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Two years, that's what it has been since she left. Since the day she took over the pack and led them across the great water to a brighter future. The day she left her father or as she called him Papa, the half husky half wolf mix breed that saved the small town of Nome, Alaska in the winter of 1925. That was the year of the Diptheria outbreak, when 7 children lost their lives to this disease. Aleu's father Balto was the one that brought back the antitoxin that saved the rest of the children and ended the outbreak. He was a hero and savior of the town and the love of his life, a pure bred husky named Jenna. She was red with a white neck bib of fur. Balto was grey and had the same neck but also had white socks of fur on his feet. When they bred and had pups Aleu was the only one that looked like Balto, but she looked more like a wolf then a husky period, she had the exact markings of her father and was more wolf then those pups could ever dream of being.

She looks to the left in her den, the beautiful female wolf that is Aleu admiring the two small pups in the corner of the den, cuddled together for warmth. She smiles while looking at the red and black female, her name was Niya, her brother by the name of Spider was grey and white like her almost but had a blotch of red on his back and on the tip of his tail. That's where he got his name from, he's like a red back spider almost. She thinks back to her mate, he has passed away now, he was killed by a bear. The pack took many casualties when the bear attacked but if it wasn't for Musa, Aleu's mate they all would've died, a tear sheds from her yellow eyes as she thinks of him, She remembers all the good memories they had together and it makes her smile. Spider wakes up seeing her with the tears and crawls to his mothers die licking her cheek making her smile widely and lick him back "Are you okay mama" he ask in his child like voice , almost female because of his young age. She looks into his eyes and smiles more and says "I'm fine, just thinking of your father" and his ears go down, both him and Niya never got to meet him for they weren't born yet but he knows his father by heart because of the stories hes heard of him. He curls into his mothers chest and Niya moves over to her a few minutes later making Aleu smile and lick both of them, they smile in their sleep as she puts her tail over them and lays her head down on her paws slowly drifting into a nap with her pups.

She awakes a few hours later with the sun now just before its highest point and her pups both playing in the den with a couple other pups, she smiles while looking at them and then stands up and stretches. She yawns loudly and walks to her pups who both run up to her nuzzling her legs and then looking at her, they look at their friends and their ears lower "Is it time mama" Niya asked her in her very high pitched voice, a hint of sadness in it as she does and then Aleu looks to her and nods saying "Yes it is, are you two ready" they both nod and go to their friends nuzzling them and saying their goodbyes as she walks out of the den and looks to her beta calling him to her "ITs your time Mino, are you ready to be the alpha of the pack" He breathes in deeply from the pressure and then nods and thanks her before they say their goodbyes. She howls for the pack and within a few minutes all 79 wolves are standing below her looking up to her as she looks to them with her pups and Mino by her side and says

"Well, this is it. I am traveling across the great water again to go back to where I was born, I am taking my pups with me and we will return in two years. Ever since the day I became leader of this pack it has been the best day of my life, until the day my pups were born and the day I met my deceased mate. I will miss all of you, you have all became my family and I cant thank all of you enough for allowing me to lead you since the day I was 9 months old, barely old enough to even be an adult wolf but I am sure I did the best job I could possibly do leading you, I love all of you and I will not forget you within these two years I plan to be gone, in two years when I return I am hoping that you will all allow me to lead you again and let me come back and be greeted as I would greet any of you if you were to leave. As I am gone Mino will be in charge of the pack, please respect and obey him as you have me and show I=him that you believe he is the best leader for you while I'm gone. In the words of Aniu the white wolf I grant you all luck and the freedom and strength you need to survive as a pack, goodbye my friends" She ends her speech and walks to the side to allow Mino to show his new position of leadership, the wolves all howl along ith Mino as she walks from the pack territory with her pups by her side heading to the great water and to Nome, hoping t be greeted by her parent and for them to meet their grandchildren for the first time.

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