A 21 year old Lincoln Loud was sitting in his room, making his final decision on weather to join the military, but he decided that if North Korea felt they could poke around his country, then they were in for one heck of a treat. Lincoln was joining World War III. "Everyone! I have an anouncement to make, meet me downstairs!", Lincoln shouted. "It better be worth it! I have a paegent to get to!", 16 year old Lola said, she finnaly had her license, so she could drive herself to places now. "Ill do your re-paints later Lola, after this I have to go down to the auto-shop.", Lana said, she was the only one in the house who has made there own company.

"Heres the gas you needed.", 14 year old Lisa said, she was now working at the Royal Woods Astonomy Center. "I have a seance to be at.", Lucy said, "But ok.", she said again. "Coming!", 11 year old Lily said. "What is it son?", Lynn Sr. said. "Wait till everyones h- ok everyones here.", Lincoln said. "I have made this decision, it might be hard for you, but here I go. I, Lincoln Loud, will be joing the United States Army.", Lincoln said, everyones eyes widened. "Son, are you sure about this? I mean, I know your Pop-Pop was in the Army, but what if you got hurt?", Lynn Sr. said. "LYNN! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT OUR SON JUST SAID?", Rita said.

"But what if you got hurt, or shot, or blown up?", the younger sisters said while freaking out. "Guys! Your spiraling! Listen, I know its hard, but I already have done the application and they accepted. I still have 2 months.", Lincoln said. "Well you should use it wisely Lincoln, I just, I cant believe my baby boy is going to war!", Rita said, tearing up. "Mom its ok, i will, ill go visit the others or invite them over, but I should also try to get in shape.", he said. "Ok, so now that everyone knows, im gonna go call the others and probobly go tell Clyde and my friends.", Lincoln said. "Wait, Lincoln, before you go, id like you to have this.", Rita said as she handed him a old, rusty bullet neclace. "It was your grandfather's, and he gave it to me when he came back from Vietnam. Each bullet represents every time he was injured.", Lincoln saw 3 bullets on the neclace. "Thanks mom.", Lincoln said.

Lincoln got in his new, orange Chevy Equinox and drove of to the store to get some water and energy bars. He pulled up to the gym and saw Bobby. "Hey Bobby!", Lincoln said as he walked up to him. "Hey Lincoln! What are you doing here?", Bobby said. "Promise not tell Lori first, I have to be the one to do that.", Lincoln said. "Dont worry bro, i wont tell her.", Bobby said. "Im joining the Army.", Lincoln said as Bobbys eyes widened. "Woah, thats deep. But atleast I know I have a very patriotic friend.", Bobby said. "Thanks, atleast so far everyones taking it easy, I didnt want everyone to worry.", Lincoln said.

"That still dosent explain why your at the gym, no offense.", Bobby said. "None taken, but as you can see, im not in the best shape. Unless pencils a shape.", Lincoln said. "Oh ok, well the pool is over there, treadmills to the left, and everything else to the right.", Bobby said. "Ok, thanks Bobby.", Lincoln said. After about 15 hours spent at that gym, Lincoln was tired, but he looked really good. He was on his way to a six pack, and he did a few laps through the cold pool, knowing that lots of cold water would probably be a major part in the war. "Phew! Im done today. Ill go call the others so I can tell them.", Lincoln said as he happily gave Bobby a ride home.

Lincoln pulled up to Bobby and Loris house and him and Bobby got out the car. "Hey sis!", Lincoln said. "Hey Lin- woah, whered you go all day?", Lori said. "Eh, I went to the gym and saw Bobby so after I was done, I gave him a ride home.", Lincoln said. "Oh I forgot something. I have something very important, can you come to the house, the others should already be there by now.", Lincoln said. "Whatever.", Lori said as she got in his car and they

PHEW! This chapter was way to long for me, anyway, felt like new story time, also quick thing, this will probably be the longest story i ever write. Thats only because this is focused on Lincoln spending his last few days before war, him going through the war, and after the war, where hell probably be mentally scarred(PTSD). Next chapter should be soon!