Hello again everyone! I have decided to re-write Chapter One thanks to the review of one reader who brought up a few good points. And after re-reading the first chapter I realize I could have gone about the last little bit in a different manner. Not only that, but this will make it easier for me write out the next chapter without contradicting what I wrote in the first chapter. So with that I hope you enjoy this re-write and I look forward to what you all have to say. Now to the story!

~Chapter One~

~Magnolia Year x792~

It's been two weeks since the war with Alvarez, and everything in the town of Magnolia has returned to normal. Well, as normal as it can be in this city. The people of Magnolia can be seen going about their day. Whether it's shopping, dining, or even just wandering about spending time with their significant other. Smile all throughout the city thanks to the resident guild in this city. Fairy Tail.

Inside the Fairy Tail guildhall members can be seen brawling, talking over a drink, or just sitting back enjoying the lively atmosphere. The current guild master, Makarov Dreyar, can be seen sitting cross-legged atop the bar nursing a beer while watching his 'children' in content. Mira was behind said bar cleaning the dishes, while Kinana was dancing about taking orders, and picking up dirty dishes. Erza is sitting to Makarov's left happily munching away at strawberry cake. Gajeel at his usual spot next to Levy, Jet, and Droy. Laxus, like always is sitting on the second floor overlooking the guild. And the rest of Team Natsu sitting at a table near by the bar.

It was reaching nine in the morning when the guild doors burst open. In the doorway stood a lean, muscular young man who looked to be in his early twenties. Upon his head he had spikey, rose colored hair, and his face held deep onyx eyes, burning as strong and bright as Dragon Fire. A wide grin, reaching his eyes, adorned his features showing off his pearly white, dragon like, canines. This man was none other than Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail's resident Fire Dragon Slayer.

"GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!" Natsu exclaimed to the heavens. And as he made way over to the bar, he was meet with cheers and greetings in some manner.

"Morning gramps, Mira, and Erza," he greeted, "and one Flaming Steak please Mira." He ordered, taking a seat to the left of Erza as the greeted him.

"Sure thing Natsu, I'll be back in a moment." Mira chirped, a bright smile painted on her face as she made her way down to the guilds kitchen.

"So, anything new gramps?" Natsu asked.

"Nothing that requires immediate attention my boy." the old guild master replied as he took a drink of his coffee, and at this time Mira returned with meal.

"Although I have noticed a change in your mission habits," Makarov spoke again, "and don't think I haven't notice you disappearing for three day at a time."

This statement caught the whole guilds attention, and when they though back over the last two weeks, they also realized Natsu has been disappearing for a few days at a time, only to return like nothing happened.

Natsu chuckled a bit before responding, "Don't worry about it gramps, it's nothing bad. In fact, I can see some of you getting jealous about it."

This cause the whole guild to become confused at this statement. "What on Earthland would we be jealous of you about?" Erza voiced everyone's question.

Natsu realizing what he said mentally berated himself. "Sorry, but I've said too much."

This only enraged the Scarlet Knight. "Natsu you will tell me or I will force it out of you!" The red aura building around her in an attempt to intimidate him.

But to the guilds surprise he remained calm, but there was something different about the air he was giving off. It was one that held authority, commanded respect, and power… Lots, and lots of power. Everyone could swear they saw the image of a Dragon behind Natsu as he stood up and face down Erza. Standing tall and proud. The only word they could think of to describe this feeling was royal. Even the mighty Erza Scarlet shrunk away a bit at the sight and feel of this.

"You will all find out in due time, but you will not be getting any more information from me." Natsu's voice boomed in a tone that left no room for argument. Erza could only nod in reply, could only nod in reply due to the display of power.

"Good." Natsu smiled, and just like that, the tension in the air disappeared. With Natsu eating away at his meal.

Meanwhile, the whole guild was in shock. First, he remained calm and faced down Erza. Then, he gave off an air that was not at all like the Natsu they grew up with. And finally, Erza, the Erza Scarlet could only shrink away and nod at Natsu's display. But what happened next really shook their sense of reality.

Gray, being the first one to recover from the shock, decided he wanted to fight Natsu as it's been to long since they brawled. Once Natsu has finished his meal, Gray walked up to the bar, slammed his palm on the surface and looked Natsu straight in the eyes, a cocky smirk plastered on his face.

"Oi, flame breath, fight me!" Gray yelled at Natsu, who flinched and covered his ears.

"Jeez, you don't have to yell in my ear popsicle." Natsu replied, he then looked at the time, and realized it was eleven. He then locked eyes with Gray, a serious expression on his face, rarely seen outside of battle. "Sorry but I'll have to decline, I have places to be."

Once again, the guild just stared. Natsu declining a fight never happens. However, his refusal to fight only irritated the Devil-Slayer. "Ice-Devils Zeroth Long Sword!" Gray chanted, and took a swing at the Dragon Slayer.

Seeing this just made Natsu angry, coating his arms in Dragon Scales and deflected the attack. He then proceeded to grab Gray's face and slammed him into the ground with such force it left a small crater in the ground. When the dust cleared they could see Gray on the ground staring wide-eyed at Natsu, who is glaring holes into him, his eyes like Draconic Slits. Effectively scaring the crap out of Gray, knowing he really pissed him off.

"I told you Gray I have places to be! We will fight at another date but I really need to get going." That air of regality about Natsu again.

Gray could only nod before Natsu called over Happy. "Hey little buddy, I'm going to need you to stay with Lucy, Lisanna, or Wendy for a bit again."

"Why can't you take me with you Natsuuuuu!" Happy whined, tears comically cascading down his adorable blue face.

"Sorry, but like I've said before, I can't take you with me, and I won't be telling you where I'm going. Don't worry, I have a feeling that things will be different this week." Natsu replied.

Happy just sighed in defeat. "Fine, but you owe me lots of fish!" Happy exclaimed.

Natsu laughed at his foster son's antics. "Sure thing, when I get back I'll buy you a basket full!" And with that Natsu made his way out the doors, sprouted Wings of Fire and took off towards his destination.

~With Natsu~

'Off to Crocus!' Natsu though excitedly excited to see the one person that means the world to him.

'I wonder when he'll finally give the ok though.' Natsu thought with a heavy sigh.

~Back with the Guild~

It took a good minute before the guild regained it bearings. "Master, what in the world was that? I've never felt that kind of feeling from Natsu before." Mira pipped up.

The old guild master could only sigh. "I don't know, what about everyone else? Any clue as what could be up with Natsu?"

Gajeel decided to voice his thoughts. "I have an idea, but it doesn't make sense, as Dragons don't really give that kind of air. It's usually one of power and respect, as we felt, never regality though."

Seeing as everybody was silent, Gajeel decided to continue. "Do you all remember the names of the only two spells Salamander ever used during his fight with Zeref and Acnologia?"

"Wasn't it Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist, and Fire Dragon King's Roar?" Wendy asked.

Gajeel nodded. "Those spells can only be accessed by a slayer, who has been raised by Dragon Royalty, and mastered their basic slayer spells, and secret arts."

"So, you're say, that Igneel wasn't just a normal Fire Dragon, but a Fire Dragon King?" Erza asked wanting to make sure.

"Yep, which explains the amount of power he was radiating. If I had to guess he's now packing about as much power as Gildarts right now." Gajeel stated.

Makarov just felt his soul leave his body as he thought about the property damage.

"Salamander knows this, and knows his magic isn't as easily controlled as Gildarts crash magic. So, he's been taking mostly Monster Extermination Quests. The only reason I know this is I noticed a change in Salamander, and kept an eye on him." Gajeel clarified, which successfully calmed the old man down.

"Hold up! Does that mean he's been holding back ever since we got back?!" Asked an enraged Gray.

"Yes, it does, if he didn't you guys would be in the infirmary for months at a time. And I wouldn't suggest doing anything that would invoke is wrath, a Dragon's wrath can only lead to death, or if you're lucky, beaten within an inch of your life to the point you'll wish for death. Tenfold for Dragon Royalty." Gajeel finished, now extremely pale, and visibly shaking in fear.

Everyone in the Guildhall paled, even Makarov and Gildarts, at the wrath of their Salamander know how powerful he is when he isn't angry.

"But that doesn't explain the air regality he gave off." Laxus piped up, snapping everyone out of their slight fear.

"That's what confuses me, Dragons, royal or not, never have that air about them." Gajeel admitted.

"There has to be some sort of explanation." Erza said, a little frustrated that she didn't have all the answers.

"I know you want the last answer, but for now, all we can do is wait and hope that answers will come out in time." Makarov stated sagely.

Everyone nodded at this, and returned to what they were doing. And with a new topic to discuss, what had changed Natsu? Little did they know, they would be getting answers very soon, in the form of a magazine, and the return of the subject, along with someone very dear to him.

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