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It was nothing but a crowd of students in fear. Police cars were blocking the school, with their sirens flashing. The officers were standing by the car, looking after the petrified kids. Some of them were being hugged by their worried parents, and Riley is one of them, and other ones are standing either by a teacher or an officer.

What in the world just happened to us? Riley kept thinking to herself. Did we really go into lockdown? Is this really happening to us? To me?

A news truck arrived, with a reporter with short brown hair and a skinny red dress. She was wearing high heels, which are pretty bad shoes to wear during a time like this. The cameraman followed her and since Riley was the closest to the truck, she was the first to be approached by them.

"Hello there," the reporter greeted. Her voice was very lady-like and she sounded like she flirts with at least five men every day. "Were you involved in the lockdown?"

Riley, to horrified to answer, nodded, still hugging her mom. The reporter showed a look of empathy. "I'm very sorry with what you had to go through," she told them. "Would it be okay if we interviewed you about it, dear?"

Jill looked down at Riley. "Do you want to be on TV, sweetheart?"

"Okay, like, are you kidding me?" Disgust scorned. "We are not gonna be on TV looking like some depressed zombie!"

"But wouldn't it be cool to be on the news?!" Joy said giddily. "We'd actually be on the spotlight for the first time!"

"B-But what if we mess up?!" Fear gulped.

"Dude, there's no such thing as 'messing up' in an interview," Anger said. "All you do is just tell them how you feel, or some other crap."

Sadness didn't say anything. She was still looking at the new island that was formed, Thursday the 16th Island. She could see a tear escaping her eye through the reflection of the window.

Meanwhile with Riley, finally saying yes to the reporter about being interviewed, the cameraman, well, camera was facing her, making her heart beat quickly. Jill gently patted Riley's shoulder. "You'll be alright, dear," she said comfortingly.

Riley nodded, as the reporter stood by her with a confident look and the cameraman started recording.

"Good morning everyone, this is just in. A man has entered a middle school holding a gun and the school has went into lockdown. This is Cheryl Wright and I am here with one of the students who has experience this lockdown. Now first of all, could you tell me your name?"

"Riley Andersen."

"Now, Riley, what was the feeling when you went into lockdown?"

"Scary..." Riley paused. "Like...you didn't know what was going on and you felt...claustrophobic."

"Could you tell me what you guys did during the lockdown?"

"We...hid under desks and we had to be silent. We also heard a gun shot..."

"That must've been scary, and we're very glad you're okay," the reporter, or Cheryl, smiled. "Thank you, Riley."

"You're welcome."

The interview was done and with thanks yous and goodbyes, the reporter and cameraman left. Riley sighed and she and her mother left the school.

"You didn't sound very cheerful during that interview," Jill said with concern.

"Oh, so I'm supposed to be happy after going through a freaking shooting?!" Riley snapped.

Jill's face turned cross. "You better watch it young lady." She stared at the road and a while later, her face turned sorrowful. "I'm sorry sweetheart. I guess that lockdown must've put you in a bad mood."

"Hm" was Riley's response.

This left the emotions confused. "I swear," Joy told everyone. "I was pushing the console the whole time but Riley sounded like her best friend just died during that whole interview!"

"And you guys, Sadness isn't even at the console," Fear shivered. Everyone turned to Sadness, who was still looking at the new island.

"Sadness?" Joy approached her. "You've been staring at that island for a while now. I recommend that you join us at the console."

"No," Sadness mumbled. Everyone raised her eyebrows, and her response somehow made Anger pissed.

"No? What do you mean no? You have a job y'know, and don't start acting like this island is, I dunno, possessing you or something. You better join us at the console or-" He was interrupting by a slap in the face by none other than Disgust.

"Shut up, you idiot!" she hissed.

"Don't tell me what to do," Sadness mumbled again. Everyone looked at each other. Sadness has never refused on her co-workers! She'd just sigh and slowly drag herself there. But this wasn't her at all. She didn't sound like herself. She sounded more angry than melancholy.

"Sadness, don't do this to us," Joy said irascibly. "It was only a lockdown! We're all okay, Riley's okay, the school's okay! So please try to not act like this anymore!" Joy gently grabbed Sadness' arm, trying to take her to the school.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Sadness yelled, snatching her arm away from Joy. "AND FOR THE LAST TIME, DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"

"Sadness, look, you need to do your j-job," Fear told her, trying to help out Joy. "We just don't get why you're acting s-so depressed."

"I hate to admit it, but the beanpole's right," Anger added. "What's going on with you?"

"What's going on with me? What going on with me? I'll tell you what's going on!" Sadness barked, finally standing up. "You people are acting so immature by thinking that I have some mental issues!"

"Sadness, no we don't-" Joy tried to calm her down, but Sadness interrupted her.

"Why does everybody have to treat me like I'm being pressured?!" she asked, as she raised her voice.

"Sadness, I didn't mean to pressure you." Joy quickly apologized. "Really, I didn't."

"Yes, you did!" Sadness hollered, looking all agitated. "You said it like that just because I'm not acting like my usual sad self anymore!" All of the emotions knew figured this out in a second: the lockdown must've caused Sadness to change the way she acts now.

"Sadness, Joy didn't mean to-" Fear tried to explain, but the teardrop cut him off.

"Quit pressuring me for no reason!" Sadness shouted, now starting to get more and more enraged.

"Kid, I know you're upset but-" Anger tried to speak up, but that was the last straw. Sadness had finally lost it.


And with that, Sadness stomped off to her room and slammed the door shut. The emotions stood there in silence until Disgust stepped up to Joy.

"That was great," Disgust said sarcastically. "You really solved the problem, Joy."

Joy watched in confusion as Disgust walked away from her. Anger, then, stomped up to Joy and asked disapprovingly, "What the hell's the matter with you? Huh?"

He turned away from Joy as he started to follow Disgust, along with Fear, looking at her with those sad eyes.

"Wait, don't go! I can fix this!" Joy exclaimed, as she watched the three emotions leave. "Come on guys, don't do this!"

They didn't turn back as Joy stood there with tears forming in her eyes. She felt completely sympathetic and then regretted with what she said to Sadness earlier.

What have I done...? Joy sadly thought to herself.


Joy had to figure out what suddenly caused to change like this. She wouldn't just lose her temper like that; that's Anger's job! She didn't want to sound like Fear, but this was dangerous to Headquarters! If this keeps up, it could affect Riley and then Riley would start acting like this! The only choice Joy had was try to comfort the teardrop emotion.

Joy slowly walked up the stairs and heard quiet sobbing coming from Sadness' bedroom. She slowly opened the door and found Sadness crying on her bed with her face buried in her pillow.

"I'm so stupid! I'm so stupid!" Sadness sobbed, as her voice was muffled. "Nobody cares about me!"

"Um...Sadness?" Joy said nervously.

Sadness' crying turned into sniffling as she glanced at Joy. Joy was in shock when she saw Sadness' face. She looked awful! It was like someone just punched her in the face! Joy dropped it and said, "Look Sadness, I'm really sorry about what I said before. I was only trying to help you. I guess I need to watch my mouth next time..."

Sadness stopped sniffling and started to nod slowly without looking at the yellow emotion. Her face turned miserable again and laid back down on her pillow. When Joy saw her face, there was something about her that looked...different. It was more weird than what she saw before.

"Sadness...?" Joy said with a puzzled look.

Sadness looked at Joy.

"Is it just me, or does your skin seem to be a little...darker?" Joy asked.

This must've gotten her attention, because she raised her eyebrows and looked at her hands from both sides. "They don't like dark to me..." she finally told her.

"Oh...I guess it's just me then," Joy shrugged. "But I hope you're okay...and thanks for forgiving me by the way." Joy smiled weakly as she left the room.

Sadness waited for Joy to shut the door, and when she did, she rushed to her mirror frantically. She looked at herself closely.

Oh my God... she shockingly told herself. My skin does look darker!