After introducing Eva to all the people in the village, Avery and Micheal both decided since Eva was introduced to everyone, she will be living with the village members for now.

They planned to build a house for Eva to stay in. There were a lot of places where they could get wood. They went to stay by the forest nearest to the village. They knew they needed a lot of trees for Eva. They made sure that they got there early so they are able to have as much time to work as possible. While cutting the trees in the forest, Micheal and Avery cut the trees for her. Eva didn't have any axes of her own. While he was cutting down the trees around the woods, Micheal began talking.

"So where did you come from Eva?",asked Micheal.

Eva jumped at that question. She was stood in silence watching the both of them cut down the trees.

"I don't know.",said Eva.

"Strange, isn't it, that you don't even know where you came from?",asked Avery.

"Avery."grunted Micheal towards his sister.

"Fine I won't say anything.",said Avery.

She continued to keep cutting down the current tree that she was working on.

"What do you mean you don't know?",said Micheal.

Eva was in silence since all she could remember was being underwater and trying to reach the surface. She was asking the same question to herself ever since that she swam up to the surface and reached land.

"I just don't know.",said Eva.

She thought that is all that she had to say to respond to Micheal's question. Micheal was silent at first to what Eva said. He went back to cutting down trees along with his sister as Eva watched. She had a smile. Eva was happy that Micheal had understood. It made her start thinking about...where did she actually came from?..