"Let me warn you from the start, I am fairly strong!" right after Zeronos said this he picks up his sword and charges towards the wolf, and attacks with a slash. the

In response the wolf blocks the attack with his own sword. "How are you even here Zeronos?" the wolf ask him while parrying his attack.

"Who knows? I have more questions i want to ask myself then you have for me." Zeronos answered and proceed to perform a roundhouse kick, breaking the parrying stance and cause the wolf to be pushed back.

This upon see this opening Zeronos attacks with multiple consecutive slashs which pushes back the wolf even further.

"Damn you!" This wolf shouted as he got angered by the attacks and fired off a energy blast from his sword which directly hits Zeronos in the chest.

Zeronos stumbled back a bit "Crap, forgot that he can do that." He said while clutching his chest in pain.

The wolf being to charge forward towards Zeronos and attacks him. In response Zeronos counter his attack and parrying it.

"He's alright now!" the half elf said alerting Zeronos that she has completed healing rom.

Upon hearing this Zeronos told Reinhard "Reinhard! Go ahead and do your thing."

Mana begin gather and surround Reinhard "what will you show me?" Elsa ask him after seeing what's happening.

"The swordplay of the Astrea family." Reinhard answered her while his sword starts to glow.

"The Bowel Hunter, Elsa Granhiert." She declared while getting in stance.

"The master swordmen's bloodline, Reinhard van Astrea." he responded getting into his stance with his sword point forward. His sword begin to absorb all the mana in the surrounding and starts to glow brighter.

Around the same time, "Alright, time for me to finish this." zeronos said while facing the wolf .


The belt announced after Zeronos press the button on his belt and cause the card in it to glow.

He removed the card and insert it into to a slot on the handle of his weapon. Energy being to transfer from the card and to the blade, charging the sword with energy.

Both he and the Wolf charges towards eachother, at the last moment Zeronos slash horizontally leaving a wide glowing green "A" on the Wolf's body causing him to explode.

Right after that the entire room being to be engulfed in a bright white light coming from Reinhard's sword, he raised his blade in and swings it down creating a blast so powerful it destroy the entire building.

"Oi,Oi,Oi!" Zeronos said as he stab his sword to the ground holding it tightly trying not to be blown away from the attack.

The light begin to fade revealing the building destroyed with debris everywhere with Elsa being nowhere in sight.

"Hunting monsters is you specialty, my ass! you are a monster yourself!" zeronos complaint.

"Even I'm a bit hurt by a comment like that Subaru." Reinhard replied and look to the sword on his hand "I'm sorry I asked too much of you. Rest well now." he said while the sword crumble away.

"There isn't a shadow left let alone a body. Is this all that remains after just one sword swing?" Zeronos said and took out the card on his belt and watch it fades away along with his armour.

"Is it over now?" the half Elf ask and in response Subaru walk towards her and answer "yeah, somehow."

"why are you staring at me? That's quite rude." she asked " It's just, that you still have your arms and your legs, even your head." he said.

"Of course i do, please don't say such a scary thing." she replied "Of course you do, and i still have my arms and don't have a knife behind my back or a gaping hole in my guts." Subaru told her.

"your saying as if you experience those things before." she said. " There was a time when i did." he replied

"oh yeah, Reinhard I haven't thank you yet you really saved me back in the alley way too. Thanks a lot, friend." he told Reinhard

"I'm certainly proud that i did that, friend." he then look towards a wall a girl appeared. " She was running around the streets and asked for my help" he said.

"she's." the elf said before being cut off by Subaru "Wait, if Felt hadn't brought Reinhard here we would of been killed. so just look at this face, and spare me the ice statue punishment." he said.

"I wouldn't do anything so violent. and besides what does your face have to do with-" the half elf was suddenly cut off by Reinhard.

"Subaru!" Reinhard warn Subaru as Elsa burst out of the debris and charge towards the half elf with her knife in hand.

In response Subaru quickly grab the wooden club and pushed the half elf away and block Elsa's attack " she'll go for the guts." he thought as he gets pushed back by the attached.

"Tsk. He got in my way again and killed my co worker." she said annoyed.

"That's enough Elsa." Reinhard said while standing in front of her. In response she threw her knife at him but missed.

"soon I'll disembowel everyone here." she jumped back" Till then take care of your bowel." she said then escape.

"Are you alright?" Reinhard asked the half elf "I'm fine, but more importantly." she said while walking towards Subaru and asked "are you alright? That was far too reckless of you."

"Oh, i fine. I sure took a long road, but i finally reached this point." he then get in to pose and continued "My name is Natsuki Subaru. And i just saved your life from a heinous villain. Are we 'OK' on that."

"OK?" she asked in confusion "It means are 'we clear on that' so OK?" he said

"O-ok." she said "I, the rescuer, saved your life. and you are the heroine that i save! so wouldn't that mean you should repay me?" he said.

"Alright i get it. only if its within my power."

she told him.

"In that case i have only one that is... tell me your name." he asked.

This cause her to laugh and answer "Emilia. My name is Emilia. just Emilia. Thank you for saving me Subaru." she said with a smile and extend her hand.

"all those times when I got hurt, all the crying did, all the pain that i felt, all the the fighting i did putting my life on the line. And my reward is her name and a smile." he thought and said " man, what and unequal compensation." and shake her hand.

A few moments later...

"Anyway Subaru i am impressed by you and your ability to fight." Reinhard said.

"And what kind of metia was that? It's something that never ever seen before." He asked.

"Who knows, i have more questions then you and it seems that a price is needed to pay for me to used." he said while thinking back in what that man told him.


"one more thing each time you used a card your future will be erased bit by bit untill there is nothing left. So are still willing to used this power?" the man asked.

End flashback *

"I'm also surprised that you survive Elsa last attack unharmed." Reinhard told him.

"yeah i that thing protect me at the last moment." he said looking at the wooden club. "If not for that I be in two pieces right now."

"True, if not for this." Reinhard said picking up the club only to find it been cut in half cleanly.

"Eh?" Reinhard and Emilia said while looking towards Subaru.

Subaru looking at his own stomach he said " crap, I should of seen this coming." then a wound suddenly appeared on his stomach and blood begin to spew out and cause him to fall.

"Subaru!" Emilia said while moving towards him.

"Man, Even when she is crying she is still so cute." he thought and blacked out.

A few minutes later

"Alright, his treatment is now complete he should be fine now." Emilia said.

"By the way, Emilia-sama, what is the relationship between you and Subaru?" Reinhard asked.

"A passing acquittance? I don't ever remember meeting him before. i thought that we only meet earlier today." Emilia said.

"But he said he was looking for you, he said he has something he wanted to give you" he said.

"That's what that is so strange." Emilia said.

"What shall we do with him? I would be glad to take him to home as a guest."he told her.

"No, I'll bring him back home with me. That way, I can learn what is going on since i have some questions for him like what exactly is Zeronos." She replied

"But more importantly, what will happen to that girl and old man." she asked

"Officially, i have to arrest them for what they done. But unfortunately i am off duty today." he answers.

"what a bad Knight." she told him happy that they will be fine.

Emilia walk towards the girl and asks her.

"Is this old man you family?" in response she told her " something like that. Old man Rom is only one that i ever known. I guess he is like my grandpa."

"I see , I only have one family member too. He's always asleep during the important moments. When he's awake, i never said that out loud." Emilia told her.

"I thought that you be much hasher on me. I'm sorry. you save my life and i can't let that debt go unpaid. I'll return what i stole, next time keep it hidden so that it won't be stolen." She told Emilia while taking out something.

"it feels funny hearing that from you." Emilia said.

Felt open her hand with the insignia on it. However upon seeing this Reinhard grab her hand.

"Ouch it hurts! let go!" Felt yelled

"How can this be? what is your name." he asked. "Huh? it's Felt." she answered.

"what is you family name? And how old are?" he asked again and in response Felt answers " I don't have anything fancy like a family name and I'm fifteen i think. I don't know my birthday. Just let me go" trying to make Reinhard let go.

"Emilia-sama I'm sorry but, am afraid that I cannot keep my promise with you. I shall be taking her with me." he said.

"May I ask why? if its about stealing my insignia." she said

"That is indeed no small crime. But compare to the gravity of overlooking the crime unfolding before me, it's a trivial matter." he said and told Felt "I need you to come with me. I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to refuse."

In response to this Felt told him "Get over yourself. just because you saved me-" she was cut off by him as he used magic to put her to sleep.

"That wasn't very nice of you." Emilia told him.

"I was carefull not to use to much. Emilia-sama, I will most likely be meeting you again soon. I hope you understand." he said and gave her back her insignia and continued " until then please take care of Subaru.


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