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Near the Strait of Malacca

April 28th, 2025

Onboard the Samāgeiru

Truth be told, Akeno couldn't believe that despite everything that had happened last year, that she wasn't commanding something like a Heavy Cruiser this year. As it stood the Samāgeiru or Summer Gale, was basically a member of the Dōnsukūru class of the Destroyer, she was big and powerful, coming in at 410 feet long, with 37 foot beam, and a draft of 13 feet, for armament she had no less than six 5in/54 caliber Mark 16 Dual-Purpose Guns -something that was rather common on these ships-, ten torpedo tubes in two quintuple launchers, four 25mm Type 96 AT/AA Guns, and depth charge throwers and racks.

Not that Akeno was complaining, after hearing about the headaches that often ensued from commanding such big ships. Being able to command a relatively small ship again was something that she was eternally grateful for. Today she was standing on the bridge wing and letting the spray of the sea decorate her face as the the Samāgeiru knifed through the waters near the southern mouth of the Malacca Strait at fifteen knots.

"Sure is a nice day, eh captain?" Mashiro asked calmly.

"It is Shiro-chan, this is what becoming a Blue Mermaid is all about. Being able to go out and see the world, experience new cultures, meet new people, etc. It's fun, particularly when we don't have half of the Blumers chasing after us because of a Totalitarian Plague infection that got into our instructor." Mashiro said.

Rin laughed out loud. "Yeah! It sure is, as it stands though. I don't get why they decided to give us this shiny new destroyer despite the fact that the Harekaze was being repaired and would've been ready to sail a week after everyone else? I wouldn't have minded waiting an extra week." She said.

"I looked into that and well, one of the damn six-inch shells scored a direct hit on a turbine and caused it destroy itself and you don't even want to know what that 18-inch projectile did to the Harekaze below decks. The more they did the initial tear down, the more damage that they found. At this point they aren't sure if they want to scrap her or do something else with her." Akeno said shaking her head.

"Damn shame then, she got us through so much. At the very least they should memorialize the event and turn her into a museum. It was certainly note worthy enough and a big enough threat to the world." Mashiro said with a note of sadness in her voice.

"Don't forget our captain, who knows how things would've turned out if she hadn't been commanding. She got us out of a lot of bad situations with just some quick thinking and in some cases clever tactics." Mei said giving Akeno a smile.

"Yeah, I don't know what would've happened. But, I assure you that when it comes to making quick decisions, I am always worried that I'll make the wrong one and the consequences of said choice will be anything but good." Akeno said shaking her head.

"Don't worry about it Captain. You've gotten us this far and we will follow you even into the jaws of death and the depths of hell." Mashiro said calmly.

"Thanks, that means a lot to me." Akeno said smiling slightly before glancing at the Chronometer. "Mashiro the bridge is yours, I am going to get some feeling back in my legs." she said.

"Okay Captain, the bridge is mine." Mashiro intoned and then Akeno left the bridge.

Akeno walked down the ladder that lead from the bridge and onto the main deck of the Samāgeiru, she was an absolute beauty of a ship. Her heavy armament and incredibly quick top speed of thirty-eight knots just complimented her sleek and graceful lines. Still, she didn't have the same small time charm that the Harekaze had.

That wasn't saying she didn't like the Samāgeiru, on the contrary she loved the ship. Her turbines and boilers were brand new as well everything else, which made sense because the ship was brand new. It was fitting, mainly because the Harekaze while she had charm had been nearly ten years old and thus her engines had been rather cantankerous and was prone to popping steam lines at random at least once a day without fail. But that wasn't a problem on board the Samāgeiru, not one bit, in fact it was the exact opposite, her steam lines were nice and tight.

Akeno walked up to the rail, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, letting in the salty air. To her, it was the smell of home and that was the truth, she loved the ocean. More so than any place else on the planet, yet it was also sad for her parents had died at sea as well, in a sense apart from her crew, which she cared about like family, the sea was the only family that she had left.

The question was though, when had that started happening? When had she started to realize that the sea was her home? The more she thought about it, the more she realized that it had probably began to happen after enrolling at Yokosuka Maritime Girls High School, probably after the rescue mission they had done. Still why was she feeling that while it had remained simple for this semester she had this feeling in her gut that sooner or later something was going to happen and that it would cause everything to go horrifically wrong.

But all things considered, it hadn't happened yet and as an added bonus the end of the semester was nearly upon them and nothing had happened yet. Heck, within three days they were expected to arrive in Singapore for a quick stop to restock and resupply, then start the return trip back to Yokosuka.

The fact that it had been quiet actually made Akeno happy. Even if she did have to diffuse a number of practical jokes between members of the crew and the fact that her crew had picked up an interesting amount of slang after restocking and resupplying in Cavite, the home base of the USN's Asiatic Fleet as well as the United State Navy's Junior Naval Academy's Asiatic Flotilla. It was enlightening with all of the various knowledge that her crew had picked up, mainly how to become masters at the jury-rig repair. That had been interesting, although several members of her crew had learned that it was usually a bad idea to piss-off a Bosun Mate, particularly a Chief Bosun Mate.

Yet the bad feeling that she had with something bad happening was accurate.

Forty-five Nautical Miles North of the Samāgeiru

April 28th, 2025

The MS Ore Brasil

The Motor Ship Ore Brasil was absolutely massive, in fact the word massive didn't even begin to describe how huge this monster was. In terms of the length the Valemax Bulk Carrier was bigger than the famed American Nuclear Powered Battleships as well as far heavier than said ships. Plus it showed, with a deadweight tonnage of an absolutely astounding 402,347 tons and she could carry 67,993 tons of Iron Ore. With a length of 1,187.7 feet overall combined with a draft of 99.7 feet, a beam of 213.3 feet, and a moulded draft of 75.5 feet she certainly was huge. But the ship was also approaching the absolute end of her service life, in fact this was her last voyage carrying a cargo of Iron Ore from Brazil to China. After this voyage the ship was either going to be sold to a ship-breaking company or sunk as an artificial reef.

However the Ore Brasil like all merchants even today were extremely vulnerable to pirates, because they had very limited in terms of defensive options. Usually stuff like high-pressure water hoses, high temperature water walls, sound cannons, laser dazzlers, and small security teams; it wasn't much for protection.

The fact that the massive cargo vessel was in an area where piracy was common. The ship's thirty-three strong crew was on edge, particularly considering that there were rumors going around about a new Pirate group that was supposedly operating small little warships that were like gunboats or patrol vessels in size in the area instead of the usual Dhow with an outboard motor and a few RPGs, these modified submarine chasers were usually armed with two small deck guns and a couple of machine guns. Plus they had a crew that was capable of overpowering the small security teams that were usually onboard.

Part of the problem that ships like this were becoming a problem was because of how quick and how small they were. Another problem was that the ships of the various navies that patrolled this area couldn't be everywhere at once. Thus by chance, five of the new pirate sloops came upon the Ore Brasil.

When her captain spotted the threat, the ship quickly sent out a distress call and accelerated to her maximum speed of fifteen knots in attempt to buy time for any responders to have a chance to reach the lumbering giant and her pursuers in time.

Brief stabs of fire and smoke bloomed across the bows of three of the ships. With a screeching roar, plumes of water danced near the massive container ship as shells landed. In response the freighter began zigzagging in an attempt to throw the firing solutions off. Yet her pursuers were anything if not persistent and kept up the chase of the massive ship without fail, but there fire was desultory and not very accurate. However if this continued, they could force the monstrous bulk carrier out of the main shipping lane and then she would be at risk of running aground.

But, not everything could go for the Ore Brasil forever. She was only a merchant ship after all and not to mention she was quite large. Thus it wasn't long before the first hits were scored on her, the first shell that slammed into the enormous Ore Carrier cleaved into the base of her funnel, punched through it with ease and then exploded between the funnel and the rest of the superstructure.

The ship didn't even so much as quiver, from neither the shell impact nor the detonation of the shell itself. Her mass was simply so great, that it would take much more punishment than the small 76mm single purpose gun forward on the small pirate sloops could dish out to sink her. But then again, that wasn't their objective, there objective was to disable the ship, board it, detain the crew, and make off with as much Iron Ore as was possible.

Onboard the Samāgeiru

Akeno was just beginning to stride onto the bridge and caught a part of an interesting conversation that Kouko was holding with the rest of the bridge crew. "So you're utterly convinced that we're not alone in the galaxy and that there is in fact many other universes out there?" Mashiro asked in a stumped tone.

"Yes, considering all of the stars that one can see in the night sky, it would stand to reason that at least one has a planet inhabited with intelligent life. Earth can't have been a fluke in being able to support intelligent life, considering all of the stars that are in the Milky Way Galaxy it's impossible to think that the Earth is the only planet that has intelligent life on it." Kouko replied cheerfully.

"Kouko, I am not sure about intelligent life on other planets. But all things considered and how life can adapt to survive or even thrive almost any environment on the planet. I wouldn't be surprised if there is extraterrestrial life out there in some form." Akeno said shaking her head.

"Captain, you can't seriously believe that?! There is no way life can exist anywhere else but on Earth!" Mashiro said in a stunned voice.

"I don't know Mashiro, I mean considering that we had to deal with hamsters that carried a virus that subverted one's will. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that life exists elsewhere." Rin replied cheerfully.

"Alright, still Kouko can you explain the logic behind what basically sounds like a "multiverse" idea?" Mashiro asked.

"It was just something I came up with in my spare time. In essence each universe is different and has it's own series of events. One such difference could be that instead of us just forcing Hiei to run aground, we actually sank her with one of our torpedoes. Thus causing a chain of events that's different from the ones that we went through." Kouko said.

At first no one really knew how to answer that question. Not even the ship, for her blower suddenly became muted as she was pondering the answer to that question as well.

"Now that you put it that way Kouko, I guess you could be right. Just a tiny event turning out differently could have drastic effects on the resulting series of events that's different than the ones we went through." Mashiro admitted.

"Still what would that result in?" Mei asked confused.

"I dunno." Tama said shaking her head.

"Got me." Rin said shaking her head.

"An alternate reality then?" Akeno asked in confusion.

"I guess, yeah you could say that. Still, something like that is interesting to think about. Hell, something like that would probably make for a really good fanfiction piece if it could be written." Kouko said.

Unknown to any members of the bridge crew, standing on the bridge behind Rin was man. Yet despite being invisible he was also intangible as well and was only noticed when he wanted to noticed. The purpose that this man had was simple, he'd become curious about this dimension and to be more specific, this one dimension's Earth. He had always found humans to be interesting to observe for a variety of reasons, mainly because they were clever, tenacious, ferocious fighters, not to mention curious and inquisitive. He was known to Starfleet as the being Q, capable of bending space, time, and reality itself to his whims; not to mention observe the flow of time and how the future will play out. But he was also capable of traversing the multiverse but when doing so he had to be wary, mainly because well there were other extra dimensional beings who didn't take kindly to a being like Q jumping around between universes.

But the reason he was onboard the Samāgeiru was simple. He saw something that he could use, there were several members of this ship while they didn't know it, their destinies were rapidly coming upon them. But in his mind, those several crew members weren't ready yet to face their destinies and in fact their destinies weren't even in this universe's timeline. Not when they had so much potential to become the sort of people that Starfleet could use in the coming trials, that is if they could get to that dimension. Which was something he was willing to provide but in order to do so they would have to give up their current lives in this dimension forever. A small price to pay, because the adventures they would have they would remember for the rest of their lives.

That's when the whistle for one of the speaking tubes went off. "Captain! We're picking up a distress signal!" Tsugumi voice's barked sharply a moment later.

Immediately the cheerful tone that was on the bridge vanished in a heartbeat, as Akeno watched the faces of her bridge crew hardened. It was time to get to work and it was something that the crew of the Samāgeiru did very well.

Akeno went over to the speaking tube. "What do we got Tsugumi?" she asked.

"The distress signal is coming from the MS Ore Brasil. They are currently under attack by pirates and are requesting immediate assistance. Their coordinates are currently," Tsugumi replied then rattling off a set of coordinates. "She's currently making fifteen knots. The Royal Singaporean Frigate Stalwart is responding, but it'll take her at maximum speed one and half hours to get their."

Mashiro and Rin went to the chart table and quickly did some calculations. "We can get there in roughly thirty-five minutes Captain, if we go to flank-speed. After that, we'll have to engage those guys for roughly an hour until the Stalwart arrives." Rin said looking up from the chart table.

Akeno pondered that, they could most certainly buy time for the Ore Brasil to escape. But the question that she wanted to know was how well armed the raiders were and more importantly how many of them where there. She needed to know that information desperately.

"Tsugumi! Contact the Ore Basil, tell them that this is the Yokosuka Girls Maritime Highschool Ship Samāgieru and that we acknowledge your distress signal and are responding. Estimated arrival time thirty-five minutes, what's the enemy force disposition as well as enemy armaments?" Akeno barked sharply. "Rin bring us about to compass bearing 287, make your speed three-seven knots!" she said.

"Right, making my course 287 aye! Making my speed three-seven knots, aye!" Rin said as she spun the ship's wheel and moved the Lee Helm from "Ahead one-third" to "Ahead flank".

For several brief moments it seemed like the Samāgieru was coiling up like a serpent as a quiver ran through her decking, the ship seemed … eager, Akeno noted to stretch her legs. Then those moments were over, the blower roared like a Tiger, the stern "sat down", the screws bit into the water, and then the ship shot forward. The ship surging forth proudly, quickly gaining speed, her thrashing screws kicking up a rooster tail, the flag waving at the fantail went from waving calmly in the breeze to being snapped taut.

It felt good to be responding to a distress signal, a ship and crew at risk from pirates. It brought back a feeling of pride as they raced to the rescue that wasn't dissuaded easily. This was what they lived for, it would be apart of their job after all once they became Blue Mermaids; hunting pirates. Might as well get some good "live" experience while they had the chance.

Still, regardless Akeno couldn't shake this feeling that something bad was brewing. The problem was, she couldn't tell what it was and it was making her nervous. Despite that, well she was looking forward to actually being in battle for once, mainly because absolutely nothing of interest had happened thus far over the course of the semester. She'd already been forced to defuse a couple of pranks and practical jokes already as the boredom levels of the crew reached new heights. So some action would actually be a good thing, mainly because it was needed.

But, she realized that perhaps the Pirates wouldn't run away at the sight of her ship. Maybe it would be good to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. But pirates were a unique bunch when it came to fighting them, sometimes they would turn-tail and run other times they would stay and promptly fight to the death. Akeno was hoping that just the arrival of the Samāgeiru would be enough to drive the Ore Brasil's assailants off. But if that wasn't the case, she knew that should have to be ready to fight.

She went to the ship wide speaking tube and took a deep breath. "All hands to your action stations! All hands to your action stations! Set traffic down and aft on the starboard side, up and forward on the port side! Set watertight condition Zeta throughout the ship! Stand by for possible external hostile contact and incoming wounded!" she barked authoritatively.

A few moments later, the sound of a horribly off-key bugle started playing. To which the sounds of shoes began thundering against metal decking as everyone ran to their action stations while with heavy clangs bulkhead doors were slammed shut and promptly sealed. The bridge crew meanwhile traded their hats out for helmets and donned ballistic vests, because if they were going to get shot at the enemy was going to be using live ammunition and thus it would be best to be safe than sorry.

"Engineering manned and ready for action!" Maron reported.

"Main Battery manned and ready!" Tama said as she got a report from the main battery gun team.

"Torpedoes manned and ready!" Mei said as got a report from her two torpedo operators.

"Deck division manned and ready!" Wazumi barked authoritatively; one of the things that Akeno had done was that she had folded the galley staff into the damage control team and had assigned Toumatsu to be Kaburagi's assistant during combat.

"Medical manned and ready!" Kaburagi said.

"All divisions manned and ready for action, captain!" Kouko said as she looked at her iPad as the last of the division heads sent an electronic signal once they were manned and ready.

Akeno glanced at the pocket watch she had pulled out of a pocket as she stopped it. Well, well; I guess thanks to all of the boredom the crew has a lot of energy. We just set, I think a new school record for going to battle stations. She thought with a smile and then turned to Kouko. "Kouko, make a note in the ship's log. Time for all battle stations to be manned and ready for action took eighty-three seconds. Have that transmitted to the school and ask if we've set a new school record for destroyers." Akeno said.

"Yes captain!" Kouko said with a grin. Truth be told, it was well justified mainly because they finally had something worthwhile and they had probably just broken a school record. Thus she had good reason to be happy and so did Akeno.

Still the feeling that Akeno had that something was going to go horribly wrong just wouldn't go away, no matter how much she willed for it to go away it just wouldn't leave her be.

"Captain, we've received word on the attackers from the Ore Brasil. They got five hostile sloops attacking them, judging by the flag and ship coloration they think they are members of The Nightmare Buccaneers. The ship themselves appear to be armed with a single Soviet AK-726 3in gun forward but they aren't sure about other armaments, but they did say to expect at least a couple of machine guns and maybe a couple of guys who think they are hotshit armed with RPGs." Tsugumi said through the speaking tube.

"Affirmative, any injured yet?" Akeno asked.

"Yes Captain. Out of the eight-man security team onboard they have three dead and two injured, one severely. Out of the Ore Basil's crew, they got six injured, two severely, and three dead. The lifeboat has been smashed, the exhaust stack no longer looks like an exhaust stack, and they've lost one of the auxiliary diesel engines. They think that they are trying to disable them, but are afraid to sink the ship, which means they want her cargo." Tsugumi said.

Akeno shuddered, the Nightmare Buccaneers; that meant this was going to be a heavyweight fight because they always used heavy sloops armed with old Soviet kit. The Nightmare Buccaneers were feared in this area for their tenacity and ruthlessness in fighting against foes as well as how they captured cargo ships. They had no-qualms of killing the crew, making off with as much of the goods as they could, and then scuttling ship; they often didn't leave survivors from their strikes either. Plus, even the Royal Singaporean Navy didn't like tangling with them for obvious reasons, they had a small navy to begin with and you never engaged the Nightmare Buccaneers and came out the other end without damage, injured crewmembers, and only sometimes no one dead.

That meant they had a fight on their hands, because the Nightmare Buccaneers were rarely crowed by the appearance of warships and if anything had even engaged them in battle on occasion. Granted it didn't normally end well for them but the point stood, they weren't going to run when they showed up and they would have no qualms about sinking them either.

"Mashiro, authorize use of live ammunition. We're going to need it when we arrive to relieve the Ore Brasil." Akeno said calmly, she didn't like the idea of being forced to shoot to kill. But training shells tended to be rather useless against ships although torpedoes were another matter, you didn't escape damage when you had something that weighed three tons slamming into the side of your ship at sixty knots, even with the majority of the force of the explosion being diverted away from the impact point, the damage that the Sarushima had suffered from the impact and detonation of the training Type 93 F3 Torpedo had been incredible, it had caused stress fractures to form throughout the entirety of the hull and had nearly sent the Independence class Littoral Combat Ship to the bottom; as it stood the damage had resulted in the ship getting scrapped.

"You sure about live ammunition, Captain?" Mashiro asked nervously, mainly because Akeno rarely if ever used her actual name. Whenever she did however, that told her that it was serious.

"Positive, the Ore Brasil is under attack from the Nightmare Buccaneers. As you heard, but the Nightmare Buccaneers won't hesitate to fire on this ship with live ammunition. Plus, since they aren't like other pirate groups that will run away at the sight of a warship but instead will stand their ground long enough to get a couple of hits in before disengaging. We must reply with lethal force of our own if we are to stand a chance against them, they won't hesitate to sink us. Plus we already enroute and if we're going to have even a chance of stopping those pirates we have got to use live ammunition." Akeno said in a tone that clearly stated that she didn't like it, but it was something that needed to be done.

Mashiro sighed deeply, she knew that Akeno was right. "Alright, I agree to the authorization of live ammunition."

As one, both Akeno and Mashiro pulled a small necklace off their necks, on the necklace was a small key. In order for live ammunition to be authorized, both the Captain and Deputy Captain had to insert and then turn them simultaneously.

"Ready?" Akeno asked, looking at Mashiro in the eyes.

"Ready." Mashiro said with icy steel in her voice.

"Insert!" Akeno barked and the two of them inserted their keys together. There was a soft click.

"On three, ready?" Akeno asked.

"Ready." Mashiro affirmed, her gaze as hard as Mt. Fuji and her voice as her as steel.

"One, two, three!" Akeno said and then together they turned their keys. There was a muted click and the deed was done. The ship's drum autoloaders for the main battery guns began cycling out the training rounds and cycled in the live rounds from the magazine.

Regardless, the fact that Akeno was leading her crew into a fight that would like make the action against the Musashi last semester look pathetic. Mainly because this was against ships that were probably smaller, more maneuverable, and while probably not as well armed their weapons were more modern. Plus their crews were ruthless and wouldn't hesitate to sink the Samāgeiru in a heartbeat. She was going to need every last ounce of wit that she had at her disposal if she was going to win.

MS Ore Brasil

The situation aboard the Ore Brasil was getting critical, the ship's stern was heavily chewed up by 76mm shell fire from the five pirate sloops, the other two auxiliary engines had been destroyed and the main engine had been severely damaged limiting the ship to only seven knots sustained, the exhaust stack had finally collapsed its remains were now somewhere on the bottom of the Strait of Malacca, and to make matters worse two of the sloops were angling for the ship's portside and were getting ready with the skiffs to send boarding parties aboard.

Her captain glanced at his watch and sighed. Aid wasn't going to be arriving in time, what's worse is that the Nightmare Buccaneer sloops had been incredibly accurate in their gunnery and had managed to nail the exact areas where the security team had been, meaning all that was left to defend the ship was just the crew.

"All hands, this is the captain. Stand by to repel boarders." Her captain ordered grimly. This was going to be a massacre, no doubt about it. His crew wasn't trained enough to fend off pirates and while firehoses and hot-water walls were decent. Most of those had been severely damaged by enemy gunfire. But he would be damned if his ship fell without a fight of that he was damn sure.

"Captain! Look!" Someone shouted and pointing wildly at something.

The old captain pulled a set of binoculars to his weathered face and gazed in the direction that the younger seaman was gesturing. What he saw made him smile as hope blossomed within his chest. Racing towards the Ore Brasil at flank speed was a destroyer, her low and slender hull proved that, so much so that at first glance one would mistake her for a Kagerō class Destroyer. But she wasn't, while her hull and pilothouse her remarkably similar to that class, there were differences.

Mainly in that the pilothouse was a little shorter and a little wider, also the gun director was different in shape and size, not to mention the shape of the gun turrets themselves was different, they were larger but still retained the rectangular shape of Japanese Destroyer gun turrets. But there was no doubting the ship, it was clearly a Dōnsukūru class Destroyer and she represented one thing.


Akeno gazed through the binoculars as the enemy ship spotted her own vessel and promptly changed course increasing speed to intercept her ship. It had the nightmare black and indigo blue paint scheme that was distinctive of the Nightmare Buccaneers, the thing was small and displaced a thousand tons at most, she could tell even from this distance that it had a 76mm AK-726 dual mount in the bow, a funky 57mm twin gun mount aft, roughly amidships behind the exhaust stack was what had to be a heavy autocannon of some kind, there was also a couple of machine guns as well. It was a rather typical pirate sloop that was in use near Somalia, the Pacific, and the Strait of Malacca after the "Armored Fleet" incident.

Those ships had at most a 50mm armored plate over the machinery spaces, which could defeat standard high-explosive shells, but it couldn't defeat the Semi-Armor-Piercing Rounds that everyone now used in their 5in and 3in guns unless the round struck at an odd angle. Regardless this didn't bode well, that gun had a little over double the rate of fire of the main battery of the Samãgeiru did.

The TBS crackled and a harsh and heavily accented voice snarled something in, Akeno was certain was Vietnamese. "Any idea what he said?" she asked as she picked up the receiver.

"Couldn't get much due to the accent, but he basically told us to "fuck off and leave them to do their thing or face the consequences." Although, he used a lot more curse words and managed to string it, ah in an interesting way too." Mashiro said obviously taken aback by the harsh language that the pirate had directed at them.

"Right, okay Mashiro your my translator; I can't speak Vietnamese at all and I only know a few words in the language as in just enough to get by." Akeno said.

Mashiro nodded in response.

"Attention MS Ore Brasil, this is the Captain Akeno Misaki of the Yokosuka Maritime Girls High School ship Samāgeiru. We're willing to lend aid, attention Nightmare Buccaneer ships. Break off any and all hostile action against the Ore Brasil now or you will be fired upon. This is your only warning." Akeno said in an authoritative and commanding voice.

The response from the lead Nightmare Buccaneer ship was interesting, the angry stream of expletives, insults, and death threats was incredible. Mashiro whistled at the angry stream that came from the TBS. "Well, first he identified himself as a Captain Bludfist and he said at least five things that I've been told that in various trade languages is extremely rude, insulted your parents, swore to torture the crew that survives him and his fleet blowing the Samāgeiru to death and then feed the remains to fish, vowed to engage and destroy any Yokosuka Maritime Girls High School ship that enters "his territory" just because you decided to interfere, he also managed to somehow squeeze the word "fuck" or a variation of that word at least ten times into that reply; I am willing to bet that the answer is "no."." she said shaking her head.

"How rude." Tama said in a flat tone.

"Right then, so much for diplomacy. Tama you got a solution on the closest Sloop?" Akeno asked calmly.

"Aye." she replied.

"Then send our reply to "Captain Bludfist" if you please." Akeno said putting air quotes up around the pirate captain's name.

"Aye," Tama replied before turning to a speaking tube. "Main battery, commence firing." she said.

The forward 5in gun turrets twitched and then traversed, gun barrels rising, shells loading. Then they fired, the twin gun mounts spat fire and smoke, hurling a pair of shells toward the lead sloop. The shells hadn't even landed when the guns reloaded and fired again. The first two rounds bracketed the pirate sloop, throwing a pair of water columns high enough into the air that it utterly drenched the deck.

The sloop's forward gun mount swung around. "Rin evasive maneuvers!" Akeno barked.

A moment later, the dual 3in gun mount began cycling rounds. Shells began shrieking and splashing as the rounds landed near the rapidly maneuvering destroyer.

"Rin, bring us around, we need to get the rest of the main battery in play." Akeno ordered as the Samāgeiru quivered as a round punched through the head of the ship without exploding.

"Hai!" Rin replied and swung the ship around, the two aft turrets swung around and then six guns ripple fired in unison. The enemy sloop shuddered as a pair of brilliant flashes exploded against its hull, one round blotted the heavy autocannon mount from existence and the other round punched into the hull and exploded. The sloop didn't even slow.

Suddenly the Samāgeiru rocked violently as another sloop entered the fray, it's twin forward mount throwing steel at the destroyer. "Tama, have gun mount two focus on the new guy." Akeno ordered as six guns spat steel in unison the reports a heaving crash that one felt in your chest.

Several seconds later a brilliant flash erupted on the horizon as six shells slammed into the pirate sloop and tore it's guts apart in four brilliant explosions. The hostile began to settle as flames took the ship within it's deadly grasp. "Hostile 1 down!" Mei whooped as the pirate sloop began to list, clearly out of the fight.

Moments later the ship quaked as if struck by and earthquake and the glass on the bridge shattered inward. "Sonofa! We're hit! The classroom's on fire!" Kouko yelled.

"Damage control to the classroom!" Akeno said over the ship wide speaking tube before saying. "Never thought I'd have to say that."

"Main battery, switch fire to hostile 2, commence firing!" Tama ordered as the Samāgeiru lurched again as a loud bang sounded through the ship's hull as another 3in round detonated within the ship's hull.

The three main battery turrets traversed as more shells ripped into the the Samāgieru and the ship quivered in sympathy. But Akeno knew her crew, they had been baptized by flames that were far greater than this. The three main battery turrets commenced firing, throwing lethal munitions down range.

Looking through the binoculars, she watched as the first salvo bracketed the other sloop. The ship turned into the incoming fire and the first and second salvoes missed completely and then the forward gun mount spat fire and smoke and did so quickly as it began to cycle rounds and the all too familiar shriek of shells raced in.

"Hard to port!" Akeno barked as the ship quivered under her feet.

The main battery spat steel again and then the ship shuddered as several projectiles speared the ship's hull and detonated. Akeno swore as she heard a loud crump behind her as a shell detonated.

She brought her binoculars up as the guns spat steel again and five plumes of water erupted around the sloop and one shell smashed into the forward gun mount where it exploded. The gun mount blew itself apart in a fantastic fireball that sent one of the gunbarrels easily thirty feet into the air, then moments later with a thundering explosion that sent a visible shockwave through the air and caused the forward most thirty feet of the sloop to vanish in a brilliant and fiery display.

"Hostile two destroyed! Let's go get the other three!" Mei announced with glee.

"Aye!" Tama confirmed as she gazed at the burning and sinking wreck.

"Kouko damage report! Rin, bring us about to course 025! Tama commence firing as you please!" Akeno ordered sharply.

"Hai!" Rin and Tama said.

"Damage control reports that they got the fire in the classroom under control. However we also got a half dozen holes in the side, the head of the ship has been utterly decimated by a pair of direct hits and the galley has suffered a hit as well." Kouko said sharply.

Akeno swore under breath. "Any flooding?" she asked.

"A little, but only because the water is slapping in the holes created by those shells. We also got a number duds in our hull, which means when the Stalwart gets here and relieves us we are going to need help from any EOD specialists that are onboard to get rid of those shells." Kouko replied.

"Great, well that is just perfect! Anything else I should be aware of?" Akeno asked as the three remaining sloops began to angle away from the Ore Brasil and towards the Samāgeiru, it was obvious that they were mad and wanted to destroy the Samāgeiru badly enough that they weren't going to continue their attack against the lumbering Ore Carrier but instead focus their efforts on destroying the Samāgeiru.

"Captain, we may have bitten off a bit more than we can chew." Rin muttered as the three sloops opened fire, before Akeno could even bark out orders Rin sent the destroyer through a wild series of maneuvers obviously designed to try and break firing solutions.

"I know, which is why Tama I want you to have the main battery target either the waterlines and command decks of the enemy ships. Mei, let's dump our fish, those things are just explosive hazards on the deck. Rin, keep up evasive maneuvers." Akeno ordered sharply.

"Hai!" They all replied.

The next few minutes were rather hectic, because Akeno had to make sure that they got themselves between the Ore Brasil and the pirates before they could hope to launch torpedoes, mainly because the monstrous ore carrier couldn't hope to avoid torpedoes. She was just too massive to move quickly and if a torpedo, particularly the live ones that the Samāgeiru was carrying hit the the Ore Brasil in one of her holds, the sudden weight shift was bound to tear her right in two.

"We're in position!" Rin shouted as they finally got into a position to launch their fish.

"Mei, commence attack!" Akeno yelled to be heard over the continuous blasting away of the main battery, the shierk and splash of incoming shells, and the shuddering of the ship from near misses and hits.

Mei grinned savagely. "Torpedo mounts 1 and 2! Fire in salvo! Torpedo mount one: Fire one, fire three, fire five, fire seven, fire nine! Torpedo mount two: Fire two, fire four, fire six, fire eight, fire ten!" she shouted after a minute and a rippling line of shrieks as compressed air forced the larded torpedoes out of their tubes and into the water.

An instant later an enormous boom convulsed the ship and she shuddered as if struck by an angry god. "Report!" Akeno bellowed as she scrambled to her feet.

Kouko's voice was low and filled with sorrow. "Torpedo one took a direct hit. The mount has been completely blown apart, it's gone." she said.

Godfucking damnit! These bastards are gonna pay! Akeno thought angrily as the main battery voiced its displeasure and it's wrath at one of her crew members being snuffed out. "Rin, bring us about to bearing 015, let's show these bastards what we're made of." Akeno ordered.

"Hai!" Rin said and spun the ship's wheel and the Samāgeiru answered like a rumrunner quickly and easily comin around to her new course and the main battery guns swung around just as the enemy ships began maneuvering wildly as they obviously spotted the torpedoes that were knifing towards them. For one of the ships it became obvious that it had started evading far too late, for a glorious plume of water erupted along its flank and the mighty warhead of the Type 93 blew the pirate sloop clean in half.

That's when the TBS crackled. "This is the Royal Singaporean Frigate Stalwart! Nice work Samāgeiru, we'll take it from here! Your cleared to disengage!" An authoritative voice said.

Akeno grasped the TBS talker. "Affirmative Stalwart, we a-" she started to say but never got to finish what she was saying.

A 3in High-Explosive round with a little over 1.5 pounds of high-explosive slammed into the gun director that was situated above the bridge; an instant later the round exploded.

The devastation that ensued was catastrophic, the detonation of the round created a surge of hot steel that spread out in all directions at several hundred feet per second. The lightweight splinter protection that surrounded the bridge was comprised by the hit itself and as a result allowed a storm of steel to slash into the bridge. Akeno felt a deep and horrifically painful burning sensation explode across her shoulders, chest, back, arms, and torso; the pain was so intense that she couldn't even scream in pain for it became her very existence. She slumped to the deck of the bridge along with the rest of the bridge crew, blood pooling beneath her. Thanks to positioning she couldn't see the rest of the bridge crew, but something told her that she didn't want too.

The Samāgeriu quaked violently as yet another shell (or was it shells?) slammed into the destroyer. The pain though was slightly weaker, but still blinding and at the sametime a cold, numbing sensation was spreading across Akeno's extremities already she had lost all feeling in her feet, hands, her lower legs, and forearms. She took in a breath, it was incredibly painful the fiery pain that went lancing across her chest as if trillions of white hot needles pricked her skin with the motion. Darkness was starting to creep into the edges of her vision as all feeling in her limbs vanished.

A heaving overpressure raced over her as the destroyer's main guns fired. Then the ship quivered and shook in sympathy as she was hit yet again. The main battery barked out a ragged salvo and then the ship was hit again and the rapidly dimming world turned white.

The commander of the Stalwart could only watch in horror as the Samāgeiru took hit first to her bridge, followed quickly by gun mount two getting blown apart, then even as the ship lurched away from the pirate formation clearly out of the fight, the ship took several more hits that ignited the forward magazine. The entirety of the bow and roughly half of the pilot house dissolved in a brilliant and absolutely thunderous explosion. The shattered remains quickly had their decks awash, a few scattered crew members managed to get above decks and leap into the water in a desperate bid to get clear of the ruined ship that was rapidly sinking.

Despite that, more shells slammed into the rapidly sinking hulk, with another brilliant conflagration, the aft magazine for the rear turrets touched off and the ship vanished underneath that second fireball.

"Weps, get me a missile solution! Four missiles per ship! We're going to blow those bastards out of the water!" The captain of the Stalwart shouted. The reason they hadn't used the Harpoons at long range was because they were more likely to home in on the Ore Brasil rather than the pirate sloops.

"Captain, how? The Ore Brasil is too close, our missiles will hit her instead of the raiders." The chief weapons officer replied in CIC.

"Guide them in on a radar beam!" The captain snarled as the two remaining sloops, which looked rather chewed swung around and began to advance on the Stalwart.

"Done! Got a lock, birds away!" Weps replied as the bow of the Stalwart became bathed in fire and eight Harpoon Antiship missiles threw themselves clear of the launchers. The missiles homed in on the ships that were painted by the radar and were frantically maneuvering and that's when the missiles went active.

The lead sloop took five missiles and blew up with such force that the ship turned into confetti that was scattered all over the place amid a massive thunderclap boom that the rattled the windows even from thirty kilometers away.

The other ship took three missiles and had her bow violently blown off with such force that it broke the ship's back and cast flames over a full two thirds of the vessel, some of the crew were abandoning her but others seemed to be racing aft.

The Captain of the Stalwart was about to offer the marauder a chance to surrender when the 57mm gun mount aft traversed and opened fire, the rounds fell well short of the ship, but regardless it was clear what there choice was.

"Weps, put that fucker out of his misery." The Stalwart's CO ordered.

"Yes sir!" The weapons officer replied.

A moment later the 76mm Super Rapido naval gun rose and with a rapid fire bang-klink began cycling rounds. The first burst of five rounds fell short with only one round exploding against the sloop's side. The second burst of five rounds was right on target, with all five rounds exploding against the ship's flank and resulted in a small secondary explosion. The third burst of five rounds ripped directly into the 57mm gun mount and touched off the ammunition, what little of the ship remained above water disintegrated.

With a sigh, the CO of the Stalwart grabbed the TBS talker. "Ore Brasil, what's your status?" He asked.

"Could be better, all three auxiliary engines have been destroyed, the main engine is heavily damaged, plus a number of systems are heavily damaged. But as it stands, those bastards would've likely boarded us had the Samāgeiru not showed up when it had, if anything they are the real goddamned heroes because they made sure that those pirates could not board us. I hope to god that they are remembered because they deserve to be remembered." The captain of the Ore Brasil said.

"I promise that they will. For they deserve it, moving to pick up survivors from the Samāgeiru." The CO of the Stalwart said.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the being known as Q watched as the majority of the crew on the Samāgeiru were entombed in a coffin of twisted and broken steel that was filled with water as it descended into the depths of the ocean never to be seen again. There hadn't been many survivors from the ship sinking, but during that timeframe he had been able to figure out who to pick to have their second chance in the prime universe. It hadn't been easy to pick them but after seeing them in action, he now knew which ones he would pick.

But now a new problem, should he split them up or keep them in the same place in the timeline? There was so many different possibilities and each one had different results, it was something that was so intriguing. Who to pick and how to scatter them? He was going to have fun with this, that was going to be a fact.

Still, he was going to have to do quite a bit for them, mainly manufacture a history and Starfleet Academy application. Plus suppress the memories that they had in this timeline to make sure that nothing went horribly wrong.

AN: Hence ends I guess it's part two of the prologue arc. There is going to be a short chapter after this one that wraps up the arc and sets us up for the next arc wherein things start to get complicated.

As for Q being in a different dimension than the Prime Universe? What's to say that since he can bend space, time, and reality itself to his will that he has opened up portals to other dimensions? I surely wouldn't put it past him.

As for the pirates, it was stated that there are more shipping lanes in the Haifuri Universe because of what happened to Japan. Plus piracy has always been an issue, but I went with this so that way you guys wouldn't call bullshit on some guy with a RPG-7 sinking the Samāgeiru. So slightly unrealistic? Maybe. Better than some guy sinking the ship with a Rocket Propelled Grenade? Absolutely.