It was a normal day within happy Tree town, birds were singing, flowers were blooming, the trees were swaying as the summer wind blew them side to side.

Inside a yellow house, Cuddles was sleeping peacefully when his alarm clock suddenly sprung to life, ringing constantly. Cuddles got up from his bed, he had gotten up bright and early for today he and a few of his friends were meeting up together at the park to do some fun activities together.

Being the usual springy bunny he was, he was known to pull of stunts that many consider extremely dangerous, but he didn't care, he ran down stairs as he quickly ran into his kitchen where he poured cereal into a bowl before slamming down one end of it, causing cereal to fly everywhere. Most of them landed in his mouth with a few landing elsewhere. He smiled to himself as he began running towards the door before kicking it open.

Cuddles: Aw yeah! Today's gonna be sick whoo.

He got on his skateboard and wizzed down the street, his ears flopping behind him due to the fast speed, he arrived at the park within what seemed like mere moments of leaving his home, he checked his watch.

29.5 seconds it read on his watch. Cuddles: Sweet, new record!

He slammed his foot down on the end of the skateboard as it shot into the air, narrowly avoiding several birds in the process before he caught it. He then made his way through the park entrance to then see 3 others waiting on one of the park benches for him, the group consisted of the following; Flippy: a highly trained solider that sometimes flips out and kills everyone; Toothy: His best friend, they always did all kinds of fun stuff together, and last but certainly not least was his favourite porcupine friend Flaky. He had been known to scare her a lot, especially with pranks involving fake spiders and cockroaches, along with the occasional small bird or chick.

Being the mischievous rabbit he was, he slowly crept up behind her, making sure to not make a single sound before he jumped to her left side and screamed like he was being attacked.

Flaky shrieked in shock and quickly hid behind one of the tables in fear, she shook so much that the table seemed to barely copy her movements. Both Toothy and Flippy did jump slightly in shock before scolding Cuddles for scaring poor Flaky nearly to death.

Flaky: Wh-Wh-What was th-that!? Was I-I-I-it a l-lion, oh god, WHAT DO WE DO!?

Flippy: Calm down Flaky, it was just Cuddles scaring you.

Toothy: Yep, it's just Cuddles Flaky, nothing to worry about.

She slowly got out from the table, returning to her seat on the bench once she got out. She brushed the dirt off her knees as she sat down, pieces of dandruff fell to the grown, slowly fluttering as they fell.

As Cuddles finished having his laugh, Sniffles came walking in with what appeared to be some kind of remote like device in his hand, Cuddles rushed straight over to Sniffles to see what it did. He was always Sniffles test dummy whenever it came to testing out his latest piece of machinery of which it mostly resulted in their demises, but Cuddles didn't even care about dying, for as long as he saw what it did, he would always find a way to have fun with it, even in ways it wasn't designed to do.

Sniffles saw the eggar eyed rabbit running straight towards him, he sighed as he prepared for the one question the rabbit always asked him.

Sniffles: Heya Cu-

Cuddles: Hey there Sniffles oooooo, what's that ya got there?

Sniffles: It's a universe transpo-

Cuddles: Sweet, lemme try it!

Cuddles without hesitation took the remote device from the anteaters hands before he could even finish explaining it, the eggar eyed rabbit made his way once more over to his party, except now he had the device in his hands. His eyes settled on a button that was labelled 'Transport' and it was also his favourite detail of the remote device.

It was a bright... big... red... enormous... button...

Everyone looked at him, fearing the worst, especially Flaky.

Cuddles: Hey guys, check out what Sniffles made, wanna help me test it out?!

Toothy: Shouldn't you've at least let the scientist explain what it does before you go dohikey with it.

Cuddles: Let me think about it... NOPE. He raised his arm in the air before throwing his fist directly onto the button.

Both Sniffles and Flaky screamed "NO DONT" but all was too late, as the group of four tree friends suddenly disappeared as Sniffles shielded his eyes as a bright light appeared in their place for several moments before vanishing to reveal their disappearance, Sniffles sighed.

Sniffles: Well shit... how am I supposed to explain this to Lumpy... Welp, time to find a way to bring them back... oh boy, this is just perfect.

The anteater sighed once more as he slowly made his way to his Laboratory, he threw open the doors, made his was to his planning desk, and sat down as he began work. He got out a blue print and a white marker, along with setting his coffee machine up, today for the anteater, was going to be a long tiring one...


The group of four were traveling through a blue like tunnel, except they were floating and had no control of where they went, the tunnel was constantly spiralling with bubbles of what looked like different universes flashed right by him. Cuddles looked around in amazement.

Cuddles: Woah... this is... AMAZING, I can see all kinds of universes here, oh, there's one with vegetables n zombies, oh look, there's one with a man who just sent out a tire with spikes on it. Heck there's even one with, a guy dressed up in a... red shirt, yellow cape, a pair of gloves, and he's wearing... a milk cartridge on his head with a tophat, and why is he wearing gloves as w- ok you know what, I'm not gonna bother.

Flaky held onto Flippy for dear life, she nearly cut off his blood circulation.

Flaky: W-W-Where are w-w-we?!

Flippy: Ack, I, don't know, Flaky. Flaky: Wh-Wh-What?

Flippy: I think I'm about, to break something, your *coughing* squeezing me way, too, tightly.

Flaky: O-Oh, I-I-I'm s-so sorry, I didn't m-m-m-m-mean t- *SPLAT*

The group all landed face first onto some grass, Flaky was the first one to rise to see, that they were no longer in Happy Tree town, the grass was green with a grey-ish tint to it. In fact, everything around her seemed to have that kind of tint to it, the trees, the pavement, she looked up, the blue sky that was once there was now replaced with a dull grey one, to make matters worse for her, no one was around anymore, it was just pure, utter, silence, she began panicking before screaming at the top of her lungs.

Flaky: WHERE ARE WE!? Her high pitched voice woke everyone else immediately as they then covered their ears in pain.

Cuddles n Toothy: Jesus Christ Flaky, shut up!

Flaky: S-S-Sorry...

Toothy: But she does have a point, where exactly are we Cuddles?

The duo looked around, their location seemed to be very similar, if not the same as happy Tree town except... it wasn't, everything was very grey, no one was around and the sky was no longer blue, but grey in a dull way.

Cuddles: Umm, not sure?

Hearing those words caused Flaky to start panicking, big time.

Flaky: oh God, what are w-we going to do, we'll all be lost h-here, no one will find us, we'll die, we'll never be seen again! She bursted into tears as Flippy Cuddled her.

Flippy: Calm down Flaky. He glared at Cuddles.

Flippy: I'm sure Cuddles will find a way outta here, because he got us into this mess, so he can get us out of it.

Cuddles: Woah, woah woah, why y'all blaming this on me, I didn't know it would do tha- OW! Toothy had whipped the rabbit with his massive tail, causing him to spiral to the floor, a small trail of blood began leaking out of his heart shaped nose.

The rabbit rose up as quick as he fell, and started chatting shit back at Toothy.

Flaky: G-G-Guys...

Toothy: Well, maybe if you actually fucking let Sniffles explain what it did, then we wouldn't be in this fucking mess now would we!?

Cuddles: He should've put some damn instructions on the damn thing then I would've never touched it!

Flippy: Yeah right!

Flaky: Guys...

Cuddles, Toothy and Flippy: *Arguing*

Flaky slowly made her way behind the group and prepared herself for what she was about to do, she was going to hate what she was about to do... but it was the only way she could think of to grab their attention, she took a deep breathe... and screamed at them all angrily for the first time in her life.


They all jumped in fright and looked at her in shock, she never, ever got angry at any one before, sure she would occasionally get mildly annoyed at someone, but that was it... until now.

Flaky: P-Please, I-I-I-if were planning o-on g-g-getting out of here, w-we need to w-w-w-work together.

Flippy: Good point, plus once we get back I think I might get my ears checked.

C n T: Yeah, mine too, they really hurt.

Flaky did her usually nervous chuckle as they grouped up.

This... was going to be an adventure they'd never forget.