Joy: Hi everybody!
Sadness: Um...hi...
Joy: Yes, you're probably wondering why we're doing the author's notes! Well, Holly decided that we should do it for another brand new story!
Sadness: It's gonna be a sad one...
Joy: Aw, c'mon Sadness! You know this story will have a happy ending, even though it may have its sad parts. And besides, you're the main character in it, Sadness!
Sadness: Yeah...but I'm not a very good main character in this...and being a main character is tiring...
Joy: Just ignore her, guys. Anyway, before we get to it, this story is actually a collab! We would like to shout out to Orangebird124 for helping us plan on the story! We couldn't have done it without her!
Sadness: You mean she helped
Holly with the story?
Joy: Well, yeah, you could say that. Alright, no more chit-chat! We better get to it! We hope you enjoy this first chapter!
Sadness: And prepare to cry...


"Where's Jordan?" Fear wondered worriedly. "We're gonna be late for school! We should've gotten a ride from dad..."

It was another start of a boring Thursday at school. Riley was standing by the beautifully gown bushes, waiting patiently for her best friend, Jordan, to exit out of his house. Riley hummed to herself as she felt the cool wind touch her cheeks, whispering to her blond hair. Spring was always Riley's favorite season. It was never too hot, never too cold, and the nature was always so ravishing. It was also the season when she saw attractive daffodils and hyacinths blooming in the grass. Riley's distractions gone away when she saw Jordan walking out of his house. He had a goofy grin, wearing a plaid jacket, a black t-shirt, and loose jeans. He, as usual, had his dark blue cap on.

Riley smirked. "Are you ever gonna take a break from that lame old cap?"

"What's wrong with my cap?" Jordan snorted. "You've never had a problem with it before."

"You can change up what you wear, you know," Riley informed.

"Hark to who's talking!" Jordan asserted. "You wear the same yellow jacket everyday!" He pointed to Riley's yellow outer-garment.

"Okay, now we're acting foolish," Riley grimaced. "Let's get to school. We have about 8 minutes to get there until the bell rings."

The duo strolled through Jordan's neighborhood, which was also pretty close to the school. All they did was turn right, walk a few blocks down, cross the street, and the school's just ahead. Riley and Jordan entered the school when Jordan looked at Riley solemnly. "You know, I've been thinking," he muttered.

Jordan's usually had these thought where he tries to imagine something happening, but it's very difficult to. Most people do. They sometimes wonder what would they see if they died, but they wouldn't know what heaven would be like. Or they'd wonder what would happen if they were kidnapped. They wouldn't know how much pain it would feel and how they'd react. Jordan was very imaginative with things, especially negative ones, and he pondered on what would happen if he had to go through such things. He thought asking Riley would be right.

It wasn't that Jordan had anxiety or any mental problems, it was just that Jordan's mind was a very curious mind. And by that, yes, it's his emotions.

"Dude, she's gonna think we're some weirdo!" Jordan's Fear gulped. "We can't just ask some haunting question like that!"

"Besides, wouldn't that just make things more awkward?" Jordan's Disgust piped in. "That would be so embarrassing."

"C'mon bros, we've asked idiotic questions to her before!" Jordan's Joy bubbled. "Doesn't Riley already think we're an idiot?"

"Yeah...sadly..." Jordan's Sadness sighed.

"What do you think would happen if this random guy breaks into our school?" Jordan suddenly inquired at the blink of an eye.

Riley turned to Jordan with a puzzled look. Jordan's never really asked questions like these. The 12-year-old girl saw Jordan as a pretty courageous guy, especially when it comes to skateboarding with older dudes. "Well..." Riley shrugged. "I don't know. Won't the school, like, lock down or something?" She paused. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, just a bit query about it," Jordan explained. "Sorry, forget I asked anything. I suck at imagination."

"We suck at a lot of things," Riley joked. "Like math." Jordan laughed in response before the loud sound of the school bell began to ring. Everyone hastily ran inside the school to go to their lockers, grab their things, and enter their first class. Riley, of course, had the most boring class today...history. Thinking about it made Riley moan with weariness.

Riley went to room 221, which was her history class. She saw her classmates, from the brainless boys to the cool chicks, chatting and laughing. Girls were talking about hot celebrities while boy kept nudging each other and playing around immaturely. It was just a normal, typical day for Riley Andersen.

"Alright everyone," the teacher called loudly, as she shut the door. "Take your seats! Today we're gonna learn something interesting and things that have changed history! We're gonna learn about terrorism in the past!"

Everyone's glum faces, including Riley's, suddenly turned curious, as they stared at the teacher with raised eyebrows.

"That's right!" the teacher smiled. "And we're gonna start of with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln! Now, first of all, tell me some things that Lincoln did for the United States."

"He tried to end slavery!" a boy blurted out. Some of his friend snickered at him.

"Ivan, please do not call out without raising your hand," the teacher ordered. "Now, without interrupting, tell me something that Lincoln has done for us."

Riley slowly raised her hand above her head.


"Um...he helped preserve the Union during the Civil War that led to the ending of slavery," Riley answered.

The teacher nodded. "Very good Riley. Now, class, do you know anything about Lincoln being assassinated?"

A cool girl raised her hand.


"Wasn't it at this, like, theater or something like that?" the cool girl, or Shelby, asked.

"Yes, it was the Ford's Theater at Washington D.C," the teacher grinned. "Anything else?"

Riley steadily raised her hand again.

"Yes, Riley?"

"Um, this guy named John was the one who, um, killed Lincoln by shooting him in the head," Riley told her.

"Wonderful job Riley!" The teacher looked down at Riley admiringly. "John Wilkes Booth was Lincoln's assassinator!" Before the teacher could start teaching more about the death of Lincoln, there suddenly was beeping from the intercom.

"Attention all teachers, staff, and students. Please stop with what you're doing because we're about to go into lockdown mode. I repeat, this is not a drill. We are going into lockdown mode. A terrorist has broken into our school, so we ask all students to hide under the desks or lockers. If you are in the bathroom, rush to the nearest classroom as fast as you can, or stay hidden in the bathroom you're in. Teachers, lock your doors and windows, shut the blinds, turn off all of the lights and go under your desks. 911 has been called." The principal, who was the one speaking on the intercom, hung up, and all of the students in Riley's class started looking around the room in confusion and fear.

"Stay calm everybody," the teacher told everyone, running around the room, trying to do what the principal instructed. "Everyone hide under your desks and don't. Say. A word." The teacher locked the door, turned the lights off, shut the blinds and locked the windows.

The students immediately followed instructions. Some students, looking like they're gonna cry, slowly went under the desk and huddled together. Riley went to the back of the room and nervously slid under the desk all the way in the back, where most of the boys are at. One cool girl was breathing heavily, which most of the students, including Riley, were shaking with horror.

Moments later, there was nothing but silence. Not a single noise has been heard; not even the sound of movement. It seemed like nothing was happening in Riley's area. They did somehow hear feet moving from downstairs. But everyone was staying in their hiding spots, not moving or saying a word. It was absolute darkness, stillness, but the only emotion felt was fear.

Riley took a big breath as she heard sirens from outside. The police must've arrived! This calmed Riley as she did a more quieter breath of relief. But the relief went away when the most scariest sound has been heard.

A gun shot.

A few of the students gasped with the frightful sound, as the teacher soothingly told everyone to stay serene and quiet. There was still heavy breathing noises, as Fear continuously controlled the console, making Riley more terrified than usual. She just wanted this to be over, because the police should catch the terrorist at any moment. There was suddenly a knock on the door, which caused some students to scream. The door opened and it was a police officer. "Hello everybody," he said. "Are ya all alright?"

"Yes we are...sir," the teacher responded, still shivering.

"Perfect," the officer said. "Don't worry everyone, the intruder has been caught and is sent to custody. The sheriffs office will be evacuating every one of ya." He immediately faced Riley. "I'll take ya first ma'am, and there should be more officers coming in a moment." He reached for Riley's hand and Riley gently took it. The officer protectively put his arm around Riley as more officers came into Riley's classroom, since it's the closest. Riley realized that there was a crowd of students already outside, including a terrified-looking Jordan.

Riley, being followed by her classmates, walked slowly as the police man dragged her. "Don't you worry about a thing, alright?" the officer comforted her. "You're safe from the intruder."

Riley tried not to worry about a thing, but inside her mind, there was suddenly a beam and a purple core memory has approached. The five emotions watched it with fret as it went inside the holder. An island started to form. It showed the words Thursday the 16th on the top. The emotions stared at the island, until Sadness mumbled, "Thursday the 16th Island..."

The four other emotions looked at the blue emotion with curiosity. Sadness looked down and nodded. "The most unforgettable island ever..."

"We-We cant keep this island here!" Fear panicked. "This'll ruin Riley forever! It's like an island of isolation!"

Joy softly touched Fear's shoulder, calming him down. "I'm sure it'll be fine," Joy told him. "We're safe and sound, right? This may have been haunting, but at least it's over."

The emotions agreed with Joy, but as Thursday the 16th Island starts running, the stirring memory kept entering her mind, and even when she was embraced by her crying parents, it was still in her mind.