The Dragonborn couldn't believe his eyes. The city of Solitude, the capital of Skyrim, was in flames. Men in white armor with incredibly powerful magical-crossbow-like weapons came down from the mouths of great flying beasts made of white metal. The Dwemer machines were nothing compared to these weapons of war. A giant two-legged walking machine strode past him, shooting what seemed to be fire from it's extremely thin double-mouth. What terrified him most, however, was the one they called Lord Vader. He came from the mouth of another flying beast a little different from the ones the men in white armor came from. He followed him to the Blue Palace, where he watched in horror as he cut down the Jarl and everyone in the building with a glowing fire sword. Vader himself was dressed in black armor, and did not at all seem human in both action and body. He seemed more machine then man, just a Dwarven automaton with a mind of it's own.

He walked back outside. He couldn't believe what happened. He blamed himself for it all. He should have allowed Harmac to die. It would have saved so many lives.

"You did well, Captain Harmac," said Commander Surfaceweld, speaking with Harmac in the bridge of the Imperial Pride. "But at what price?" Harmac replied. He knew what just happened down there, the stormtroopers going down and slaughtering civilians at Lord Vader's order. Vader never was a very merciful... whatever he is. It. Could be a woman, for all he knew. Probably not a woman, but you get the picture. If only they had targeted the Thalmor Embassy instead. Zay's visit gave him a disliking of Thalmor and their business in Skyrim.

"Nothing is free, Captain," replied the Commander. "We needed to send a clear message that we exist and we do not tolerate-"

"We killed a lot of people who had no idea what the hell was going on," said Harmac coldly.

The commander sighed. "It wouldn't have happened if I remained in charge. I guarantee it," he said. Zay nodded and headed back to his ship. He needed to get his mind off things.

Time to get back to what he does best.


Hi! I had a great time writing this fiction, and I hope you enjoyed it! I plan on making more in the future, and tell me in the comments if you would like Zay Harmac to return in one of them.

Wind guide you and may the Force be with you!