Space. Space was one of the most beautiful, yet dangerous place in the galaxy. But when on the run from the Galactic Empire, one had little time to admire its beauty. But there were some moments where you could just sit and admire the glistening stars, awe-inspiring novas and beautiful planets. This was one of those few moments for the crew of the Ghost, who had just escaped an unexpected Imperial Star Destroyer' tractor beam. Ezra sat and stared at the countless stars while everyone else was trying to recover. The ship had taken serious damage, but it was still repairable.

Then, out of nowhere, the ship went into hyperspace. Hera ran by him as fast as she could. "No, no, no, no!" she exclaimed out of fear. "What's wrong?" Ezra said, amused by her act. Then, he realised it. They all knew the engines were badly damaged, but they had no idea the hyperdrive was damaged as well. Chopper ran- well, rolled- to the hyperdrive to see what the matter was. Then, the ship exited hyperspace. Hera had stopped it. "What happened!?" Kanan said. "The hyperdrive seems to have jumped to hyperspace on its own. Chopper, see if you can find out where we are!" Hera replied. "Hera, the hyperdrive is on fire!" Sabine yelled. Without saying anything, Ezra ran over to the fire extinguisher and put it out.

Kanan looked down from the cockpit. They were above a planet, thank goodness. He checked the galaxy map, but the planet wasn't on it. Another planet? He then realized they weren't even close to a known planet. Were they in the Unknown Regions? Or another galaxy, even? He didn't have time to ponder this, however. The ship was falling towards it. "Hera, grab the controls! We're gonna crash!" he cried. Hera ran over and, without even bothering to sit down, gained partial control of the ship. They were already close to the ground. She managed to control the crash landing so that the Ghost wouldn't explode on impact. The ship finally touched the ground, and within a split second the bottom side was tearing up dirt. Then, the nose of the ship collided with a tree. It went black for everyone inside.

Ezra awoke. He could barely move, but he knew he wasn't injured. Or was he? His head was ringing to much to tell. After it was over, he heard chatter, but he couldn't understand it. Then, after a few moments, he could deduce they were speaking Basic, but he still couldn't think enough to understand them. All he could see were blurry images of people. His sight then returned, and he could understand what they were saying. Some were talking about how they had never seen such a thing in their lives, others were wondering about whether or not they were friendly or not. "Hey, are you awake?" said a voice. It had an accent. He looked up to see a man with a helmet on. "Are you awake?" it said again. Ezra nodded his head yes. The man then left for a moment to speak with another dressed just like him. He observed them both. They both had what seemed to be a sword and shield, and one had what looked like a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Perfect. They don't even use slugthrowers, he thought. He then passed out again.

"Who are these people? And what in Shor's name is that thing?" said one of the guards. "I just hope they're friendly. With the dragons out and about, we already have our hands full. If these people are here to bring an army, we would be in Sovnegarde before we even knew what was going on!" said the other. One of the townspeople ran up. "Halt! Go no further!" said the latter guard. "The Dragonborn is coming! He is coming up on his horse as we speak!" The two guards looked at eachother. They both decided to let him have a look. He saved Skyrim- nay, the whole world- from the evil dragon Alduin.

The Dragonborn rode up on his horse, and unsaddled. He wore an iron helmet with horns extending out of the side and studded armor. He also wore iron boots and hide bracers. He was armed with a sword, shield and the mighty power of the Thu'um. He walked toward the guards. "Do you wish to view the wreckage, Dovahkiin?" Asked a third guard who walked up. He nodded yes, and they let him through. Three humans, a... what are those things? A hairy main of some sort. It looked a cross of a werewolf and Khajiit. Then, there was a green human with... two two small tails, in place of hair. Oh well. He had seen stranger.

One of the humans, a young boy, started to wake up. He bent over to look at the boy. He was wearing strange attire. As was everything everyone else was wearing. The boy opened his eyes, and gasped. He was clearly startled and, after a few seconds of observation, intimidated. "H-hi," the boy said. "Who are you?" replied Dovahkiin. "And what are you doing here?" "I-" The boy took a breath and calmed down. "My name is Ezra Bridger," he finished. "And what are you doing here?" replied Dovahkiin. "Long story short, we were... adventuring, and we crash landed," he replied. A guard, who was watching the Dragonborn, spoke. "I used to be an adventurer like you," he said. Ezra looked at him, interested. "Then I took an arrow in the knee," he finished, walking away as another guard approached. "Oh," Ezra said, expecting the guard to tell him some amazing story. But no. He took an arrow in the knee. Why would he stop being an adventurer then? "Who are you?" Ezra asked the man. He hoped he wouldn't get something like that arrow to the knee statement. "In the tongue of the dragons, I am Dovahkiin. To all others, I am the Dragonborn," he replied. He then noticed everyone else had awoken and went to inquire of them the same questions he had asked them.

After he had finished, some sort of animal-drawn vehicle approached. It seemed to be a large wooden platform with a fence on all sides but the back one. After he realized he had the strength to get up, he got up. Then, one of the helmeted men came up to him and escorted him to the vehicle. Everyone else was being guided to it as well. Up front, a man sat on a bench with reins to drive the animals. There were benches on the inside of the vehicle as well. "What's the matter, you ain't never seen a horse-drawn carriage before?" said the driver. That's what it was. There was an extra spot left. Then, the Dragonborn approached and took it. "Where are we going?" inquired Zeb. "Whiterun. The Jarl will want to speak with you," Dovahkiin replied. "Who's the Jarl?" Sabine asked as the carriage began to move. "Skyrim is divided into nine holds. Each hold is ruled by a Jarl," explained the Dragonborn. "Skyrim?" Hera inquired. "By Shor, it's a province on the continent of Tamriel," explained the Dragonborn. His reply was met with confusion. These people must have been from a whole other world to not even know what Tamriel was, or who Shor was. He had no idea how true that was.