Author's Note I: I'm alive. Haven't written in a long time, expect tone-deafness, lack of emotional clarity and overall downgrade in writing quality. Apologies in advance. I hope you've all been well.

Hell is other people.

Summed up humanity nicely. Beneath all the Sacred Gears and miracles and good deeds was a dirty beast filled with sin. Instruments of their own destruction. A movie she'd seen long ago had a poster that resonated with her opinion, some soldier brazenly wrote the truth on his helmet "BORN TO KILL". They would never stop killing each other. It was pathetic. One of the many reasons she despised them. Loathed them. Saw them as filth.

That said, Raynare could not move a single muscle in that moment. All that hatred, all that vile ire was gone. All she felt was fear. She saw a wraith clothed in mortal flesh, his frame adorned with crimson stains. He stood there like Death himself, judging the priest, peering into his soul, counting his sins. A human making her call to God for help.

"You're going to die for what you did."

She couldn't breathe. Struggling, she let out a gasp and felt someone grasping her shoulders, shaking her as muffled words barely reached her ears. She couldn't look away. Those words, those horrid, horrid words . . . Raynare stared at the ghost. If she looked away, he'd strike her down. He'd promised her. She knew it. He was focusing on Freed. She wanted to run, fly, just get the fuck away from this place. She felt a jolt on her neck. Kalawarner stood in front of her, tensed and worried. Mittelt looked shocked at the sudden appearance while Dohnaseek didn't take his eyes off of the ghost.

"Raynare, you—"

A gust of wind swished past her. Abathar kicked him square in the jaw, making him fly off into the distance. He crashed deep into the wall. Light shone. Black light. Abathar let the dark energy flow in him, conjuring two spears as he hurled them at the human sized hole in the wall. An explosion shook the Catacombs and Raynare stared at the power the Fallen displayed. Maybe . . . maybe they had a chance. Abathar was Kokabiel's personal attack dog. He killed and maimed anyone who stood in his way. Far stronger than her, maybe just strong enough to kill him.

"Freed," the Fallen helped pick up the priest who clutched his head. Blood smoothly kept flowing out of his nose. The sclera of his eyes went from white to red. "You might want to get out now."

"What the fuck are you on about?" Freed said hazily. He tumbled around a bit. "I'm gonna shoot that motherfucker in his fucking nuts and—" Abathar slapped the man. Hard. A tooth fell out with gum attached to it. The priest held his mouth, cursing at the Fallen Angel.

"You black-winged, cocksucker!"

"Careful, papist," Abathar smiled. "Lord Kokabiel has plans for you. Best not to mess those up and besides," Raynare followed his vision. Gremory and Co. had arrived. "We have company."

Raynare looked at the group and again she was surprised to see Issei Hyodou there. The boy had more guts than she gave him credit for. He was here for the girl, her golden ticket. He was shouting something, she didn't care. All that mattered was the girl and her power.

"Hold them off," Raynare told them. She had to do it now. "I'll complete the spell. Then we're all getting out of here. We've spent enough time here as it is."

"Alright," Kalawarner assured her. All her friends, her Fallen aides and the priests prepared themselves; wings spread, energy flowed, guns cocked, swords alighted. "Do it right, Ray."

"I'll take the little one," Mittelt rushed off to the white haired girl as the priests went for Gremory. Kalawarner and Dohnaseek went for Issei and the black haired girl. Freed finally up was making his way out of the chamber. His nose a bloody mess and Abathar was still looking at the hole he made.

Raynare stood over the Cradle. She began to chant in her mind, sigils glowed and spun as chaos unleashed all around her. She just needed enough time to make this work. Then it would be done.

"Interesting." Abathar's voice made her look away. Raynare watched as amid the smoke and rubble, he emerged. The Ghost stood with dusty clothes and hateful eyes. He walked slowly towards the Fallen. "Oh. You're approaching me?"

"Where's Freed?"

"Gone with the wind I'm afraid." Abathar smiled, showing all of his wicked wings and let loose a shockwave of energy. The Catacombs shook and all eyes focused on him. Black miasma formed around his wings and limbs as two dark swords formed in his hands. Power emanated off of him. It made her feel unnerved. "Before we fight, I have to know something. You're no Devil. You're no Youkai, and you're certainly no Angel. Yet here you stand before me, Abathar of the Bloody Wings, with little to no injuries despite the little gift I sent your way. So I ask you, human, who are you?"

"None of your concern," the blond walked faster and Raynare felt herself tremble a bit. She calmed down. Abathar is here, this will work. She told herself as she watched the Fallen lunged at the Ghost. Averting her eyes to the nun, she started to chant once again. Almost there, she thought. She could see those gates in her mind again. Almost there.

Salvation would come for her. Her friends. She focused all her energy into the task. She didn't care what came next after she did what she had to do. Those were plans for later.

"You!" She looked at him. Issei Hyodou. The boy she'd killed. Wielder of the Twice Critical. Mr. Tits, she called him. That was always on the boy's mind. She had no doubt he'd delve deeper into his sins now that he was a Devil. He had rage in his eyes as the red gauntlet shone, the green jewel gleaming. "Get away from her!"

Normally she'd taunt him, tease him, and then have her way with him. Now she couldn't. Twilight Healing Maxima was so close. Not to mention, her eyes glanced at Abathar and him. He was strong, she'd known that. She didn't know how strong. He was keeping up with Abathar. That was a problem. Not good. Conjuring a spear with one hand, she lunged it at the pervert. He dodged it, barely. "Well, I'm glad to learn you can dodge now. Issei, be a dear and fuck off."

"What do you want from her?!" He tried to get close, but she shoved him off with her projectiles. The rest of the Devils were busy and she needed them to stay that way until she finally got it in her hands.

"Isn't it painfully obvious?" Raynare flew, dodging the boy's blows and grew irritated at this constant approaches. She punched him in the gut. Hard. Swiftly kicking him away, Raynare grew frustrated at the whole damn affair. Things were supposed to go so smoothly. She was sure Abathar keeping the others at bay would've helped, had the ghost not appeared.

"You already killed me," Issei's voice grew harder as his resolve seemed clearer. What the hell happened to him? "I won't let you do anything to her."

"She's already been marked for death," Raynare's words made him stop. "When a nun, one of her repute, gets excommunicated, an execution swiftly follows. What do you think the Church is? All hugs and mercy? No. No. No. God is a bigot, and those who follow Him are worse. If anything what I'm doing is merciful. This way her Sacred Gear does something useful before she kicks the bucket."

"What do you want her Sacred Gear for?"

Raynare conjured two deadly spears in her hands as the boy looked a bit nervous. He was brave. A foolish, brave boy. "I'm taking her gift, so I can go home." She aimed at his legs. "And no one is stopping me. No matter what happens."

Bullets fired at her. Blessings were engraved into shells. Her training came into play as she swiftly dodged them and mustered her dark energy. The orb of destruction formed in her hands and she fired it at two of them. They were quick, but not fast enough. It exploded and their chests were no longer there. A bloody affair that befell on her shoulders, but it was her duty.

She saw Kiba and Koneko working in sync as they took out a pair of exorcists. Her Rook punched one of the priests. Hard. The blow of it sent him hurling into two more. Kiba danced with them, sword in hand. They were no match for them. None of them were, but they were no pushovers either. A few wrong steps could lead to unwanted injuries. Still it would be easy.

Those were her thoughts, then Rias felt the sudden escalation in power. Six black wings filled with power. Dark energy banished from heaven. This is not good. This Fallen was different. Stronger than the rest. Then she saw Naruto emerge from the wall he was broken into. His clothes were torn in places, the blood still visible all over him, but the teen looked unfazed. If anything, Naruto Uzumaki looked, almost, angry. She noticed his eyes in that moment. Dark blue surrounded by endless black.

And then the Fallen introduced himself. Abathar of the Bloody Wings, a murderer of Devils.

The sound of bullets firing made her gain sense once more, as she swerved around them. Once more, she gathered her inherited power. Opening her palms, she let loose a wave of her energy. Just enough to kill them on contact. Nothing too gory. She'd never liked killing, but this was self-defense and why should she spare them when they would not show her the same mercy?

"You fight well, Gremory," she looked to see the fedora wearing Fallen stand behind her. His arm poised out as if he challenged her to a duel.

"You could've attacked me." The Fallen shook his head, in disappointment.

"Do I look a coward to you?" he stood to face her. "I, Dohnaseek of the Grigori, will be your opponent, King Gremory."

Perhaps there were more to these Fallen than she imagined. "Very well, Dohnaseek." Rias flared up her power. "You will die."

"Many have tried, Devil. Many have failed. If I die by your hands, you will be the better of us two." Dohnaseek created two light spears and threw them at her. She dodged and looked up to see the Fallen lessen the gap between them. Another spear was ready in his hands, he intended to skew her with it no doubt. She simply coated her hands with the Power of Destruction to smash the spear.

Dohnaseek reeled back, surprise on his face. Dark wisps of blue light gathered in his hand. Knives. He fired them all at her, each one turning the other to cover her from all corners. Dohnaseek made one more spear in his hand, a big one. He was closing down all her spaces and Rias had to admire his skills.

It was useless though. Crossing her arms, she let loose her power once more. A burst of destruction exploded out from her. All the knives of light vanished, and Dohnaseek was still charging at her. Rias brought her hands together and gathered energy. The Fallen was closer now than ever. In a second it was over.

The orb in her hands was ready and it fired off at the Fallen. Dark, destructive energy hit Dohnaseek square in the chest. Wounds and cuts appeared all over him. Blood gushed out as the Fallen was hit with the full brunt of her power. He lay there, his two wings sprawled out. A tiny pool of blood beneath him. Dohnaseek looked at her with little life in his eyes. The grey in those eyes were settling in and Rias Gremory knew he was all but done for.

The sound of slashes reached her ears as an exorcist tried to maim her. Idiots. She flew up avoiding their Light Swords. When would these priests learn? She unleashed another wave of destructive energy, martyring the modern day crusaders. It was always one thing after another with religious zealots like them.

She looked around to see what was going on: Kiba was doing excellently against his opponents, the expert swordsman he was; Koneko had beaten down the Fallen midget that came after her and her Queen was happily enjoying beating down the other female Fallen. She was toying with her. So unnecessary. Akeno would be Akeno no matter what the setting. A spike in power drew her attention again.

The Fallen.

He had a manic look on his face as he threw sword, spear and lance of tainted light at Naruto. She observed his movements. Fast and agile, he was wasting no movement, as he swerved and dodged the conjured weapons, edging closer and closer to the Fallen Angel. She had no doubts of the strength he'd displayed so far, but a Fallen with six wings was a problem, especially if it was Abathar. And she could see it. Naruto wasn't being able to hit him, when he got close, the Fallen would take to air and keep the distance. He chucked the kunai at the fallen and then Rias thought her eyes deceived her as she saw six of the kunai now. Blinking, she took another look. Six of the kunai missed as the Fallen dodge the weapons, and then she saw one again.

What the hell?

She wasn't sure what was going on, but he needed help and-

"AAGH!" The loud grunt of pain made her look at Issei. His legs were wounded, two holes in his thigh as blood leaked out and the Pawn was on his knees, tears fell from his eyes, but the defiance was strong. Rias immediately wanted to jump, but more bullets came at her. Why were there these many priests?

"Stop interrupting me!" Rias heard the wild shout of the Fallen who'd killed Issei, her hand floating over Asia as she saw sigils working in tandem. "I won't exactly enjoy killing you twice. Even if you're stronger now."

"Why?!" Rias heard him yell, his voice seemed broken and angry. "Why are doing this to her?! Just let her go! You'll kill her!" Rias acted as bait, drawing the last of the priests away towards her as the rest of her Peerage surrounded them.

"Why?! Her Sacred Gear is what I need." The Fallen spoke, she heard each word clearly as she made an orb filled with destruction. "I don't expect you to understand. You who've got nothing but tits on his mind. That's what she is to you. Just another pair of tits you can look at and fondle. The girl did like you, you know. Shame she wasted that much of her breath on you."

"Don't you say that! Don't you dare harm her!" Issei rose on weak legs, the gauntlet's jewel in his hands glowing brighter than before. Akeno unleashed her lightning, Kiba swung his sword, Koneko focused her strength and tore through, and Rias let the Orb of Destruction fly loose as every single last priest fell. "I don't care what you think. I'm not letting her die!" Her Pawn ran towards the Fallen who had a look of shock on her face and then she saw it.

Bright red, flashing, the gauntlet transformed before her very eyes. More draconic, more powerful and the claws of the Red Dragon Emperor finally showed its face to the world. His fist collided against the Fallen's cheek, explosive energy appearing at that tips, and she flew to the other side, away from Asia, towards the rest of her Fallen buddies who were, surprisingly, still alive despite being gravely wounded. She didn't think much of the Fallen in general. While she didn't despise them like Akeno did, for all the right reasons, she didn't think of them as anything more than enemies. Yet, it was surprising. The way those Fallen injured reached for her. They were surrounding her, covering her as they bore their mortal wounds. Protecting their own despite their conditions.

"How is he so strong?" Rias heard the groan of pain. The Fallen who had killed Issei had a bloody face, her left cheek all but gone. "A Twice Critical should not be that strong."

"That's where you're wrong," Rias Gremory, the King, walked forward. She faced the group of Fallen, glancing at a crying Issei who held Asia. She wasn't dead from what she could tell, but she wasn't doing too well either. Her leathery wings spread as her voice dressed them down. "His weapon though it may look like a Twice Critical is something much stronger. Look at the design. Majestic isn't it? Maybe you've heard it. One of the Thirteen Longinus Class Sacred Gears. You'd think Fallen Angels would recognize a weapon that could kill your creator. I do have to thank you. Raynare, was it? Without you, I wouldn't have gotten him as an ally and Issei wouldn't grow this strong."

"The Red Dragon Emperor." Dohnaseek was still, surprisingly, very much alive. In fact, he looked less dying than she'd last left him. He coughed and chuckled. "We really screwed up here, didn't we?"

"I guess," the blue haired Fallen spoke. Akeno's injuries on her seemed less prominent. Something wasn't right. "To have a Longinus wielder as a servant."

"To think an ace pervert would have such a power. You really cherry pick the worst kind, Raynare," the smallest of the Fallen looked as if she hadn't been harmed at all.

"Rias," Akeno stood beside her, lightning magic at the ready as she realized what happened. She looked at the former nun whom Issei was trying to wake up, and then back to the Fallen. They were healing. Fast.

"It's funny you know," Raynare stood, her face now proper again as her group was surrounded by a green light at their feet. "I finally get this close to my goal and you Devils come raining down on my parade. On top of that, the breast fanatic gets the power of the Welsh dragon of all things."

"You have Twilight Healing," Akeno spoke and…smiled. She had a dark look in her eyes. "Goodie. Looks like I'll get to enjoy severing all of you over and over again. Ooooh~ You naughty bunch are in more trouble than you thought." Electricity crackled at her fingertips.

"Speak for yourself," Raynare said as the light beneath them grew stronger, rising. "This isn't your usual Twilight Healing, hellspawn. This is Twilight Healing Maxima. It just doesn't heal, it can restore the state of anything, anything, back to its original state. Unfortunately, this Gear only works when you put your heart and soul into what you want it to do, and get very specific with your intentions. The girl would never make us whole again, not when her God disgraced us. She'd never allow it."

"Buchou!" Issei shouted, tears flowing. "We need to save her."

"Now, King Gremory," Raynare mockingly called her as the light dome grew to cover half of their bodies. "What do you think will happen when Maxima restores our original states?"

Angels. Rias Gremory gathered a substantial amount of her power in her palms as the light almost covered them all. No need to take the chance. Akeno was mustering up her magic as well, flaring it up and having no intention of letting them complete what they wanted to. IF Maxima did what it did, and it could constantly heal them, it would be a big headache. Before she could act a horrible yell of pain distracted her, but more so it distracted Akeno as she looked wide eyed at the other battle she'd momentarily brushed aside and Rias too found herself staring.

As did her Peerage.

He didn't expect to be kicked in the face. The last time someone did, other than his clone, was the worst day of his life. He walked his way out, through earth and stone as he saw the spears of light come for him in the dark. He stepped past them as they flew by hitting the air and dirt. Emerging out and taking in the chaos around him, he looked for Freed. He was escaping. Naruto was not going to let that happen.

Stepping forward he faced the one who kicked him. A Fallen Angel. Six beating black wings, and the intent to kill. This one was different. Instead of all the usual spears he'd been facing all night, he saw swords of light in his hand. He was making small talk, wasting his time. Naruto Uzumaki had no intention of letting it continue. He rushed as the Fallen Angel swung, the sword missed him, clanging against the ground, the other hissed in the air. The leg reached out, an arc formed and came towards him. Naruto punched the Fallen's knee making him take a few steps back.

He wasn't showing all his cards, but he didn't want to. Akeno was here. As were Rias and the others. He had no doubts about their allegiance, but he didn't want them knowing everything about him. The less everyone knew, the less he'd be bothered.

Clutching his kunai, he met the Fallen blow for blow as he laced it with wind chakra. Naruto may have been out of proper practice for the last couple of years, but he had the killer instinct. How could he not? A shinobi alone with his strength and after witnessing the presence of beings different from and humans not keep his guard up? He had to. The world was cruel, and he'd fight back against those who threatened to harm his peace of mind. He pulled Abathar close by the wrist, driving his elbow into the man's face as he smiled from the pain.

The Fallen thrived from it as he unleashed more of his aura, his power flared and Naruto could not give less of a fuck. It was a game of distance now. Spears fired at him. Swords hurled at his head. Lances aiming at his limbs. All of them missed. The Fallen was clearly enjoying their battle, and he could tell when a person was going all out. By no means was Abathar of the Bloody Wings, as he called himself, weak. His weapons cut through stone like hot knife through butter and they exploded with enough energy to blow off limbs, flesh and bone off of people. Make them nothing, but stains. It wasn't enough though.

"Human," Abathar fired off more spears, eight of them circled in around him. "You are truly a rare specimen." Naruto jumped up and threw the kunai at him, making a hand seal. From the shadow of the blade, five more emerged all laced and ready to pluck the feathers off of this one. The Fallen looked surprised and dodged, though Naruto could see it. He got a few of his feathers, those leather pants of his had red running down it.

"You…made me bleed." Abathar's face contorted, twisted into a mask of hatred, despise and rage. He was pissed off. "You think you're better than me, filth?! DIE!" he shouted with rage in his eyes as more weapons were unleashed at him and Naruto was finally tired. Tired of this repeating motion. The Fallen before him was a one-trick pony. It reminded him of the time he'd charge head on with the Rasengan and nothing else.

The Fallen was chucking weapons at him to see what would stick on him. At least the priests made it a bit interesting. He rushed past the incoming sharp projectiles. They were slow as he passed by them one after another before he jumped in the air appearing before Abathar. His fist shot out squarely hitting the Fallen Angel in the nose, smashing it, blood spurted out along with teeth breaking and cracking. His left hand went in for a hook, smashing against his temple as one of his eyes leaked out blood and then Naruto kicked out his leg, his foot hammering against the chin of the Fallen Angel.

As he drifted from the impact in the air, Naruto Uzumaki grabbed Abathar by two of his wings and violently slammed him towards the ground.

He yelled in shock before he hit the floor, leaving a trail of blood in the air. The Fallen Angel collided against the ground, digging his way into it, a web of cracks encircled him as raspy gasps of pain made its way into the chambers. Naruto Uzumaki landed, silently, and looked at the being he kicked down to the earth. His face a crimson mess, his body buckled under the impact with which he had been thrown and now Abathar of the Bloody Wings had two less sticking out of his back. Naruto threw away the ones his hands as he looked down on the being who called him filth.

"I am better than you."

Naruto walked away from the lonely, broken angel. They were staring at him. All of them. Dead priests lied here and there and away from the conflict, Issei was on his knees, tears in his eyes and in his arms was the girl he met the other day. What was she doing here? Jumping his way towards the two of them Naruto looked at the girl. She was breathing heavily, desperately. Yet he couldn't see any wounds on her. He noticed Issei's red gauntlet. It looked…alive. Questions for later. "What's wrong with her?"

"S-Senpai! She's dying!"

Naruto didn't know the girl that well. She was nobody to him. A no one. It didn't matter. No one mattered. He told himself several times. He didn't want to get involved in the lives of others.

Yet here he stood. For Aria. She didn't deserve it, yet she was killed. He didn't need to involve himself. She was no one, wasn't she? She wasn't. Aria loved him without asking for anything in return. Ideally, he would forgive those who'd wronged him before. Before he'd lost everything. Now this girl, like Aria and Kara, was another victim. What did she do? She offered him a smile and a prayer the other day.

Like…Aria used to.

She was wronged by the same people and that look on Issei's face reminded him of himself. His hand glowed golden as he reached for the girl, it went through her as Issei's jaw widened. The girl may not have had chakra, but she did have a life-force and he found it. It was weak and withering, but he could help her. When Aria was passing, he couldn't think clearly. He was far too rocked, far too shocked to comprehend it and her words sheared his calmness.

Now with a cooler mind, he grasped her essence and began to heal her. It was working and the girl looked far less paler, but something was wrong. Something was missing. He couldn't tell what it was. She'd live, but for how long he didn't know.

"I can't heal her," Naruto told Issei, he grew distraught. "Not completely. I don't see any wounds either. What happened to her?"

"Her," Issei wiped his tears, "her Sacred Gear was ripped out. She can't…she can't live without it. I don't want her to die!"

"Where is it?" Issei only looked at the vanishing green dome as it faded and saw four Fallen Angel. A blue haired woman, a very short girl, the guy who came to his shop the other day and her. Raynare. If they were in a battle there were no signs of it on them and Naruto looked at the glowing, gleaming green light from Raynare's hands. Ten emerald magnificent rings shone as the Fallen Angel was giggling, until she looked at him and he saw fear in her eyes.


"Raynare," Naruto stood up, walking towards them and standing in between the Occult group and the Fallen.

"Naruto-" Akeno started, but Naruto raised his hand making her silent. Rias seemed on edge, as did Kiba and Koneko. The Fallen Angel were ready. To fight him.

"Hey," the one with the fedora spoke, "You're the ramen shop owner."

"Do you know him Dohnaseek?"

"I went to eat at his shop the other day. He makes good ramen."

"Of all the things you could've eaten it had to be shitty ramen…" the little Fallen couldn't speak. He knew why. Something came through the chamber door, fast. A body flew through it, crashing down near his feet. Freed Sellzen, bloodier than before sans feet and hands. Naruto picked him up by the collar as he looked into the priest's eyes whose one eye was swollen to the point he was sure he couldn't see.

"Oi, oi," Naruto said slapping him hard as the noise echoed and no one dared to move. "Don't you fall unconscious. Didn't you make her watch as you killed Aria?!" Naruto drove his knee into the swollen eye. Over and over and over again. By the time he stopped his face was caved in from one side as Naruto slapped him once more. Freed spat at him.


Naruto growled, gritting his teeth, drawing blood. His hand grasped around Freed's mouth as the priest struggled to breath, screaming into his palm. He tightened his grip. Fingers clawed in, piercing through skin, nerves, flesh, bone as he was overcome with rage. In his mind he heard Aria's voice. Her last words and he…pulled.

His fingers were firmly deep inside the very bones of the priest and Naruto pulled it upwards. Bones began to crack, flesh began to rip, and skin began to tear as Naruto yanked off Freed's head from his neck, dragging his spine out as well, flesh and blood dripped down from it. He looked at the head in his hands, shaking with rage as he crushed it into mush.

"Tch!" He threw it away as he looked at the Fallen again. They were staring at them with shocked expressions and shaking with fear. Raynare was clutching herself, her nails digging into her skin as the rings glowed.

"We have to leave now!" Raynare shouted as raised her open palm at the sky and her black wings spread. And she stood waiting for something to happen. Then she looked around and looked at her wings. "No…."

"Raynare!" The blue haired woman shouted, her wings out as well. As did the others. "What's going on?! Why isn't it working?!"

"NO!" Raynare shouted like a woman possessed and was crying. The rings glowed as she grasped her wings, shaking them. "NO! IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK! HE TOLD ME IT WOULD WORK!"

Naruto walked past the Fallen Angel. His killing intent was thick and flaring in the air. His rage had let out a burst of dread. He stood in front of Raynare as the woman fell on her knees before him. She was already defeated. "Give me the Gear."

"It wasn't supposed to be this way!" She was crying as she looked at him with despair in her eyes. He knew the feeling. "He said I could go home again!"

"Give me the Gear," he repeated, "or I'll rip it from your fingers." The Fallen Angel wailed, muttering curses and the rings slid off of her fingers. Ten of them glowed and formed a translucent sphere, it flew into his hands. He breathed easier now, calming down. He looked at the corpse to the side, the mutilated remains he left behind. He didn't regret what he did. It wouldn't change anything, but he couldn't let Freed live.

Naruto walked towards the Devils. Kiba looked frozen in place, he tried to hide his fear, but the rattling of his sword gave it away. Koneko, the usually monotone girl, shaking in her shoes as her fists came up in defense. Rias herself took half a step back as he approached her. She looked to be in shock and was gulping the closer he got. He stood in front of her as offered her the sphere.

"Naruto." She didn't know what to say next, and he could understand why. He lost control.

"Can you save her?"

"She's a nun."

"An ex-nun," a new voice revealed itself and Naruto threw a kunai at the door. The figured dodged his attack. It was a young man. Silver haired, purple eyed, reeking of Fallen essence. He was dressed…differently. "Well, don't kill the Messenger. We don't want a war now, do we? Lady Gremory, it seems I've arrived a bit late."

"Who are you?" Naruto asked the newly arrived intruder. The man bowed his head, holding his hat and then ten black feathered wings unfurled from his back.

"I am Shemhazai of the Grigori." He stood straight and looked at the remaining Fallen Angels. "I'm here to gather the rogue Fallen Angels, priests and one Freed Sellzen. We'll take them into our custody. They've caused quite a fair bit of chaos. Can't have a few bad eggs ruining everything can we."

"Lord Shemhazai," Rias spoke, her voice was more composed now, but still on edge. "You should've let me know you were arriving."

"I apologize for that, but I let the other King know of my arrival. Orders came from the top to apprehend those stirring up the pot here. Though I expected the rogues to be in," he looked at the corpse of Sellzen and the crushed head, shaking his head, "better condition. We've got to clean up quite the mess upstairs too."

"And we're just supposed to let them go like that?" Rias sounded apprehensive. "They've killed people in this town. People who were under contract with the House of Gremory."

"And we will compensate for what you lost, Lady Gremory," the man countered. He reminded Naruto of someone from a meeting in a certain tower once. "Lord Azazel himself guarantees that. This was a transgression on part of rogue Fallen and excommunicated priests from the Church. We're shouldering the blade only because one of our own is responsible for all the trouble that's transpired tonight."

Naruto looked at the Fallen and he had Shemhazai's attention. "You said one of your own. He brought in everyone here. Including Freed."


"So this fucker," Naruto pointed at Freed's remains, "did everything a Fallen told him to do so?"

"Yes, he did. The Grigori have no intention of starting unnecessary conflict."

He heard Akeno scoff at the words. "Who gave the order?"

"It's our problem, sir."

"Who. Gave. The. Order?"

"Kokabiel." It wasn't Shemhazai who answered him. Raynare's purple eyes were bloodshot as she looked as if she was done with life. "He brought the priest. The girl. He told me…I could go home. If I used the Gear. That I could…become whole again." She cried again.

"Poor child," Shemhazai looked disappointed. "You forget how Heaven marked us all. You won't get back what you crave without His Grace or unless the Great Archangel allows it. You should've known better, Raynare. All of you." Raynare said nothing and kept crying as her group sat beside her. There was no escape for them, but there was a chance for Asia. Naruto took Rias' hand and placed the sphere in her hand, she was surprised at his action. He asked her once more.

"Can you save her?"

"Yes," Rias said looking at Asia, "but she'll become a Devil."

"She's a nun no longer, Lady Gremory," Shemhazai chimed in, walking past the Fallen group towards where Abathar was laying. "The Church would've called for her head regardless of what happened here tonight. You'd be a fool to give up such a Sacred Gear wielder. Oh dear. Abathar. The world has not been kind to you. May I ask who did this?"

Naruto knew it was time to leave now, but there was one person he didn't entirely look at tonight. Gazing into purple eyes, he expected a bunch of reactions. Fear. Repulse. Shock. He found warmth. Akeno looked at him with a blush on her face. Her eyes looked dreamily dimmed. A smile on her face, true and serene. Naruto didn't know how to react to this.

Her hand reached out and reached for his cheek. Her finger brushed against the blood stain on his face.

"You've got red on you."


That's what the whole day was. From their newly acquired Pawn ending up with an injury, Naruto missing out on classes, an act of her King letting Issei know he was a Stray, the incident at the Church and what happened after. It was all so much for one day. Akeno enjoyed her hot shower much more than she thought she would have.

She dressed herself up in casual clothes. Dark yoga pants and a t-shirt that hugged her. She tied her hair and prepared the box. She cooked fried rice, crispy chicken strips and fresh salad on the side after everything that happened.

Shemhazai, she remembered seeing him before, and honestly she was glad he didn't talk to her. Though he did give her a nod and a farewell. He knew who she was, but didn't bring it up. Naruto had left almost immediately after he was assured Asia would be safe, though not before giving a look Akeno knew was for her eyes. The man knew boundaries and was clearly running on time. Rounding up the filthy Fallen, the broken exorcists and priests, picking up the broken Abathar and sweeping off what remained of Freed Sellzen, the Occult Research Group arrived back at their base where Rias welcomed a new member into her Peerage.

Asia Argento, former nun, now a newly christened Bishop of the current Lucifer's sister. There was a joke in there somewhere, Akeno had mused. Afterwards, the members retired for the night save Akeno and Rias.

They discussed the events, Sona had come over and heard everything as she was supposed to be in on the loop about things like these. Akeno couldn't wait for all this to be over. She had to go somewhere. Rias knew what she'd planned and tried to stop her, but Akeno made it clear she knew what she wanted.

Finished with preparing the meal she made. Akeno set out and walked the streets of Kuoh Town. The lonesome streets were different without the people and she understood the appeal of it. A few thugs saw her and they came in with those degenerate looks. She hexed them with her lightning, in their testicles. They would heal of course. If they didn't it was entirely their personal problem. Finally she made it. Walking up the stairs, she knocked on the door.


She knocked again.

And again.

She knocked louder. Much louder. Grasping the handle, Akeno twisted it and instead received a jolt of lightning. It shocked her, literally and Akeno felt her palm stinging. The door opened and the sound of music followed. Naruto stood at the threshold, a cigarette in his mouth.

"What are you doing here?"

"I brought us dinner."


"I didn't eat and I felt like you didn't eat either. You didn't, did you?"

"I wasn't hungry."

"This will make you hungry."

"Akeno," he took a puff in and let it out on the side. "I appreciate it, but I'll be fine."

Akeno frowned. She'd had enough of this charade. She walked forward, looking up into his eyes. They were normal now. The dark from his eyes faded after he got Twilight Maxima from the Fallen.

"I cooked this. For us. After everything that happened today. Walked all the way across town. I came here for this. You are not saying no to me. Not anymore." He didn't argue, much. They both ate silently with 'Nightcall' playing in the background. The apartment smelled like smoke and cheap perfume as the lights were dim. After they were done, Naruto insisted on doing the dishes. It was his house after all. She relented, waiting for him on the couch. After he arrived, she had to almost drag him to make him sit beside her.

Why was he so stubborn?

Lighting another cigarette, Naruto smoked in a calm manner as Akeno tried to make small talk. He was giving the half-assed responses she'd gotten before she got closer to him.

"Naruto," Akeno poked him, he only glanced at her, but she was less invasive now. "Aria…"

"She's dead," Naruto said. He took a long drag out of his cigarette, finishing it as he pushed it against the ashtray. His smoke permeated the air and he looked at it with disappointment. "I could've saved her. I just…I couldn't react. All I could see was her…when I was a kid. When I left the orphanage. By the time I absorbed what it was…fuck. I couldn't save her. I failed."

She squeezed his hand. He looked at her. His walls were still up. She reached out and stroked his cheek. He didn't back away. Slowly she got closer. "You did your best."

"My best," he paused, looking into her eyes, "is never enough. I lose. Always."

"You saved one life tonight, Naruto," Akeno told him.

"I lost control." He put it bluntly. "I knew no matter what I did she wouldn't be back. And I still went after Freed. I couldn't let him live. Not after what he'd done."

"I would've done the same."

"You were scared tonight, weren't you?"

She saw him knee deep in danger tonight, dodging death, dealing death and she loved it. Her insides grew warm and moist at what he did tonight. Such pure violence. Unrestrained and passionate. The sight of him in that state drove her mad. Akeno's feelings towards him were unexplainable. They'd been strong and magnetic, she could only define it in one word: right.

She did not feel one bit of hesitation towards the way she felt about him and after tonight, after what he displayed, she grew hungry for him. She knew her answer even before he had asked her that.

"No." She got off the couch and shivered. Akeno didn't care what followed. She sat down on his lap, facing him. Her arms around his neck. He grew a bit stiff, but eventually looked her in the eyes. "I wasn't afraid. I don't think I ever will be."

"You saw what I did."

"And I was so turned on," she confessed, he snorted. Her fingers rubbed the back of his neck. "You always make me feel this way, but tonight you drove me to the edge. There's something about you and it's hard to explain, but whatever it is, Naruto Uzumaki, you are not pushing me away. Never again. Especially not tonight."

"Akeno, you…"

"I'm telling you how I feel, idiot." She leaned in close and whispered, "It'll be better if I show you."

Her lips met his and watched his eyes go wide, before he closed them and gave in with a soft groan, returning the kiss. Akeno leaned further forward, she deepened their kiss and touched him, pulling closer, closer, closer. Her tongue probed his lips desperately and longingly moaning into his mouth. His arms wrapped around her and he pressed forward, his lips against her as Akeno shivered, rubbed herself upon him. Her mouth opened, and he opened his to match, and they intertwined their tongues between them, she tasted nicotine and oddly enough, him. They stopped, taking a moment to breathe and she rubbed her hands against his chest, her forehead against his as they breathed hotly.

Akeno smiled as she slowly took her shirt off, and Naruto stared at her. Not at her chest, but he was entranced by her eyes and then he did the same. They wanted each other and with this act, he admitted just as much as she did. He pulled her close, kissing her deeply. She moaned at his touch, melting in his arms, grinding against him and straddling him. Deeper, hotter, fiercer they locked their lips together, and Akeno didn't care what happened after.

All that mattered, right now, was this.

Author's Notes II: I didn't expect it to end like this either, but it felt right and you know all the sexual tension already present between them was leading to this. I don't know when I'll update again so don't keep your hopes up high. I hope I didn't disappoint with this chapter. Let's see what the future has in store and I hope all of you reading this are safe from the pandemic. Stay safe, everyone.