Here's the second and last installment!


Three weeks later, Margaret finds out she and Hawkeye are on duty together. Not being able to confide in him after he goes to the 8063rd, she finally finds her chance.

"Doctor," The nurse courteously supplies, "Could I have a word with you in here?"

Wondering what is happening, Hawkeye agrees.

"You lied to me," Margaret hisses dragging her confused friend into the x-ray lab. "You told me the results were negative."

"Results?" Hawkeye replies trying to catch up. Realizing what she is talking about, Hawkeye replies, "They were! Why would I lie to you about that?"

Margaret opens her mouth to speak knowing she butchers the beginning of her speech, but Hawkeye cuts her off.

"You looked at the results, too. Clearly you weren't pregnant."

"But, I am!" The nurse complains.

Deciding to placate his friend, Hawkeye states, "It's been a few weeks from then, why don't you get a physical exam, and know for sure."

"While you were gone to the 8063rd I realized that Donald and I shouldn't be married. The next week I drew up divorce papers in Seoul and then got a routine exam," She admits as a few tears fall down her face. "I got a letter yesterday congratulating me on my pregnancy. I even had Radar call the office in Seoul, and they confirmed it again."

Hawkeye hugs his friend tightly wondering how the test he performs is a dud, but knows there is always a realm of error. After a moment, he asks, "You're divorcing him?"

"I'm not sure now," She whispers knowing there is a good chance the child is Donald's. Their conversation ends when they hear a noise come from Post Op.

Once relieved at around four a.m., Margaret asks Hawkeye to come back to her tent with her to talk more. Knowing he cannot sleep tonight, he agrees.

"What if I don't divorce him?" Margaret remarks as she sits with her friend on her cot. He is happy to be her sounding board, but wishes she will make up her mind. They have been over this dilemma for an hour.

"Then you will not be socially scandalized," Hawkeye states as he sits back on the bed. After a moment, he asks, "You're sure you're pregnant?"

"I have the results," She states as she gets up and goes to her dressing table. Handing him the results, Margaret watches Hawkeye gingerly open the envelope.

After studying the papers, the surgeon asks, "By now, you'd be what? Ten weeks along?"

"Or more," Margaret mumbles. "I just wish this wasn't so complicated."

"So get him to sign the papers," Hawkeye replies not understanding her waffling. "How long do you think you can hide this?"

"Until I can't," Margaret replies defensively. With the summer coming, she is a little aprehensive about how long she can hide her pregnancy, "By Fall I'll probably turn in my resignation."

"And go where?" Hawkeye asks confused by her reasoning. Shaking her head, Margaret reluctantly replies that she is unsure. Silently, she crawls into bed and revels in Hawkeye's arms around her as she sleeps.

Two weeks later, Margaret finds herself angrily kicking cans around the compound. On top of being almost four months pregnant and slightly hysterical, she finds out her husband runs off on her to California.

"'Outta my way, Pierce'," The nurse shouts as he interrupts her pity party. "'I'm gonna kick every can in this camp!'"

Still angry about not being able to get out of the army, Hawkeye throws his own misery into the ring by exclaiming, "'Hey, hey! I don't know what set you off, but I'm not in the mood!'"

"'Of course not'," Margaret scoffs. "'It means nothing to you that my husband got himself transferred back to San Francisco for good!'"

"'Margaret, they changed the rules on us again!'" Hawkeye states trying to push her anger aside. Disregarding his comment, Margaret exclaims, "'He ran out on me!'"

Still on his tirade, Hawkeye grouses, "'We'll be here forever! We'll be here longer than forever!'"

Quickly, Hawkeye registers Margaret's words. Officialy concerned for his friend, the surgeon lowers his tone asking, "'What do you mean he ran out on you?'"

"'He lied to me. He kept saying we could work things out. And then to prove it, he went sneaking off. He couldn't even face me, the dirty, miserable weasel!'"

By now she is crying and wants nothing more than to crawl into her tent instead of displaying her tears in public.

"'What are you going to do?'" He asks. Decidedly, Margaret answers that she will officially get her divorce.

Shocked, Hawkeye consoles, "'Margaret, I'm sorry.'"

"'It's my fault. Look at the place I picked to have a marriage!'" The woman sobs. Quickly, Margaret looks up at her friend as he begins a very Hawkeye like declaration. She only begins to listen clearly when he declares, "'This has gotta stop. This has gotta stop right now. Today. This minute!'"

Confused, Margaret asks as the surgeon walks off, "'What are you doing? Where are you going?'"

"'I'm going to Panmunjom.'"

"'What?'"Margaret asks in disbelief. Hawkeye walks toward a nearby jeep while he replies, "'I'm going to the peace talks.

"'The peace talks? Why?'" Margaret asks missing his other recent outburst in Colonel Potter's office.

Hawkeye starts the engine to the jeep he confiscates before yelling, "'To stop the war!'"

"'You can't do that! Are you crazy?'" Margaret cries out. She watches the jeep drive away, and goes into Army mode. Charging for the CO's office, the nurse reports Hawkeye's stealing the jeep. Colonel Potter merely yells in anger before B.J. calmly asks, "Why don't we just give him what he wants here?"

Everyone in the room stares at the ridiculously mustached surgeon before he explains, "Yeah. We can paint the army red, like he wants."

Coming back to the camp later that day, Hawkeye is surprised by its emptyness. Near the mess tent, he calls out, "'Yoo-hoo! I'm home! Yoo-hoo! I'm home!'"

"'Howdy, stranger. New in town?'" His bunk mate asks. Amazed at his friend's appearance, Hawkeye replies, "'Beej, is that you?'"

Grinning, B.J. questions how he likes the all red outfit and hair. Still confused by what is happening, Hawkeye asks what B.J. is doing.

"'Waiting for their peace delegate, of course. If you'll follow me'," B.J. replies as Hawkeye questions, "'What's with the Red Skelton look?'"

"'What red? It's not red. It's anti-green. You wanted things rosy and cheery, so we're making you a little present'," B.J. explains as he leads him into a mess tent disguised as a classy lounge bar if the music is any indication. The mustached man continues, "'In your honor, we've designed a new uniform right down to the hair.'"

There are soon cheers welcoming him back as well as laughter mixed in. Suddenly, he finds himself doused in red dye as well. Officially joining the Red Party as he dubs it in honor of McCarthy, Hawkeye is given a drink and the entire room is alive with excitement. Eventually Hawkeye leaves a drunk Charles and calls out, "'Margaret!'"

"'Welcome home, you crazy galoot!'" She exclaims as Hawkeye praises, "'I did it! I told them all! You should have seen me. I was terrific.'"

Stepping away from a bit of the crowd, the surgeon tells Margaret, "'Hey, listen, about your divorce, if there's anything I can do to help'?"

"'Best thing that ever happened to me'," The woman assures him. "'The weight of the world is off my shoulders. I feel like a new woman! It's all coming back the spirit, the confidence.'"

"'Oh, that's great! That's fantastic. That's just what I wanted to hear. I'm proud of you, Margaret.'"

He is, and just wishes she can keep the confindence she currently exudes. Instead of staying sentimental, Hawkeye and Margaret easily return to the intoxicating celebration. However, all happiness ebbs when an interloper comes in looking for Pierce. Thankfully with the help of his friends and the rest of the camp, no charges are pressed and the vistor happily joins their party. While B.J. and the Colonel take their visitor to the punch bowl, Hawkeye steps up behind Margaret.

"You look good in red," Hawkeye whispers in the nurse's ear causing her to smile. He may not be going home, but he realizes he has a great support system in the camp. One of those people is currently in his arms. Smiling, Hawkeye looks carefully at Margaret. Somehow, she is still able to wear a dress he only sees her wear once before, but finds she fills it out more than usual. Knowing they are the only two who know the reason, he smiles. Noticing the drink in her had, Hawkeye draws Margaret closer to him.

"Unlike some medical professionals, I don't think you should be drinking that now," He whispers. Smirking, Margaret replies, "I haven't been drinking. I got this for you."

Returning her smirk, the surgeon jokes, "Thank- you, Nurse. Don't mind if I do! How much of your tent did you give up for this?"

Coy, Margaret replies, "Most of it. The whole camp was ransacked of all its red belongings. You may have to help me take them back later."

"Don't mind if I do," Hawkeye teases as they edge closest to the back of the tent and out the door.

"I don't have anywhere else to go," Margaret tells Hawkeye as they lay on her cot and listen to the sounds of people stumbling back to their tents later that night.

"Go to my house. It's about as far away from California as you can get," Hawkeye jokes. Margaret looks up and sees the seriousness in her friend's eyes even if what he says is a joke. Scared, the nurse disentangles herself from the man beside her, grabs her toiletries, and heads to the showers. As she takes solace in the showers alone, the nurse goes over Hawkeye's joke. He knows what he is asking, and it terrifies her. She has just decided on a divorce, but know she and Donald have been informally seperated since the Dear Darlene letter months ago. Then, with Donald's reassignment to California, she is in no way telling him about her child. Her thoughts continue until she goes back to her tent. Not seeing Hawkeye when she gets back, the nurse sits on her cot and cries herself to sleep too emotional to think logically.

Neither addresses the topic of her living with him until Margaret finds Hawkeye alone in the scrub room after an emergency surgery she helps him on a few days later.

"I can't get married until the divorce is final," The nurse remarks jumping into the topic. Hawkeye looks up at her in confusion. Remembering their conversation after the party, he nods in understanding. They are silent again until Margaret jokes, "This child may be a year old by the time they even get to that point with the way the army works."

He wants to laugh, but is too tired.

"Well, then tell everyone back home that we're married, and then we'll have a more formal wedding once I get back," Hawkeye explains as he throws his scrubs in a hamper. Margaret watches him a moment as she thinks over the arrangement carefully. By the time she has her scrubs off, she agrees. They stare at each other a moment trying to comprehend who they are officially binding themselves to. Finally, Margaret breaks the silence.

"I applied for my resignation," The nurse whispers barely believing the news herself. "I had to tell the Colonel about the pregnancy, but he said he'd keep it out of the final report. Do you mind, once this child is born that I list you as the father?"

Shocked, Hawkeye thinks about the implication, but ecstatically answers, "No! List me! Enlist me! Do whatever you want to do! I can't believe I just got a wife and a kid in the span of a few minutes. I should go to peace talks more often."

Frowning, Margaret asks, "Please don't. I'd like you to stay alive."

"I'll try my best," He smirks.