The group left Jacks arsenal house as they began their search for the demented tree friend. Everyone had armed themselves with a weapon.

Cuddles had his baseball bat along with Toothy, Flippy had his Bowie knife of which was one of the very few things he could hold in front of his face without triggering his PTSD since he's had it for quite some time and Jack had his six shooter of which he called it his 'peacekeeper'.

Flaky however, had nothing to defend herself at all, well, aside from curling up into a ball of pure spikes.

They all stayed together, should it attack them so suddenly they would all (aside from Flaky) be ready to strike at it.

Flaky stayed with Flippy, keeping him close. She always felt safer whenever someone was there to protect her, and of course Flippy offered, sure there were times when he'd flip out and kill everyone, but for whatever reason, he was able to gain back control before he killed Flaky, allowing him to comfort her as her wounds healed.

They were all walking down the street, shops were to be seen right next to them on the right, with no one inside them at all, the lights flickered as all kinds of rodents now dominated the area and made it as their new home. The road was to the left side, with no cars running along it, at all. It gave Flaky an uneasy feeling.

Flaky: G-God, I h-h-hate it h-here, I-I-I-it's t-to quiet!

Jack S: Welp, ya better get used to it lassie, it's been quiet on these streets for the last 15 odd years since that demented head gears broke lose on the streets one night.

Cuddles: Wait, it broke, out, how?

Jack S: If y'all wanna hear this story, I advice you all to sit down, shut up, especially you roger rabbit.

Cuddles: Hey!

Jack: and most importantly, listen.

They all crossed the road and went back into the park where the 4 tree friends sat down on the grass, as Jack sat on the bench, ready to tell the tale, of the demented tree friend.

Jack S: Now then, everyone ready for a little, history lesson of this place?

The group nodded.

Jack S: Good, now then... may the tale begin...


The year was 2001, around the very turn of November, this town used to boast a population of over 10,000 different residents here, some tall, some short, some shy, some brave, but most of them, were actually pretty darn brainy, just like that anteater of yours.

Every month the town used to set up a competition that would have a winner at the end of the month, the challenge. Create a new and interesting

machine of any kind at all, if it did something the town never saw before, then you were guaranteed a spot in the final.

I never really payed attention at all, I wasn't into building that kind of crazy shite, but I had a friend who was...

And his name, was Dr J. Sexton, we were best pals, he was well known for winning the competition several times. Whenever he wasn't first, he didn't have a hissy fit or cry out in anger like my brother Audrey Merrick, who did, and he often was hated by the public for his anger, but rather, he would congratulate the winner on their success, saying how amazing their technology or machinery was.

He was always a nice fella to hang around with, neck, he even designed and built me my peacemaker I always wanted.

But then, one fateful day, when Dr J. Sexton was showcasing his latest piece of machinery to the public, that could create anything from any universe at all, until suddenly, he was assassinated, by an anonymous sniper, the bullet pierced straight through his head and straight into the machine causing it to catastrophically malfunction and spawn in that demented head gears. It all happened on that one, fateful day... November 6th 2001.

It broke out, and began eating anything, and everyone within sight, dead... or alive... people were screaming left right n centre, as everyone tried to get to safety. My brother the appeared from the high tower and struck the monster, he was able to put up a good fight, he made up for his aggressive attitude by being a master at welding close range weaponry like knifes, swords, and even a shotgun at the young age of just 16. He kicked the monster to the ground, providing a great distraction for people to get away, as he fought the monster with all his might.

Alas however, if you mess with the best... you die like the rest, and the monster surely kept true to that statement, even after he fired a round right at his head, sending chunks of its skull scattering everywhere, the monster took him down, from my memory, I could see his body, fall lifelessly to the ground, as it collapsed and then became another meal for the creature.

I ran off to my arsenal house, and locked the door, making sure it was steady, and that it wouldn't fall easily.

The next several years the town transformed, from a happy town, filled with thousands of creative thinkers, to a ghost town of just barely 2 people, alive.

And I'm one of those people who are great full to be alive...

Of course, nowadays since it broke lose, and now that it's killed everyone here, except for me of course, it'll try lure any prey it can, by looking like a normal person...


Jack tipped his fedora slightly as he lit another smoke, Flaky perked up slightly at the hearing that there was someone else out there that had survived the creature wrath of u stoppable terror.

Flaky: J-Jack.

Jack S: Yes m'lady?

Flaky: D-D-Didn't you s-say that there was s-s-someone else was a-alive?

Jack S: Why yes, yes I did.

Flaky: Wh-Wh-Who is it, that is st-still a-a-alive? She asked, stuttering.

Jack sighed a moment before pointing upward, the group followed the direction of the end of his finger tips which lead them to face what appeared to be an old decayed castle with large antenna like structures on the roofs, each sparking out electricity.

Cuddles: Woah, who lives there?

Jack S: It's rumoured that an old scientist lives up there, and that said scientist...

He paused for a moment, before lifting his fedora up enough to reveal his emerald eyes.

Jack S: is your ticket outta here, you help him... he'll help you get back home.

Cuddles jumped up in excitement, so much so that his fists were uncontrollably shaking.

Cuddles: Sweet, alright everyone let's a g-

Jack S: Woah now, slow down roger rabbit, just because you know exactly where to go, doesn't mean you know the other half.

Cuddles: What other half, mr oh I'm so damn smart.

Jack S: Well, if you think your that clever, tell me the perfect route that'll get you there then...

Cuddles thought hard for a few moments before submitting defeat.

Cuddles: Ok, ok, I have no clue, can you tell me?

Jack S: You do realise that the creature has the map right?

Cuddles: Oh yeah, that's why we're here.

They all froze in place, as they heard a pair of footsteps slowly walking towards the park entrance, everyone got up and armed them selves aside from Flaky who just hid behind Flippy. Thanks to a lamp that was placed on the right side of the entrance, a silhouette of the creature was slowly seen, approaching.

The group slowly made their way towards the wall of the entrance, acting as quiet as possible, making sure not to give away their position. The creature slowly walked past them, not bothering to turn left or right, not even slightly. The group allowed him to walk several more steps until they all agreed that the creature had traveled a safe enough distance away from them.

Cuddles: Hey meat freak! Cuddles shouted, holding his bat with his hands, the creature turned around to see the group stood there, ready to attack him. He laughed manically as it echoed throughout the entire park, scaring the poor porcupine as she hid herself lower behind Flippy. It then spat out one of its teeth at great force at the lamp directly above it, causing the creature to seemingly vanish in darkness as rapid footsteps were then heard circling them.

Jack S: Keep your eyes open people... he'll be here soon...

Toothy: Holy... shit.

It suddenly then jumped out behind them, knocking Flaky away as it Tackled Flippy to the ground, with him being a trained soldier he knew what to do in these kinds of situations, he dodged its attacks while swiping back.

Flippy slashed at the monster several times with his Bowie knife, but it barely seemed to do any bit of harm to the monster at all.

He then eventually kicked the monster off, it's body flew directly towards Cuddles who flung it towards toothy with his baseball bat, Toothy then did the same, except he flung the Creature to the ground. It got back up and began running on all fours towards Jack, who simply stood there.

Jack S: Yeah, that's right... come here...

Jack waited as he got his hand near his peace keeper, the creature getting closer and closer with every passing second. Jacks fedora covered his eyes, giving him the appearance of Jesse McCree.

Jack S: come on... just a little bit closer...

The creature then jumped high into the air, flying straight towards Jack as it stretched its arm out ready to claw him.

Jack S: Bingo!

Jack rolled to the left within a flash and fired a shot right at the creature chest, causing it to stumble to the ground as it rolled several times before stopping, it got up once more as it examined the newly formed hole within its chest, it growled at Jack before both heard a twig snap.

The creature turned its head to see the porcupine alone trying to walk away, seeing the opportunity, the creature began running towards the defenceless porcupine as she stood their, too scared to move at all. It was then, that Jack saw the perfect way, to kill the monster.

Jack S: Duck! Jack screamed. And without thinking twice, Flaky ducked, sticking up her quills as the creature then realised what was about to happen, but because the creature was already in mid flight, it couldn't stop itself as it's body was then cut, clean in half by her quills, the two half's separated as blood splattered everywhere, covering everyone in the maroon coloured liquid, organs landed everywhere.

Flaky slowly rose, still shaken from the feeling of being attacked.

Flaky: Wh-What h-h-h-happened, wh-wh-where's th-the c-c-creature?

Jack S: Why... you killed it.

Flaky: H-H-How, a-and why a-a-are m-my quills we-

It was then, that she realised what had happened, Jack had told her to bend over for a very good reason, her quills were sharp enough to cut the monster in half. She turned around to see the aftermath of the event that occurred. The porcupine then stumbled around slightly, as she put her hand against her chest.

Flaky: I th-think I'm gonna, pu- *Throws up*

Cuddles: Dude, that's gross, couldn't you've waited until ya got a barf bag or something?

Toothy: She can't help it Cuddles, you do know how easily prone she is to getting sick right.

Cuddles: Yeah but- Wait, what's that piece of paper next to it? Cuddles asked, as he pointed to the small sheet of square paper lying next to the monsters right half of the body. Jack walked over to it, he reached his hand for it when he noticed the creatures fingers twitching. Not wanting to take any chances, he raised his peace maker and fired at its eye, causing the twitching to cease. Cuddles then questioned his decision.

Cuddles: Umm, why did you shoot him again exactly, he was, already dead if ya couldn't tell.

Jack S: Well rabbit, looks can be deceiving, just because something looks dead... doesn't mean it is, dead.

Toothy: Just like in Friday th-

Flaky: Don't y-y-you even th-think about r-r-reminding m-m-me of th-the time C-C-C-Cuddles forced me t-to watch th-th-that movie! I-it was horrible!

Cuddles: Pfff, only because your a chicken (begins making chicken noises)

Jack ignored the groups arguments as he reached down once more, and picked up the small piece of paper, it was the map they were looking for. A smile spread across Jacks face as he rose up to show the rest of the group when he saw them all arguing. Not messing around, he raised his peacekeeper and fired directly at Flippy's hat, barely missing the tip of his head, and catching everyone's attention, and as expected, Flippy's eyes starting twitching, but like last time, before he could fully turn, Flaky gave him a quick slap across the face, turning him normal.

Flippy: Thanks Flaky, and also. What the fuck was that for!? You could've killed me!

Jack S: Well... was the only way I thought of, that could grab your attention, sure I could've just shot the sky, but where's the fun in that?

They all (aside from Flaky) stared at him angrily when he then slowly walked over to them and handed them the map, Cuddles took it with excitement as he opened it up.

In the bottom left corner was their current location, that went under the name 'Happy treeopolis' it then was connected to a dense forest which was then connect to a series of mountain peaks, then after that there was some kind of underground stronghold that they'd have to cross in order to get to the castle.

Cuddles: Alright, cmon guys, let's go!

Jack S: And off you go, indeed.

Flaky: W-Wait, J-J-Jack, y-y-your not c-coming w-with us?

Jack S: Oh, Yeah, ill be with ya, I've just got some business to take care of first.

Jack quickly ran over to the far wall at the edge of the park. He then turned his head to face the group one last time.

Jack S: I'll se you all round...

He jumped up and climbed over the wall, leaving the four tree friends to themselves, along, with a map.

Toothy: And he would've been useful...

Cuddles: Ah well, besides p, we've got a map now, so we now know exactly where to go, come on gang, let's go!

Flaky: O-O-Ok th-then.

The group set off on their journey as they left the park to make their way towards the forest, for they had now started their journey back home.