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Chapter Eight:Run As Fast As You Can

Michael winced as he landed in a room of the ship. Didn't wizards have a magical shock absorber charm of sorts? He looked around, and his eyes landed on Varg. Varg hadn't seen him yet, but he turned his attention to his shoes. One of his laces had come undone on the trip over.

"Michael Clarke, human."

"Erm… yes and you're Nekross, Varg correct?" Michael replied, all the while looking for something in the room he could knock Varg out cold with. There had to be some way to get out of this.

"You are of little consequence." Varg walked over to him grabbing him by the arm and lifting him to his feet. "Except where your usefulness of trapping the half-form halfling is concerned."

"So, do I have this right…?" Michael gasped from the pain. "You're going to use me to trap my son? You're mad." Michael continued looking around the room. There was a containment cell in the corner, a dashboard of controls where the computer sat and one very loose part of Varg's holster where his blaster jutted outwards. If there was a way to trip Varg and the controls, break something, perhaps he could slip out.

"Your cleverness will not dissuade me from my task." Varg said. He then pushed Michael roughly in the direction of the containment cell.

Didn't expect it to. Michael thought as his eyes continued to take in the scene. They then passed by the console. "Right then, er…wasn't expecting any distraction to work. You're not pedestrian enough for that are ya?" Michael said.

"I am neither human nor a foot traveller."

"You're quite literal for an alien species as well then." Michael said. "Speaking of which, my shoe became undone on the trip, may I?" Michael didn't wait for a response, but ducked down purposely moving the undone shoe to where the Nekross' next step was.

Varg stepped on the laces and lost his balance momentarily. Michael twisted out of the Nekross' grasp grabbing the blaster out of the holster and tossing it at the computer setup which set off blaring alarms trying to make a break for it.

Varg had regained his balance and grabbed his blaster, setting it to stun before he shot at Michael Clarke. Michael felt a sharp pain up his leg as it buckled.

Tom ran trying to remember which way he and Benny had gone before. Mum where are you? Tom thought. "Mum…" Tom sniffled as he ran.

"OH!" Tom heard a voice and stopped noticing a room. He stepped in looking around. This looked almost similar to the room they were in before. There were cells... and a football! This had to be the same place.

"Oh dear," He heard the voice again, strangled like someone had been crying. He crept in further and he looked in the direction of the cell. "Oh! Child," A blonde woman looked back at him. "What are you doing here? Did they catch you too?"

"You were snatched?"

"My children…" The woman sniffed looking at him imploringly. "They are wizards but I am unenchanted."

"I think I saw them…" Tom said. "In the closet...they were hiding with Benny and me from the octopus heads. Are they Grace and Sara?"

The woman looked at him, hopeful. "Yes, yes. We can go to them?"

"But the bars…" Tom looked at them. "Maybe I can let you out…"


"I have magic too." Tom said.

"Please do try." The woman said.

Tom looked at the cell door. He then moved his fingers as if to click. Why would I do that? He thought. He hadn't had to before. But he did it anyway, picturing the cell door unlocking, opening, and he felt a burst of something. He was able to keep his balance this time as he saw golden light come out of his hand toward the lock.

The door opened and the woman ran out. "You did it! Oh, oh thank you...I'm sorry, I don't think I got your name."

"Tom Clarke," Tom introduced.

"Lucy Twist."

A/N: So Varg ended up capturing Michael but Michael fought back. And Tom met someone "new"...Lucy and used his last spell to help her.