Author's note - The events of this story follow the end of the Fractured but Whole Game so there will be some spoilers, just a heads up. The mian character will be my own version of the "New Kid" but I will keep details secret for now. Also, I have changed it so the games events happened over summer break. Thanks for reading~~

Disclaimer: I do not own South Park, their characters, or the games based around the "New Kid"


The last day of summer break broke clear and beautiful in the sleepy mountain town of South Park. Most of the citizens were still sleeping but that was not the case for one Dr. Timothy of the Freedom Pals. He was currently entering the base to make one last review of the repaired franchise plan, the original having been shredded by the Coon a week ago. Dr Timothy sighed at the thoughts of the Coon, for now he was banished to the old Coon and Friends base as not to anger the other Freedom Pals but eventually the good doctor knew he would have to rejoin the fold.

After finally finishing the long journey to the base, Timothy's thoughts turned to the franchise and their plans. He rubbed his hands with excitement as his wheelchair drew close to the sheet that worked to conceal the franchise plan. He was Stopped when the door opened behind him and the voice of one of his friends reached him.

"Good morning Doctor Timothy, getting an early start?" the voice belonged to Tupperware, a core member of the original Freedom Pals.

Timothy turned around and smiled at the young hero "Timmy" his voice said even as his voice came to Tupperware's mind "Good morning Tupperware! Indeed the early bird gets the worm."

"Well that's good. I know you've been working nonstop again to finish the franchise plan. Today is the day then?"

"If everything goes as planned, yes. Would you remove the curtain, Tupperware?"

"Of course, doctor."

Tupperware moved over and pulled a cord to move the curtain away. What they saw next shocked them so bad Timothy could not use his mental powers at all. Where the franchise plan was just a few hours ago... was a blank wall. Both boys immediately had a suspect for this crime, Eric Cartman AKA The Coon. Timothy took a moment to compose himself before looking at the stricken Tupperware.

"Tupperware, call The New Kid at once. We must get the plan back."

Tupperware nodded and took off his helmet and pulled out a phone. He hit the most recent phone number added, The New Kid AKA Cyan Vine. The phone rang twice before he heard a high pitched voice answer.

"Hello Tupperware? You called at a bad time..."

And that's it for the prologue. Next time: Chapter 1: Cyan Vine