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The emotions looked at the sight of Headquarters as they were about to reach the recall tube. They didn't know what they were gonna expect when they make it to their home. Maybe Sadness has changed back to her normal self; maybe the orb caused Sadness to still have navy-colored skin. You know what they say: anything can happen. Joy took a deep breath as she took her co-workers to the recall tube. "Let's hope this works," she told everyone before the strong winds of the tube sent her on her fast shortcut to Headquarters, as the others joined in.

Meanwhile, with Riley, she was on her way to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, where Riley was going to have a mental therapy session. Bill kept looking at Riley with sadness and kept shaking his head. Riley didn't do or say anything for hours. In fact, she couldn't say anything; there weren't any emotions at the console. Well, there are now, since the recall tube sent the four emotions tumbling to the ground. Everyone slowly got up and Joy realized that the door that locked Sadness in was still the same as it was before they left. It was strange because she thought Sadness would've attempted to break the whole door so she can get out. She was gonna let Sadness out soon...after she did what she has to do.

Joy took a look at the blue orb and took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"I hope this'll work, so here goes," she announced, as she gently placed it into the memory projector.

The screen turned blue as it played the orb that was placed. The emotions, with aspiration, looked at the screen as it was showing Riley and Jordan happily ice-skating together. They were cracking up as Jordan kept on falling to the ground, since he wasn't the best skater, which made Riley want to show-off her moves more. Then there was another memory playing, which was of Riley baking brownies with her mom and dad. They made a mistake with the mixer, which caused chocolate to go everywhere. Riley thought she was in trouble, but it ended up with Jill and Bill laughing. And then another memory played of Riley and Ms. Janet. It was the sweetest moment with her and Ms. Janet. She was handing the teenager a Vanilla Frappuccino from Starbucks, congratulating her for getting the highest score out of the whole class on her mid-year exam. Riley has never been so grateful to have Ms. Janet as her favorite teacher ever.

Joy took the memory out of the projector, and Riley now had a surprised face. Joy smiled and walked up to the console. She pressed a button, and as the console turned yellow, Riley looked up at her parents. "Mom...? Dad...?"

"What is it, sweetheart?" Jill questioned. They both had curious looks, since they finally heard Riley speaking after quite a long time.

"I..." Riley paused. She kept recalling on what she was thinking about. Those memories...why did they make her more...happy? She suddenly realized that she has done to herself never solved anything. Once the memory played...she didn't feel as sad as she used to. "I...I think I don't feel sad anymore..."

Bill bent down to her. "What do you mean, monkey?"

"It's just...I think I feel...normal again..." Riley had a little weak smile. "I thought of everyone who was part of my life and...I just feel like I'm myself again. Happy, friendly, outgoing...you know..."

"Riley...if you don't feel like this, then that's amazing!" Jill beamed. "But are you sure you're not lying to us?"

"Yes, I'm...I'm not lying at all," Riley told them. "I don't know where it came from but...I feel like...everything is perfect again. Once I thought of you guys, I knew that suicide wasn't gonna do anything to me. All I had to do was do everything I can and work my hardest. And if I stayed positive, I would've had a shot at a silver lining."

After hearing those words, Jill was covering her mouth with her mouth with tears forming in her eyes. "Oh my little darling..." Jill said happily. "I don't know how this happened but...you...you're back. And we didn't even begin the session yet!"

"That's the most unexpected silver lining that I have ever saw!" Bill said cheerfully. "Screw this therapy place! C'mere my little Monkey!" Riley giggled and embraced her father, with Jill joining in, still crying tears of joy.

"We're so glad you're back to normal Riley," Jill sobbed with content.

"And listen Riley, if you ever feel like you're gonna have depression again, come straight to us and we'll do anything to help our daughter," Bill promised.

"Thanks Dad," Riley grinned as she snuggled into her parents' protective arms.


"We did it! We did it! We actually did it! Woohoo!" Joy hopped up and down and Riley skipped to the ground, with her parents following her with their arms around each other. "Aren't we the best emotions EVER?!" Joy threw her arms around the emotion closest to her, which was Anger. He let out a silent growl but nodded, pleased that the depression was all over.

"But you guys?" Fear wondered, as he faced the door to Sadness' room. "Should we do it?"

The emotions were silent for a moment, until Joy announced, "Yeah, we should. We don't hear any ruckus at all so...do you think we should unlock the door?"

"Do what you want, I don't care," Disgust shrugged.

Joy sighed. "Okay then," she mumbled as she gradually headed for the door. The emotions helped her get the furniture out of the way and as Joy closed her eyes tightly, she unlocked the door and opened it. There was nothing but silence, as Joy peeked at the room...and there was Sadness.

She was sitting there at her favorite corner, her back facing Joy. She didn't hear any sobbing coming from the teardrop. Joy looked around awkwardly and said, "Hey. You can come out now...if you want to."

Sadness didn't respond, staying in the same position.

Joy sighed. "Okay then. Come out when you ready to." Before Joy could exit out of the room, Sadness quickly stood up and said, "Wait! Joy! There's something I have to say to you guys!"

The other emotions approached her. "What is it kiddo?" Anger asked.

Sadness took a deep breath and apologized sincerely, "I'd like to say that I'm sorry about the way I was acting during my depression, which was all of that shouting and stuff..." She turned to Disgust as the emotions continued listening. "Disgust, I'm very sorry for slapping you across the face. I didn't mean to do that to you and all of this was my fault. Will you forgive me?"

Disgust stared at the blue emotion for a moment with her arms crossed. She beamed at the teardrop and nodded. "Sure. It's all good."

Sadness had a shocked face as tears formed into her eyes. "You...You really forgive me?"

Disgust patted her on the shoulder. "Yes, I forgive you."

Sadness immediately started bawling. "Oh you guys!" Sadness sobbed. "I don't deserve your kindness at all! I don't know why you'd want to work with an idiot like me now! I can't believe I have caused this mess just because of a stupid lockdown! I don't know why I did this to all of you and I can't bare to think about slapping you in the face-" She looked at Disgust. "-or kicking you in the private part!" She looked at Anger. "I'm the most stupidest person in the world! I'll never hurt you guys and I have promised myself that but look at me! I have ruined you guys! I have ruined Riley! I have ruined everything and I don't know if I even found my true purpose anymore!" Sadness fell to her knees and continued crying, covering her face with her hands.

The emotions were speechless after what they heard. They never expected for Sadness to be that loud while crying. They kept looking at each other with what-do-we-say looks. Joy nodded, letting everyone know that she knew what she was doing. Joy bent down to the sobbing emotions and rubbed her back. "Shh...everything will be okay..." she said soothingly. "Listen, I know that what happened at school was very unforgettable and haunting. But we're not alone. There are many people in the world that have depression. Some have found their silver lining, and others haven't...yet. But hey, we love you as an emotion, Sadness. Even if, for example, you and Disgust get into a fight. It may have been bad between you two but you would've stay cared about each other, right?" Joy looked at Disgust, who was nodding. Sadness looked up at Joy and nodded as well.

"See? That's how much we love you, Sadness. We may have our ups and downs but all in all, we work together to make our host the most healthiest and happiest girl in the world!" Joy smiled merrily.

"Oh Joy..." Sadness let out a few more tears of joy as Joy hugged Sadness, allowing her to cry on her shoulder. Joy motioned for the others to join in and they obeyed. Disgust put on arm around Sadness' shoulders, Fear rubbed her back, and Anger placed a hand on her shoulder and massaged it. Joy's eyes twinkled with excitement; this was the best group hug that she and the emotions have formed.


As Riley entered her Language Arts class, she told Ms. Janet a jolly good morning, which made her beam and reply back to her. Riley stood by the teacher and sighed. "Listen, um...I'm very sorry about the way I was acting towards you."

Ms. Janet nodded. "Thank you Riley. I understand what teens have to go through sometimes. But are you feeling alright?"

Riley bobbed her head. "I am now."

"Wonderful!" Ms. Janet said with delight. "Now get in there and get ready to learn!" Riley laughed as she entered the classroom and sat down on her desk.

It was now time for gym class, which was a class Riley had with Jordan, who was still concerned with Riley. He raised his eyebrows when he saw her smiling at him.

"Riley? Is that you?" he joked.

Riley smirked. "It's the back to normal Riley Andersen now!"

Jordan grabbed Riley's shoulder. "This is awesome! It's great to see that smile of yours again!"

"Thanks, asshole," Riley said playfully, as she shoved him away. "I'm so gonna beat you in kickball today!"

"Ha! Yeah, right!" Jordan nudged her light-heartedly. "Who has been the champion 4 days in a row last week?!"

"Whatever, but it's gonna be payback today!" Riley laughed. "Girls rule, boys drool!"

"Oh please!" Jordan smirked as they headed to the kickball field. Riley and Jordan played opposing teams as usual with a few other classmates. Riley cracked up every time Jordan got a strike or got out, but she knew that this was all just for fun. And as they continued playing, the emotions smiled at the screen with their arms around each other, with Sadness in the middle. You know what they say: depression is like a battle and once you reach that silver lining, you know you have won that battle.

And that's exactly what happened with Riley.


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