Finally here is chapter 2.

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Five Nights at Freddy's belongs to Scott Cawthon

Several hours later,kids were all over the place,laughing,eating pizza,playing games to win prizes and just having tons of fun. Parents were sitting at tables along with there kids,watching the Animatronics on stage. And there were quite a few kids at kids cove taking Mangle Apart and putting her back together again. Against Mangle's liking of course.

Tonnie was playing his guitar and looked around to see what the other two Animatronics were doing,he saw that the puppet was giving children gifts and balloon boy giving children balloons. Tonnie then continued his focus on the people in front of him watching him and his friends perform.

meanwhile at kids cove...

Mangle lie there as the kids continuted taking pieces from her and making her into whatever they want. Mangle had her eyes closed shut,hoping this will all be over as fast as it started.

Mangle wasn't sure how much longer she could take this before she breaks down completely,since the employees stopped repairing her,she might malfunction and then get scrapped. With how broken she is,it wouldn't be too long before this could happen to her,her life is at stake at this point and this scared mangle to no end,she couldn't let this happen.

Tears rolled down her plastic cheeks. she could feel a kid take off one of her legs and attach it in a different place and one of her arms too and many other parts,they just kept taking her apart and putting pieces in other places,she still has her eyes closed shut really tightly.(well eye,cause she only has one eye ) Mangle's anxiety built up with every passing moment,even Mangles hearing began to act weird,like every sound in the pizzaria was just a muffled sound and all she could mostly hear was the laugh of the kids surrounding her.

Mangle then opened her only eye,it was a pure black with one little white dot,Mangle sat up slowly twitching her head,the kids began to notice this and backed away slowly.

Mangle stared at them with her cold dead eyes,twitching. she opened her mouth,but then a loud booming voice on the intercom in the pizzaria went all around the pizzaria,announcing that it was closing time,it has been hours since the place opened. Mangle snapped out of it and quickly went to hide behind the curtains in her stage area in kids cove. the kids all ran away from kids cove as they heard there parents calling for them.

-Several hours pass as the place closed down for the day and everyone left the pizzaria,and the security guard was there for his night shift-

Tonnie powered on again,looking around seeing that the place was closed and it was nighttime. Tonnie stepped off stage and headed for kids cove to check on Mangle.

Teddy and Tochia also powered on too and watched Tonnie walk off stage heading towards kids cove,wondering what he was gonna do,they looked at each other and then they stepped off stage too.

Tochia and Teddy watched tonnie walking away for a few more seconds,Tochia then turned her head towards Teddy.

''Hey Teddy?''

Teddy looked at tochia,seeing she had a mischevious smile on her face ''Yes?''

''I think the security guard is here,lets go play a game with him!'' Tochia Smiled even more and even chuckled a little.

Teddy liked the sound of that idea as he grew a smile on his face too ''Okay! sounds like a fun thing to do'' He chuckled.

Tochia and Teddy Laughed mischeviously and both started to head towards the security office.

-Meanwhile with Tonnie-

Tonnie Walked towards kids cove and opened the curtain to Mangle's stage area. ''Mangle i came here to check on you,are you doing alright?'' it was eerily quiet in kids cove for a few seconds.

Mangle's ears perked up at the sound of tonnie's voice,it always made her feel better whenever Tonnie was around ''Aye i reckon i'm alright now at least''

Tonnie smiled at hearing his friends voice ''I'm glad your doing alright!''

Mangle smiled and then came out of the stage area in kids cove and sat down on the floor,Tonnie then sat next to her.

'' did yer performance go,was it a good day fer ye?'' Asked Mangle.

'Yeah it was okay,but it was tiring like always,but i felt a little distracted today and i was just so eager for the day to be over''

Mangle looked at tonnie and tilted her head,now curious what Tonnie would be eager for. ''Any reason why? wha' would ye be eager fer?''

Tonnie looked at mangle too ''Well...first of all,i wanted to talk you and well i met someone last night...''

''oh?'' Mangle now looked even more curious,interest in her eyes.

Tonnie smiled a little ''Well i met one of those old animatronics,it was your old counterpart i think,Foxy the pirate fox,he seems like a really nice guy and i hope to get to know him better,i think he'd be a good friend too''

''Oooo really? i'd like t' meet 'im too!,could ye introduce me t' 'im? '' Mangle looked excited to meet tonnie's new friend.

''Of course,we could go meet him right now if you like?'' Tonnie offered.

''Sounds like a good idea t' me''

Tonnie then stood up ''Alright then,lets go!'' Tonnie started to walk off.

Mangle followed behind,climbing the ceilings for a faster travel.

-Minutes later-

Tonnie stopped in front of the parts and service room ''Ok here we are''

Tonnie then Opened the door to parts and service and walked in with mangle behind him.

''Foxy? are you awake?'' Tonnie Whispered and walked carefully in the dim lighted room.

''Aye i'm awake'' Foxy's Raspy voice called out from the darkness (Authors note: The room aint that bright,it mostly has dark shadowed areas.)

''Oh good! cause i have a friend here to meet you!'' Tonnie walked up to Withered Foxy.

Mangle then Hung down from the ceiling to greet Foxy ''Ahoy thar! 'tis nice t' meet ye!''

Foxy flinched a little,not expecting Mangle to be on the ceiling. ''Ahoy thar lass,its nice t' meet ye too,wha' be yer name?''

Mangle had a big smile on her face,excited to meet someone new,Mangle started to seem like her old self again for a little while at least...

''Me name be Toy Foxy,well used t' be at least...but me name be now Th' Mangle,i take it from wha' Tonnie said earlier yer name be Foxy then?''

''That's right,its nice t' meet ye Mangle,i take it yer a good matey o' Tonnie's?''

Mangle nodded her head

Tonnie smiled,happy to see they were already getting along.

-a few hours passed as Tonnie,Mangle and Foxy were talking with eachother-

As mangle was blabbing her mouth off,Foxy had something on his mind since he first saw her.

Foxy then spoke up ''Ahoy Mangle i-''

Foxy's Question was cut short as he heard the sound of movement in the room. Tonnie and Mangle heard it too as they turned there heads to the source of the noise.

''What was that?'' Tonnie whispered.

''I dunno,maybe 'twas one o' me hearties? ill check''

Foxy peeked around the corner and saw who it was,it was none other then freddy fazbear. Foxy stared and then started to smile, happy to see that one of his friends were actually alive.

''Ahoy Freddy!'' Foxy shouted happily.

Freddy startled flinched at Foxy's loud raspy voice and turned around ''Foxy is that you?''

''Aye 'tis me Foxy,i'm glad t' see yer still functionin'''

Freddy walked over to Foxy ''I'm glad to be too,but what happened to us? and is Bonnie and chica alive too? they look like there in very rough shape...'' Freddy's ears drooped a little at the last part.

Still not introduced Tonnie and Mangle look at each other confused.

Foxy's ears drooped a little too and he looked down with a sad expression on his face ''I hate t' break it t' ye ole matey,but they haven't moved since we got here,iv'e been th' only one functionin' in here since we got here,ye're th' first t' wake up other then me''

Freddy's ears drooped down even more ''Oh...'' Freddy looked on sadly at his old friends.

Mangle then chipped in ''Ahoy! don't leave us hangin' aren't ye gonna introduce us t' yer matey?''

Foxy jumped a little getting so distracted with talking to Freddy that he almost forgot Tonnie and Mangle were there.

''Aye...Sorry lassie,ill do that right now'' Foxy walked closer to Freddy and tapped his shoulder to get his attention ''Ahoy Freddy,i'd like ye t' meet some o' me new hearties i made while bein' here''

Freddy turned to Foxy ''New friends?''

Foxy nodded his head ''Aye,let me introduce them t' ye,or they can introduce themselves''

Tonnie walked up to Freddy and held out his hand ''Hello There,my name is Toy Bonnie,but you can call me Tonnie''

Freddy looked at Tonnie's hand for a few seconds and took his hand and shaked it. ''It's nice to meet you Tonnie,the name is Freddy Fazbear,but just call me Freddy''

Tonnie smiled ''It's nice to meet you freddy''

Mangle then hung down from the ceiling again in front of Freddy and Tonnie. Tonnie backed up a little to give some room.

Freddy flinched,also not expecting a mangled up fox to hang down right in front of him.

''Ahoy thar,i take it yer Freddy? Me name be Toy Foxy,but call me Mangle''

Freddy blinked and then spoke ''Yes that's me,it's nice to meet you mangle''

Foxy looked happy to see his old friend and new friends getting along. for some reason he was nervous that they might start a fight,knowing that they are basically there replacements,and he was sure freddy knows of this,but maybe like him,he can see it wasn't exactly there fault.

-A few hours passed as they all talked getting to know eachother- (Authors note: Yep a lot of time skipping in this chapter.)

As everyone was talking,Foxy still had that one question on his mind...he decided to try and ask it again.

''Mangle? can i ask you a question''

Tonnie's ears perked up a little,having a feeling of what Foxy was gonna ask Mangle,as he knew it was probably coming. Freddy also looked Foxy's way,wondering what his question for mangle was.

Mangle turned her head to Foxy ''Yes?''

Foxy Shifted uncomfortably,wondering if he should even ask a question like that. Foxy scratched his head ''Well i dunno if i 'ave a right t' ask ye this...but,how did ye get mangled up like that?...''

Mangle's face expression fell,hoping he wouldn't ask that question.

Tonnie seeing this quickly tried objecting to the question ''Uhh..F-foxy maybe you shouldn't ask that question...'' Tonnie looked nervously.

Freddy just sat there in silence watching the ordeal,but also curious of how Mangle got like that in the first place.

Mangle shook her head ''No no,'tis alright Tonnie,ill tell them,i can tell they were curious from th' start''

Mangle sigh's ''Get comfy scallywags!,cause its tale time!''

Everyone of course got in a comfy position.

''When i was first built...i was made t' be someone th' kids could interact wit',i was made t' tell them some tales 'n stuff,that was me job,that's wha' i thought 'til...''

-Flashback Sequence-

Toy Foxy was really excited for her first day to interact with the kids,it was the first day the new Freddy Fazbear's pizzaria was opened.

Toy Foxy paced back n forth,excited yes,but also a bit nervous on her first day,she just hoped the kids will like her.

''Oooh i hope th' kids will like me,i hope i wont mess up or anythin',ughh,i'm sure i'm jus' o'erthinkin' this'' Toy Foxy then flinched hearing the kids all running into kids cove,the first kids Toy Foxy sees.

Toy Foxy grew a big smile on her face,greeting the little kids with open arms ''Ahoy thar Kiddies,its me Toy Foxy th' pirate fox!'' But Toy Foxy's smile began to fade,something didn't seem right with this.

The kids began to not look so harmless even though they were technically,Toy Foxy started to have anxiety,The kids just started to look like Tall Black silhouettes with big white smiles plastered on there faces, all around her was just the kids surrounding her. they all moved in closer to her in excitement and mangle could hear the sound of there cheerful laughters.

Toy Foxy smiled nervously and slowly backed away ''Kids?...''

And then it happened the kids all tackled Toy Foxy and began to tear her apart,thinking they were just having some harmless fun,not noticing the robotic foxes fear,Toy Foxy felt terrified,her hands and legs shaking,her eyes wide. she tried to get out of this mess,but with no luck,they all had her cornered.

Toy Foxy began to be engulfed,she had a desperate look on her face,her arm and hand outstretched and shaking in desperation for help,she was almost completely engulfed by the kids,where her face and arm disappeared in the swarm of children. No matter how hard she tried,she couldn't get the kids away as there were to many of them.

A child grabbed Toy Foxy's tail and ripped it off,Toy Foxy had a look of pain on her face,tears rolling down her plastic cheeks. Another kid ripped off her arms and another ripped off her legs and the kids continued to do this,taking pieces from her and rebuilding her again,but in the wrong way. some kids even found some spare head and attached it to her.

they even gave her an extra leg. they put her head where her hand would of been on her left arm,put the spare head where her head would of been,and attached a smaller arm and hand next to the spare head. attached her other arm to her hip area. Toy foxy didn't even look like herself anymore,looking like a mangled up mess.

-Later on that day when the pizzaria closed-

Tonnie powered on looking around.

''Wow what a day,i'd say we had a succesful first day,dont you guys think?''

Teddy and Tochia nodded in agreement

Tonnie stepped off the stage ''Hey i'm gonna see how Toy Foxy is doing.'' Tonnie then heads towards kids cove to check on Toy Foxy

''Hey Toy Foxy!,, how was your first day?,did you have a good time with the kids?'' Tonnie smiled peeking around the corner to kids cove.

Just then Tonnie saw what Toy foxy had become...

Tonnie put his hand over his mouth in shock and worry''T-Toy Foxy!?'' Tonnie quickly rushed over to Toy Foxy and kneeled down in front of her.

''W-what have they done to you?'' Tonnie said in remorse.

Toy Foxy turned her head the other way,not wanting anyone to see her like this.

Tonnie looked super worried ''Toy Foxy please talk to me?'' Tonnie said in desperation.

Toy Foxy continued avoiding his gaze but spoke up anyway ''lad don't look at me,i don't wants ye scallywags t' see me like this,no more then worry ye t' death...'' She said with deep sadness in her voice.

Tonnie looked hurt ''I know your worried about how you look,but please don't push me away,i'm worried about you and i won't judge you,were still friends no matter what ok?''

Toy Foxy then looked at Tonnie meeting his gaze. ''...''

Tonnie also met Toy Foxy's Gaze

Toy Foxy has tears welling up in her eyes and hugged Tonnie tightly,with what what way she could of course.

Tonnie hugged her back and petted Toy Foxy's Head ''Shhhh its gonna be alright'' Tonnie said in a gentle reassurring voice,trying to calm Toy Foxy down.

Toy Foxy still continued Crying.

''L-look i bet they will repair you,i mean they can't leave you broken right?...'' Tonnie said in a nervous tone of voice.

Toy Foxy looked up at Tonnie with tear filled eyes ''Y-ye r-reckon so?...''

Tonnie then did a gentle smile at Toy Foxy ''I know so...''

Till that day the kids kept taking Toy Foxy Apart,which made Toy Foxy dislike kids each more each day. The staff kept having to rebuild her over and over again,eventually she just became a take apart and put back together attraction,cause eventually they gave up on repairing her all together and till that day she became known as ''The Mangle''

-End of flashback-

'''n that's how i came t' be wha' I be now...'' Mangle looked down sadly,her ears drooped.

Silence filled the room for a good few seconds,Tonnie looked a little awkward and sad for mangle,Freddy had a look of sympathy on his face as did foxy.

''Oh lass i'm so sorry i asked such a thin',i had no right t' bug ye about such a sensitive subject...poor lass...'' Foxy patted Mangle on the head with a sympathetic look on his face.

Freddy tilted his head looking at mangle in sympathy,for some reason he had the urge to hug her and make her feel better and he didn't know why,he hadn't known her long. how could such a bad thing happen to such a nice animatronic? and whats worse the staff even stopped building her.

''M-mangle?...'' Freddy stammered.

Mangle looked at Freddy.

Freddy came up to Mangle and put his hand on her head ''I-im sorry that happened to didn't deserve that,its just awful''

Mangle stared for a second and smiled sadly ''Its ok Freddy 'tis nah yer fault,thin's happen...''

Mangle then looked at Foxy '''n Foxy its fine,i knew this question would be comin' 'n ye 'ave a right t' know,its fine,i wasn't gonna avoid it''

Foxy still looked sympathetically at Mangle and Tonnie just watched this in silence,feeling bad for Mangle.

''Aye...i'm glad yer fine wit' it lass,i'm glad ye aren't upset wit' me...' (Authors note: And that's all i got done of this chapter,there was supposed to be more to this chapter,but since it's cancelled i wont be continuing this story,unless i change my mind,also please read the chapter titled ''Update'' for more detail's on why i'm canceling this story.)