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Third POV

The young wolf wanders the forest beyond the great water, him and his brother the only two left of his now drceased pack. His brothers scent strong in the air along with the scent of the attacking pack. His slow wander turns into a spring as he quickly rushes through the forest only to make it in time to watch the attacking 3 wolves murder his brother in cold blood, he could'nt help it at this point and quickly went on the offensive. Leaping from his hiding spot he quickly and swiftly takes one of them to the ground sending his teeth through the throat of the wolf, only a quick yelp heard from the wolf before the sounds of it drowning in its own blood. The other two barely have time to turn around by the time Musa was finished with the kill, his black and white fur now stained with red from thw kill as he looks to the other. They growl and go into a defensive state as he quickly goes for another attack. Musa, you might be wondering why hes having no trohble with the fight, well its becasue he is the most trained and powerful wolf from his pack, he has killed 2 bears in the 16 months hes been alive. With his expirience in taking out the largest threat to the pack it makes it easy for him to take on the much smaller wolves compared to the large bears.

Musa looks around him after killing the other two wolves, ths scent of the wolves blood filling his nostrils but not impairing them to anything he else he might need to sniff out. Then looking to his youngest brother a tear instantly forms in his eyes as he rushes to his brothers corpse, the tears flowing faster and faster as he approaches the smaller wolfs body, his smallesg brother at only 6 months old and the last of his family is gone, he's lost his entire pack at this point and now hr has no one. Thats what's running through his head at the moment as he snuggles to his baby brothers corpse, tears falling of the red stained fur of his little brother. He slowly fades tk sleep fdom the exhaustion of crying. As the moon sets on the night his heart and mind do not, for this is something he will never forget.

1 Year later


Musa, now a lone wolf after the destruction and tragedy he faced when he was younger. It's been a year since and he has grown. His body has strengthened up, his leg pure muscle at this point. He kept exercising daily ever since it happened. This last year was rough for him, he hasn't met but a few other wolfs in his time alone, he met two females through that time but neither of them anything he was looking for, the first was too weak, she didn't know much about hunting and had stayed by her fathers side her entire life. The second one, well she just didn't have the attitude he was looking for. He, at this point thought he would never find the Nate he longed for, he was tired of being alone but knew that the two packs left after the rogues where finally eliminated wouldn't let him join with them. They all know who he is and what happened to him but, it's against law to allow a lone wolf. If he had gone to them after everything happened he would've been able to join as a rescue but he couldn't stand the sight of other wolves for a long time.

He looked along the mountain range to the great water, wondering where it led to, if he should leave this small island and head somewhere else. His territory spreading along the edge of the water. That's when he looked out along the ice, he couldn't believe his eyes, there was a wolf crossing the great water using the ice. Then he stood and saw another and another before finally seeing it was a whole pack. His eyes squinted as he watched who he thought was the leader, not taking him long to realize that the female at the front was in fact the leader of this pack.

They soon stepped onto the island after a matter of minutes, he hadn't stopped watching as they came across the ice. he kept his eyes on most of the male wolves, trying to figure out they're strengths and weaknesses. Hoping that watching them will help him discover more about this new pack, it had been a long time since a pack this large
was seen on the island. This would change the flow of food and other resources in the area. Slowly he started his way down the hillside, keeping his eyes locked onto the new pack. Moving through the trees and the brush he keeps his eyes locked on the newcomers.

He watched and knew they would be stepping onto the island in the clear area off the coast, a small opening and break in the trees. Being here for the last year he knew the
area inside and out. Moving down he hides behind a large rock, the smell of the pine trees blocking his scent from the new pack. He watched as they start6ed to make they're way onto the show, the ice holding strong as abridge while they finish. He watched the female that he suspected as the leader closely, two males sticking by her side,
guarding her. This only proved his suspicions, the fact they would guard her with such high praise showed she was the leader of the pack.

As they finished crossing the bridge of ice, it disappeared behind them into the great water. Sinking beneath the waves to be gone for the next 2 years, this means this pack
is stuck here for at least that long. He didn't realize how quickly the bridge would disappear but he was not surprised. This was what he had been waiting for, he moves from
behind his cover and starts towards the female. One of the males quickly look to him and start a deep growling sound. This doesn't phase Musa for he has heard it many times
before, besides he was not looking to fight but to talk to the leader herself. "I am Musa, this is my territory, please tell me who you are and what your doing here."

The female moves for him, telling her guard to back away. "I am Aleu, I am the new leader of this pack. We come from across the great water to find food and shelter, we
arrive here not to fight. We are from Nome, Alaska" she says, her name was unique to him. He liked the name slightly. "I see, and what makes you think this is the right place to come to?" he asked now looking to her for answers, a small grin appears on Aleu's face. "I have seen the whit queen in my dreams, she showed me the way here so that this pack may live" is all she says

This stunned Musa for a second, he hadn't heard of the white queen in along time. She would come to the dreams of the strongest wolves to guide them to safety. "I see, if the white queen has sent you here I will deny your right, but there are 2 other packs on this island. This territory is mine, it was gifted to me after training the packs to hunt and set traps for animals" he says as he sits slowly, his leg weak at this point. Aleu nodded to him "And you think the other packs will not allow us to stay? Even with us being guided by the White Queen herself. Along with her granddaughter as the leader of the pack" she asked Musa. This took him completely by surprise, not only was she having the visions, but she had the blood of the white queen in her veins

"That means you are a wolfdog doesn't it? The white queen only bred with one male and he was a husky, this means that she did infact get pregnant and have a litter of pups." he says as he stares at her, seeing the white queen in this female, she had the same eyes and also her fur was much lighter then that of a regular wolf. "That I am, but that will not stop me" she says to Musa, leaving him intrigued "When the packs find that one has crossed the great water and landed here they will start to take over
take over the hunting grounds. " he says, this runs through her mind and she sees he has a point. At this point Aleu would look to her pack. "You may rest, we haven't slept
in days, get some" she then looks to musa and says "I understand, now if we could walk and talk about the area I would appreciate that." she says with a smile

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