AN: So we've found out a bit more about how Akeno and Mei got to the Star Trek Online Universe, but now to wrap the prologue arc up.

Yokosuka Maritime Girls High School

May 10th, 2025

Events such as this didn't happen often, while training vessels like the Samāgeiru suffered training accidents on occasion and on even rarer occasions had been lost mostly in storms, it was incredibly rare for one to be sunk in combat.

But it had happened, yet for a ship to be lost with almost it's entire crew? Absolutely unheard of; but despite that it had happened. Tears were shed for the twenty-eight brave, young souls who had been snuffed out far too early.


Yokosuka Girls Maritime High School had never lost that many students in a single decade, let alone that many in a school year. It was devastating, twenty-seven families were in deep mourning.

Even the recently repaired Harekaze was in mourning it seemed, her blowers sounding mournful as if the ship itself was sobbing over the loss of the crew that had catapulted the oldest destroyer in the Yokosuka Maritime Girls High School Fleet into fame. The ship was at the quay and her shiny new boilers were being tested but the ship just seemed sad, combined with the fact that the Harekaze was flying the school flag at half-mast just like the rest of the Yokosuka Maritime Girls High School Fleet. It just further invoked the image that the ship was in mourning.

Despite the sorrowful mood, the weather couldn't have been better. It was crisp and cool, with it being mostly cloudy but the sun and sky was visible in some areas poking through the cloud deck. Nearby birds were chirping and a soft breeze was blowing.

"Today...we have gathered here to remember the twenty-eight brave souls who lost their lives commanding the Samãgeiru during a skirmish against the Nightmare Buccaneers, who were targeting the merchant ship MS Ore Brasil with the intention of incapacitating it and boarding it to steal its cargo. Despite being outnumbered and with no support whatsoever, they decided to respond to Ore Brasil's distress signal, which led to the sinking of three enemy sloops and the assurance of enough time being bought for the RSS Stalwart to make it there... They didn't deserve to be taken from us this early in life, when they had such a bright future in front of them," she said, before pausing to take a deep breath to calm herself, as tears started forming in her eyes. "but it seems fate had other plans in store for them. They shall be remembered for their bravery and fearless spirit, choosing to dive into this precarious situation to help someone in need, even when they fully knew they might not make it out of the battle alive," Mayuki said before taking another deep breath, a tear running from her left eye on top of her left cheek. "I watched them all bloom from a distance, their skills becoming incredibly sharp, their unbending will and determination shining like a bright star in the night sky. Even when put into some of the worst positions imaginable, they always pulled through... It is something...I've always admired and I'll always remember. Though they may not walk among us anymore, they shall always remain at our hearts, reminding us what it truly means to be a Blue Mermaid. I'll now relinquish the podium to Moeka China." Mayuki finished and then stepped down, obviously on the verge of breaking down completely, as more and more tears started rolling on her face, the fact that the girls, and especially her daughter, won't be with her anymore weighing greatly on her soul and heart.

Moeka China then stepped up. Instead of her white officer's uniform she wore most of the time, she was dressed in black, and like Mayuki, her eyes were red from crying. "It was hard to believe at first, when I got the message over the wireless, that the Samãgeiru had been sunk with a large loss of life... I still don't want to believe it, if I am honest, but, when it got confirmed with a list of casualties, I was stunned to see that so many had died. Akeno was a very cheerful and energetic person. She always smiled and would face her problems head on, never wavering, never faltering. Some would call her reckless, others would call her careless and carefree, but what I really saw was bravery. Fearlessness. Unwavering resolve. She also was the sort of person who always believed that her crew was essentially her extended family and even if her ship was sinking, as long as there was a single crew member alive left onboard her ship, she wouldn't abandon it, even if it meant her death... And that's the truth with her, she always was willing to put her crew's lives and safety above else, even her own. She was a true hero and I'll never forget that she was always willing to do anything, in order to help others even if it meant putting herself at risk." Moeka said before taking a deep breath, fighting back tears. "One of the most memorable moments that Akeno had, was when she took the Harekaze, just a mere Kagerō class destroyer, up against Musashi, a Yamato class Battleship. Despite knowing full well that the ship still had a lot of live ammunition and that even a single shot in the right place would mean their ends, she and her crew bravely stood their ground. It takes lot of bravery to perform these kind of actions, and I believe we all need to learn from her example, if we want to become better and grasp what being a Blue Mermaid truly means."

The various eulogies continued for the better part of a day, but regardless the entirety of Yokosuka Girls Maritime High School was in mourning over the loss of some of the most well known and best students in the school. It wasn't easy and it was clear that the shock of such a loss would never go away.

For one of the few survivors from the Samāgeiru, Wazumi Hime that was doubly true. She didn't even remember getting off the destroyer as it died, just as a massive concussive blast that sent her flying, followed by a sharp pain on the back of her head which resulted in her blacking out, and then waking up in the Stalwart's medical bay. The fact that there had only been four survivors, all from the DAMCON team just because they had been in the process of fighting a fire that been below the main deck. It just didn't seem fair, that just the four of them could survive having their ship shot out from under them while the rest of the crew died. It didn't help that the injuries she had suffered were incredibly severe and had resulted in her being paralyzed from the waist down.

"How are you holding up Wazumi?" a voice asked from somewhere behind her. It had a slight stutter to it.

Wazumi turned and saw Sora, for a brief moment Wazumi felt a stab of envy. Sora had gotten off at least compared to her relatively easy, a couple of broken ribs, a fractured femur, and a broken leg. Unlike her, Sora was going to be able to walk again within a couple of months maybe a year at most.

"Not well, the loss of everyone plus my mobility. It's taking a toll, at best I will be able to get a shore position in the Blue Mermaids." Wazumi said hoarsely, tears threatening to spill. Over the course of an hour her dream of joining the Blue Mermaids in a seaside, or as the Americans called it an "At sea posting", position had been shattered.

Worse than that, almost all of her friends were dead. Either blown to bits or as was likely the case for Maron and her Engineering staff, entombed in a water-filled coffin of twisted steel.

"I feel ya, losing twenty-eight family members in just a couple of minutes? Combined with not having a chance to say goodbye? Brutal, just absolutely brutal. It's something I'll never forget." Sora said, shaking her head.

"Yeah, but my dream of becoming a Blue Mermaid in a seaside position is in pieces. Docs say I'll never walk again." Wazumi said, tears beginning to run down her face.

"But let's stay together, that's what crewmembers do, and also I think Akeno would want us to finish our training. Besides after we do finish our training, I don't care if my dream was to get a seaside position. I will get a shoreside position even if it means I am giving up my own dream." Sora crouched down as best she could and put a reassuring hand on Wazumi's shoulder.

Wazumi sighed. "I miss them." she said quietly.

"So do I, but we all knew the risks. But I guess this really drives home how dangerous being a Blue Mermaid really is." Sora replied shaking her head.

"It was never said that it was going to be easy. I thought it would be relatively easy, I was wrong. They always say how much of an adventure it is to be a Blue Mermaid, but they never say how dangerous it is." Wazumi said shaking her head.

"Yeah, but I wonder what happens when you die. Do you just cease existing? Or is their some form of afterlife or hope of reincarnation?" Sora asked.

"I don't know, mainly because what lies beyond this plane of existence is an undiscovered country that is only discovered by those who die and leave this plane of existence." Wazumi admitted.

"Really getting philosophical there Wazumi. But you're right." Sora said before reaching into her backpack and pulling out two bottles of soda. She opened both and then handed one to Wazumi. "To the Samāgeiru and to absent friends." she said.

"To the Samāgeiru and to absent friends." Wazumi replied, before drinking deeply.

Date Unknown

Location Unknown

Akeno groaned and opened her eyes, it seemed like everything hurt. But the pain was most noticeable across her chest and back, it wasn't unbearable but the pain was most certainly there. That's when she noticed she was laying flat on her back and staring up into what seemed like a white sky.

With a grunt of exertion she sat up. Something was awfully fishy here, at least that's what her instincts as a captain was telling her, but what was it?

"Ugh, my head. It feels like I just introduced it to the deck. Face first." A voice groaned behind her.

Akeno turned around and saw Mei. She too was just starting to sit up and also appeared to be in pain. Akeno stood up and went over to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. Mei started and then looked up and directly into her captain's eyes.

"C-captain? Is it really you?" She asked in a tone that was at the sametime worried, nervous, and slightly scared.

"Yes Mei, it's me. Got any idea what happened?" Akeno asked, helping her friend to her feet and then she looked around. The area around them was as vast as the ocean and just as featureless, with a stark whiteness all around them.

"Not one clue, last thing I recall was hearing a loud bang and then feeling a sharp blow to my head and then I am coming around here. Where are we then?" Mei replied.

"Honestly I have no idea. Let's try and find a couple of the others." Akeno said, looking around.

"Still, I guess you can say that this is another fine mess we've gotten ourselves into." Mei said and Akeno laughed.

"Yeah, we do have a penchant for getting ourselves into messes such as this. I don't know why though, it seems that stuff like this always happens to us and never to anyone else. But if anything the Ore Brasil certainly got out of their, thanks to the arrival of the Stalwart." Akeno replied shaking her head.

"Captain, Mei!" A voice said behind them.

Akeno and Mei turned in the direction of the voice and spotted three more people walking towards them: Rin, Mashiro, and Kaburagi. The three of them looked just as confused as Akeno and Mei were, but they also appeared to be grateful as well.

"Rin, Mashiro, Kaburagi! What are you three doing here?" Akeno asked confused at the sight of her crew members.

Mashiro, and Rin shrugged. "No idea." They said in unison while Kaburagi nodded in response.

"What happened then?" Akeno asked.

That's when a new voice spoke up. "Oh to put it simply, you all died. But I am willing to provide a second chance."

The five of them jumped and turned towards the source of the voice. What they saw confused them, standing five feet away was a rather handsome man, in a rather bizarre uniform. It was primarily red and black, with the shoulder area being red, while the long-sleeves, collar, and the rest of shirt was black, the same went for the pants and shoes, they too were black. On the shirt collar however, was what appeared to be four small gold pins and there was another pin on the shirt's chest, to specific on the right side, it was a simple silver upward arrow with two small gold rectangles on either side of it.

"Who are you?" Akeno asked in a tone that clearly meant "tell me now.". The other girls looked at her shocked, they had rarely heard her use that tone of voice. Usually when she saw something extremely stupid just occur and she wanted to know what the hell they were thinking. Of course there had been other times as well but they were rather rare.

"Why my name is Q." The man said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Kaburagi raised an eyebrow at the method of delivery of that statement. Rin looked absolutely confused and befuddled. Akeno was fairly certain that she had a similar look on her face. Mei cocked her head and raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Mashiro was a lot more obvious with her confusion. "Who?" she asked.

"What? You mean you never heard of me? Reality-bender, master of time and space, capable of jumping between Universes at will?" The being known as "Q" asked.

"Err, no." Akeno said confused.

Before Q could reply to that statement, Rin spoke up and asked a very good question. "That doesn't make any sense, if we did in fact die. Then why the hell do we not look like the way we did when we did die?" Rin asked confused.

"For some that maybe the case. But that is neither here or their, as for your other question. You did in fact die." Q said in a tone that was way too smug for Akeno's liking.

"What proof do you have of that?" Mashiro asked confused.

"Why this." Q replied before snapping his fingers. With a brilliant flash of white light, the stark whiteness of their surroundings vanished. In its place was a dark gloom that seemed to encompass all, with the exception of the "ground" which was now replaced by thick brown silt.

"Alright, where the hell are we?" Mei asked looking around.

"I am not entirely sure. But it sure looks weird." Kaburagi muttered blankly.

"No idea." Rin said.

Mashiro just looked confused at what was happening.

"I am not seeing any evidence that says we're dead. So now what Q, where's your proof?" Akeno snapped.

"Move forward about a hundred paces and you'll see." Q replied in that incredibly smug tone of his. Personally it made Akeno want to smack him, just to wipe the smug look off his face, she would absolutely enjoy doing that.

"Captain!" Mei suddenly shouted in shock.

Akeno went over to Mei. "What is it?" she asked.

"I see something, I can't tell what it is though." The torpedo chief replied pointing in a general direction. Akeno looked and sure enough, there seemed to be an object, it was vague in shape, the surrounding air or, no, it couldn't be air otherwise they would be able to see it by now easily, water, which meant this was the seafloor, was darker than the rest of the surrounding water.

But how? How was that even possible!

Akeno walked closer to the vague shape. Whatever it was, it's former began to get sharper and sharper. Then it appeared like a ghost, a ship and one that had been recently sunk as well for despite her obvious battle damage, the ship still wore the remains of a dark grey and red paint scheme and there was Kanji emblazoned on the ship's side, the ship wasn't lying on an even keel, but more like fifteen degrees to port. The ship had clearly been a warship, from the looks of it a destroyer of some description. However she had been absolutely thrashed.

It's hull was completely shattered with the vast majority of the bow and pilothouse simply gone, what metal remained forward of where Gun Number One used to be curled away from the gaping wound signaling that a massive internal explosion had ripped the bow apart. Meanwhile both of the Skipper High Performance Launches had been completely blasted away, the cranes that had once supported them were either gone or horrifically twisted. The mainmast was quite frankly gone, nowhere to be seen, the wide variety of steel cables that the thing had supported were now draped across the wreck and were swaying in the deep ocean currents slightly. By some freakish miracle however, her forward funnel was still standing but the thing had several holes in it. The same could not be said for the forward portside guntub, whatever weapon it had contained was smashed beyond all recognition and the tub itself was a pitiful broken wreck. Between the two funnels was the shattered remains of a torpedo mount, the primary area for the operator laid open like a sardine can that had been introduced to a can opener and only two individual tubes remained with one horrifically askew while the others were just completely gone. The aft funnel was in worse shape than the forward one, with a pair of spectacular wounds in the base on the portside as well several wounds in the main body of the funnel. The aft portside guntub was again a shattered wreck as was the weapon that had once been held within. The aft torpedo mount was in semi-decent shape at first glance, but a closer look revealed that the enclosed operator area had been riddled by shrapnel. Then they found that the ship just ended an ugly mass of twisted steel rested some thirty feet behind the aft torpedo mount, it had been the ship's stern but now it rested in pieces completely and utterly demolished. The damage was absolutely incredible, to the point that it appeared that the stern had almost been snapped off by some great explosive force. Several great cracks that were in the stern testified to that.

"Magazine detonations both fore and aft. Malfunctions occurred in the safety features both times, forward for the most part the safety features did their job but the blast completely wrecked the forward section of the ship and the pilothouse. Aft the measures look like they barely functioned at all. They worked in the fact that the blast was directed upwards but only just enough to stop the detonation of a magazine from completely blasting the stern right off the ship. The aft magazine detonation most likely snapped the ship's back like a twig, although to be fair the forward detonation had likely done the same thing. Wait, actually I think that the ready drums for the aft guns went off but it caused a sympathetic explosion and set off the ship's load of depth charges." Mei said in meek tone.

"What was this ship's name though? This lady doesn't look like she's been on the bottom for a long time, maybe a week or two at most." Rin asked as she walked up closer to the ship.

"H-her name is Samāgeiru, it's our ship Captain." Mashiro said quietly stunned.

"What?!" Akeno asked stunned before running to where her executive officer was standing, which was practically alongside the hull. She promptly sank to her knees when she saw the Kanji emblazoned on the ship's side in still very much readable if somewhat blackened white paint: サマーゲイル.

No doubt, this ship was the Samāgeiru. With that kanji emblazoned on her side, there was no arguing against it. The ship was in fact the one they had been on during their engagement against those pirates. "We really did die." Akeno whispered, looking at the shattered wreck.

"But if we did, then why are we here?" Rin asked confused and also a little scared.

"Why that's so you can have another chance. One that you all deserve to have." Q said simply.

"But why the hell would you offer us that! We've been through so damn much!" Mei snapped angrily.

"Why that's incredibly simple. Your iron hard determination, readiness to help others in need, and naturally your skill set. Plus the afterlife is incredibly dull." Q said.

Kaburagi looked around and saw how Akeno and Rin were more than a little terrified at what had happened, Mashiro was sitting her head in her hands, and Mei appeared to be just plain angry. Then again something had told her that yes they were all dead.

"Alright Q, what's your offer." Kaburagi said with all the curtness and seriousness that only a professional, certified doctor could muster.

Q grinned slightly. "My offer is quite simple, instead of going to the afterlife. You go to a new universe. One that's far more advanced and where here interstellar travel is but a pipe dream, their it's a fact of life. It's filled with excitement, wonders like none you've ever seen, countless adventures, and of course dangers as well. Think you can handle it?" he said.

Truth be told it was an incredibly tempting offer, another chance at life. It sounded almost too good to be true. If it was too good to be true then it probably was. "Alright, what's the catch? Be honest." she asked.

Q huffed somewhat indignantly. "You doctors are all the same, trying to suck the fun out of life. But yes, there is a catch. You'll be scattered across the timeline, with two in the 23rd Century, one in the 24th Century, and the other two in the 25th Century. You all will serve in an intrical part of history at a critical point in time, the thing is you won't know what that point in time will be until it occurs. But fate will see it so that you will all meet each other eventually." He said with a grin.

Mashiro who had stood up and walked over with look that clearly meant she was curious on face. "Something tells me that their is more to this than your telling us."

"Do you seriously want me to ruin all of the surprises?" Q asked.

"No, I want to know only a few. Like how the heck are we going to go exploring and being able to do interstellar travel?" Mashiro asked.

"I won't reveal how FTL works, but your going to become members of an organization dedicated to exploration and on occasion becoming soldiers, that organization is called Starfleet. If you become an officer you can have your own ship in anywhere between five and eight years maybe even in less time than that depending on the ship class. You all want to make a difference in the world? Think bigger, try making a difference in a galaxy, because even far out into the future there are those who need help and protection. Threats to freedom, peace, justice, etc. Never ever say "no" to the chance to have an adventure, always say "yes" to the chance have an adventure, otherwise you'll lead an extremely dull and boring life." Q said with a flourish, all but daring them to accept his offer/challenge.

The girls looked to each other awkwardly, it was an incredible offer. "Should we do it?" Akeno asked.

"It's a massive opportunity. One doesn't get a second chance at life all that often." Mashiro said in a firm tone.

"I do agree, it's a rare opportunity and chances like this are extremely rare. Besides, it'll be fun and exciting; I mean I have wondered what's out there beyond our solar system." Mei replied in far too eager of a tone.

Kaburagi shrugged before speaking. "What's death or in this case lease on life, but the next great adventure? I am in." she said calmly.

Akeno turned back to face the being known as Q, fiery determination blossoming in her eyes. "Alright Q, we accept your challenge."

Q grinned and raised his right hand. "Excellent, I wish you luck on your adventures because your going to need it." he said.

Akeno had just enough time to think What does he mean by that? Before Q snapped his fingers and a blinding white flash overtook her vision. In an instant shooting the crew members of the Samāgeriu that he had selected for this second chance at life across dimensions as well as space and time. Suppressing old memories and adding new ones to compensate for the knowledge that they would need for their new lives.

Q then took one last look at the shattered remains of the Samāgeriu and sighed at the fact that he couldn't save all of them. Only the select few that he had would work, such was the whims of a being such as himself. Regardless those he had selected would have adventures beyond their wildest dreams and who knew, maybe he would actually pop in every once and in awhile. Just to see how they were doing and maybe even send them on adventures periodically.

Onboard Atmospheric Passenger Shuttle 467

Stardate 357010

As the blinding flash dissipated from her vision. Akeno noticed to her shock that her surroundings as well as her dress had changed drastically. She was onboard an aircraft of some description, it's engine was rumbling contentedly as the craft descended. The changes to her dress was just as drastic, gone was her old dress in its place was a tunic made out of a reflective silver or grey material with a black collar and was wearing black trousers. Emblazoned on the right breast of the tunic was a ten-pointed star the points of the star were a sort of teal while the core was red, sown into the emblem in gold thread was the words Ex Astris, Scientia. From what little she knew about Latin, it meant "From the Stars, Knowledge".

Resting in her lap was a large duffle bag, sighing she opened it and found what she had been expecting, a couple more outfits like the one she was wearing, two outfits that were significantly more dressy from the look of it, some casual wear, their was also a device roughly the size and shape of a first-Gen iPad Mini, and a picture frame that contained an image of her crew. It was a connection to her past life, one that she would hold close to her heart.

Not much, but it'll have to do. Akeno thought before she glanced to the right and started slightly at who was sitting next to her.

Mainly because sitting next to her, looking bored was Kaburagi. She was wearing the same uniform that she was which made Akeno realize that it was likely the Academy uniform or something of that nature. She looked at Akeno and smiled pleasantly. If anything that was good news, she seemed to be at ease. Which was a good thing Akeno supposed. Just like herself however, she also had a duffle bag sitting in her lap.

Then whatever craft she was on pitched hard to one side and then she saw it spreading out below her. An incredible looking city, with absolutely immense skyscrapers climbing upwards towards the sky, towards the center was a tiny island with what looked like a cluster of buildings on it. But what really grabbed Akeno's attention was the massive suspension bridge that spanned the entrance of the bay with a glittering International Orange paint scheme.

There was only one bridge in the entire world that was painted in that color which meant they could only be in one place. The bay below was thus San Francisco Bay which meant that the city with its incredible skyscrapers was none other than the world famous "The City by the Bay" otherwise known as San Francisco. If she looked carefully, she could make out some famous landmarks like the Transamerica Pyramid and the Salesforth Tower in the skyline. Looking absolutely tiny among the new buildings that now dominated the San Francisco Skyline but regardless they stood standing out like beacons of a remembrance to older times when Super-Skyscrapers and Mega-Skyscrapers weren't a thing yet.

Then they completed their turn and ran to the south, skirting the edge of the bay before turning again as they completed their turn. The city of Oakland dominated her field of view. "It's incredible," she mused aloud.

"Indeed it is Akeno, still here we are about to go to Starfleet Academy and start our officer training. Any idea what you're striving for?" she asked.

Akeno thought about that, honestly she wasn't sure. True enough from what she knew, she had scored high enough on the various entrance exams so that she could go through the Command School if she wanted too. Get put on a fast track for a starship command and probably by the mid-to-late 2260s have her own command, by the late 2270s she hoped to be eligible for a Five-Year Mission. But that was a level of dedication and work that was several steps above what everyone else went through when they were going through the Academy. For the first time though, Akeno felt anxiety well up inside her at the thought of going through what was effectively college.

"The Command School, at least that's my hope." Akeno replied.

"You do realize that in the Command School, you'll have all of your regular classes plus the command courses? It's effectively double the work." Kaburagi asked surprised.

"True, but I guess it's safe to say that I wouldn't mind commanding a starship some day. Going out and seeing the stars, going to new places, meeting new life, that sort of thing." Akeno replied as the thrum from the shuttle's engines changed in pitch. The craft, pitched up slightly as it continued to descend ever downwards. The city below was growing near constantly as it did so, the eve of a new life.

It was a strange feeling Akeno mused as with a thunk and then a whirring sound went through the hull as what could only be the landing gear deployed. The shuttle glided into a hanger and then it maneuvered deftly, backing up into a slot before coming down onto it's landing gear with a muffled clang.

"We have arrived at Starfleet Academy, your cleared to disembark." The pilot of the shuttle said as with a hiss the boarding ramp forward opened and swung downwards.

The dozens of people throughout the shuttle stood and started collecting their things. Akeno slung her duffle over her shoulder, it was just like carrying a Seabag she mused as she waited for a moment to allow Kaburagi to grab something from the overhead compartment.

That something turned out to be another bag which she slung over her shoulder and then she stepped into the flow of foot traffic that was moving to get off the shuttle. Akeno stepped up and then when she saw an opening stepped into the path and started walking forward.

She stepped off the shuttle and into a crowded, loud, and cavernous room. Akeno looked around and spotted several other shuttles like the one she just disembarked from. Most incredible though was the throng of people that was composed of various species, that strode with purpose.

Akeno looked up and spotted the sign that indicates where the exit was. Sighing she started walking towards the exit of the hanger, her new life laying ahead of her and with it the dawn of a new adventure. For some reason the ancient Chinese proverb "May you live in interesting times." came to mind, something told her that the years ahead of her were going to be incredibly interesting.

The next step was harder mainly because of the fact that she had to wait in line so that she could find out where she was in the dorms. Once she got to the door, she was greeted by man dressed in a light brown button up shirt and trousers. "Name?" he asked in a flat voice.

"Akeno Misaki."

He scrolled through his list before finding her name. "Orion Housing Complex, building two, floor one, room ten." He said dully, handing Akeno something about the size keychain pennant. On it was her building and room number, meaning it was probably an electronic key of some description.

"Thanks." she replied, adjusting the grip on her duffle bag and then left the hanger.

Something nagged at her though, the feeling that she was about to become apart of something that was much bigger than she was. It was something that bugged her but she just couldn't put her finger on why she felt the way she did.

After following the signs, she found her way to the Orion Housing Complex. It wasn't much honestly as it looked like a typical apartment building. The rooms themselves were fairly small, five by five meters with two beds and two desks. Not much, but it sufficed for its purpose, also attached to the room was a small bathroom with shower that was two-point-seven meters by one-and-half meters. When she arrived though, she noted that she was the first one to arrive at her dorm, for the lack of a better word.

Her roommate was a Caitian, they were a relatively new member of the United Federation of Planets; having only joined the Federation a few years ago. She'd never seen one in person though, would be interesting she supposed.

AN: Now I bet you're wondering what the hell is up with that Stardate. Personally I've always found the Stardates extremely hard to follow when it comes to figuring out the actual date. Thus I devised a six number system that's (hopefully) much easier to follow and remember. The first number detonates the century, the second number detonates the decade, the third number is the year within the decade, and the last three numbers is the day in the year. So the first Stardate seen means that it's the 23rd Century, 57th year, 10th day of the year. Nice and easy to remember.