Title: Stars and Stones

Rating: T

Summary: Harry Dresden, the Winter Knight, finds himself in the body of a boy name Harry Potter. Karrin Murphy is in the body of Hermione Granger. Now they both have to go through the next seven years, this Harry much more free thinking then a normal eleven-year-old should be and with the same problems as always. Crossover of the Dresden Files!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling or Butcher's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 16

Harry's POV

The power of Winter had started and I was summoned to Mab's Throne. I really hate the fact that this would strike people as odd since no one really was supposed to know about the Courts. Though, I had a feeling that Dumbledore would cover for me. Something told me that I was right on target.

"I don't see your Winter Lord," I told her.

"He's seeing to other 'things.'" she told me, grinning at me.

I was really thankful that I was in an eleven-year-old body.

"Get to business," a much older woman demanded. "I'm not about to allow a poor child, no matter if he's actually a grown man, to stay past his bedtime."

"Fine," Mab said. "I'm in the need of a crown. And since the little thing is in that castle then I will have you get it for me."

Oh I had a bad feeling about this.

"The Charm will lead you to the right location," the older woman said to me. "Do be careful. Wouldn't want to lose you."

Yes, and that would be such a shame.

When I returned to the school I pulled out the parchment that Snape had given me. The whole thing glowed with a brilliant white light that felt like winter. If this worked then I would have to thank Snape with a very rare potions ingredient. The man, despite all his stupid choices, seem to like the idea of brewing. If this didn't work, I would kill him. The map suddenly jerked out of my hand and started to move away from me.

"If Karrin could see me now," I muttered.

Karrin hated the courts with a passion and even in the body of Hermione Granger she hated them even more. Signing, I followed the floating parchment. It took seven notice-me-not spells to finally get to where the crown was housed. However, there was a small problem. A damn brick wall. The parchment kept bumping into it and I mentally cursed. How the hell was I supposed to get through a damn brick wall?

I decided to be really mean, since I wasn't in the mood to place nice, and I summoned Snape. He landed on his ass, which was fine with me. He glared at me and I said, "Get up, you damn fool."

"I will not-."

"And I know your full name," I cut through, "Want to be reminded of what I can do with that information."

"So does the Dark-."

I grabbed his arm and forced him against the wall, my anger flaring. "You gave that psycho maniac your full name, from your own lips. Didn't you learn anything in your seven years here. Oh forgot, they don't teach that basic info here. Even non-magical witches don't hand that out. However, I could let the Summer Court have it. Bet they don't have that bit of juicy information."

Snape went white. He might have given his full name to that dark mage, his helpers, or even Dumbledore and his helpers, but the Summer Courts didn't have it and he knew they would love to have it. He was probably thinking about all those lovely 'sessions' that he could be having with them. The Summer Court didn't even have mine and I intended to keep it that way.

"What do you need?" he snarled.

"How the hell do I get through this brick wall?" I asked him.

The parchment was still trying to get through.

"You walk pass it five times while thinking about what you need," he answered. "Now can I go? I have actual work to do."

"No, you're coming with me."

I walked past it five times while thinking about the crown, and a door opened. I grabbed Snape and went through, into the darkness. The room was filled with crowns and I mentally wanted to hit Snape and hit myself. The only thing that kept us on course was the parchment. It floated past all those shiny little objects that must have come from different places and stopped at a table. Inside of an iron cast was what looked like a diadem. Snape backed away and I knew that it was the iron box that was repelling him.

Despite me being a Winter Knight I was still human and, thus, I wasn't repelled by it. I figured that good old Tommy (found that bit of info from the Summer Court) had put it into an iron case so that none of the fairy courts could touch it. He wasn't counting on a Knight getting his claws on it. I made a cloth box appear and placed the diadem, minus that iron case, and turned to face Snape who was whimpering like he was in pain.

"Come on, before Hermione kills us."

If Karrin knew what I had done she probably would have killed me.

The Diadem turned out to be another one of those soul containers. Without the iron box protecting it from the courts power Mab and her mother was able to remove the fragment out of it and turned it back into it original purpose, wisdom.

"We thank you for getting this for us," Mab said.

"It's been, as always, a pleasure to serve," I said, though they knew that I was lying.

No one 'enjoyed' serving the courts unless they were born into them.

When I got back to Hogwarts I found out from Karrin that Snape was stuck in bed. It seems that I had overlooked one huge thing about the room. The entire damn thing was covered in iron. Apparently Snape had touched a huge chunk of it and it had poisoned him. He was running a huge fever and I could tell that Karrin was worried about him.

"I'm not doing this because I think the guy is great," I told Bob after I had woken him up.

"Iron poisoning and not even the good iron," Bob said after I told him what had happened. "So how much iron did he even come in contact with?"

"Probably enough to make him go feverish," I said. "I know that normal iron makes fairies run the other way but this stuff poisoned him."

"The only kind of iron that can do that is goblin cast iron. The goblin nation and the fairy courts have been enemies for hundreds of thousands of years. As long as humans have been around. Even the iron punishment that he got couldn't of done this to him. Mab would have made sure of it."

"And they both come from the Nevernever."

"Yes, but goblins have stayed in the realm of mortals," Bob said. "They even run a damn bank."

"Yes, I've met them," I said. "So is there anything that can save his sorry ass or is he just going to die?"

"Nothing that you have on hand can save him," Bob said. "He needs to go to the Winter Court and bath in the Winter Stream. It's the only thing that can cure him."

"They have a stream?"

Bob lights rolled around. "Of course they do. The stream was created just in-case they came in contact with goblin made iron and several other things. The stream has amazing healing powers that are beyond that of even the Merlin."

I sighed. It looked like another trip back to the Winter Court.

It took Karrin's amazing 'opening of doors' abilities to even get into Snape's quarters. The man had rashes all over his body and I mean 'all over' his body. The sheets were soaked with his sweat and his eyes were blacker than normal. He was also shaking like a leaf and his ears had already started to turn pointed. We both used tons of notice-me-not spells to even get out of the castle and I opened the portal to the Nevernever.

"Be careful, Harry," Karrin begged.

"I will," I promised and I left before Karrin could threaten to kick my ass if I wasn't.

Luck must have been on my side as I arrived inside the Winter Court. The smell of iron must of drove all the other fey away, which meant that I had no idea where this stream was at.

"Snape," I said.

"So warm," he moaned. "Winter is so warm."

"Snape," I repeated. "So help me if you don't at least try and help me I'll dump you here."

"Winter is so warm."

Cursing I forced his eyes open and went into his mind. Not something that the White Council would have approved of but I wasn't about to make Mab angry and so something to me just because her Winter Lord had been killed by Goblin made iron. Thankfully, Snape had been there and it had been during the first time, I saw a much younger Snape, had first been poisoned by the stuff. The steam was located next to a very ancient oak tree, it's branches showing the passage of time. I lowered Snape's body into it and the stream glowed a brilliant white.

I don't know how long it would take for the stuff to work so I got some sleep.


A/N: I decided to keep the whole 'Winter Lord' thing. So this isn't a mistake.