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There were not many elves that arrived to Valinor on a mission, having no interest in anything else. Especially if it were there first visit to this blessed land. King Thranduil had come to these shores for the soul purpose of finding his son. His feet hadn't even touched the sand before he was scouring the crowds that had amassed to see what stragglers had finally arrived, searching for a blond head.

Thranduil indeed found one, but not the one he was expecting nor looking for. Galadriel stood waiting for him at the end of the docks, looking as fair and powerful as ever. Even though he had not expected her, she had clearly been waiting for him. If it had been anyone but Galadriel he might have asked how she knew about his arrival. She gave him a kind and knowing smile, "Legolas is staying with Celebrian and Elrond. It would be best if you hurried, he has been waiting for you."

She gestured to a horse who stood passively nearby, but clearly ready and expecting an occupant, "Glorfindel suspected you would be returning to us soon, and has asked Miramis to bring you to your son once you arrived."

The King turned surprised eyes to her, had he not been in such a hurry he might have been able to muster more than a simple, but sincere, "Thank you."

With those two words, he climbed upon Miramis, thanking him for his help. The horse confidently, and swiftly bore his rider back home. Leaving the rest of the arriving Greenwood kingdom on the beach, watching their King speed off and exchanging smiles.

Elrond's new home was just as beautiful as Imladris had been, with the same serene and peaceful air about it. If Legolas had to live somewhere without him for several years, he was pleased it was with elves such as Elrond and Celebrian. Even though he and Elrond did not always see eye to eye on matters, did not mean he was any less aware of his impeccable character and kind heart.

Long had Celebrain held a special place in Legolas' heart, being the same age as her two sons and with no mother of his own. She had adopted the role readily, but slightly wary at first about Thranduil's reaction. Even if Thranduil had objected, he knew there would have been no swaying the love in his son's heart. It was for that same reason he never tried to persuade him away from Aragorn or Gimli.

If he had been living here the entire time at least he knew that Legolas had been safe, and well looked after. If not by the Lord and Lady of the home, then Glorfindel and Erestor. Or countless others with kind hearts, who had fallen in love with his beautiful son.

As Miramis approached the house the figure of Celebrian came into view, waiting for him at the base of the steps leading to the main house. She beamed at him, for they once had a close friendship before the deep tragedies had befallen both of them. His heart warmed at the sight, pleased to see her healed and whole once more.

Miramis had barely come to a full stop before Thranduil jumped from the horse, accepting the hug Celebrain threw at him. Pulling back she gave him another radiant smile, "You are about to have the happiest elfing in all of Arda, come!"

With that she sped off up the stairs, leaving Thranduil stunned at her swift departure for a moment. Only for a moment. He composed himself quickly, the excitement of seeing his son once again giving his legs speed they had not used for many ages. He had expected Celebrain to slow down upon reaching the top of the stairs, but she did not, looking back only once to ensure he was following her.

Thranduil would have run all the way back to Greenwood without rest if that was the only way he would see his Greenleaf again. Too long had they been parted, too long had it been since he heard Legolas' infectious laugh, too long had be been wondering of his sons wellbeing.

The two raced by several familiar faces, Glorfindel gave a great cheer as they passed him, clearly pleased on Legolas' behalf that Thranduil had finally arrived. Even elves that he hardly knew were greatly excited by this turn of events, all sharing in smiles and merriment.

Legolas was such a happy elfing, almost by strict rule of his nature. His joy could light up the stars in the sky and the hearts of any around him, but if he had cause for sorrow everyone around him would feel its weight.

At times his joy had lit Thranduil heart so greatly he feared it might burst, but his sorrow had also turned it to rock. The king hoped his son had not beeing missing him, as much as he had been missing his son.

This was the longest the two had ever been apart from one another, and it nearly felt as if he was missing a piece of himself. From the very moment he had discovered his son had survived, Legolas had become his heart. It was a strange and terribly wrong sensation to live without one's heart.

At long last, Celebrain came to a halt in front a set of great oak doors. Although such a short journey could not have tired the likes of an elf, Thranduil found himself breathless as he stood before the door. He could feel the familiar song of his sons soul, so close. At long last, so close.

He pushed the doors open, and stepped into the garden that was beyond them. Leaving Celebrain nearly giddy with excitement outside of it.

Across the lawn there were two beings. A elderly dwarf was perched upon a great stone bench, his hair grey and back hunched with time. Thranduil could see the wrinkles that came to cover the dwarfs hands, and did not need to see his face to know that he did not have much time left. Five or ten years perhaps, a blink of an eye in the life of the elf who loved him so dear.

Never before had any elf been so pleased at the sight of a dwarf. Relief nearly knocked Thranduil from his feet, for he had not missed the passing of Gimli. Something he knew would tear Legolas apart anew, just as the passing of Estel had.

Before the dwarf, sprawled in the grass was his son. His Legolas. His hair no longer had the warrior braids that had resided in them for so many centuries, but hung loose around his face and shoulders. The young elf was laying on his back, staring into the clouds and raining potentially unimportant words upon the dwarfs ears.

Thranduil had been silent during his entrance to the garden, yet his son paused in his speech, brows furrowing. Concerned for his friend the dwarf leaned forward to peer more easily at his face, "What's wrong lad?"

"I thought I felt…" But Legolas did not finish his sentence. Eye widening to nearly impossible size, he sat bolt upright. His blue eyes locked onto the identical shade of his father's and he finished his sentence with a whisper, "Ada."

Though he had run here, Thranduil now felt glued to the spot where he stood. Transfixed with the sight of Legolas' smile, and stunned at the great healing he felt within his soul. Sorrow still touched him deeply, for he knew that Gimlis time was coming to an end, but it had been hundreds of years since Legolas' fae had been so strong. Long before the shadow had come to their lands.

"Ada!" Legolas cried, springing to his feet with alarming speed even for an elf. He threw himself across the garden, and into his father with enough force it nearly knocked him over.

Thranduil was certain the day Legolas had left for Valinor that he had never hugged his son so tight before, but now he found himself nearly crushing him. Yet Legolas seemed unbothered by it, and clung back to his father nearly as forcefully.

The moment he had felt his father's arms around him, Legolas had begun to cry. Remembering every moment he wished his father could be here with him, everything he had wanted to tell him, his sorrow of Gimli, and his fear for himself. "I missed you so much."

Absently, Thranduil noted that Gimli had wandered from his bench and out of the garden, closing the door softly behind him. No doubt waiting for Legolas on the other side of the door. Thranduil also noted that Celebrain still lingered outside, perhaps shielding their reunion.

"I have missed you too." Thranduil told his son, kissing his head and holding him slightly tighter through his tears.

Legolas sniffled from where he was still pressed to his father's chest attempting to stop his tears, and then spoke miserably "I've been waiting for you."

"I know, my little leaf, I'm sorry." He was reluctant to let his son go, but Thranduil also wanted to look upon his face and ensure his well being. It was one thing to feel it, but another to see reluctantly he pulled away, searching every inch of Legolas for signs against his well being. Blessedly, he found none.

Reaching out, he ran his hands through Legolas' blond tresses, in a manner that was so difficult to do for most of his life for the braids that littered his hair. "I like your hair this way, very peaceful"

Legolas grinned at his father, eyes lighting up, "It is peaceful here, it seems so strange after so long. Srange, but good."

He paused and looked around him, the same sort of awe shawn on his face as he showed every time the tree's of Greenwood spoke to him. Part of Thranduil had feared that nothing but the tree's would ever feel like home again, but if Legolas could be so happy here, then so could he. Legolas continued speaking, "I'm glad you're finally here to feel it, there's so many things I want to show you."

The entirety of his son's life, he had been showing his father things. First he showed him there was still enough left in the world for him to not fade, and follow his wife to the halls. He had showed him all the reasons to smile, and laugh again. He had shown him forest animals, new tricks and every injury. Had shown him boundless love even in the worst times, he had shown him hope, and wonder even in a time where such things no longer existed. It seemed fitting, for him to show his father how to find peace after all of this time.

Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes again, but before Legolas could notice Thranduil drew him into another embrace. Voice thick he spoke, "I can't wait to see it all."


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