Title: Stars and Stones

Rating: T

Summary: Harry Dresden, the Winter Knight for the Winter Court, finds himself in the body of a boy name Harry Potter. Karrin Murphy is in the body of Hermione Granger. Now they both have to go through the next seven years, this Harry much more free thinking then a normal eleven year old should be and with the same problems as always. Crossover of the Dresden Files!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling or Butcher's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 2

Harry's POV

I placed Bob on the shelf that was in my room so that I would know where he was at. Unlike before I couldn't get him the things that he liked, which included those dirty romance novels that he liked so much.

"I'm eleven in this body," I told him when he protested.

"Fine," he growled.

"You know, I still can't get your obsession over sex," I said, mentally rolling my eyes.

"And I've told you before that it's research," he said.

I really wondered sometimes.

Bob told me all about what had happened while I had been gone. Even though it hadn't seem long, like I hadn't realized that I had been dead for a certain period of time, it had been two months. I wondered if it was one of the Outsiders that had done it. They hated me since the whole thing with Demonreach.

"Or maybe someone is messing with your life," Bob suggested.

I was going to find out.

Bob then mentioned that when I had gone into Harry Potter's body, that the boy just 'vanished' and I had taken his place. I was still all the things that I had gained, but I lacked the parasite that had infected my body when I had 'died' the first time. The fact that I had something living inside me was enough to make me shutter.

"So who's watching over Demonreach?" I asked Bob.

"The same spirit that watched over it before," Bob answered. "I doubt the world is going to come to an end while you're in this body."

"I really hope that you're right," I said.

"Harry, I know I'm right."

Must be really nice to be so self-confident.

The Headmaster that had paid for my room, also paid for my food. Bob told me everything that Mab, and even the White Council, knew of Albus Dumbledore and about this Harry Potter boy. Harry was the son of James and Lily Potter, that he had defeated a sorcerer name Lord Voldemort and that Dumbledore had once agreed, and helped, to almost overthrow the mortal world. I would have to keep a close watch on him. The good thing was that Mab had managed to get Voldemort's name, from his own lips, as well as his birth name. That would be very good. For me!

"So what are you going to do now?" Bob asked me.

"I'm going to learn more about this part of the magical world," I told him, "And then see if I can use what I learn to finish my assignment for Mab."

"I doubt that anyone will let you go," he said.

"I also need to acquire a Kinetic ring," I added, "I'm not about to go to this school without some form of protection."

"Good luck, then," Bob said and I left.

True to what Bob believed, Tom wouldn't let me leave and go into any part of the Wizarding world. Sometimes I wonder if blind faith really can hurt someone. I didn't dare do any magic at him, or I might end up killing him and the White Council would love to an excuse to kill me. Damn that I was the Winter Knight.

"And when will I be able to leave my room?" I asked him.

"When your letter arrives, and when you leave for the station," he answered.

Great, I thought.

Thankfully my letter arrived two days later. The bad part was that I had someone go with me to get my things. A man, name Professor Snape, who didn't look like he wanted to be there, took me.

"Do not think that you can go wondering off," he said, "You might have gotten away with things with your relations, but not here."

The man had issues but I ignored it. I had issues as well, so I couldn't talk.

When we entered the bank Snape gave him the key to the Potter vault and he turned to leave when I spoke up.

"Where would I go to get a Kinetic ring," I asked.

The goblin looked at me.

"It has been centuries since someone asked for that," he said, "Normally wizards connected with the White Council would ask for that."

"Well I need one," I told him.

"Typical Potter, wanting things," Snape muttered, "Come along, they don't have time-."

"Do you know what a soulglaze is?" I asked the goblin.

"Yes," he said, "And I will do one with you. If I understand what I see, then I'll have one made."

Agreeing to a soulglaze means that you open your soul to the person that you've agreed to soulglaze with. I've had many people that I've soulglaze before, and I never know what they see when they look into my soul. I don't' think that I want to know. The goblins soul was different from a human. All I saw was coins. Nothing horrible, nothing like what mortals go through.

"I will have one made," he said, "By the way, being dead isn't a bad thing."

I would have to take that at its word.

Another thing that I would need was a blasting rod and a staff. Not something that a Hogwarts student would use, but I wasn't a normal student. I would have to go to the goblins to get both the blasting rod and the staff enchanted. With the money that I now saw the Potter's have, I could afford to do a full enchantment on both of them. Snape forced me back to my room, where I spent time looking through the books and figuring out my next move.


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