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Chapter 2: Welcome to Judgement

Having just arrived at the office of Judgement branch 177, Touma could only describe this first encounter with one word, awkward. First, all the other people in the office were girls, most of them younger than he was. If it weren't for the fact that he was there to meet with his fellow Judgement officers, he would probably be arrest by a Judgement officer for pedophilia. Second, only a little more than half of the girls wore Judgement armbands, implying that they were the only officers. If that was the case, then he was the sole boy in an office full of girls. He could only hope and pray to every god that he had ever heard of (which was a lot since his father traveled a lot for work) that Tsuchimikado and Aogami didn't learn about this. Finally, one of those girls was Mikoto Misaka, aka Zapper, who would surely take every opportunity to zap the unlucky Kamijou.

Yup, just another regular day in the misfortunate life of Touma Kamijou.

"Maybe we should get introductions out of the way. Your name is Touma Kamijou, right?" Saten asked, earning a nod, "I'm Ruiko Saten. I'm not a member of Judgement, but I'm a close friend of these guys."

"I'm Kuroko Shirai," Kuroko introduced herself, "You already met Konori and Uiharu, and from what I tell, you already know Sissy."

"How do you two know each other anyway?" Uiharu asked.

Upon hearing this question, the two people in question gave each other a look, as if to communicate silently. Touma had an awkward smile on his face, his forehead sweating profusely. As for Mikoto, she was sending him a glare and was blushing a dark shade of red. From an outside perspective, one would think they were a couple who was just asked how they met and started dating, with the guy being awkward and the girl refusing to say anything embarrassing. However, the two people in question had a very different first encounter, as Mikoto was threatening him to take any action and Touma was fearing for his life.

"Well, if you must know, I was out late one night and a bunch of guys started hitting on me," Mikoto explained, "I was about to deal with them when this idiot came out of nowhere to help me out."

"Well, isn't that sweet," Uiharu mused, "Rushing in to save a fare maiden like a knight is shining armor."

"Again, Uiharu, you need to stop with those fantasies," Kuroko chastised.

"Seriously, his plan didn't even work," Mikoto added, "Who would have actually thought that he was a friend I was meeting up with?"

"Those guys did!" Touma suddenly yelled in exasperation, "My plan was working just fine until you decided to blow my cover!"

"It was still a stupid plan!" Mikoto yelled back, "I could have handled those guys myself!"

"Stupid or not, my plan was producing results until you decided to blow it for us! Not to mention my plan wouldn't have left people fried on the streets! If it wasn't for my right hand, I would have been on the ground with them!"

"I only did that because you started running your mouth about those guys be pathetic and me being childish! Sure, I agreed with the first part, but was calling me childish really necessary?!"

"You two are arguing like an old married couple," Saten said with a grin, much to Kuroko's horror.

"As if!" both Touma and Mikoto yelled in response.

Saten said nothing and just gave them a smug look. The two contemplated on this for a second before they realized just what exactly their position was. While lost in their argument, both Touma and Mikoto had gotten out of their seats and hutched over the coffee table in order to yell at each other's faces. With their scream fest on hold, both realized that their faces were extremely close, so close that if someone had knocked one of them forward from behind, they would have made contact in a way reserved for couples. Upon realizing this, Mikoto blushed profoundly and slowly backed away and into her seat. On the other hand, Touma completely disregarded the incident, but returned to his seat regardless.

"So, Kamijou…," Uiharu interrupted, trying to move past the yelling contest, "What exactly is with your right hand? I looked at your profile in the data bank but you're listed as a Level 0. Your scores are so low one would think you never took the Power Curriculum Program."

"Wait, seriously!" Saten asked in shock.

"But to stop both a Graviton explosion and Sissy's electricity could only be the work of a Level 4 at least!" Kuroko added.

"Well, the thing is, my ability isn't an Esper ability," Touma explained, scratching his cheek, "For as long as I've known about it, my right hand has been capable of negating any sort of supernatural phenomenon with a single touch. Academy City can't seem to detect it so they labeled me a Level 0 based on my scores alone."

"No way…," Saten said in a near whisper, "you're him."

"Huh?" Touma responded in confusion.

"There's an urban legend on the web about a boy with the ability to negate other abilities," Saten explained, "You're not just an urban legend, you're a living legend!"

"Well, isn't that something," Uiharu laughed, "We try to recruit a kind soul and end up getting a living legend."

"You're going to be an even bigger help than we originally though, Kamijou," Konori said with a smile, "Now we have a surefire way of dealing with reckless Espers."

"Speaking of which, I need to get started with patrol," Kuroko said as she stood up and took hold of Touma's shoulder, "and you're coming with me to help."

"Don't I get a say in this?" Touma pleaded.

"Nope," Kuroko said without skipping a beat.

Truthfully though, she just wanted to get him away from Mikoto. Anyone could tell that she was not the biggest fan of the boy whose name implies greatness, but Kuroko saw him as a threat. Not to Mikoto per say, but to Kuroko's personal quest for her affections. Mikoto was never honest with her feelings, her quickness to cover her love of Gekota and cute things was proof of that. Based on her reactions to Touma hearing her call him "cool" and being treated like the two were a couple, it was clear she actually had some sort of attraction to him. Kuroko was not about to let that happen, so she decided to use patrol as an excuse to keep them apart. Besides, she could use the back-up against any unruly Espers.

With her hand firmly on Touma's shoulders, she closed her eyes and stood there, as if waiting for something to happen. Everyone else in the room just gave her a look of confusion as she continued to stand in the same place doing absolutely nothing.

"Um, Kuroko, what are you doing?" Mikoto asked.

"I…," Kuroko stuttered, chocking on her own words, " I…I can't teleport!"

"Yeah, about that. Since my right hand is attached to my arm and the rest of me, I'm completely unaffected by supernatural phenomenon that directly target my entire body, so things like teleportation won't work on me. It's probably why I don't have a normal Esper ability, my hand negates any ability I could have developed," Touma explained, "You might be able to localize the teleportation to everything other than my right hand, but I would like to keep it attached."

"Looks like you're walking, Shirai," Konori said with an amused smile.

"What rotten luck," Mikoto joked along, having trouble not being amused by the situation.

"Welcome to my unfortunate world," Touma said as he got up and headed for the door.

"I hate it already," Kuroko complained as she followed the high school boy.

However, before Touma could open the door, it flew open by itself, revealing Tsuchimikado and Aogami.

"Yo Kami, Aogami and I thought we'd pay you a visit at your new workplace!" Tsuchimikado yelled with a wave.

"How have you been, man?" Aogami cheered as he and Tsuchimikado let themselves it.

As soon as they walked in, they got a good look at the room. From their perspective, it appeared that Touma had a grand total of five all to himself. Of course, they weren't exactly wrong, just had the wrong context. Unfortunately (and rather appropriately for Touma) the context they had was one that no one is going to like.

"Kami, how could you?! Using your new position to collect more girls! How shameful! Kami Disease is taking over the world one girl at a time!" Tsuchimikado cried.

"Why must you toy with us like this, man! How will the rest of the guys of the world get girls if you hog them all to yourself?! Humanity as a species is doomed!" Aogami screamed.

The room feel silent at the two intruders' outbursts. All of the girls had no words for what the boys had just said. They were supposed to believe that the boy that had just joined Judgement not only had the ability to negate other abilities, but was also an extreme lady's man? That was taking it a bit too far. Sure, he seemed like a nice enough guy, but Touma seemed a bit plain. He could surely win the hearts of a couple of girls with his heroics, but enough to put the existence of the human species in danger was a bit much. Yet these boys that appeared to be the unlucky Kamijou's friends seemed to imply he could gain girls affections with little effort. Just who was Touma Kamijou? He was definitely a strange one.

"Rotten luck," Touma lamented.

After somehow getting Tsuchimikado and Aogami to leave and clearing everything up with the girls, Touma and Kuroko were finally able to go out for patrol. However, Kuroko was not in a good mood after that encounter with Touma's friends. She honestly didn't what to make of the boy. From what his friends said, he seems to unintentionally pick up girls with his mere presence, something she noticed bothered Mikoto an awful lot. Kuroko couldn't stand it! This boy is somehow earning the affections of Mikoto, yet seemed to be completely oblivious and regard her as something to be avoided to save his own skin! He should be grateful that Mikoto even acknowledged him as a worthy opponent!

On the other hand, Touma could clearly see that Kuroko was still upset. She had barely said a word to him the entire time they were on patrol, despite the fact she was supposed to be showing him the ropes. He did skip on the normal four months' worth of training so he could start as soon as possible. He could handle himself in a fight, but he needed to know how to do stuff other that fighting. Unfortunately, every attempt to make conversation with met with indifference of a glare. Eventually, Touma decided that if Kuroko was not going to speak, he would at least make his stances clear.

"Shirai, listen," Touma pleaded as he followed behind her, "I get it if you don't exactly like me, but please, help me learn what I need to do to be a good Judgement Officer. I was pretty much strong-armed into this, so I at least want to make the best of this. If you don't teach me, I can't help you. If I can't help you, I become a liability. If I become a liability, you can't do your job right. If you can't do your job right, then people get hurt. All I want to do is help people, so please, help me help others."

Although Touma couldn't see it, Kuroko's expression softened slightly. As they walked, she contemplated Touma's words. He seemed earnest enough, and his words held nothing but the truth. She couldn't keep acting petty like this otherwise someone might not get the help they need, especially if Touma's particular skill set was required.

Without warning, Kuroko stopped in her tracks and turned to face Touma, as if to say something. However, she was interrupted when the pair heard the sound of someone being pushed against a wall. Looking around, the pair of Judgement Officers saw a boy being surrounded by a group of guys in an alley across the busy street from them. This could only mean one thing.

"Looks like we've got trouble," Touma said as he prepared to charge, but was stopped by Kuroko, who teleported in front of him to block his path.

"Oh no you don't! You're still a rookie. Let me handle this," Kuroko said sternly, "Just contact Uiharu at the office and she'll contact Anti-Skill to make a proper arrest. I'll deal with those guys while you watch and learn."

Without saying so much as another word, Kuroko teleported to the other side of the street to deal with the crime in progress. Resigning to his fate, Touma called Uiharu to tell her about the situation. However, he was not going to stand by and just watch. Without so much as a second thought, Touma ran off to find the nearest crosswalk to get past the traffic.

"Hold it right there!" Kuroko yelled as she presented her armband to the group of delinquents, "I'm with Judgement! You are all under arrest for attempted assault!"

In front of her were a total of five guys, each one looking to be about the age of a high school student. The largest one hand another high school boy pinned to the wall by his sleeves with what appeared to be concrete spikes. The five delinquents only laughed at her display of authority.

"Who does this chick think she is?" the biggest delinquent laughed, "One of you, take care of her."

"You got it, boss!" one of the delinquents answered as charged at Kuroko.

The boy threw a punch at her, but the attacked missed by a large margin as Kuroko teleported behind his head.

"Nice try," Kuroko taunted as she kicked her target to the ground before teleporting in front of him, "Better luck next time though."

"Crap, a teleporter!" the boss yelled.

"You bitch! Your gonna pay for that!" another thug screamed as he charged at her as well.

However, Kuroko wasn't going to go down so easily. She teleported to the thug's right and grabbed hold of his sleeve. She then teleported the both of them into the air before punching the boy in the back of the head. The second boy landed on the first boy so the first boy was pinned. Kuroko then teleported to the ground and several of the needles she kept on her person into the second boy's clothes, pinning both of them to the ground.

Unfortunately, Kuroko made the fatal mistake of having her back turned to the boss of the delinquents. She felt a piece of concrete hit her in the back of the head, knocking her onto the ground and giving her a head-splitting headache, making it harder to concentrate and perform her calculations to teleport. She then found her arms and legs bound to the ground by concrete rings that seemed to have been formed from the ground around her.

"Pretty impressive, huh?" one of the still conscious thugs remarked.

"This is the boss's Level 4 ability, Terrekinesis," the other thug explained, "With it, he can control the very earth we stand on."

"You made a big mistake, girly," the boss of the thugs said as he touched the ground and formed a concrete knife, "You mess with us, we pay you back tenfold."

"Hey, leave them alone!" a voice familiar to Kuroko yelled out.

Despite her headache, she looked up towards the opening of the alley to see Touma standing there, a serious look on his and his right hand clinched in a fist.

"Who the hell are you?" the thugs' boss demanded.

"I'm with Judgement," Touma said sternly, presenting his armband, "and I don't appreciate you hurting innocent people and my partner like that!"

"Too bad for you, punk," one of the thugs said as he charged, "Today is no your lucky day."

The thug threw a punch at Touma's face, but Touma quickly shifted to the thug's right and grabbed his arm. Using the thug's momentum against him, Touma threw and flipped the thug over, dropping him onto the pill of his companions that Kuroko had started.

"Don't talk to me about luck!" Touma yelled as he elbowed his opponent in the face, knocking him out.

"You bastard!" the fourth delinquent yelled as he too charged at Touma.

Reacting quickly, Touma grabbed his new opponent's arms and help him at bay. With his opponent locked, Touma swiped his leg at the thug's feet, causing him to lose his balance and start falling. Before he hit the ground, Touma quickly swung the thug around and threw him onto the pile with the rest of them.

With only the boss of the group left standing, Touma turned towards his final opponent with a serious and dangerous look in his eyes. The final delinquent prepared his handmade knife, but his grip was shaky, and Touma was the cause of that shaking. His display just now shook the thug to his core. He didn't even use an ability and he took down just as many guys as the girl in the same time. Just who was this guy?

"You think that just because you have power you can do as you please," Touma spoke with an edge in his voice as he walked towards his final opponent., "That's nothing but an illusion, a lie you tell yourself to satisfy your ego."

"Damn you!" the final thug cried as he thrust his knife at the rookie Judgement Officer.

"If that's the case, I'll shatter that messed up illusion of your!" Touma yelled as he threw a right straight at the incoming knife.

The knife and the fist collided, but the fist was not injured in the slightest. Instead, the sound of shattering glass was heard as the knife shattered into a million pieces upon making contact with the fist, much to the thug's surprise. With the knife no longer in its path, Touma's fist rocketed into the thug's face, throwing him back a couple meters, knocking him out upon hitting the ground. Touma remained standing triumphantly, like some sort of great hero.

A few minutes passed and Anti-Skill arrived at the scene, as well as Mikoto, Uiharu, and Saten. By then, Touma had used his ability to undo the concrete bindings holding Kuroko and the victim. Kuroko was currently sitting on the side with an icepack to deal with the headache, with her friends keeping an eye on her. Not too far away, Touma was consoling the victim as he continued to thank the rookie member of Judgement. Eventually, Anti-Skill came to interview the victim, leaving Touma to check on his companions.

"How are you doing?" Touma asked as he approached the injured Level 4.

"I've been better," Kuroko admitted.

"You did great today, Kamijou!" Uiharu congratulated.

"Not bad for a rookie," Saten added.

"Well, I did take up Judo for a little while," Touma replied, scratching his cheek.

"I'll admit, you did good," Mikoto nodded, "Nice to know the guy that beat me isn't a total wuss."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Touma yelled in exasperation, earning a laugh from the girls.

When the laugh died down, the unlucky Kamijou turned to his injured coworker with an extremely apologetic look in his eye.

"Listen, I know we didn't get off on the right foot, but could we get along? I want to be able help anyone I can, and I know you want the same. If we want that to happen while working together, we need to get along so you can teach me and I can back you up. So, what do you say? Friends?" Touma pleaded as he offered his right hand.

Kuroko simply smiled before taking the hand.

"Friends," she replied genuinely.

Kuroko had Touma all wrong. He was not so bad after all, especially if he saved her like he did. Of course, she wasn't going to give up Mikoto to him. Not in a lifetime. However, this looked like the start of a beautiful partnership.

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