Chapter 3

Phoenix's surprise

Phoenix was staring out the window and a big white owl came to her window and tapped on it "tap…tap" it repeated softly but loud enough for Phoenix to hear. It had a letter in it's claws, then without knowing she did Phoenix opened the window and the owl flew in, it landed on her shoulder and pecked her ear quickly, but it didn't hurt her it was soft and calm. The owl kept pecking, it felt like the owl was trying to tell her something like "open the letter, open the letter", so Phoenix untied the ribbon that was around the letter she looked back at the owl it nodded to the letter as if to say "open it". Phoenix loosened the paper and read the neat but scruffy handwriting within and it said:

"To Phoenix Lilly Potter:

Hello, I'm Harry James Potter. I'm very excited to compose this letter to you… Firstly I am your brother. Secondly you are a witch. Lastly please do NOT freak out at that news. I feel you really needed to know that, I hope you can send Hedwig back with a letter of your own.

Kind regards

Harry James Potter.

PS: To send a letter back just write a letter roll it up, put a ribbon on it then give it to Hedwig."

Phoenix was shocked and scared but Hedwig comforted her, then a few hours later she got out a pen and paper and wrote back to Harry