Two years after college and both now having stable jobs, Percy finally asks Annabeth for her hand in marriage. Unsurprisingly, she accepted. And unsurprisingly, Athena wasn't very pleased. Percy had already talked to Annabeth's father, and gods aren't really that part of their children's lives, so Percy didn't expect that he also had to get Athena's approval.

That night, Athena visited him in his dreams. Not listening to his explanations, then desperate pleas when he realized what she was gonna do, she banished him to a pet world of her's as punishment. A pet world where everything was still a few hundred years ago, and all was the same, except for one thing: Dragons.

"PJ and HTTYD crossover:

Percy Jackson is transformed into a _(new or already established) dragon and is sent to Berk as a test/punishment from Athena. Whilst there, he meets the vikings, who immediately capture him and use him to train new recruits. (Pre-Hiccup/Toothless-friendship)" Idea given by CSP2708

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