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''Erina-sama. It's time for you to get up.'' Akio called as he knocked on her door. She was probably awake for an hour already, but now was the time to get ready for the day.
''In a moment His... I mean Akio.'' Erin was flustered. She was preparing to say his name for about fifteen minutes before him showing up and she still got it wrong. Akio from her past would rub that in her face. But Akio her aide would never do something like that. He was on his way to the kitchen as he remembered Erina quite enjoying his croissants so he already prepared the dough and the filling.

Erina was coming out of her room, dressed in more casual but still elegant clothing, and the hallway was already filled with the delicious smell of pastry. Erina couldn't help but smile. She remembered that smell far too well. But this time it was different. More... fruity. She made her way into the kitchen and saw Akio taking two trays out of the oven.
''Ah, Erina-sama, you are just in time. Luckily I had no problem taking these trays out of the oven.'' Akio said in complete seriousness, but the one who knew him well enough could see the sparkle of cheekiness in his warm chocolate eyes.

''If my memory doesn't deceive me, you enjoyed chocolate ones the most. Still, I would like you to ask to try the jam filled one first.'' Suddenly a plate with two croissants appeared in front of Erina. One was a bit lighter in color, looked more flakey and overall looked like a classic French croissant. The other one had a bit darker color, more rustic and with what looked like some nuts, chopped and spread on top. She took a lighter one and bit into it.

Suddenly she found herself somewhere in France, in the middle of the peach orchard, a gentle breeze playing with her hair. The peach taste was very intense, but not overshadowing the taste of the dough, they were actually similar in one way. Suddenly a laughter can be heard and a girl with ''Peach'' written on her shirt and the boy with the word ''Pastry'' and both playing with a golden brown ball with a word written on it too, the word was...
''It's cinnamon!'' she yelled.
''Exactly. As expected from God's tongue you figured it out no problem. I've added some cinnamon in the dough and some in the jam, very little in both to not overpower the taste of peaches and the dough itself. I've also used my homemade jam from a very special sort of peaches who's name I can not pronounce for the life of me. My French is still a little rusty. Now the chocolate one if you please.''

She took a hasty bite expecting a well-known taste but was blown out of her mind all the way to heaven. She envisioned herself sitting on a throne, while angel with Akio's face offers her a croissant on a golden plater. She looked at the cross-section. The inside of the pastry was completely white, with a warm chocolate-colored outer rim and very dark brown center. Still reminded her of his eyes. She felt herself blush a little before finally able to speak.
''Thar slight bitterness is made with dark chocolate, adding some lemons for freshness. The sweet and sour-bitter are duking it out but in perfect harmony at the same achieved that using an old Azteck recipe for dark chocolate. It uses the full advantages of cocoa beans and they are roasted for an additional three hours before grinding. The lemon is actually a lemongrass, finely chopped, dried and grounded into powder. The nuts on top are almonds. They provide more balance in texture and are more nutritious that hazelnuts or walnuts. You'vecertainlyy evolved Akio.
''Hearing a praise from your lips is certainly a great honor. Now if you are finished I'll have the car waiting for us in five minutes,'' he told her seemingly unphased, but she noticed a small perk up in his stance and a proud look in his eyes.

After they left the kitchen Senzaemon-dono came and took two croissants of his own. He took a bite of the first one and his chest bared. After taking a bit out of the second one his kimono was completely off him leaving him standing in the middle of the kitchen only in his underwear. He muttered to himself
''Not wooing my granddaughter? Akio you sneaky son of a...''

All the while Akio and Erina were driving to another of countless taste testings scheduled for that day. ANd on his face was a smile as the chated about past and the present, while miles ran by.

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