Dr J.S: Somewhere, inside that building, is a secret passage, only the most trusted staff, are allowed in, and within side there, is a chamber, with an idol that causes bad luck, and misfortune, to those, who disturb it. He said.

Hearing this, caused Flaky to shake more and more, reminding her of what it did, the images flashed in her head of when she was eaten alive by them flowers. It became to much for her as her breathing started to get more and more rapid, sweat began running down her face, like she was reliving, or rather, re-suffering the events that happened. Flippy turned to her with concern.

Flippy: Flaky!? Quick, pass me a brown bag!

Toothy: Here! Toothy threw a brown bag right at Flippy as he then passed it over to Flaky who was then instructed by Flippy, to take deep breaths, and slowly, but surely, she calmed down, her breathing became softer until she had fully restored her normal self.

Dr J.S: Goodness, is she, always like this? The elderly rabbit asked.

Flippy: It's whenever she's reminded of one of her deaths in the past. Flippy started, confusing the doctor by the concept that they died multiple times.

Dr J.S: Uhhh, I'm sorry but, how can she, die, multiple times, may I ask? He asked, he stumbled over to his table where he then sat down at it, and grabbed a clipboard out of his drawer and a pen out of his pocket, he clicked the end of it.

Cuddles: Uh, I'll explain it to ya dock, since I'm the one whose died the most. Cuddles said, with confidence.

Cuddles: While I'm not sure my self, my best guess would be that the idol that exists in our universe is capable of giving us immortality, but at the cost of us prone to very misfortune such as dying from ridiculous things like a-

Dr J.S: woah, woah, woah, slow down now, please, I can only go so fast, after, all, I am 67 years old.

Cuddles: Okay, okay, I'll slow down. Basically, while we are granted to come back to life, we have to suffer, extreme misfortune, and also I think, we don't age, although we still celebrate birthdays.

Dr J.S: My, goodness, how can you even, live, in such a dreadful, place!? He cried.

Toothy: Welp, we eventually get used to it... aside from Flaky who most likely never will.

Jack S: Never knew you guys lived in such a chaotic place. If that were me, I'd pack me bags and get lost.

Dr J.S: Well, then, let's get this, idol and get, you all back home.

Toothy: Uh, you sure you can walk all that way doc? Toothy asked him,

Dr J.S: Ah, no worries, I've got a, car that i, can drive. Now then, where, the hell, did I leave my, keys? The doctor began searching high and low, checking every single shelf he had. But to no avail. It wasn't until Flaky started searching the back shelves that the doctor noticed something hanging off one of her quills.

Dr J.S: Eh? Hold still m'am, I think, I can see, something on your, back.

Flaky stood still and shivered, thinking it was some kind of bug or spider, sure she did appreciate the help to get it off, but it was terrifying having to wait all that time to get it of. She felt something slid off one of her quills and heard small metal objects clink together.

Dr J.S: Ah, here they are, me keys! What, were you, doing with em? The doctor asked, Flaky wasn't sure how to answer as she unintentionally must have caught the keys on her back while he was bandaging her up earlier. Before she could explain however, Cuddles stepped in, and explained it for her.

Cuddles: She has a tendency to unintentionally get things stuck to her quills, like that one time I lost my charger, and guess who paid for a new one, but then discovered the old ones on their back moments later. He asked, sarcastically to Flaky.

Dr J.S: Oh it's alright, besides, I have the, tendency, to lose things myself. He told them. He took the keys and made his way to a door on the far left of the lab, he opened it to reveal his car. He then, realised they had a big problem.

Dr J.S: Uh, hate to, break it to ya, but we, have a problem...

Flippy: What is it? Flippy asked, concerns flowing through his voice.

Dr J.S: There is, 6 of us, yet my car, is only a, 5-seater, so I'm, afraid, someone is gonna have to, walk.

Jack S: You Guys move onward, I'll meet ya there. He said.

Jack made his way to the door he came through with the group, he turned back to them once more.

Jack S: See you there. He said, before he went through the door, and closed it behind it.

The group looked back at Sexton before he looked at his keys and remembered what he was doing.

Dr J.S: Ah, Uh, well, let's get, going, shall we? He said, signalling the group to go forward, they followed him and got in, with Flaky getting in the passenger side and the others getting in the back.

Dr J.S: Ok now, cmon, work.

He inserted the key to start the engine, it took another 3 tries before it finally revved up, and once it did, it sounded like a newly crafted motorcycle ready to roll. But to everyone's surprise, Sexton pulled a lever within the car that opened up the garage to reveal, a runway, like they were at an airport. He checked behind him to see Flippy and Toothy with mildly confused looks on their faces, while Cuddles on the other hand, looked excited. He then turned to his side to see Flaky looking around, panicking.

He drove the car several meters forward before stopping and flipping open a box to reveal a yellow button, he pressed it, and as he did so, wings sprouted from the cars sides, the engine roaring louder than ever, like a lion signalling others the sight of prey, the cat began jittering up and down slightly.

Flaky: Uhh, D-D-Doctor!? She shrieked.

Dr J.S: Yes...

Flaky: I-I've g-got a b-b-b-bad f-feeling a-a-about th-this! She cried, looking more and more panicked as every second passed. Wanting to make sure, she was safe as possible, Sexton pulled a lever, causing harnesses like the ones that were on the cars of rollers coasters to suddenly flip right down and lock in place, he tugged on Flaky's to make sure it was nice and secure before resuming to the wheel.

Dr J.S: Now then, everyone, listen up! The doctor shouted.

Dr J.S: Once this bad boy, reaches 88 miles per hour! He paused a moment before taking off his normal glasses and popped on a pair of sunglasses, and put a smoke in his mouth and lit it.

Dr J.S: Your gonna see, some serious shit.

Sexton then slammed his foot hard on the accelerator, launching the car forward as everyone sank into their seats, Flaky closed her eyes in fright, whereas Cuddles, was having the time of his life, he threw his hands as high as he could, catching the doctors attention.

Dr J.S: Oh, there's more, where that came from! Here we go! The doctor screamed, as the car suddenly began hovering before they all knew it, the car began flying high into the air, like a bird flying south for the winter. The engine carried on roaring, while not as much, but still loud enough to signify its presence.

It was another 5 minutes of flying that Dr then pressed a button on the control panel in front of him, setting it to auto pilot. He looked over to his side to see that Flaky had passed out, her head had lazily placed itself on the side.

Dr J.S: Uh, anyone know how to Uh, wake her up? He asked the group behind him.

Flippy: I know how to, all we need is a cup of water. Flippy said to the doctor, who nodded. The doctor then kicked back, and relaxed as he decided to snooze for a little while.

Cuddles: Holy shit, I never thought I'd ever step into a flying car, and I have... holy mother of fuck.

Toothy: Yeah, Jesus, wait, I think I can see the hotel, hey doc. Toothy shouted, catching his attention and unfortunately waking him up.

Dr J.S: *Snorting* wah, wa, what happened?! He asked.

Toothy: I think we're almost at the Hotel. Toothy explain.

The doctor checked the map to see they had just barely passed it.

Dr J.S: Oh, righty, everyone! He shouted.

Dr J.S: Prepare for landing. He said as the doctor suddenly made the car enter a dive and go straight down, looking for a spot to land his vehicle.

Dr J.S: Now then, let's see, where would, be, a good, place to- Ah ha! He exclaimed as he saw the perfect place to land. He turned the hybrid plane-car sharply and slowed down, gently parked the vehicle down, and once parked, the restraints lifted, setting everyone free. Dr took of his sunglasses and placed his normal ones back on.

Cuddles: Wooooo, that was one hell of a ride! Cried Cuddles. Cuddles: Can we do that again!? He asked with excitement.

Dr J.S: Welp, I'll have, to see. He replied.

Flippy got Flaky out the car and pulled out a small cup.

Flippy: Anyone got any water? He asked.

Dr J.S: Uh sadly no, but I do, have a, solution. He said, as he pulled out an air horn, and moved it near Flaky's ears before pressing down on it, and waking up a frightened Flaky with a loud noise, startling her near instantaneously to her feet.

Flaky: Wah, wa, wh-what h-h-happened?

Toothy: Welp, once we took off into the air you passed out, and now, we're back at the hotel. He said, as he pointed to the decaying purple building that stood tall. Flaky looked at it with butterflies in her stomach. She had a bad feeling about returning to the building. Flippy came to her side and comforted her.

Flippy: Don't worry, I'll stay with you, and will make sure you are protected.

Flaky: Th-Thank y-y-you.

Flippy: No problem.

Dr J.S: Now then, let's, get going, to the hotel, now then, shall we? The doctor stated, catching everyone's attention as they now began their journey towards the hotel, the doctor took them through a secret path through the forest as to not go through the extreme cold temperatures of the rocky Mountains, the doctor wouldn't even last up there. It was once they arrived however, that Jack was here to greet them.

Jack S: Hey there.

Dr J.S: I, am not, gonna even, bother ask how, you got here, so, fast.

Jack S: pfff, please, I know how to navigate this place better than a rat in a rat cage. Jack added.

Dr J.S: Ah, Whatever, now then, let's get inside, now then, because it's slightly, chilly, out here. The doctor stated, earning a nod from Jack and the others as they made their way to the hotel, the lights on the sign on the outside were flickering, with some of the letters turning off for a few seconds before turning back on.

The group made their way inside, to be shown the exact same lobby the group of 5 had seen earlier, with Dr being new to seeing the decaying state.

Dr J.S: My oh my, this, is a place, of history. He said, he then noticed an old newspaper and picked it up, it read as follows.



Dr J.S: Oh, how unfortunate, and slightly amusing. He chuckled, as he showed the newspaper to Flaky who gasped in shock.

Flaky: P-Poor g-g-guy.

Dr J.S: Welp, I'm afraid, accidents happen, now let's, stick to what, we're here for, shall we. He said, the group continued onwards into the main lobby until they came up to the staff only door, of which, not to their surprise, it was locked.

Dr J.S: drat, it's locked.

Toothy: Hmm, any ideas dock. Asked Toothy.

Dr J.S: Hmm, we're going to need something, something that can be shaped small enough to fit into the key hole, something that's nice and sharp and isn't too hard to find.

Hearing those words, Cuddles turned to Flaky with a grin on his face, implying to her what he was going to do.

Flaky: D-D-Don't y-you e-even think a-a-about i-it. She retaliated at Cuddles, causing him to frown before he then came up with an idea.

Cuddles: Hey Flaky look, a chick! Shouted Cuddles, causing a frightened flaky to swiftly turn around to see where it was so that she would know where bouts to run, but much to her surprise, no chick was to be seen. Taking his chance, he grabbed one of Flaky's quills and yanked it out of her back, causing a loud snap to be heard as Flaky yelped in pain.

Flaky: Agh, r-really!? W-Was th-that n-n-n-necessary!? She snapped at him.

Cuddles: Well, I was just gonna hand this over to the doctor and have him see if it could be used to unlock the door. He said, as he handed it over to Dr who looked at it for a moment before an idea struck the brain in his head.

He slowly inserted the quill into the keyhole and started turning it at certain angles until mechanisms jingled a tune inside, unlocking the door.

He opened the door, revealing a long hallway that would take them to a single door right at the far end. They began walking, bats flying all over. What surprised them however was that they encountered a carnivorous flower down there, despite the conditions that would seemingly make it impossible for them to grow. They dealt with it swiftly as they came to the door, only to find a note on the door.

The doctor took the note of the door and began reading it.

Dr J.S: A, note, to all, members of staff, the idol, sealed within this chamber, is to be handled, with extreme caution. It is to be, reminded, that only one person can, enter the chamber, at a time, as when multiple, people enter, all members are, disposed by, the idol, signed, head manager.

Cuddles: So it looks like only one of us can enter. Said Cuddles, whose eyes very slowly started to drift over to Flaky, who then noticed his gaze.

Flaky: D-D-D-Dont y-y-you e-even-

Cuddles: Fine, Rock Paper Scissors, who ever loses has to go in, ok.

Flaky: *Sighs* f-fine. B-But th-th-this is the l-l-last t-time I'm d-doing th-th-th-this! She said, as she prepared herself to play the devils game.

Toothy: Couldn't we just send Jack in there? Toothy replied. Toothy: It would be a lot easier, plus, Jack has a weapon. He added.

Jack S: He's got a point rabbit, maybe I should just go-

Cuddles: Pffff, where's the fun in that, now then, ya ready Flakes? He asked.

Flaky: I-I'll b-be a-as r-r-ready a-as I c-c-c-can b-be. She said, as she got her hands into position.

C F: Rock, paper, scissors! They both cried out as they laid out, and much to Flaky's disappointment, she lost, she gulped in fear as she made her way towards the door, with a flashlight in hand.

She shakily placed her hand on the door nob, and turned. She stepped inside, took one last look at the group, before closing the door behind her.

Flippy: Cuddles. Flippy said. Flippy: I some times question as to why Flaky even considers you as a friend, considering the amount of shit you put her through.

Cuddles: Ah relax, she'll be fine, trust me!