Hey readers, welcome back to this story after another long pause. Sadly this isn't a chapter but an A/N regarding the new direction this story will be heading to, which all starts from a rewrite.

Yes, I have indeed decided to rewrite In A New World instead of continuing it. Why? Well, as you may know, In A New World...wasn't executed very well. It always felt like a third-person story because of four reasons: instead of "Vince" and "his" it contained "I" and "my", several chapters focused on other characters instead of the MC (acceptable to a degree, which I clearly trespassed with my mini-arcs), Vince's inner thoughts and feelings weren't always expressed and other characters' thoughts were sometimes written down (in a first-person story you can only show and have to show the MC's thoughts and feelings, if not it becomes a third-person story). Not to mention some stupid plot lines and grammar/Dueling errors...

I was able to rekindle In A New World with the Synchro Arc, but I ruined it with the Xyz Arc. I won't struggle with a sinking boat when I can start anew. I've learned many things since I started In A New World (which also includes Dueling itself) and I want to make this story good because it has the potential to be good.

But fear not! This is a rewrite; it's bound to be different from its predecessor, which means not all characters, Duels, and dialogues will be the same. My old readers can be entertained by something new, too. I'm thinking of new and more concrete plot lines to follow, just today Haoh Ryu Z-ARC (no, not Zarc, but the writer) has given me some plot suggestions to use (and you guys have no idea how amazing they are), and he helps me with custom cards. I'd also like to thank the many readers who submitted cards (and I won't stop trying to implement them into the story, don't worry) and ghost83 who created Manek!

I wanted to let you all know these things because this is by far my most read and liked story (even I don't know how that happened!). Thank you for understanding, I'll try to finish the first chapter as quickly as I can, and I hope it will satisfy you all!