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~Chapter 6~

When Gildarts returned later that afternoon, and delivered Natsu's message, to the guild. Many people were shocked that there was in fact a Dragon upon Mt. Hakobe. Not only that but apparently that Igneel had left a gift for Natsu and his mate. In this case, Hisui. And when people in the Fairy Tail pressed for more answers. Gildarts just replied that he felt that it wasn't his place to say more. Many people had questions still, but they decided to wait until Natsu and Hisui returned from their training session to explain. And so they waited, and waited… And waited…

It was now 5:36 in the evening, and Fairy Tail is getting anxious. While Master Makarov didn't openly show it, he is probably the one most worried out of all of them. After all, he didn't know if he could take the word of a dragon, as he has never met one, and the only ones he knew he could are now dead. Watching over their respective slayers from beyond. Meanwhile, while Makarov is praying for the safety of his children, the rest of the guild can be seen going talking about the possibilities of what is happening to Natsu and Hisui. All the while taking glances at the guild doors.

"Alright?! Where are those two?!" Gray yelled. "I wanna punch that flaming bastard!"

Everyone in the guild sweatdropped at that. "I don't think Hisui will take to kindly to that. Especially since they are mates now." Wendy pipped up. Gajeel and Laxus nodded their agreement.

Gray remembered what they had been told of Dragons and their mates, and Hisui now having Dragon Slayer Magic of her own now, one capable of reaching the Queen Stage at that. He started to sweat a little at the power she had at her disposal.

Laxus and Gajeel barked a short laugh. "I see the full scope has hit Gray!"

"What about Laxus? Will he have a mate since he's a Second Generation?" Cana couldn't help but ask.

Laxus just nodded. "I may not be a Pure-Blooded Slayer, but the Lacrima inside be holds a portion of a dead Lightning Dragon soul. Giving me the same instincts, traditions, and habits of other Slayers."

"I see…" Mira mumbled.

"What about Pure-Blooded Slayers? The Hybrids? How do they get their magic?" Macao asked.

"Pure-Slayers, have a portion of the Dragon's Soul Directly implanted in them. They will always be the most powerful of the Slayers, as their magic is unhindered by a foreign object in their body. The Lacrima inside the Hybrids taint their magic, but let them grasp it easier." Makarov answered for the Slayers.

Before anyone could speak up. A roar monstrous roar echoed over the city of Magnolia, and the sound of massive wings beating in the wind flew over their heads. All the slayers, and Gildarts recognized that sound. As indicated by the grins on their faces, but Gildarts had a small look of fear on his face. He didn't have the power to even harms these beasts. Everyone else were sweating slightly, remembering the Eclipse incident, and Acnologia. They could only hope this one wasn't hostile, or the Slayers could take care of it. A small quake shook the guild as it seemed to land out back.

Bursting out the backdoors, they were greeted by a Light Blue Dragon, making it look like ice. They watched the Slayers relax as the picked up a familiar scent. Gildarts relaxed recognizing the Dragon from before. On the back of said dragon, two very familiar figures were staring straight at them. Grins wide on their faces.

The first was a salmon haired male, very much the same build as before, but his hair seemed longer, and wilder, reaching down to just below the shoulder blades. His eyes are now constant Draconian Slits, and his canine were longer. His overall appearance gave him a slightly more animalistic feel. Not the feral kind, no, the intelligent, extremely dangerous kind. The other figure was very much the same build as well. Her eyes in the same state as the first, canines longer as well. However, where as the firsts hair was untamed and wild, the other was silky smooth, however, it did seem slightly rougher than before. But still smooth nonetheless. It was Natsu and Hisui, they had finally returned from their trip.

"Hey guys! Did we scare ya?" Natsu's grin widened as they all gave a frustrated nod.

The two hopped off the back of the dragon. "Thank you for the ride, Xarzith. We will make sure that the issue is taken care of."

The now named Xarzith gave a nod. "Yes, for now I must return home. Until next time my king."

Natsu gave a nod, and with that the dragon was off, back to its den. The two mates then turned back to the guild.

"Oi! Fight me!" Gray yelled, as he charged Natsu.

Hisui just stood in front of Natsu, and back handed him away. Everyone else just groaned.

"Did he just forego what we just discussed?" Cana asked. Everyone just nodded.

Makarov ignored the incident and addressed Natsu. "So, what did you gain out there my boy?"

Natsu grinned at the smaller man. "If I couldn't destroy a mountain range with ease before, I can now. Which is a power I don't intend to use anytime soon."

That reassure the old Guild Master a lot. "But, there is one thing we need to address. But we need to speak about it in your office." His voice was low, so only the Guild Master could hear it.

Sensing the seriousness if the situation Makarov nodded. "Very well, let us make way to my office then. Bring whoever you want in on this along as well."

"Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus!" Natsu called out.

The three mentioned all looked at Natsu questioningly. He gestured them to follow him, and follow they did. All the way up to Makarovs office with the old Guild Master.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Lucy asked as the Slayers walked off.

Gray shrugged. "It must something related to the Dragons if all of them are going."

"If they need us on the mission, they'll come get us. Besides, I don't want to make Natsu angry… I don't think I've been that terrified in my life." Erza said with a slight shudder.

Everyone soon followed suit, especially Gildarts, who was on the receiving end. Soon everyone went back to what they were doing previously.

Up in the Guild Masters office, the five Dragon Slayers were all surrounding the table decorating the center.

"Alright Natsu. Why have you called us up here?" Makarov began the meeting.

Natsu sighed a bit, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Someone has found out about and is trying to connect our realm to the Dragon Realm."

The Dragon Slayers stiffened at the news, and Makarov gaped at the salmon-haired male. "Wait… That's all true?!"

Gajeel nodded. "Normally, unless you're a Dragon Slayer or Dragon, you're not supposed to know about it."

Makarov thought about it for a bit. He guess it made sense, if a non-slayer tried entering a realm for Dragons only. Well… That'd only end poorly on their end. Or if a corrupt Slayer had entered the realm for wealth, or worse… A repeat of the Eclipse incident, they'd have some angry dragons to deal with.

"I guess I can understand why. But why not tell the entire guild? Surely they can help." Makarov asked.

Wendy shook her head in the negative. "Because there are people down there who are very talkative when drunk. Seriously? Did you even need to ask?"

The old man slammed his head at such an obvious fact being missed. "Right… So, what do you need us to do?"

Natsu smiled. "Just keep your ears open for rumors of suspicious activity, or odd anomalies. Keep any requests regarding magical anomalies under lock and key and give them to the Dragon Slayers. I have already contacted Sting and Rogue to do the same thing."

Everyone nodded at that. "Good. If we do this, we should be able to catch the perpetrator, and maybe deal with him."

Now Natsu turned to address only the Slayers. "Now, I have something to give each of you… A gift, left behind by your parents."

He walked to each of them, handing them each a crystal containing some sort of magical energy inside.

Laxus was confused. "Why did I get one? I wasn't raised by a dragon."

Natsu smiled. "Now what each of you have in your hands is another portion of your parent's soul. This will allow you to enter Dragon Force at will, as well as give you a big boost to Magical Power. As for you Laxus. That soul was originally intended for me. But I don't have as much as an affinity for Lightning like you do. So, I give it to you."

Laxus watched as the rest of the Pure Blooded Slayers hold the small soul fragment to their chest, and used a bit of magic to merge it with their own soul. Laxus then turned to Natsu, and gave him a very Natsu-like grin.

"Thank you Natsu." Natsu winked at the old man.

"No problem. If you want to feel what Pure Dragon Slayer magic feels like, gramps here might be able to remove that Lacrima for you. For now, you will become like Sting, Rogue, and now Cobra. A Hybrid Slayer."

"I'll think about it." Then Laxus proceeded to merge the soul fragment with his own soul.

Everyone in the guild could feel the massive pulse of Magical Power radiating from the office. It startled them slightly, wondering what could be taking place up there. Slowly, the lingering magic faded away until it was back to normal, controlled levels.

Natsu watched this occur with a small smile on his face. Their parents were really looking over them all this time. It was abruptly wiped off his face as he remembered something. Walking out Natsu searched the guild for someone. Finding her, he called her name.

"Erza!" Said woman looked up at the male, he gestured for her to come up.

Entering the office, Erza looked around and noticed a few things. All the Dragon Slayer's eyes were now constant Draconic Slits much like Natsu and Hisui's. Their teeth also were slightly longer, and looked sharper, hair a little wilder. Even Laxus.

"What is it?" Erza asked.

"How did you kill Irene? You mother." Natsu asked.

Erza slaying her own mother was no secret. They knew how terrible of a woman she was, and what she tried to do to Wendy. She got a fate she deserved.

"With my swords. Why?" Erza asked not quite getting where this was going.

"What form was she in?"

Now Erza saw where this was going. "In her Dragon Form… Which should not have been possible…"

Natsu smiled and nodded. "Now, I think that some of the properties of Dragon Slaying Magic was transferred into your own magic, allowing you to harm Dragons. Because of that, I would like you in on this as well. Gramps, I trust you can fill her in?"

The old man smiled and nodded. "I can do that. You and Hisui go rest. You've had a busy day."

Natsu nodded, and the other slayers left the room. Leaving Erza to converse with the small Master. Natsu and Hisui found themselves a table, Natsu immediately collapsing, he was tired. Non-stop training to get their new power under control, flying between destinations, and explaining the situation not once. But twice. It could be taxing on a person. Seeing this, Hisui smiled and pulled his head onto her lap, combing her finger through his hair.

"Mavis I'm tired." Natsu sighed.

Hisui placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. "I'm surprised your not freaking out slightly more. Knowing what Dragons could do."

Natsu smiled up at her. "I feel like I need to because I have my friends, and most importantly, you by my side all the way."

Hisui's smile grew even brighter at the words. Leaning down, she captured his lips in to a soft, but love filled kiss. It was a sweet sight to anyone who had been watching at the moment. One of which, was Gildarts, who looked at the boy, no, young man as a son. His heart welled up with pride at the man he is now.

Time passed, and eventually members of the guild started to make their way home. One of the last being Natsu and Hisui. They walked up the path to their house hand in hand, Hisui with a noticeable skip in her step. The house just came into view when two of them caught a scent… One that Natsu hasn't smelled in a very long time.

The two looked at each other, nodded, and kicked open the door to his house. Ready for combat. A shadowy figure stood in the center, and seemed to stare at them before jumping through the window of his home, disappearing into the shadows of the forest.

"I thought he was incapacitated by Fairy Law…" Natsu mumbled.

Hisui looked confused. "Who was that?"

"Someone who shouldn't have been able to recover from Fairy Law. The one that waged war with Fairy Tail a long time ago." Natsu stared at where the figure was standing, his expression serious.

That clarified things for the Princess. "Jose… I thought he was still in prison."

"Hmm…" Natsu tried to think of why he would be here. "Well, we can worry about it in the morning. I think we need to get some sleep."

"Oooorrr, we could have a bit of 'fun' before then." Hisui purred into his ear, and a sly grin on her face as she wrapped him into a hug from behind.

Her tone sent shivers down his spin. "Oh, the things you do to me."

In an instant, the two were already in the bedroom. Neither of them were going to get a lot of sleep after all.

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