A/N: Well, hello, here with a new story, my first foray into Wizards vs. Aliens. I've watched the first two seasons, I'm working my way through the third and I figured now was a good a time as any to give writing for the fandom a shot. This story idea is literally just for fun, not entirely serious although there will be serious moments this is first and foremost a bit of humor as you can probably tell by the premise and genre. I do not own Wizards vs Aliens. Anything recognizable, characters etc... belongs to Russell T. Davies, Phil Ford and CBBC. The only characters I do own are the Twist sisters, Sara and Grace and my plot idea. A quick note, this story takes place in between series 1 and 2 so there will be spoilers for all of series 1 that may pop up despite it being AU.

Chapter One: Abducted

"VAAARG! LEEEXI!" The Nekross king's shout shook the Zarantulus to its core, and it took all of Lexi's energy to tamp down her sigh of annoyance. "I HUNGER!"

Yes, what else is new? Lexi loved her father or well the line between love and fear was rather blurred sometimes. (Now being one). They had failed once again in their latest stand against Tom Clarke, and between her father and her brother, Lexi was not sure whom was more cross. She was infuriated as well, that was undeniable, but a worthy adversary, an ally against Gaunt, Lexi could not deny the halfling wizard his skills. Perhaps they needed better stratagem.

"We understand Father. That is why I have come up with a plan." Varg, standing to Lexi's left announced.

"A plan, why was I not told of this plan Brother?" Lexi frowned.

"It requires stealth and secrecy Dear Sister." Varg replied.

"That's absolutely ridiculous." Lexi said. "Certainly you couldn't have pulled off something so grand on your own Varg."

"Enough! Varg you will explain this...plan." The king said.

"Guards," Varg called.

Lexi watched as four guards entered escorting two young human females. Lexi could smell the magic on them, wizards. They looked to be perhaps a few years older than Tom Clarke.

"Let us go slimeballs!" One of the girls was wriggling.

"Enough halfling," Varg said. The guards put a ray gun to her back.

"You think I'm afraid of you?"

"Sara, shut up!" The other girl replied.

"Your companion is wise." Varg said.

The two girls exchanged a look rolling their eyes.

"Ha!" The brave girl laughed "I wouldn't say that. But how come we're not locked up yet?"

"Yes, I'd like to know the same thing Varg." Lexi looked at her brother.

"You will help us locate Tom Clarke." Varg said. "And we will delay your inevitable extraction. We will use magic to trap the halfling wizard."

"Us help you?" Wizards helping Nekross?"

"Guards!" Varg shouted. "Put the wise one in the extractor."

"Wait," The brave girl said. "What do you need us to do?"

It had been an oddly quiet weekend. It was Saturday, Tom and Benny were walking home from the football pitch after a kickabout with Quinn and Katie, and there'd been no sign of the Nekross. "Maybe they're giving you a belated bereavement period, a sorry for cloning your Mum." Benny looked at his friend who he couldn't help notice seemed edgy. His hand was poised in clicking position even as he clutched his football in the opposite. "Right…doesn't seem very Nekross does it, but what else...what else could it be? Maybe an armistice or..." He trailed off as Tom looked at him strangely. " But seriously, you should be enjoying it, at least a little. Even Quinn noticed something was off. Tom…"

Tom took in a breath. "Benny,"


"Shut up."

Tom sighed. It was too quiet, too inactive. Benny was right. It wasn't Nekross, not in the slightest. He waited a beat. "Why do you think the Nekross would give us an armistice? It was ten years ago."

"Well she...her clone, did die in battle. So, armistices have happened before when someone important..."

"Human against human you mean? And after losing more than one soldier or during holidays." Tom shook his head. "Honestly Benny… you're supposed to be the geek."

"So you're telling me you want a fight? You haven't enjoyed this?"

"No! Of course not." Tom smiled. "It's been nice, but…"

"Too nice?"

"Four days." Tom pointed out.

Benny frowned. "That is an unusual record."

Tom glanced over raising his eyebrows.

"Alright, fine, I get what you mean." Benny shook his head. "What do you think they're planning up there? Any idea?"

"None." Tom sighed. They wouldn't just go radio silent like this without a reason. But why? "You?"

"Honestly," Benny shrugged. "I can't think on an empty stomach."

Tom chuckled. "Better get a move on then. If Benny the Brain can't sort things."


As the two boys continued their walk to the Clarke residence, Sara Twist lingered behind listening. They were on alert. Well of course they would be. Tom Clarke was one of the heroes of the wizard community for that very reason. Even though she knew what she had to do, she was glad to know that much. Maybe he really would help, even if part of it was going to be a ruse.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" Sara shouted. "Are you Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood?"

Tom turned as he heard a girl's voice only to see a girl around their age looking rather panicked. "Er… yeah, I'm Tom Clarke, that's Benny. Who're you?"

"Sara, of the magical line of Twist." the girl introduced. "I need help. My...my sister…Grace...she..."

"Slow down." Tom said. "Take a breath, what about your sister?"

"The Nekross they….they took her and…" Sara began sobbing.

Tom tried to comfort Sara. " Why don't you come with us? My gran and I will help. I'm sure we'll be able to track the Nekross…."

Benny noticed the girl reach into her pocket, and pull out a bit of tech. Track the Nekross alright... "Tom, she's working…" But before Benny could finish speaking, all three of them were beamed away.

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