I know that I shouldn't start another story but I was reading 'Phoenix Queen' by Sereven and 'On Dead Wings' by Tsume Yuki and this idea came to me (but don't worry this story will be very different from theirs). Yes, this will be a Rhaegar/FemHarry story. Also NO RHAEGAR/LYANNA or RHAEGAR/ELIA.

Jon will still be in this story (eventually) but not as Rhaegar and Lyanna's son but as Ned's legitimate son and heir to Winterfell so Jon Stark. Also, eventually Jon/Daenerys.

I will take some liberties with the GOT/Song of Ice and Fire universe, especially about Essos, its cities and different cultures. If there's something that you find different from Canon it's because I changed it to fit the story, okay? Also there may be some slight differences from HP Canon but nothing drastic.

One thing that I changed is this: Daeron Targaryen (son of Aegon V and brother of Jaehaerys II) was homosexual in Canon. In this story he wasn't. He was supposed to marry Olenna Redwyne but after his siblings broke their own betrothals, he did the same. In Canon, he did because he preferred the company of men, in this story because he fell in love with and married a noblewoman from Lys, the only descendant left of House Belaerys.

(Though we don't have confirmation, we can presume from the mention of Jaenara Belaerys who was a Dragonrider that House Belaerys was one of the Valyrian noble families together with House Targaryen and many others which we don't know the names of).

This story will start during the summer before Fourth Year in the Harry Potter universe so I'll probably spend a few chapters there and then jump to the GOT world, in Essos first. It will be a little while before FemHarry and Rhaegar meet. FemHarry will be 13 when the story starts (in this story Hogwarts students start their first year when they're 10 instead of 11) but she and Rhaegar won't meet until she's 19. It may seem like a lot of time but there's a reason for that. FemHarry needs to establishes herself in this new world and find her place in it (and grow in power and prestige too) before she meets Rhaegar otherwise Rhaegar, though a good man, would have all the power in the relationship once he becomes her husband and FemHarry would never allow that to happen. That's why I'll spend so much time focusing on her story in Essos. I also know that 19 years old at that time can seem 'old' but, after all, Elia Martell married Rhaegar when she was past twenty so I think it's all right.

I don't want to reveal too much and spoil the surprise but I have to explain some things: there's a House Potter in the ASOIAF Canon world, or at least there's a character mentioned by Brienne, a knight, who has the surname Potter (Ser Robin Potter) so it's possible to presume that House Potter does exist in Canon. Of this House we don't know anything else so everything you will see in this story about this House is completely made up to fit my story except for the two Castles that will be mentioned later on: Dunstonbury and Whitegrove, which – according to Wikipedia – are two castles that King Daeron II Targaryen stripped from House Peake after the First Blackfyre Rebellion and gave to some other House (or Houses), we don't know which one(s).

Also, FemHarry is not a horcrux in this story. FemHarry's name is Aly short for Alyssa btw.

I also decided to add Hermione (who will be a Princess of Dorne in this story, sister of Doran, Elia and Oberyn - this means that she's from GOT world like Aly, I'll explain how later on. She also looks like Gemma Arterton in Prince of Persia and not like Emma Watson) and Sirius (that I imagine looks like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings movies) to the story, in the sense that both of them will arrive in the GOT world but not at the same time as FemHarry/Aly. Also Jaime/Hermione (eventually, like a long time from now and I'm going with the date of birth from the TV show for Jaime so 261 AC) and Sirius/Jaenys (as in, FemHarry's biological mother). Hope you're okay with it.

Hope you like my story! Read and review!

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31 July 1993

Aly knew that she wasn't supposed to go further than the neighbourhood around Privet Drive, let alone catch the Knight Bus and go to Diagon Alley on her own. However, when one receives a letter of summon from Gringotts, you go. After all, Aly had never been one for following rules and she was sure she could sneak in and out of the magical street without anyone being the wiser. Years with the Dursleys taught her how to be invisible when she wanted to and she didn't even need her invisibility cloak to disappear.

After an extremely uncomfortable ride on the back of the bus, hood over her head to cover her forehead and sunglasses to cover her eye colour, she entered the Leaky Cauldron. Fortunately the pub was still mostly empty, probably due to the early hour of the morning.

She passed the counter without Tom seeing her and went to the back. She used her wand to open the passage in the wall and there it was, Diagon Alley in all its glory and there, just a little further away, the white building gleaming in the morning sunlight.

She walked quickly, making sure nobody was paying particular attention to her and went past the high, golden doors until she was standing in front of the counter, a scowling goblin behind it.

"Good morning." Aly said cheerfully. "I received a letter from Gringotts yesterday, stating that I had to come here for some business regarding my Account?"

The goblin glared at her suspiciously. "The letter, please?"

"Yes, of course." Aly gave him the letter and the goblin studied it for a few seconds before turning his attention to her once again.

"Right this way Miss."

Aly was glad he hadn't said her name aloud because, though there were only two other customers inside the bank, it was better if nobody knew she was there.

The goblin guided her towards a heavy iron door. He knocked once and waited. The door opened a few seconds later. The goblin turned towards her and with a clawed hand, he motioned for her to come inside.

"Good morning, Miss Potter." The goblin inside the room said, sitting behind a dark oak desk. "I'm Ragnok. I'm the Potter House account manager. Please, sit."

Aly did and looked at him expectantly.

"You'd be wondering why you were summoned here, I imagine."

"Yes, the letter did not say."

"This may be difficult to explain but I'll try. You see, a little less than fourteen years ago a man showed up at our bank in the middle of the night with an incredible tale to tell. He stated that he came from another world, very different and yet somehow similar to this one, with three continents very unlike the ones we know.

As you may well imagine, it was very hard to believe him but this man had proof. You see, he had a necklace with him, a necklace that disappeared for 70 years without trace, together with the heir to the Potter family at the time and his younger brother."

"Wait, what?" Aly was getting more and more confused. "I thought my grandfather was the heir to the Potter family and then my father after me."

"Your grandfather became the heir and then the Head of the Potter family after the disappearance of Markos and Darien Potter in 1910. Markos was 16 at the time and his brother only 14. It was all a great mystery, unexplainable. One day they were there, at home like they were supposed to be and the next they were just gone."

"What about this necklace then? What is the significance of it?"

"The necklace was special because it was an object given to the heir at age thirteen from the Head of the House and it depicted the House Potter sigil. It wasn't only a symbol of the House however, beside it being extremely valuable, it was also a magical object. You see, it was imbued with very powerful magic and it served as both a portkey and a tracking device. It was a way for the Head of the Family to know where the Heir was at all times so that, in case of danger, he would know where to find him and save him, no matter how powerful the wards he was behind were. And yet, when Markos and Darien disappeared and the Head of House tried to find him by using the necklace, he couldn't find it either. It seemed that both the brothers and the necklace vanished from the face of the earth."

"Okay, so you're saying that this man, who showed up 70 years later had this necklace with him. Couldn't he have simply stolen it?"

"The necklace is spelled so that it always returns to his or her legitimate owner. It can't be lost or stolen. Moreover, we had a blood test made because this man affirmed that he was the grandchild of Markos Potter and the blood test confirmed it to be true."

Aly gasped, feeling her heart beating fast inside her chest. Did that mean that she still had family somewhere, someone else beside the Dursleys or Sirius?

"Where is he now?" She asked, voice trembling.

Ragnok looked at her squarely in the eyes for a long minute before replying. "Unfortunately he died, a few months after showing up here, from injuries he had acquired in this other world."

"So, you really think this other world really exists?"

"It's not possible to say for certain but I wouldn't rule it out either. It would explain why the necklace couldn't be found when it doesn't exist magic capable of hiding it."

"Okay, this is all very fascinating but what this had to do with me? I mean, I would have loved to meet him but since he died…"

"When Leydon Potter – that was his name by the way – showed up, he wasn't alone, he was carrying a baby with him…a little girl, a child only a few months old."

A feeling of dread made its way inside her at those words, like her heart already knew what the goblin was about to say even before her head knew it.

"No, no…it's not possible. My parents are James and Lily Potter."

The goblin ignored her words and continued. "After we established his identity, his next of kin were called, Lily and James Potter. Leydon begged them to take care of the child like she was their own because he knew he wasn't long for this world. So, James and Lily did, even going as far as performing a blood adoption right here in this very room."

Aly kept shaking her head, her hands on her lap trembling uncontrollably. She got up from her seat and started pacing the room, trying to calm down.

All her life, her whole identity, everything was a lie!

"Your father…" At the goblin's world, she turned her head around sharply, glaring at him. "Leydon," the goblin amended, "left you this," and with that he took from a desk drawer the necklace and a leather-bound journal plus a huge leather duffle bag from under the desk.

Aly made her way slowly towards the desk and look at the objects in front of her. The bag was so high and large that it covered the goblin's figure and almost covered the entirety of the desk's surface.

She inspected the necklace first. The chain was in white gold as well as the pendant, encasing a circular, purple gem she didn't recognize as big as a 50p coin. At its centre small diamonds formed the figure of a phoenix, wings spread, and other small diamonds were all around the stone forming the frame. In the back was inscribed: "Together We Will Rise."

Aly could feel the magic in it, pulsing hot just underneath the surface. It was beautiful.

"Do you know what this purple stone is?" Aly asked the goblin.

"Purple diamond. Very rare and very valuable."

Aly opened her mouth in shock at the goblin's words and then closed it with a smack.

She took the bag next and checked inside. Then she gasped at the contents. Inside there was an incredible number of diamonds and precious gems, sparkling in all the colors of the rainbow. They were so many they could probably fill a jewelry vault. The content of the bag must have been worth millions if not billions all together.

"Is all this mine?" Aly shook her head. She had no idea what the hell was she supposed to do with so many gems.

"Leydon left it all to you." The goblin said in reply. "We waited until your 13th birthday to give them to you just like he wanted. He wanted you to be taken care of even if he couldn't be there to take care of you himself."

Aly felt tears filling her eyes at his words, though she didn't know why since this Leydon, though her biological father, was still very much a stranger to her.

She tried to compose herself and checked the journal next. The pages were yellow and obviously old, probably parchment like the ones she used at school. They were all filled with the same elegant calligraphy, an entrance for every day though the years were unrecognizable to her. The first one was the year 255 AC, whatever that meant, while the last one was the year 261 AC. She skimmed through it and caught words such as Lys, Myr, Volantis, Essos, Dothraki, Unsullied. Words completely unrecognizable to her. She decided to start reading it as soon as she would return home.

Aly took a deep breath and closed the journal before looking at the goblin. "Is that all? Or do you have any other devastating revelations you want to throw at me?"

The goblin almost smiled, though on his face it looked like a snarl. "There is one last thing."

Aly tried not to groan aloud but she was afraid the look on her face said it all. "Go ahead then."

"You may not be aware of this but the Potters are descendants of Godric Gryffindor."

Aly widened her eyes at that. "Really?"

Ragnok nodded. "Yes. It's a relation that began when Ignotus Peverell's son married one of Godric Gryffindor's female descendants. Though the relation is obviously distant, your family is still the only one who can claim such a connection with this Hogwarts' founder. Moreover, as the last Potter, the sword of Gryffindor, which you found during your second year, rightfully belongs to you. You can choose to let the school keep it or you can claim it for yourself. And don't worry about the Headmaster or the Ministry because your claim is irrefutable."

Aly thought about it for a moment but in the end she decided that the sword should stay in the school. She could always decide to take it later, maybe once she would finish her school years. The goblin agreed with her, saying that Hogwarts was the most secure place at the moment, given the current uncertain climate because of Voldemort.

"Is that all, then?"

"Yes, Miss Potter." Ragnok replied. "You may go if you wish."

She didn't waste any time at the goblin's words, she put the bag over her shoulder with the journal inside, medallion on her neck and then she was leaving Gringotts and soon after the Leaky Cauldron behind. The pub was full now and it was easy to pass by undetected. She called the Knight Bus once again and returned to number 4 Privet Drive, still reeling from today's revelations.