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Chapter I

Unknown Location

A bright light appeared in the middle of a dark room. A chair is seen in the middle with no one around. All that can be heard is the sound of the electricity going into the light. As the humming noise echoed around the room with it flickering on and off.

The light soon went out as the sound of footsteps can be heard. Echoing around the room as the light remains off. Moments later the footsteps stop and the lights came back on. Only to find sitting in the chair is a cloaked figure. Wearing a white colored wolf mask with red lines around it.

The figures looks up at the camera and begins speaking, but in a disorder voice that couldn't determine if the figure was a man or woman.

"The Royal Rumble match…" the figure began. "It's a tradition that began back in 1988. A match that has allowed those who have been overlooked a shot to become world champions. It is a tradition that has created moments. Moments that will live on forever in the hearts of the fans…but not anymore."

More lights appeared behind the figure with the pictures of different wrestlers all hanging on wire. The figure gets up and approached each of the seven pictures before starting with the one that has a number on it. From 2011 to 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. The figure walks over to the 2011 one and taps on the picture.

"Alberto Del Rio…" the figure began before moving on to the others. "Sheamus, John Cena, Batista, Roman Reigns, and Triple H. All six of these men have won the Royal Rumble and each one of them have disgraced this once great tradition."

The figure begins pacing back and forth at the pictures, but always stopped at the sixth one, but never the seventh. "Each one of them have disgraced this tradition by making it a complete mockery, a joke, and have no respect for it. Even have disrespected the fans claiming they earned their win when they didn't. Politics have ruined this tradition and they don't care if they screw people who deserve it because they are in it for the money. Well I say enough is enough!"

The figure stops at the sixth picture before moving on to the seventh that shows a question mark on it. "This year things will be different. This year I will make history. This year a new winner will be crowned. And this time it will be someone who truly…deserves it."

The figure begins burning the pictures before walking off the room as the lights go off. Leaving nothing behind except the figure burning through the pictures.

Royal Rumble


1. Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley Singles match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship

2. Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns No Disqualification match for the WWE Universal Championship

3. Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville Singles match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

4. AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena Singles match for the WWE Championship

5. 30-man WWE Royal Rumble match

The 30th Royal Rumble PPV began with a rough start for Bayley who challenged Charlotte for the WWE Raw Women's Championship. Bayley felt confident she would walk out with the championship and prove everyone wrong. Prove Charlotte and Stephanie wrong that she deserves to be in the main roster. That she deserves to be champion despite what they say about her dreams.

However, one mistake cost her the match as Charlotte hit the Natural Selection onto the ring apron on Bayley and pinned her to retain the title against her.

Kevin Owens was up next against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. Chris Jericho was supposed to be locked up in the cage, but both men attacked Roman Reigns. Trying to get him the advantage, but Roman was able to fight back and locked up Jericho in the cage as it got suspended over the ring. The match continued with both men taking advantage of the no rules and doing everything they can to win the match.

Roman came close for a Spear, until Braun Strowman got involved. Chokeslamming him through a table and a Running Powerslam on another table before tossing him into the ring. Kevin Owens took advantage and pinned Roman to retain the title.

After that, Rich Swann defended the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Neville. Neville forced Swann to submit to the Rings of Saturn to win the title.

The final title match of the night was AJ Styles defending the WWE Championship against John Cena. The match was once again an instant classic. Both men tearing each other apart. Doing everything they can to win the championship. Both men hitting their signature moves, countering one another, and hitting their finishers, but couldn't put away the others.

AJ Styles attempted a Phenomenal Forearm, Cena countered into a third Attitude Adjustment, which was immediately followed by a fourth Attitude Adjustment on Styles. He gets the one…two…and three becoming a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion. Cena has tied with Ric Flair as he begins celebrating with the fans on his victory, while AJ walks to the back after losing his title.


The Royal Rumble match finally began with 30-men competing for a chance to main event WrestleMania 33 for a shot at any of their respective brand's main championship. The match began with Big Cass and Chris Jericho starting the match up. The match continued with more participants coming out to join the men. The first to be eliminated was Jack Gallagher by Mark Henry. Braun Strowman came out number seven eliminating eight men before being eliminated by Baron Corbin thanks to several other superstars.

The match continued on with more men filling the ring until they got to number 26 with Brock Lesnar making his way out. The Beast Incarnate delivered German Suplexes to everyone before eliminating Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. Soon the countdown began for number 27 as the crowd got on their feet hoping it will be Kurt Angle or Finn Bálor. However, *SAWFT is a Sin* began to play with Enzo Amore's name appearing on the titantron.

The crowd booed when they saw this, but to their surprise Enzo didn't show up. The crowd looked on wondering what is going on and where Enzo is at. The crowd see through the screen that Enzo is seen in the back injured and unconscious. Doctors are checking on him with everyone wondering what happened.

Suddenly the lights go out and the crowd are wondering if this is the Undertaker that is showing up. Brock Lesnar stopped beating up the men in the ring and began smiling as he waits for the Deadman to show up. However, his theme song didn't begin to play. Instead another theme began playing as the crowd wondered who this is.

*Hope* by We Came as Romans began to play as the crowd looked on confused on who this is. They see the same cloaked figure from earlier tonight appear before removing the hood and mask. The figure is revealed to be a woman. Around in her 30s, short black hair, blue eyes, and light tan skin.

The crowd erupted when they saw it was Ruby Takashi or rather Ruby Nite as it is shown on the titantron. Ruby is a former 16-time world heavyweight champion. A former seven-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion, five-time AAA Mega Champion, three-time ROH World Champion, and one-time NWA Heavyweight Champion. She lets out a loud howl as she removes her cloak to head to the ring.

The crowd began cheering for her loudly as she heads into the ring where Brock Lesnar waiting for her. Brock remembers the matches the two had in Japan before and was looking forward to his rematch, especially how she beat him last time by a fluke. Ruby gets on the apron and stares down at Brock with fire in her eyes. She climbs into the ring slowly and approached the beast as she stood in front of him.

Brock looks down at the girl with a big smile on his face, while Ruby smiled back as the crowd begins cheering for them both. He begins mocking her not taking her seriously like he did before. Ruby jumps up and headbutts him in the mouth causing him to stagger away. She jumps on him and begins elbowing him in the head. He pushes her off, but she comes back at him again and jumps up to elbow him once more.

Brock pushes her off again, but Ruby comes running at him. She ducks a Clothesline and jumps off the ropes to hit a Hurricarana knocking him down. She runs at him and hits a Dropkick into the corner. She runs to the opposite corner and comes back to hit him, but Brock catches her for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Ruby though begins delivering elbow shots to the head causing him to let her go. She runs up to the corner, jumps up, and pushes off of the turnbuckle to hit a Cutter causing the crowd to cheer loudly for her. Ruby gets up getting the crowd cheering for her, but then Orton comes up from behind to hit her with the RKO. She pushes him off and delivers a Superkick.

The Miz gets behind her for a Skull-Crushing Finale, but she rolls him forward, and hits an Atomic Drop. She then follows it up with a Jawbreaker as Miz is holding his jaw. Ruby grabs his right arm from behind, twirls him around, and hits the Rainmaker. Ruby gets the crowd cheering loudly as she is on fire.

However, Brock gets back up and hits her with a German Suplex sending her flying halfway across the ring. The crowd booed at Brock who didn't care as he prepares to do it again. The timer though begins counting down as Brock waits to see who is next. Number 28 soon played as Goldberg's theme began to play as the crowd cheered loudly.

Brock's attention soon turns to Goldberg as he waits for him to show up. The crowd cheered loudly as they began chanting for 'Goldberg'. Goldberg heads towards the ring with Brock waiting for him. Goldberg gets on the apron and enters the ring as Brock goes for a right hand, but misses.

This allowed Goldberg deliver a Spear to the Beast causing the crowd to pop loudly. He then waits till Brock got up and eliminates the Beast Incarnate causing the crowd to cheer. Brock looks on shocked and enraged that he got eliminated so quickly. Ruby rolls out of the ring under the ropes and looks on the rest of the match so they can all beat each other up.

Goldberg dominated the rest of the match as he took down most of the men in the match. Even delivering a Jackhammer to Sami Zayn. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton tried double teaming him, but Goldberg after being whipped into the ropes returned a double Spear for both men. As Goldberg gets up the countdown begins coming down with number 29 next in the match. The lights go out, a familiar gong sound is heard, and the Undertaker appears in the ring with a thunderous reaction as the crowd cheer him on.

Ruby sees the legendary Undertaker coming face-to-face with Goldberg. A moment no one ever thought would happen as both men go at it. That was until Rusev and Baron Corbin got involved. They were soon eliminated, but when Undertaker turned around he is speared by Goldberg. Luke Harper tried to take advantage, but Goldberg eliminated him.

Ruby got back on the apron and as soon as Goldberg turned around and he hits a Blockbuster on Goldberg. The crowd booed loudly at her when she did that, but had to focus on this match. She goes to lift him up for the TKO, but Undertaker gets up and delivers a Big Boot to her. Knocking down Ruby as Undertaker eliminates Goldberg with the crowd booing.

Ruby gets up after getting kicked in the face as Undertaker grabs her by the throat and Chokeslams her. The Miz and Sami begin double-teaming him as they try taking Undertaker out. Undertaker fought off both men as he begins taking them out. All as the final entrant came out with it being Roman Reigns who begins getting booed loudly from the crowd.

They had hoped it was Kurt Angle or Finn Bálor, but instead it was Roman Reigns. He gets in the ring as Undertaker waits for him. The two men begin delivering several strikes, with the crowd booing at Roman. Roman managed to hit a Superman Punch, but the Dead Man is still standing.

He goes for another one, but Undertaker caught him and hits a Chokeslam. The other competitors tried to get involved, but Undertaker knocked them away. Eliminating the Miz and Sami Zayn in the progress. He tried eliminating Roman, but he held on. Chris Jericho goes for a top rope move, but Undertaker caught him and hits a Chokeslam.

The Undertaker signals he is going for a Tombstone, but Roman from behind eliminated the Undertaker. This got the crowd to boo louder at Roman for eliminating their favorite. Undertaker looked on shocked by what happened, while Roman stood tall. Even mouthing off to him that this is his yard now.

As Roman turned around though Ruby hits a flying Forearm knocking him down. Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Ruby soon begin beating him down trying to eliminate him. Roman begins firing back though as he punches everyone trying to stay in this match. He delivers a Clothesline to Bray, while delivering an uppercut to Orton. Ruby and Jericho try to double team him by trying a Double Suplex. Roman fought it off and pushes Ruby out of the way before kneeing Jericho in the gut.

He whips him into the ropes and as Jericho staggers off the corner Roman delivers a Samoan Drop. Roman lifts him up, but Ruby delivers a kick to the head knocking him down. She goes to the corner to hit the Cutter like she did to Brock, but Roman caught her and tosses her over his shoulder. She lands behind him and goes for a German Suplex, but Roman drives his elbows to the side of her head knocking her away.

Ruby is then hit with the RKO by Orton as she rolls to the outside. Roman knocks him down with a Superman Punch as Jericho goes off the top rope, but gets hit with the Superman Punch too. He picks up Jericho and eliminates him. Bray comes in to attack him, but is too eliminated.

This left Ruby, Randy, and Roman as the last three participants in the match. Roman turns to Randy first as he prepares for the Spear. As he charges in Orton counters with the RKO. Orton gets up, but then Ruby lifts him up and hits the TKO. As Orton gets up Ruby eliminates him leaving it down to two participants left.

She goes to eliminate Roman, but he hung on to the ropes and got back in the ring. Ruby goes for a Superkick, but Roman catches her feet and tosses her on her back. Ruby rolls backwards and runs at him, but Roman hits a Spear. He tosses her over the top rope, but Ruby landed on Orton so he is not eliminated.

Roman though figured he won the match and begins celebrating, but sees the referees telling him it's not over yet. Ruby gets back on the apron as Roman sees this and sighed as he goes to end this. Ruby gets back in the ring as she held her ribs as Roman goes for the Superman Punch. He goes for it, but Ruby catches his punch with one hand.

"Fuck you, Superman!" she shouted before delivering an Arm Drag to Roman while the crowd cheered loudly with her comment.

Roman comes back at her, but Ruby spits out the green mist blinding him. Ruby tosses him over the top rope and wins the match as the crowd erupted.

JoJo begins announcing her the winner. "Here is your winner of the 2017 Royal Rumble, Ruby Nite!"

The crowd began cheering and chanting loudly as she falls on her knees emotional that her first match in WWE she won the Royal Rumble. She became the first Japanese born and female Royal Rumble winner. She felt tears tearing up in her eyes, but she wipes them away as the referee comes in to raise her hand. She gets up and has him lift her arm as she begins celebrating with the crowd cheering for her.

She gets up to the second rope to do what she has dreamed of doing for a long time. Point up to the WrestleMania sign as the pyro begins going off and the confetti begins raining down on her.

She continued pointing to the sign knowing her goal to win the Rumble has now been accomplished. Now comes the hard part. Keeping her spot from WWE and challenging the champion of her choosing. And she knows exactly which title to go after.


1. Bayley defeated Charlotte (c) to win the WWE Raw Women's Championship

2. Kevin Owens (c) defeated Roman Reigns to retain the WWE Universal Championship

3. Neville defeated Rich Swann (c) to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

4. John Cena defeated AJ Styles (c) to win the WWE Championship

5. Ruby Nite won the Royal Rumble match

Okay, so that's the end of the chapter. I hope everyone liked this and yes I went with a female OC to go with this story. Originally it was a guy, then gal, and then guy, and then of course I came to the conclusion with gal. Thanks to my friend theXman99 for his help and also I hope everyone likes her being in the story.

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