The group of four slowly walked down the street as they looked around, not a single person was to be seen anywhere, other than the group of four tree friends who seemed to think they were the only ones around. That is, until Flaky saw what appeared to be a figure in the distance under a flickering lamp.

Flaky: L-Look, guys, o-over there! She pointed, everyone else saw the figure under the lamp. Cuddles sighed in relief.

Cuddles: Nice job Flakes, now go grab his attention will ya.

Flaky: W-Wait, m-m-Me? Why me?!

Cuddles: Because your the one who spotted him, so your the one who's gonna grab his attention.

Toothy: Now Cuddles, don't be discriminating it, it could be a female as well.

Cuddles: Seriously...

Toothy: Yeah, well it could be a fe-

Cuddles: Nerd, anyways, go on Flaky, I'm sure it can't be that hard, now go!

The rabbit pushed the half scared to death porcupine as she looked back at her friends before turning back to the figure that simply stood there, it had its back facing towards her. She hated approaching strangers from behind, who knows what they could be like.

She slowly made her way towards the figure, once there was about 10 feet in between the porcupine and the figure, she stopped.

Flaky: E-Excuse me, s-sir? H-H-Hello?

Nothing... the stranger didn't respond, it was then, that the porcupine noticed, the figure was missing it's right ear. Sweat started forming on top of her head, as Flaky stepped ever so slowly closer, her hands were getting shaky.

She stopped once she was within arms reach of the stranger. She stopped moving, and very slowly, reached out her arm to tap the strangers shoulder. She began whimpering in fear as her hand got closer to the strangers shoulder, she then realised something, odd about the stranger.

One side of its head appeared to be shorter than the other, same thing with one of its fingers and, it's right leg. She took her arm back and placed both against her chest as she very slowly, started backing up.

Flaky: G-G-Guys, I d-don't think this is someone n-n-normal!

And as she expected, Cuddles was disappointed.

Cuddles: Ah cmon, what are ya, a chicken? (Begins making chicken noises)

Flippy: Cuddles! Flippy snapped at the rabbit, startling him.

Flippy: Flaky, I'll do it, you come back to us ok-

The bear froze in mid speech as his eyes widened in fear, he could see what was directly behind the porcupine.

It was the stranger, except, he had turned around to reveal himself, and took the appearance of a large light brown bear except, he had gruesome details, riddled all over his body. A large portion of the top right side of its head had been ripped off, revealing its brain of which several maggots lived inside it. The same was to be said on the massive hole in his chest, exposing a piece of its rip cage.

It's right foot and finger were stripped clean of skin as all that remained there was the bone, along side once more, a handful of maggots. Everyone had also forgotten to take into consideration of the strangers size, for he, was much bigger than the average tree friend.

Flippy could see that Flaky was starting to get more and more nervous every second, as her shaking got more and more intense.

Flippy: Flaky... I'm going to need you, to stay calm, and make your way towards me, ok?

Flaky just shakily nodded, and slowly made her way back to her friends. Tip toeing, and being careful, to not, make, a sound.

It was then that she heard a growl behind her, that sounded like that of a dogs, but much, much more menacing, she froze in fear. The lampposts light suddenly bursted at this point, leaving both the creature and the porcupine, in pitch, black, darkness.

Flippy: Ok Flaky...

Flaky: Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What?! Wh-what I-I-I-is b-behind m-m-m-me?!

Flippy: what's behind you doesn't matter right now, what does matter right now is that I need you...

Flippy hesitated for a moment before shouting at the top of his lounges "to RUN!"

Not wanting to know at all what was behind her, she went from tip toeing to a full on sprint within mere seconds, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her, she heard a pair of footsteps behind her that were also sprinting, except these, sounded much more rapid, implying that they were going at a much faster speed, and that they would catch her easily.

She sprinted with every single bit of power she had possible that her body had, dandruff was being thrown directly out of her quills as she heard roaring behind her.

Regretting her next decision. She took a brief glance behind her, only to see the stranger sprinting directly at her, she shrieked and continued running, from her best guess at the time, there was only a mere 4 metres in between her and, whatever the hell that thing is, and whatever it was... it was closing in on her fast.

She continued running until she felt something kick her leg, causing her to fall to the ground, she tried getting up and get back to running but was cut short as the creature catches up to her and pinned her to the ground.

Seeing this, Flippy quickly ran over and tried pushing the creature off Flaky, his attempts however proved very futile. Cuddles and Toothy could see the creature throwing the helpless porcupine around, as if she was its play toy. Acting fast, Cuddles locates a nearby pipe that was laying down on the ground.

The rabbit picked up said pipe before running full speed at it and whacked its head with as much force as he could apply.

It worked. The creature body fell to the ground, lifelessly. Cuddles then turned his attention to Flaky who had Flippy by her side. She was crying, as long streams of tears stretched from nearly the top of her face to the bottom of her face.

Flippy: Flaky, are you ok, are you hurt anywhere?!

She whimpered as she revealed to him her left arm that she used to shield herself from its attacks, Flippy was shocked at the sight before him. Her arm had several claw marks all over it, along with a massive chuck of it ripped right off near her hand. Blood leaked everywhere.

Flippy's eyes began twitching as his pupils shrank before the infamous yellow eyes started to form, but before Fliqpy could fully emerge, Flaky slapped him, not too hard to leave a mark, but hard enough to snap him out of it.

Flippy: Ow, thanks Flaky.

Flaky simply sighed in relief before she started whimpering once more in pain, Cuddles and Toothy both then emerged behind Flippy.

All they could do, was simply stare in shock at what the creature had done to Flaky, Flippy then turned around, and spoke to them in a very serious manner.

Flippy: Well, don't just stand there, find something or someone that can help us damn it!

As quick as his sentence ended, the two rushed off to find what Flippy asked for, either something... or someone that could help treat Flaky's injuries.

The two searched high and low, but couldn't find anything at all. They both returned to Flippy to tell him the unfortunate news when they all heard a voice.

'Needing some assistance?' It asked, they couldn't exactly locate where the voice was coming from, but judging from how loud it was, it wasn't too far.

Flippy: Yes, please help us, my friend, she is injured! He cried out to the voice, his ears were then met with a pair of calm footsteps coming from the right side, the group looked over to see another figure, except he appeared to be dressed in a large coat and donned a fedora that covered his eyes.

Stranger: I can see that your friend is injured greatly. He recalled, pointing directly at Flaky's injured arm.

Flippy: Yes, she is, can you please help us?

Stranger: Why yes, I can, follow me, that creature will be waking up soon, now come quickly!

The group followed the stranger around the corner, with Flaky holding her arm in pain, they ran for a solid 10 minutes until they were at what appeared to be the end of the street where there was a building.

The sign read as follows.

Jack Sullivan's Arsenal house

The sign was at an askew angle and some of the lights flickered slightly, but stayed bright enough that it could be seen for miles.

Judging from what the sign said, the strangers name was Jack Sullivan. Jack opened the door and allowed everyone inside before closing the door behind him.

Jack S: Righty, now that we're in a safe environment, let me see these wounds if you don't mind miss porcupine.

Flaky slowly walked over to Jack and showed him the wounds on her arm, the smell of fresh blood disgusted him.

Jack S: Oh my, goodness, hold it right there, I'll go grab a band aid.

Jack walked over behind his counter to open a drawer before pulling out a band aid moments later along with some rubbing alcohol, he then made his way back over to Flaky.

Jack S: Now then, what I am about to do, is heavily going to sting, so...

He then turned over to Flippy.

Jack S: I'd advise you to hold her hand, and that you keep her facing towards you, ok?

Flippy walked over to Flaky as he turned her head to face him.

Flippy: Dont worry, it won't last long, I promise.

Jack S: now then, keep calm, I shall start now.

Flaky closed her eyes and braced herself for the pain that she was about to receive. Once the alcohol made contact, she screamed in agony as pain rushed in, warm tears flowed down from her eyes like mini waterfalls, Flippy hugged her as she tightly hugged back, trying to bear with the pain. She sighed heavily in relief once she heard Jack say "all done, now applying the bandages".

He wrapped them around her arm, which it did slightly sting according to Flaky, but it wasn't as dreadful as the hellish pain she had recently been through. Once he was done applying the band aids, he finally let go of Flaky's arm, allowing her to move it freely.

Jack S: Better?

Flaky: M-Much b-b-better, thank y-you!

Jack S: No problemo, now then, I have a question for you all.

He lit a cigarette as he popped it in his mouth, a small trail of smoke left as it traveled upwards. The four tree friends gathered round his front desk as he sat down on his chair, he adjusted his fedora slightly before cracking his fingers.

Jack S: How, did you all, get here, exactly? He asked, both of his palms calmly placed themselves on the desk.

No one seem to speak a thing.

Jack S: Oh don't make me beg now, I can tell you folks ain't from round here, now do me a favour and cough up, or else!

Jack then pulled out a six shooter out of his pocket, twirling it around several times in his hand before firmly gripping it.

Jack S: My peace keeper will be saying hi... to all of your, skulls...

Toothy and Flippy both at that moment looked directly at Cuddles, with Flippy looking at him almost immediately, just to prevent his PTSD going off. They both had angry expressions on their faces. Cuddles looked back at them both in confusion.

Cuddles: What?

Toothy: Your one that got us here, so spill the beans...

Cuddles: *sighs* Fine...

Jack put the six shooter back in his pocket, satisfied that they finally complied with him.

Jack S: Thank you kindly, Now then rabbit. He said, as he leaned over his desk, his face getting within mere inches of Cuddles face.

Jack S: Start, talking...

Cuddles: *sighs* It was a nice day out, me and my friends, these guys *points to Flippy, Flaky and Toothy* were originally planning on going else where when my friend Sniffles, who's an anteater by the way, came into the park with, some kind of device. It looked like a remote control of some sort. With me being exited over new things that he always created, I went over, grabbed it out of his ha-

Toothy: you mean, snatched it, out of his hands.

Cuddles: Whatever, so, umm, yeah, I snatched it out of his hands, pressed the big red button and here we are.

Jack leaned ever so slightly closer to Cuddles, spitting his cigarette to the side as it landed perfectly inside the trash bin.

Jack S: Hmm, not sure if it's true, but, I'll take your word for it.

Flippy: Yeah, but now me and my friends all have a problem.

Jack S: And that is?

Flaky: H-H-H-How d-d-do we g-g-get o-out of h-h-h-here!? Flaky asked with a slight serious tone in her voice.

Toothy: Finally, about time someone's asked that!

Jack thought for a moment, walked back and forth before Flaky said something that gave him the perfect idea.

Flaky: D-Do you have a m-m-map of s-some sort?

Jack S: Ah, thank you kindly for the reminder, now if I remember correctly where bouts I put it, I would give it to ya.

Jack then bent down on his knees as he searched each of his drawers, but seemed to have no success at all in finding the map.

Jack S: Ah blast, where on earth did I leave that damn thing?

His face then turned to shock, as he then remembered where the map was.

Jack S: Ah shite. He said, in an annoyed tone to himself.

Cuddles: What's up dock?

Jack sighed before explaining his sudden depression.

Jack S: I had encountered that demented Tree friend several times, one of those times he must've swiped the map from Me grip without me even knowing it.

Toothy: And let, me, guess... you want us to go get it for you.

Jack S: Yeah, but ill come with ya, one of your members has already been injured, luckily enough, I'm surprised at how they didn't lose their life, all who have battled that thing have been brought to their demise.

Flaky gasped in shock, realising how extremely lucky she was to survive.

Jack S: Yes, indeed you better be shocked m'lady, now then.

Jack once more, pulled out his six shooter, twirling it around several times before firmly gripping it in his hand.

Jack S: Who's ready to get ourselves a map home?

Cuddles: Oh me me, me!

Toothy: Of course your ready, now let's go.

The group walk out and begin hunting down the demonic tree friend, this marked the beginning of their journey home.