Harry Potter the deathly hallows part 2.

Phoenix Potter (Harry's unknown sister)

Phoenix Potter and the lost students (what really happened in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets)

Chapter 1

Lilly survives.

A green light flashed passed Lilly, as she fell to the floor. Lilly heard the ear splitting wail of her son, she opened her fogged up eyes and saw another green light, she covered her eyes, she couldn't watch. But to her surprise Lord Voldemort had died instead of her son, then Snape came and held her and cried, she closed her eyes and acted dead, he cried and cried and cried, then he left. Lilly stood up and James did too, they took Harry to Dumbledore and left.

A year later…

Lilly and James were dying, but they had a secret, they had a baby girl and when she came into the world Lilly and James died and she was sent to the muggle orphanage. "Miss pigwig's orphanage".