second," Yoko told intrigued.

"With the power of Loki, the God of magic and shapeshifting in the Norse mythologies, and the power of Athena, the God of wisdom and war in the Greek mythologies, I can draw one card when Athena's Intimidation and Loki's Mischief is sent to the graveyard from the field!" I explained drawing two more cards. "Also, when Demon Aegeis is sent to the graveyard, you take 500 damage, Yuya!"

A bolt of lightning shot from the sky against Yuya, making him wince in pain.

Yuya - LP 3600 = 3100

"Amazing! He drew three cards and dealt 500 damage to the opponent!" Tatsuya shouted.

"Shivers!" Futoshi cheered.

"That's the way, Vince!" Shuzo encouraged from the control room. "Burn more! Hot-blooded!"

"It seems the crowd is on my side," I laughed. "I activate the Spell Card Hephaestus' Gift! The God of blacksmith and fire from Greek mythologies will gift me with the weapons needed to defeat my opponents! Since I control no monsters on my field, I can draw one card and return Mythorror Pesadilla from my Extra Deck to my hand!"

"Now, using the scale 4 Mythorror God Yamatochi and the scale 6 Mythorror Pesadilla, I set the Pendulum Scale! Then, since a Mythorror monster has been placed into my other Pendulum Zone, Yamatochi's Pendulum Effect will let me draw a card, and with Pesadilla's Pendulum Effect, I make Yamatochi's scale drop by 3!"

Yamatochi and Pesadilla rose in two blue pillars of light at my sides as I drew yet again.

Mythorror God Yamatochi - Scale 4 = 1

Mythorror Pesadilla - Scale 6

"If you won't Pendulum Summon, Yuya, then allow me to do it first! With my current scales, I can summon monsters with Levels through 2 and 5! PENDULUM SUMMON! Come forth, my monsters!"

"Level 4: Mythorror Orthus! Level 4: Mythorror Sombra! Level 5: Mythorror Lindwurm!"

A portal opened between the two pillars as three rays shot out of it. The two-headed dog howled as its golden armor shone against the night lights.

Mythorror Sombra's body was a white dusty cloak floated in the air with two hungry red eyes burning under it. A dragon tail swished behind the monster as a single dragon wing sprouted from its back.

Mythorror Lindwurm was a long lizard with dark-green scales. It had only two arms sprouting from its front, with long obsidian claws. Several fangs extended from its mouth and body, giving the monster an even more horrifying look.

Mythorror Orthrus (LV 4/ATK 1800/DEF 1500/Fiend/EARTH/Pendulum/SC 3)

Mythorror Sombra (LV 4/ATK 600/DEF 1900/Fiend/DARK/Pendulum/Effect/SC 6)

Mythorror Lindwurm (LV 5/ATK 2000/DEF 500/Fiend/EARTH/Pendulum/Effect/SC 2)

"Yuya, I want you to listen to what I'm about to tell you," Shuzo addressed the tomato-hair, who was shocked by the Pendulum Summon. "Your father got popular thanks to his Action Duels. At the beginning, nobody else tried it out firsthand, but as more and more people started Action Dueling, your father was overjoyed! He undauntedly polished his skills and people followed his ways until the point Action Duels became as they are now! Only the best know how it's to be the best! You have to become the best, Yuya! As the first to open the doors to Pendulum Summoning, you need to set an example for those who follow!"

Yoko smiled as turned to leave without any more words.

"Huh? Yoko-san, you're leaving?" Yuzu asked her.

"It's okay now," she winked with a mischevious smile. "It's not my turn to chime in yet."

"Battle!" I cried out after a moment of silence. "Lindwurm, attack his Whip Viper!"

This got Yuya snapped out his thought as he started running for an Action Card, finding one on the top of a shop. He used his Whip Viper as a swing to let him catapult into the air, landing on the roof. "Action Spell, Illusion Dance! All monsters on the field are changed to Defense Position until the End Phase!"

All monsters on the field started dancing.

"I set a card and end my turn," I concluded with a smile as all monsters stopped dancing. "I hope you aren't hesitating anymore, Yuya."

"Nah!" Yuya laughed with a goofy smile. "Thanks to you and principal I finally managed to understand: I need to have the courage and step up front! It's my turn, draw! Ladies and Gentleman! Now I'll show you the true original Sakaki Yuya-style Entertainment Duel! Let's go, Whip Viper!"

Said monster curled around Yuya's right arm as he used it to swing on other building until he arrived at the highest building's top where he picked up an Action Card. "I activate Encore! This Action Spells copies the effect of Illusion Dance in the graveyard, thus, all monsters are changed to Defense Position!"

"Now the moment you've been all waiting for the main event! Using the scale 1 Stargazer Magician and the scale 8 Timegazer Magician, I set the Pendulum Scale!"

Stargazer Magician (LV 5/ATK 1200/DEF 2400/Spellcaster/DARK/Effect/Pendulum/SC 1)

Timegazer Magician (LV 3/ATK 1200/DEF 600/Spellcaster/DARK/Effect/Pendulum/SC 8)

"Now I can simultaneously summon monsters with Level 2 through 7!" Yuya declared as he smirked. "Swing, pendulum of souls! Draw an arc of light across the ether! PENDULUM SUMMON! Appear! Level 4: Entermate Plus Turtle! Level 2: Entermate Spike Eagle! And today's main attraction, the rare dragon with differently colored eyes! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

A portal opened between the two pillars of light as three rays of light shot out of it, revealing a brown spiky feathered eagle, a green colored turtle with a grey beard, and Yuya's Ace Monster.

Entermate Plus Turtle (LV 4/ATK 100/DEF 1800/Aqua/WATER/Effect)

Entermate Spike Eagle (LV 2/ATK 900/DEF 900/Winged-Beast/WIND/Effect)

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (LV 7/ATK 2500/DEF 2000/Dragon/DARK/Effect/Pendulum/SC 4)

"I activate the effect of Spike Eagle, targeting Odd-Eyes with it!" Yuya stated. "This turn, when Odd-Eyes attacks a Defense Position monster, it can inflict piercing damage to the opponent! Moving on is Plus Turtle's effect: the Level of all monsters on the field is increased by one!"

"Why do that?" I asked confused.

"You'll see soon enough!" Yuya assured as he jumped down the building, landing on Odd-Eyes back. "Battle! Odd-Eyes will attack Mythorror Lindwurm! At this moment, Odd-Eyes own effect activates: when it battles a Level 5 or higher monster, all battle damage is doubled!"

"That's why used Plus Turtle!" I realized as the crimson dragon shot unleashed a ray of red light from its mouth. "However that won't be enough to defeat me. I activate my set card, Andarta's Trial! With this card, when a Mythorror monster I control is attacked, all damage will be inflicted to the opponent instead of me!"


The ray of light redirected its trajectory to Yuya, creating an explosion as it connected with Odd-Eyes and the tomato hair fell down onto his back.

Yuya - LP 3100 = 0

Winner: Vince!

"Yuya!" Yuzu cried out concerned as she rushed to her 'non-boyfriend's' side along with the rest of You Show.

...You held back...

...When you summoned Sombra and Linwurm you could've used their effects and perform multiple Extra Deck summons...

"This Duels objective wasn't winning or losing," I reminded the voice in a low tone. "I had to make Yuya realize he can't run away from his feelings and fears. The message was conveyed, thus, my work was done."

The voice didn't retort, leaving silence to echo in my head.

"Thanks, Vince, principal!" Yuya said. "From now on... I'll train harder than anybody else. I'll get better and stronger, so I can become a Duelist like my father who puts smiles on everyone's faces!"

What do you guys think?

I'm ready to bet some of you actually thought I'll make Vince go against Reiji, but no! By doing Vince VS Hokuto, this will chain a series of events in the future. I chose to do this also because Vince isn't ready to go against somebody like Reiji yet this early on.

Today I mainly focused on Vince's Spell and Trap cards, so in the next chapters, I'll reveal more monsters from his Deck.

In our first Duel, I made Hokuto use some of my Fan-made cards. When he went against Yuya in the canon, Hokuto at that time had a bit of superiority complex. So each time he took damage he would snap, he also feels high of himself, always running on about his ego.

The mysterious voice also helped our OC out by telling him Pendulum Monster's characteristics. The voice might seem friendly, but he has some plans which are NOT friendly for our heroes...

In the second Duel, Vince always taunted Yuya about his weakness which was also showed by Reiji. In the end, the tomato-hair managed to surpass his feelings thanks to the principal and Vince's help.

- Fan-made Cards:

Action Cards:

- Dark Star

Action Spell

Activate by targeting 2 monsters on either side of the field. The first target loses 600 ATK while the second one gains 600 ATK.

- Gravity Pressure

Action Spell

When the opponent declares an attack, target the attacking monsters: Send it to the GY and inflict 400 damage to your opponent.

- Defense Drop

Action Spell

Target a Defense Position monster on the field: Change that target to Attack Position and lower its ATK by 600.

Used by Hokuto:

- Nakshatric Constellation

Normal Trap

Activate when a "Constellar" monster is attacked: Negate that attack, then add 1 "Constellar" monster from your deck to your hand. You can only activate one "Nakshatric Constellation" per turn.

- Trivia: this card's name is based on Nakshatra which is the term for lunar mansion in Hindu astrology. A lunar mansion, on the other hand, is a segment of the ecliptic through which the moon moves in its orbit around the earth, often used by ancient cultures as part of their calendar system.

- Holy Meteorite

Normal Spell

Activate only when you control a "Constellar" Xyz monster. Destroy Spell/Trap cards your opponent controls for each "Constellar" Xyz monster you control. Except the turn this card is sent to the GY, detach a Xyz Material from a "Constellar" Xyz Monster you control to return this card to your hand. You can only activate one "Holy Meteorite" per turn.

Used by Vince:

- Despair Unbinding Fruit

Continous Spell

Activate this card by sending a face-up Continous Spell Card or a card in the Pendulum Zone on the field to the GY. Once per turn, you can target a monster you control with 2000 or less LP: You gain LP equal to its ATK. This turn, that monster can't leave the field because of an opponent's card or effect. During each of your Standby Phase, pay 3000 LP or destroy this card.

- Hope Aspiring Flower

Continous Spell

Activate this card by sending a face-up Continous Spell Card or a card in the Pendulum Zone on the field to the GY. Each time you recover LP because of a card effect, target a monster you control: That target gains ATK equal to the recovered amount. This boost lasts until the End Phase. Whenever your opponent targets a card you control with a card or effect: You gain 500 LP. During each of your Standby Phase, pay 3000 LP or destroy this card.

- Mythorror God Yamatochi

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect can't be negated. When another "Mythorror" Pendulum monster is activated in the other Pendulum Zone, you can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect once per turn.

Monster Effect: When this card is Normal Summoned by only tributing "Mythorror" monsters, you can add 1 Continous Spell card from your deck to your hand. When you're attacked directly, by destroying all cards in your Pendulum Zones, you can place this card in one of those Zones and halve all battle damage you would take from that battle.

- Trivia: the role Yamatochi plays in the deck is a support-type: this card's Pendulum Effects allows you to replenish your hand when you complete the Pendulum Scales, while its Monster Effects allows you to add any Continous Spells from your deck to your hand after its Tribute Summoned, or you can use its other effect when the opponent is attacking you for game, halving the battle damage.

- Mythorror Niebla

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect can't be negated. When this card is placed in the Pendulum Zone, you can add 1 "Mythorror" monster from your GY or face-up in your Extra Deck to your hand. As long as this card is in your Pendulum Zone, all monsters your opponent controls lose 400 ATK.

Monster Effect: If you control no monsters while your opponent does, you can special summon this card from your hand. You can only summon one "Mythorror Niebla" this way per turn. This card can be treated as 2 tributes for the summon of a "Mythorror" monster.

- Trivia: the role Niebla plays in the deck is a support-type: her Pendulum Effects helps you complete the Scale easier and decrease the ATK of your opponent's monsters. Her Monster Effect, on the other hand, helps you gather monsters to go for Extra Deck plays or to help you Tribute Summon.

- Mythorror Pesadilla

Pendulum Effect: You can only Pendulum Summon "Mythorror" monsters. This effect can't be negated. Once per turn, you can target a "Mythorror" card in your Pendulum Zone and either increase its Scale by 3 or decrease its Scale by 3.

Monster Effect: When this card attacks, your opponent can't activate cards or effects until the end of Damage Calculation.

- Trivia: Pesadilla means 'nightmare' in German. This card is based on Nattmara; in Scandinavia, there existed the famous race of she-werewolves known with a name of Nattmara. The mara (or nightmare, as is the English word for them) appears as a skinny young woman, dressed in a nightgown, with pale skin and long black hair and nails. As sand they could slip through the slightest crack in the wood of a wall and terrorize the sleeping by "riding" on their chest, thus giving them nightmares.

The role Pesadilla plays in the deck is both a support and offensive-type: her Pendulum Effect lets you increase your Scale to Pendulum Summon high-Level monsters, while her Monster Effect is an aggressive one, locking your opponent from using any card or effects when she attacks.

- God's Authority

Quick-Play Spell

When a "Mythorror" monster you control is targeted by an opponent's card effect, negate that effect and a monster you control gains 600 ATK. During your Standby Phase, if you control no monsters, you can banish this card from your GY to target a monster your opponent controls: Negate that target's effects.

- Closed Gate of the Heavens

Normal Trap

During the turn you activate this card, your opponent can't target "Mythorror" monsters you control for attacks. (Quick Effect): Banish this card from your GY when you're attacked directly. End the Battle Phase, and inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.

- Demon Aegeis

Equip Spell

Equip only to a Fiend-type monster. During your End Phase, if the equipped monster did not battle this turn, switch its battle position and inflict 400 damage to your opponent. Once each turn, the equipped monster can't be destroyed by battle. When this card is sent to the GY from the field, inflict 500 damage to your opponent.

- Athena's Intimidation

Continous Trap

As long as your opponent controls 2 or more monsters, they can only attack with one of them during the Battle Phase. When this card is sent to the GY from the field, you can draw 1 card.

- Trivia: based on Athena, the God of wisdom and war in the Greek mythologies.

- Loki's Mischief

Continous Trap

The first time you would take battle or effect damage, negate that damage. Then, you gain LP equal to the negated amount. When this card is sent to the GY from the field, you can draw 1 card.

- Trivia: based on Loki, the God of magic and shapeshifting in the Norse mythologies.

- Eden's Ruin

Normal Trap

Destroy all face-up cards you control. For each destroyed "Mythorror" card, you can draw 1 card from your deck, then, for every "non-Mythorror" card, you are dealt with 200 points of damage. You can only activate one "Eden's Ruin" per turn.

- Trivia: based on Eden, the garden of God where Adam and Eve lived before being expelled from this holy place when they disobediently God by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

- Hephaestus' Gift

Normal Spell

Activate when you control no monsters. Draw 1 card from your deck, then, return 1 "Mythorror" monster from your GY or face-up in the Extra Deck to your hand. You can only activate one "Hephaestus' Gift" per turn.

- Trivia: based on Hephaestus, the God of blacksmith and fire from Greek mythologies.

- Andarta's Trial

Normal Trap

When a "Mythorror" monster you control is attacked, activate this card to inflict all battle damage you would take from that battle to your opponent instead. The turn this card is activated, all battle or effect damage you take is negated.

- Trivia: based on Andarta, Brittonic goddess theorized to be associated with victory, overcoming enemies, war in Celtic mythologies.

- Mythorror Sombra

Pendulum Effect: EFFECT UNKNOW

Monster Effect: EFFECT UNKNOW

- Trivia: Sombra means 'shadow' in German. This card is based on Coco, a mythical ghost-monster, equivalent to the bogeyman, found in many Hispanic and Lusophone countries. He can also be considered a Hispanic version of a bugbear, as it is a commonly used figure of speech representing an irrational or exaggerated fear.

- Mythorror Lindwurm

Pendulum Effect: EFFECT UNKNOW

Monster Effect: EFFECT UNKNOW

- Trivia: this card is based on Lindworm, either a dragon-like or serpent-like monster. In British heraldry, lindworm is a technical term for a wingless serpentine monster with two clawed arms in the upper body.