It had been a simple mission how did it get so messed up it all went to hell. A B rank practically a free vacation at the land of iron turned into a S rank with no chance of escape those thoughts went through kakashi head as he ran,his leaps getting more desperate. He was used to this game after the hokage told him to deliver a message to the land of iron he knew the terrorist were tracking him down if he got back to the hidden leaf he could warn the hokage about the plot to start the 4th shinobi war

a war that would have millions dead. A shinobi wearing standard gear stepped out of the forest shadow kunai raged towards him the shinobi was well trained one caught him in the leg and the other opening a gash on the right side of my body. Kakashi body hit the tree his head swarmed the shinobi passed him by looking in the dark his allies followed lead this was his chance he crawled his way across the snow into the biggest hollow tree he could. he looked around the barrel of this empty tree the enemy would make a turn around after all if he wanted to live he would have to think like the enemy. He spotted at the corner of the log bear feces he moved his leg away from it after all he's going be in here for a long time . his dog like scenes are aggravated by the poop another benefit of being a hatake was his enhanced sense of smell and ears and right now his ears was picking up more shinobi and this time they brought bloodhounds.

Kakashi panicked he could hear the hounds getting closer he looked at the pile of crap he knew it was going be all downhill from here he scooted so he could get closer to the steaming pile of bear scat careful not to infect his wounds he rolled around in pure crap mucking up his shinobi uniform. His nose crinkled in disgust but it was better than being caught and killed and millions dying in a new war. Kakashi could hear the hounds pass over him he passed out in the log covered in bear poop to tired to stay awake.

In the undergrounds of the hidden leaf village the warmonger and ex-shinobi danzo looked at his work he passed along the dark hall way to get to the lab he funded for his personal use his stop scientist a terrorist and known criminal orochimaru. As danzo entered his secret lab he was greeted at the sight of his greatest weapon orochimaru slithered next to him 'my greatestsss project"

his voice bounced off the wall danzo the the experience of thousand of war merely replied "why him" orochimaru frowned he slithered to the edge of the lab to find the file cabinet he pulled dozen of files he rattled of the names of each subject "naruto uzumaki nine tailed fox class 9 defect: no control over emotion .sasuke uchiha sharingan class 9 defect: filled with revenge, tsunade senju 5th hokage granddaughter of the 1st hokage defect; intense rage, gambling, liver failure orochimaru smiled his twisted grin "this is the last subject" kakashi hatake son of the white fang a jonin in his own right he was perfect. Danzo looked out of his one eye at the test tube a 31 year old man floated naked and wired in water the only feature that he could be identified as was his silvery almost white hair.

above the ground the 5th hokage tusnade was getting worried she sensed that something was wrong something was horrible and she didn't know what it was.

the ramen shop was empty sad a boy stood waiting to see if the doors would open naruto to young to understand what the graffiti sprawled over his favorite food shop but all he knew as it was against him I mean he never harm anyone his 5 year old mind reasoned he was not dangerous he was only a boy.