Yo. Hi there. Been a while. A year and more. And, let me tell you right now. This will not be a consistent thing. It's more of a passion project since this story is closer to me than the rest. I also need a distraction from my big project. I will re-write this thing, top to bottom, and add a chapter every once in a while. But some things never change.


The events of that day still echoed, fresh in her mind.


''...everything about you, from our cooking to your goals is too small''

Even after the day has passed, his words still left a stinging sensation in her heart. She looked around her room in the Nakiri mansion. So many memories. It was all that was left. All other things were packed and shipped to Arato estate. All that was left was packed into two suitcases that were going with her. She talked to her family and Senzeamon-dono. He gave his permission, as a thank you for all the years she was by Erina's side. But there was also the question of her replacement. Luckily she had a plan.


The cell phone rang into the night, disturbing the figure lying on the bed. The figure slowly rose, reaching for the device on the nightstand, missing a few times. He finally managed to grab it and check the caller's ID. He did a double take.
"Does she even know what time it is here?" he asked himself.
"Fucking time difference." He answered with an annoyed voice.

''Hey cousin. (Loud yawn) When I said 'call anytime you want' I didn't think you were gonna take it so literary." Hisako could hear the annoyance in his voice and respond in an apologetic tone.
''I'm sorry Aki, but this is necessary. I'm coming to Paris for a while and I was wondering if I could use your place for a couple of weeks.'' The annoyance was gone faster than cinnamon rolls in my local bakery.
''You know you're always welcomed here. I can't wait to show you around.'' Hisako could only laugh to herself. Her cousin had no idea what she got for him.

''Sorry, but you won't be there.'' Akio was confused. Why would he not be here? He lives here, he has a job here. A pretty good job at that.
''What do you mean Hisako?''
''You will be here in Tokio taking my place as Erina's aide.'' Dead silence. Akio could no believe what she just said. His brain needed to reboot.
''Aki?'' Hisako was becoming worried. Did she just give her cousin a heart attack? Was that even possible? She studied medicine and natural remedies. She should know if it was possible to give someone a heart attack by words.

Suddenly a silence is broken by a burst of laughter.
''HA HA HA HA, you can't be serious. Does she even remember me? The last time I saw that snobby brat was before I started Tutsoki high school.''
''Don't call her a snobby brat. She's my friend and I imagine even you know what she went through. But I'm serious Akio. I need to get away, and you're the only one I can trust with this.'' Akio thought about it. Even he heard about Hisako's defeat in the Autumn Elections. And while his first impulse was to fly to Japan to teach that Hajama punk a lesson, he couldn't just ditch his current job. It took a lot of convincing from him and pulling a lot of strings to finally convince his current boss that he was worthy to learn French cuisine from him.

''But Shinomiya-sensei...''
''He'll consider it as a special favor for the director and then let you work in Shinomiya Tokio.'' Akio was taken aback. Just like this? He knew that Shinomiya-sensei was opening a sister restaurant in Japan, but he was fully expecting to stay in France and finish his training there. Only the best employees were chosen to work in the sister restaurant, at least until the local employees can be hired and trained. But... he could not say no to Hisako. She needed this.

''And I just learned my French.'' He could feel the happiness from the other side of the call. She was probably trying not to squeal in delight.
''So will you take the job?''
''I guess I have no choice, do I? I'll leave the apartment keys with a friend of mine who will come pick you up at the airport. His name is Pierre. I'll text you his number and make sure you get a reservation at Shino's. I'll also recommend you some cooking instructors, in case you want to learn something new.'' Hisako was very grateful to her cousin. Even though she just dropped this on him, he was still going out of his way to take care of her.
''Thank you very much, Aki.'' Akio smiled, feeling the gratefulness in her voice. I made him happy to hear she was still ok after a humiliation like that. But his cousin was strong. She'll survive this, and come back stronger.

''Anything for my favorite cousin.''
''I'm your only cousin.''
''And that's the only reason you're my favorite.'' that earned him a small giggle before she hung up.
''Erina's aide huh. What an honor for me." he thought to himself as he drifted off back to sleep.

How is it? Better? Worse? In the middle? As I said, it's a passion project, since I need a distraction from my main project. I also am trying not to fail high school. If I do... Pray for me. I hope you enjoyed, and we'll read each other next time. NPGamer out.