Hey it's me. I have an important update on this fan-fic,,okay so it's been months since the first chapter and i'm pretty unmotivated to finish it.

So what i'm saying is that i'm cancelling this story,i'm sorry to those who might have wanted to see it progress further and read more chapters. Even though this story hardly got any reviews and absolutely no favorites since it first came out,but just in case some people could have stumbled upon it and read it,i never know. But anyway's back to the topic at hand,i'll begin to explain my reasons for cancelling this story.

1. I don't really care for this ship anymore. While i still ship it a tiny bit,i hardly care anymore.

I don't pair them together anymore,unless i change my mind. If i were to pair Withered Foxy and Toy Bonnie,they would be with someone else most likely,But i'm gonna be honest,i'm not that into fnaf ships like i used to be. And i'll have to admit that it is kind of dumb shipping killer robots,And that's coming from someone who does that.

This doesn't mean i'll stop writing stories like that,even though i haven't wrote another story since this,And well i'm more interested in other story idea's and genre's rather then a love story,but i might end up writing another love story with fnaf characters's possibly a series of one shot's.

I don't know for sure. But also it doesn't have to be fnaf stories or just love stories,i might write warrior cat's stories too,who knows? Love stories or not,i might write more stories,depending on how motivated i am and my creativity.

I'm gonna be honest i never been to confident in my creativity of things,but anyway's...

2. I lost motivation,obviously.

3. I find the pair of withered Foxy x Toy Bonnie to be kind of cringy now.

4. I have better idea's,like possibly a Warrior cat's and Pokemon crossover.

5. I recently just re-read the first chapter to this story and to be honest my writing need's work and my wording with things. like i need to find better words to use when i'm writing,other then that it's not really bad. In short it need's improving.

6. I did start writing chapter 2 a few month's ago,but i lost it,so that's one of my main reasons. Cause i really don't feel like re-writing all that again.

But yeah that's all the reason's i can think of. I never been much of a writer though,more of a artist then a writer,since i love to draw. But writing a story seem's fun too,so if i ever found the time and patience i might start with writing again. Plus it can probably help me to improve writing and my grammar. That's all i have to say,bye! And sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: I found the file for chapter 2,but it's unfinished,but i'll show you it anyway,just so you can get a idea of how things went after the first chapter.