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Aleu's POV After Crossing the Great Water

My paws landed softly into the snow on the shore, looking around I sighed with a small smile "It hasn't changed much at all" I say to myself as I check behind me seeing Spider land on the snow behind me and then help his little sister across as he had the entire way. I smile watching as I turn my head back "You two ready" I ask as both of them then focus looking around as they're eyes go wide in awe and I giggled lightly, looking at their adorable faces as they nodded slowly at me. I start walking as they quickly get next to me and I smile as they get against my legs tightly, I could tell they were nervous with the new area, I came to a slow stop and looked to them "Don't you guys worry, I remember the way back to town" I would say to assure them we were safe as I nuzzle against both of them and start walking again, them following behind me quickly.

A Few Hours Later

I exit the basin of the mountain and smile widely, seeing the town right down the mountainside from us, hearing the kids behind me yip in happiness "We're almost there you two, I hope your ready to meet your grandpa" I say as I turn to them and both of them start spinning around in excitement yipping loudly as I giggle at them. I start walking down the mountain side seeing a goose flying above my head, grinning slightly as I yell up to it "Great Uncle Borriiiisss" I say as the goose dives down and hugs me tightly as I laugh and he yells my name "Aleuuu, oh god your father is gonna be so exci-" he stops speaking, peeking behind me as he then glows brightly and smiles "Yes they are mine Uncle Boris" I say as he squeals in happiness and we hug again "Come, come, we must get you to the boat to see your father, hes gonna go crazyyy" he says in his thick Russian accent dragging me quickly as I laugh and the kids follow me quickly

Boris pulls me to the boat out by the lake, after two years I had thought they would've gotten rid of it, but i guess they won't because it belongs to my father. Walking over to the boat Boris slows down and tells me to stay put, flying away he lands at the top of the boat "Baltooooooo" he yells as i giggle a bit ad hear dad shuffling around as Boris goes onto the main floor of the boat "You have a visitor" Boris says as i see dad look over the side of the boat and his eyes go wide as he jumps down quickly running to m e"Aleu is that really you" he says as he nuzzles against me and i nuzzle him back, smiling as i nod and stay against him "Yes it is papa"I say as a few tears are in both of our eyes and i stay tightly against him as i hear Spider say "I Is that grandpa mama" As dad's head snaps over to them his ears springing up as he looks to me and i nod slightly "Y Yes i am, what's your name" he says slowly moving towards them, his ears low as spider lowers a bit and his ears droop down "I'm spider and this is my little sister N Niya" He says in his soft and shy voice "I'm your grandfather, my name is Balto" dad says as Spider smells him a bit and then his tail starts to wag as i have a tear in my eye and Spider licks him softly as dad quickly nuzzles against him and Niya stays behind spider as she always had, Niya was always quite shy and Spider always was at first but once he warmed up to you a bit he was fine.

Niya moved forward a bit as she smells dads paw a few times and then baked away quickly as dad moved a bit closer to her "No no it's alright little one, I'm not gonna hurt you" He says as she looks over to me and I nod a bit with a small smile as she smells dads paw a bit more and her tail wags only once as dad leans down and touches her nose with his as she smiles just a small amount her tail wagging a little bit more "You've always had a way with pups Papa" I say as i smile a little bit and Spider yips loudly as he runs in circles around dad as i listen to him chuckle a bit "Your mother will be home tomorrow, she's in Juneau with a vet right now" dad says as i look to him with a slightly worried look "She's alright Aleu, just her usual check up" dad says as i sigh just a small bit in relief, smiling after the sigh. Dad looks to the boat and then invites us up, gladly accepting as i pick up the smaller of my pups Niya, her whining a bit in embarrassment as i giggle at the whine, watching behind me i see spider fighting to get up as dad goes down to him "Do you want some help son?" He asked as Spider shook his head no "I can d do it myself, i can't look helpless in front of Niya" he said as my dad smiled slightly at the comment, whispering into his ear "Now that's a good big brother" Seeing spider smile and back up a bit as he jumped up onto the wooden plank and then climbed his way up, a proud smile on his face as Niya barked and wagged her tail quickly watching him "You did it Spider" she said as she nuzzled him when he got up on the boat.

1 Hour after getting on the boat

I looked to the captains quarters of the boat, seeing both Spider and Niya asleep under dads blanket, he walked over to me and sat down as i looked over the bow, staring at the city of Nome. He nuzzled against me as i leaned down on him with a smile "I'm so happy you're here, I've missed you so much" He said as he looked out, a smile appearing on my face a i looked to him "I just wish you two could've met their father" I said, a small frown starting to form as my ears went down a bit as i pushed my face into my dads chest "What happened to him, if you don't mind me asking" dad says as i look to him after nuzzles against me "He died protecting us, me and the pups. A bear attacked the pack, killed two wolves, would've been more if he hadn't stopped it" I say as he shushes me a bit as i cry into his chest while talking, his paw over my back rubbing it as he nuzzles against the back of my neck "I'm sorry honey, i wish i could've done something" He says as i shake my head a bit "Knowing Musa he wouldn't have let you, because if something happened to him he would've wanted you there with me" I say as i keep myself against him tightly my head buried into his chest hair.

He shushes me again keeping me to him as Boris lands next to us wrapping his wings around my neck as i smile a bit feeling him there "I'm sorry that this happened to you little one" He said in his thick Russian accent, rubbing my back softly with his wing "It was hard at first, dealing with the pups was the worst part. I didn't know what i would tell them if they asked me where their father was. Thankfully the whole pack helped me raise them to this point, if it wasn't for all of them stepping up to help me, the youngest in the pack at the time, i don't know if i could've done it" i say as I smile while talking and dad nuzzles into me softly "Remind me to thank them if i see them again" he says as i look back to the city, my ears still down but a small smile on my face "I can't wait for mom to meet the pups, she's gonna be so happy isn't she?" I asked as i looked to Boris and dad both of them nodding "Of course she is, Kodi hasn't given her any grandchildren yet so she'll be ecstatic" Dad says as Boris nods in agreement "He was always the one that said he would have pups first" I say as i laugh a bit and smile as i wipe my face " I can't wait 'till tomorrow" i say as i smile

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