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The Rise of Voltron - Part 2: Lions of the Castle Guard

Castle of Lions and Voltronian Knights- Northcoast, Planet Arus. Day 94 out of 200. Current time unknown.

Allura woke up with a start. ''Father!'' she shouted. She tried to run, but she tripped and fell, not onto the floor, but into someone's arms. She looked up at the person who caught her, grateful that he had. The young male had brown hair a few shades darker than his skin, which had unusual dark flecks and spots all over his cheeks and nose. His bright blue eyes were wide. ''Who are you?'' she asked. ''Where am I?''

The person looked at her with an infatuated smile. ''I'm Lance.'' he said. ''And you're right here in my arms.''

The two stood up and Allura noticed something about this "Lance", who didn't seem Altean at all. No self-respecting Altean would ever have brown hair, let alone those spots and flecks on his face. Only females had those flecks, and even then, only some of them. ''Your ears?''

Lance's left ear twitched, which freaked Allura out quite a bit. ''What about them?'' he said skeptically.

''They're hideous.'' Allura said bluntly as she pulled on Lance's round ears. ''What's wrong with them?''

''Nothing's wrong with them!'' Lance shouted, pissed off. ''They heard exactly what you said about them!''

Allura grabbed his arm, then twisted him to the floor by it and the left ear that she still held onto. ''What are you doing here? Where is King Alfor? What are you doing in my castle!?''

She noticed the other five people in the room.

A curvacious blue-skinned woman with white hair, blue clothes and a green visor. Half of her face had a pink cell-like pattern, as well as her muscular arms and neck. A hexagonal gem stuck out of her chest. She held a crystalline blue hammer in both of her hands, almost itching for a fight. Typical of a Quartz-type Gem such as her.

A pale young boy in green with glasses and shoulder-length hair the colour of Rygnirathi sand, a light reddish brown, almost seemed to struggle to turn on a control panel. He somehow managed to turn it on, with some kind of silver and green metal attatchment on his back. ''Nice!'' he shouted gleefully in an accented voice to seemingly no one. A wide smile spread across his features. The holographic screens lit up with Altean wording. His shoulders slumped in disappointemt. ''Aw. I was hoping I could read this.''

A large brown-haired man in yellow clothes with a skin tone as dark as Allura's walked over to the boy. ''What's going on?'' he noticed the Altean writing, which Allura found hard to read backwards, as well as a collection of symbols, which seemed like the boy's name, that the boy covered up with his left hand. ''Oh. Maybe you can use your PAK to translate it?''

A light-skinned young man with dark purple hair, and dressed in red and black clothes opened his eyes tiredly. ''If whatever Pidge has on his back can translate that writing, don't you think we'd be able to read it by now?''

An older, light-skinned man in black clothes who seemed to have an artificial right arm and a large scar on his nose moved toward a pod and examined it. He whispered something to himself with a small smile.

Allura paused and looked over the group, who were now arguing about something Allura didn't bother paying attention to. It was clear to her, despite the differences in height, facial features, skin tone and hair colour that those people were of the same species as Lance. After all, Alteans had similar skin tone and hair colour variations. All except the Gem. Gems were Gems and that was that.

Allura's younger sister Amue sat on the scarred man's shoulders with her fingers in his very long black and white hair. ''Who are these people, Allura?'' she asked sweetly. Well, as sweet as she could muster with her rather gruff accent. ''The nice man says that the Blue Lion brought them here! Are they gonna stay here?''

''Why would they!?'' Allura snapped at her. ''This is not their castle!'' She realized something. ''Where is the Blue Lion? What happened her Paladin?''

Lance stood up, pressed his hands on his back firmly and pushed, which made several popping noises, and then rubbed his aching ear. He winced and muttered something about "Vulcans" under his breath.

''How did you free yourself from my grasp?'' Allura asked, surprised.

Lance turned around to face her. ''That's for me to know and you to never find out, beautiful.''

The scarred man put a hand on Allura's shoulder and she turned to face him. He was handsome up close. He had a marvelous beard. ''Excuse me, miss. I'm not sure what you're talking about. For now, could you tell us who you are and who this little girl is? Maybe we can help you two.''

''I am Princess Allura of planet Altea.'' she said. ''On your shoulders is my sister, Amue. Excuse me.'' she pushed past him and made her way to the computer in the middle of the room. ''I must figure out where we are and how long we've been asleep.'' she picked the green boy up by his armpits and put him down gently, then set her hands down on the touchpads.

While Allura read the holoscreens, the third pod opened and revealed her family's advisor, Coran. He looked at Lance in shock for a couple ticks. ''Enemy combattants!'' he shouted as he jumped to attack the young man. Lance moved out of the way, which made Coran almost fall over when he landed. ''Quiznak!'' the older man yelled. ''You're lucky I have a case of the ol' "Sleep Chamber Knees"! Otherwise, I'd grab your head like this,'' he looked over his shoulder and crossed his arms ''Turn you around like so and one, two, three,'' he snapped his fingers. ''Sleepy time!''

At first, Lance seemed put off by Coran's nonsensical display, but decided to join in. ''Oh yeah!?'' he shouted boisterously. ''Well before you did that, I'd do this!'' he punched at air a few times, then kicked at nothing with both of his long legs. He crossed his arms and smirked.

Allura was annoyed. ''Coran, we've not been awake for thirty ticks,'' she muttered. ''And you've already gone and embarassed yourself.''

''Well how could you do that when I've already come at you with this!?'' Coran continued, then made a very silly pose and shouted randomly. Then his eyes widened. ''OH WAIT YOU'RE A WOMAN! I'm so sorry, milady for mistaking your gender!''

Lance's mouth twitched. ''WOMAN!?'' he shouted, his face red.

Amue giggled and cut him off, which made the other three people notice her, each with their own reactions, but Allura didn't care. She had found something that made her gasp.

''What's wrong?'' Coran asked.

Allura didn't even turn around, her eyes were glued to the screen. ''We've been asleep for ten thousand decafeebs!'' She stood there idly for a minute, then she turned her head to the floor. ''Altea and all of the other planets in our solar system have been destroyed! Rygnirath, Nalquod, the Dalterion Belt. Even Daibazaal. Coran, Amue, Father is gone. So is our entire civilization.'' she paused. ''Zarkon.'' she said softly, though everyone could hear the venom in her voice.

The scarred man's blue eyes went wide and he turned around so fast that he dropped Amue. The Gem rushed to his side and caught the young girl. ''Are you alright?'' she asked.

''Yes, Miss.'' Amue said gratefully. ''Thank you.''

The gem stood up and put a hand on the man's shoulder. ''Shiro? What's wrong?''

''Zarkon?'' the man asked.

Allura turned to him. ''He was the king of the Galra.'' she said. ''A vile man and enemy to all free people!''

The scarred man, Shiro put his right hand in his hair. ''I remember now.'' he said. ''I was his prisonner.''

Allura looked up at him. ''He's still alive?'' she asked. ''How is this possible?''

Shiro rubbed his temples. ''I don't know how, but it's true.'' he said, then blew air out of his nose. ''He's looking for a superweapon, a giant mechanical woman called Voltron.''

''He's looking for her because he knows that she is the only thing that can defeat him.'' Allura said. She sounded far more confident than she actually was. ''So we must find her components before then.''

Shiro nodded to her, then turned and dropped to one knee. He took Amue's hand. ''I'm sorry if I scared you. Are you going to be okay?''

''Yes.'' she said, then looked in Lance's direction. ''Who's that girl in blue? Is she your wife?''

''No, Sweetheart.'' Shiro answered and shook his head. ''That's a man.''

Amue squinted as she stared at Lance's face, then turned back to Shiro. ''You sure? But what about those flecks on her face?''

The large man in yellow dropped down to his knees and the young girl turned to him. ''Those flecks on my friend's face are called freckles.'' he said gently and smiled. ''Where we come from, everyone can get them. I'm Hunk, by the way. Aloha.'' he smiled wider and his face turned almost red.

''What planet are you from?'' Amue asked. ''Why do you look so much like us? What does "Aloha" mean?'' She stepped closer to him, then stepped back. ''And why do you have red eyes?''

The green boy crouched down and smiled at the girl. ''We're from a planet called Earth.'' he said. ''I don't know why we look so much alike, "Aloha" can either mean "hello" or "goodbye" and Hunk's eyes are a rare colour, but still one that our species can get. It's actually a dark brown.''

''Who are you?'' she asked him.

''Pidge, my name is.'' he said and held out his right hand. ''Nice to meet you, Princess.''

Amue took his hand in hers and shook it, then looked at the red man. ''Who is he?''

''The grumpy one in red?'' Pidge asked. Amue nodded. ''He's Keith.'' he pointed to Lance and grinned. ''The blue boy over there is Lance.''

Amue's nose scrunched up. ''A lance is a kind of weapon, isn't it?'' she asked, but didn't seem to expect an answer. ''And what's a "Keith"?''

No one said anything for about five minutes. The Earthens all turned away and seemed to think that the walls, floor, cieling and Keith's legs were fascinating.

Lance decided to break the silence. ''Hey.'' he said. ''Where's that Australian guy?'' Allura and Amue looked at him, confused. ''The man with the red hair?''

Meanwhile, in the middle of a massive mothership that rested somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, a cloaked, blue-skinned woman in a brightly lit room gasped. The room's purple lights faded and left the room around her dark. She stood up and walked toward the door, which opened and closed as she came through. She walked silently over to a red and black throne, where a scarred, purple-skinned man sat.

The man turned to the woman. ''You appear distressed, my old friend.'' a deep baritone voice came from the man.

''The Blue Lion has returned,'' the woman said coldly. Evidently, there was no time for pleasantries. ''And I feel a resurgence of Altean energy in Sector G7N.''

The man was silent for a minute. ''Contact my commanders.'' he finally said.

In the Milky Way galaxy and in an undisclosed location, a purple-furred man slept, standing upright in his quarters while his left arm charged itself with tubes from the wall. He was woken up by the holoscreen as it lit up and showed his Supreme Commander, the scarred man.

''Emperor Zarkon.'' the man adressed his superior.

Zarkon spoke. ''Commander Sendak, a Voltron Lion has been detected in your sector.'' he brought up a picture of an Earthlike planet (whose landmass seemed more like Pangea than Earthen continents) on the screen. ''I am trusting you to retrieve her.''

Sendak knealt down and his arm disconnected from the tubes. ''I will not disappoint, my Leige.'' He pressed his hand on his chest. ''Vrepit Sa!''

''See to it that you don't.'' The message cut out.

Sendak's one remaining eye narrowed and he walked into the hallway. ''Haxus, you are needed.'' he said simply.

Back in the castle's MASADA room as Lance had dubbed it, he saw the mustachioed Kiwi guy, Shiro had corrected him, who the royal British beauty had called "Coran", return with a plate full of green slime. He raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall. ''Hey, what is that?'' he asked. ''It looks like my sister Estela's lime custard.''

Coran turned to him. ''This is Dalterion vegetable hash.'' he said. ''You're welcome to try it if you want.''

Lance poked it and stuck his finger in his mouth. His eye twitched, he bashed the wall with his hand on the wall and he shivered.

Coran looked at him sympathetically. ''Yeah, I know it doesn't taste the best, but it's better than everything else we've got.''

''Nonononono, it's fine.'' he said, then cleared his throat. ''It's just-'' he cleared his throat again. ''It's pretty sour. What kind of vegetable is in this thing? It tastes like raw, unsugared lemons!''

Coran raised an eyebrow. ''That's a good question, dear girl.'' he said. He tried to ignore the steam rising from Lance's ears, but couldn't. ''Are you alright?''

Lance pulled a water bottle out of his pocket and pulled the liquid out. Then he splashed it on his face and the steam calmed. ''I'm alright. But please stop calling me a girl.'' he said. ''I don't like it.''

The older man looked even more confused. ''Why don't you like it?''

''Because I'm not a girl.'' Lance said.

''You're not?'' Coran asked. ''You look like one.''

Lance stood up and yawned. ''Yeah.'' he said tiredly. ''I- I get that a lot.''

Coran whistled for the Northern English little girl with the orange coverall shorts, peach tank shirt and white bob cut. Amue, Lance's mind supplied. The young man didn't really listen to what Coran had said to her. He gave her the food goo and she ran off.

Coran sighed. ''You know, those two girls, Allura and Amue, they're like family to me.'' he turned back to Lance. ''I hope one day, we'll come to know each other in the same way.''

Lance stretched his arms. ''What gives you that idea?''

Coran stroked his orange mustache thoughtfully. ''I knew some people like you once.'' he said. ''All of you. You Earthens are rather strange, but I like that in a civilization. It makes you unique, in a way.''

Lance raised an eyebrow. ''Wait a second, just wait one second.'' he snickered. ''You think that as a species, we're one civilazation?''

''Yes!'' Coran said with a smile. ''Why would you not?''

''Well, there are a lot of very different reasons.'' the young man said. ''But you'd have to ask Pidge for more on that.''

Lance almost left the room before Allura stopped him with a shout. ''Lance!'' she cried. ''Where are you going?''

''To bed?'' he said unsurely. ''I'm pretty tired.''

''You can rest later.'' she said. ''Right now, you and your companions must stay, because I know how to find the Lions.''

Up in the top floor of the castle, Allura showed the five Earthens and the Gem what she could do with the system. She explained that the castle was connected to her, and that she was the only one who could control it manually. She stepped into the center of the room and called up a hologram.

''Earthens,'' she began. ''We are in an outer reaches of a small galaxy known commonly as the Milky Way. Do you know of it?''

''Of course.'' Pidge said and pushed up his glasses. ''Earth is in that galaxy.''

''Good heavens!'' Allura shouted to herself. ''Is it really?''

Shiro nodded his head. ''When I was first taken prisonner, the Galra had called it "System X9Y". Not too sure why, because there are eight planets in our system.''

''Eight planets!?'' Allura almost fell over in shock. ''That is virtually unheard of, Shiro. Practically myths! Are you really telling the truth?''

''He is.'' the Gem who called herself Ocean clarified as she crossed her arms over her chest. ''I've seen maps of Pink System One, as we call it.''

''Four rocky planets,'' Pidge began. ''An asteroid belt with no name, two gas giants and two ice giants. They're named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.''

''I had heard rumors of your galaxy as strange, but not as strange as your planets' names.'' Allura muttered. ''Now back to the matter at hand. The Lions.''

Pidge tapped on the hologram of the Arusian sun. ''Looks like the Black and Blue Lions are in the same place.''

Allura nodded her head. ''Very observant, my friend. That's because the two are both in the castle.'' she said. ''The Black Lion can only be activated when the other four lions are present.'' she cleared her throat. ''Your and the Lions' quintessence are direct mirrors of each other. That way, each of you will know who you would be able to use. The Black Lion is the leader and head of Voltron. She needs a pilot whom the others will look up to, and follow without question.'' Shiro looked at the hologram and smiled softly. ''The Blue Lion is emotional and compassionate, as the heart of Voltron. Her pilot should be someone who, however, will not let his emotions cloud his judgement.'' Lance crossed his arms, sighed, then smirked. Allura shifted the hologram so that everyone could see the next Lion. ''The Green Lion is curious, and morbidly so, as the brains of Voltron. She and her pilot need to have a strong need to explore and extreme dedication to what they believe in.'' Pidge coughed and nodded silently. Allura gave another flick of the wrist and the hologram shifted to another Lion. ''The Yellow Lion is caring and kind. As the leg of Voltron, her pilot should be strong, loyal and supportive of everyone he meets.'' Hunk's expression turned from one of mild happiness to genuine adoration. Allura swiped the hologram one last time and showed everyone the final Lion. ''Finally, the Red Lion. She is the most aggressive and impulsive of the five Lions, as the muscle of Voltron. Her pilot should be able to embody those traits and rely more on instinct than skill alone.'' Keith's expression went from a stonelike stocicism to mild amusement. ''Of all of the Lions, the Red Lion cannot be found on any planet, and I apologize for that.''

''For the moment, that doesn't matter, Princess.'' Shiro said. ''Right now, we need to find the Yellow and Green Lions before the Galra do.''

Coran burst through the door. ''Great news, Princess!'' he shouted. ''I've activated the shuttle pods!''

''Excellent.'' Allura said to him, then turned back to the Earthens. ''You are no longer ordinary Earthens, my friends. You have been chosen by your Lions through your bonds, though you are all a long ways away from each other. You are meant to be their pilots, and the Lions are meant to be your partners. Now go and make me proud, my Paladins.''

Shiro nodded his head and turned to Lance and Hunk. ''Lance, Hunk, take Azul and find the Yellow Lion.'' he ordered. ''Pidge and I will take a shuttle and find the Green Lion.'' he turned to Keith. ''Koh, stay here with Ocean. If you find the Red Lion, go with her and get her. Hopefully, we'll be back soon.''

Ocean pumped her fist, took the five in her arms and lifted them up in a crushing hug. ''Bye everyone.'' she said as she let go. ''We'll see you later.''

An hour later.

''Okay, Coran. Pidge and I are in the pod.'' Shiro said. ''Can you open the warp fields for us?''

Coran tapped a button. ''Good luck, my new knights.'' he said. ''Now, I need you to remember this. I can only keep the portals open for two hours, which could be enough time to get what you need. Luckily, if it's not, the planets are rather peaceful and they might be nice spots for you to spend the rest of your lives if you get stuck.'' he smiled at the viewscreen that showed the inside of the Lion head and the pod. ''Well, have a nice trip!''

''Wait, WHAT!?'' Shiro, Lance and Pidge all shouted at once. Shiro's narrow blue eyes widened and almost took up a third of his face. Pidge's Irken attatchment sprouted its legs and almost certainly poked holes in the walls. Lance's eyebrows twitched upward and he bit his lower lip.

Hunk's eyes quivered and he tried not to freak out. ''Guys,'' he managed, ''I didn't sign up for this.''

With no other choice, they all went through the portals.

On Lance and Hunk's side of the portal, they were rudely greeted by a fleet of ships that tried to invade the planet below. A small few ships shot at them and Lance dodged as well as he could. And by that, I mean he barrel rolled eleven times, I counted, and still got hit twice.

'Azul!' Lance thought-spoke. 'We need to go down. I don't know how much longer I can do this.'

'Tough luck, Lance.' Azul said. 'If that really is your name.' she paused. 'I need to know if I can trust you, kid.'

Lance pushed down on the controls hard enough to hurt his hands. 'Azul.' he said. 'I'll tell you, but not right now. Right now, we need to get Hunk his Lion.'

Hunk put a hand on Lance's shoulder. ''Lance?'' he asked. ''There's a woman's voice in my head. I- I think it's her.''

''Really?'' his friend asked. Hunk nodded. Lance closed his eyes. ''Azul, take us down.''

Azul went into the atmosphere and what they saw was a desert, with several yellow and blue spots littering the landscapes and pools of water and caves all around. Azul landed in one of the pools, the one closest to the cave they were looking for and climbed out. She shook the water off, tilted her head back, then spat Hunk into the cave's cargo lift, which looked almost like a green hourglass symbol. Maybe Shiro would know about that.

A screen popped up on Azul's viewscreen as Lance was talking with Azul. He even gave her his real name.


Loud banging and drilling noises, metal on metal, were heard from outside.


''Maybe "peaceful" means something else in Altean...'' Lance grumbled. He didn't care that even Azul's computer called him a woman. That wasn't the point. He knew he was going to have to do something and fast. The Galra would be back soon and he needed a lot of help from these Talpaedans. He got up. ''Azul, open the hatch!''

Meanwhile, Shiro and Pidge had landed roughly on a sandy coast on a planet full of water and a toxic amount of an unknown Cybertronian substance. A knock was heard on the door to the pod.

''Hello!?'' a deep male voice shouted. ''Anyone in there!? If you're another Galra, I swear you're gonna regret it!''

''Please, let whoever's inside come out and explain themselves.'' a second voice, a gruffer male, said. ''Someday, Steeljaw, I swear this anger is going to kill you.''

Shiro knocked the door open and climbed out. He saw three Beastform Transformers, a sparrowhawk, a tiger and a wolf. ''I never thought I would see Cybertronians again.'' he said softly.

''Eukarians.'' the sparrow, a deep-voiced female cawed. ''Not Cybertronians.'' she looked him up and down. ''Who are you?''

Shiro opened his mouth to talk before Pidge climbed outside. ''Cool!'' the Newfoundland boy shouted. ''What are you? Who are you?''

The wolf transformed into a werewolf-looking creature and looked at him. ''You tell us first, flesh creature.''

Pidge crossed his arms. ''Pidge Gunderson of Earth. I'm here for something of mine. A green lion robot.''

Shiro tied up his loose hair. ''My name is-'' he gave the Eukarians a name that wasn't his own, which confused Pidge. ''I'm his friend.''

The Eukarians stared at Shiro, then each other. The tiger stepped forward, then transformed into robot mode. He put a clawed hand on his chest and knealt down. ''Tigatron.'' he turned toward the sparrow. ''My mate, Airazor.'' then to the wolf. ''Her friend, Steeljaw.'' he turned back to Shiro. ''We are honoured to meet you.''

''Will you help us find the lion?'' Shiro asked.

''You have a connection to the legends of Cybertron, my friend.'' Tigatron said. It surprised me too, I am a Celestialsapien, but alas, I am one of three. One of the others made this choice and we all unknowingly agreed. Who knew that could happen? ''In other words, we will help.'' he stood up, then turned to Pidge. ''Go with Airazor, humans Pidge, and [name redacted].'' he turned again to Airazor. ''Have a safe journey, my love.''

Airazor nodded and then transformed into an angel-like being. ''On my back, my friends.''

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