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challenge: basically the challenge idea is like this, also if you don't know what night in the woods is or team fortress 2 I suggest you check both of them out before you look at this, okay so the idea is that after the events of Night in the Woods Mae is bored and is currently looking through her computer for you know reasons, and isn't sure what to do, she doesn't feel like playing her usual computer game demon tower and she doesn't have any plans for anything lately so she's experiencing what everyone must face in there lives when you got nothing to do,bordem, however as she's browsing she comes across something that catches her attention a website for a game called Team Fortress 2 so she checks it out and gets interested enough to download it on her computer, because it's a free game as well, and gets really into it, at that point however Mea's friends Bea,Gregg,and Angus come over for a visit to see if she's up for their usual band practice, so when they find her in her room on her computer they ask what's she's playing and Mea introduces them to Team Fortress 2 and gets them all playing it as well and also into all the other stuff on the TF2 website as well such as the comics and meet the team videos, and so the rest of the story is basically them playing the game and reacting to the tf2 videos and comics and that's the challenge.

Challenge rules: okay so I'm gonna explain how this works, the challenge idea is basically a fanfiction that you make however you want to do it, also if you do this challenge I really suggest you have the night in the woods characters watch the meet the team series all of them so yeah, other that that just enjoy yourself and go wild with this and make it however you want.

So have fun and if you accept the challenge please leave a review or PM me to let me know that you want to accept or let me know what you think

so that's all folks