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As each of the Angels watch on, Jiren continues to meditate. Goku is watching and said "Jiren. I can still keep going"

Back in the stands, Beerus asked "Is Goku alright?" to which Whis replied with "His body is exhausted, but his spirits are high. It will be difficult to suppress his desire to fight"

Over with Zen-Oh, Present Zen-Oh asked "Hey, how many taks are there left?" to which the Grand Priest replied with "44 taks remain, which correlates to 21 minutes"

"What happens when times runs out? Tell us again" Future Zen-Oh asked. Grand Priest then replied with "The universe with the most warriors left wins" and both Zen-Oh's replied with "Oh"

At this Ea, the Supreme Kai of Universe 3, said "With seven warriors left, Universe 7 is in the lead. Now is our chance to defeat Son Goku" before making a nefarious smile. Mosco them made a bunch of noises, and Campari translated "Target Son Goku" and at this, 3 of the fighters of Universe 3, Pancea, Koitsukai and Borartat gang up on Goku. Goku narrowly avoided Koitsukai, before being kicked into a rock face by Borareta.

Back in the stands, Krillin said "They're going after Goku", to which Shin added "Three of them attacking while he's still recovering! How unfair!". Master Roshi then added "How could you be so naive!", to which Beerus added "We'll have to believe in Goku"

Back on the field, Goku is thrown up into the air, then slammed into the ground by Pancea. Piccolo and Gohan are meanwhile nearby, still fighting Saonel and Pirina. Noticing Goku getting slammed into the ground, Piccolo said "Is that Goku? Gohan, you go help Goku" to which Gohan replied with "I'm sure Dad is alright. Let's focus on the fight in front of us"

Pirina then fires a beam from his mouth, which Gohan deflects, but Pirina slams Gohan into the ground. Saonel meanwhile is dominating Piccolo.

After attempting to finish off Piccolo, Gohan blocks his attack. Piccolo then does a blast attack aimed at knocking Saonel off the arena, but the beam is cut off by Pirina.

"Piccolo, are you alright?" Gohan asked. Piccolo replied with "Yeah. I didn't think another universe would have Namekians this strong"

Back in the stands, Champa yelled "Lessen Universe 7's numbers. And everyone from our universe run away", Vados, shocked, asked "You're telling them to flee?" to which Champa replied with "Honestly, we can't beat Jiren. So, we'll have to win by remaining numbers" Vados then said, "So long as you're satisfied, Champa"

An extreme closeup of Champa's eyes then occurs and he said "We lose the battle, but win the war" Caulifla looks back at Champa, knowing that running away is not in Cabba's or Kale's nature.

Back in the arena, Cabba and Kale are hiding in a crater away from the immediate battle.

"Why do you seem so down Kale?" Cabba asked. Kale replied with "I'm, not sure, how, I can, help, now, Caulifla's out" to which Cabba put an arm around Kale and said, "Don't be scared Kale, I'm, admittedly, even stronger than Caulifla and I have the fight experience she lacks, especially around protecting people"

"CABBA!" Caulifla yelled, however, Cabba immediately retorted with "I'm a member of the Sadala Defence Force. I protect people for a living. why do you think I offered to take care of Kale for you in the first place?"

"Oh, OK. I thought I recognised the clothes" Caulifla replied, surprised and satisfied that Cabba knew what he was doing.

At that moment, there's a sudden rumbling sound, before the wall behind them exploded as Monna of Universe 4 appeared.

"Can I help you?" Cabba asked. Monna replied with "I'd like you to disappear"

Back in the stands, Kuru said "Monna has gone on the offensive" at this, Quitela added "He knows it too. This is the best opportunity, to crush a Hit-less and Caulifla-less Universe 6"

Back in the arena, Cabba is sizing up Monna.

"Where's your girlfriend Cabba?" Monna taunted. Caulifla and Kale both yelled at this "HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND" while Cabba yelled at the same time "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND", although when they realised what the others had said, they all suddenly started blushing, feeling very awkward. Monna decided to take this opportunity to attack, yelling "I WILL BREAK BOTH OF YOU!" however Cabba said "I made a promise to Caulifla to protect Kale. You're a threat to her protection, so you must fall out" and at this, he went Super Saiyan 2 and, with one punch, sent Monna flying.

"Cabba, you did it" Kale said, running up to Cabba. Cabba, however, put his hand up and said "Don't come any closer. She's not beaten yet", Kale nodded and took several steps back. Monna then jumped back and said "THAT! REALLY! FUCKING! HURT! NOW I WILL FUCKING MURDER BOTH OF YOU!" and at this she massively expanded her lower body and spun at Kale.

Cabba saw that Monna was going after Kale, and he leapt to grab Kale and get away. Every second was crucial, and Cabba even flashed Quake of Fury to give him enough power and speed to get distance. It was enough, Cabba got Kale down, and caught Monna as she tried to roll them over. Kale took this opportunity, powered up to Super Saiyan Green, and kicked Monna away. Cabba turned Quake of Fury, and used a Final Flash to blast Monna off the stage.

Back with Zen-Oh and Grand Priest

"Tap" Future Zen-Oh said as Monna's portrait went dark.

"With Monna's drop out, Universes 2, 4 and 11 now have only 3 warriors left each" Grand Priest said.

Back in the stands, as Monna returned Quitela said "You lost to a scrawny little guy and an even scrawnier little girl", meanwhile in Universe 6, Caulifla yelled "THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT KALE AND CABBA! GREAT TEAMWORK!" Kale smiled, and Cabba said "That was perfect timing Kale, you see what believing in yourself gets you?" to which Kale smiled, buoyed by the votes of confidence from Caulifla and Cabba. Champa said "Nice going, Cabba and Kale! Do as I say, and you can win" but Vados replied with "Didn't you tell him to run away Champa?" Champa ignored this by whistling.

Back on the arena, Vegeta walks up to Cabba and Kale and asked "When did you obtain the Quake of Fury form Cabba? And why is Kale with you? Where's Caulifla?" at this Cabba and Kale went back to base, then Cabba asked "Quake of Fury? Is that, this form?" and he showed the pink-tinted form to Vegeta, who nodded. Cabba then returned to his base.

"So that's what the form's called" he then said "I was fighting Zarbuto of Universe 2, and he stopped me from saving Caulifla from his blast originally meant for me, and thanks to Kale's tormented screams, and Champa's and Fuwa's constant yelling of "HE KILLED HER! DISQUALIFY HIM!", that was why I went firstly Super Saiyan 2, then into Quake of Fury, and had Hit not stopped me, I would have killed him and gotten everyone, including Vados, erased"

"Sounds like you've got the same problem with Quake of Fury that I had with my Berserker form" Kale replied. Vegeta then said "So Caulifla's out of the tournament?" to which Cabba replied with "That's why Kale's with me", at this Vegeta nodded, then said "I'll go inform Kakarot about what's happened to his student. Keep your pride in your heritage, all three of you. Alright?" Cabba, Kale and Caulifla all nodded. As Vegeta left, Kale noticed that Cabba was blushing, something Caulifla noticed in the stands.

In the area with Grand Priest and both Zen-Oh's

"Are they enemies? Or are they friends?" Present Zen-Oh asked. "Which one is it" Future Zen-Oh asked.

"They appear to be a master and a student" Grand Priest replied. Present Zen-Oh then said "Master", and Future Zen-Oh added "Student"

Back in the arena, Vegeta asked: "Oh, by the way, remember the promise you made to me?" Kale, looking puzzled, asked "Promise?" to which Cabba replied with "I promised Vegeta I'd take him to Planet Sadala"


"The king of Planet Sadala is a very strong and proud man like you" Cabba said. Vegeta replied with "Is that so? Let me meet him someday"

End of flashback

"One of our universes will be erased. So, that promise can never be kept" Cabba said. Vegeta asked "Don't you remember what Grand Priest said after one of his daughters attempted suicide?" but Cabba shook his head.

"He said that the angels can choose to revive their universe after it's been erased when the tournament is over" Vegeta said. Cabba shook his head and said, "But if we get erased, Vados goes with us, so we can't be brought back"

"The angel of Universe 9 didn't like his universe much, so I think he'll use his wish to bring Vados back, so she can bring us back. Then you can keep your promise Cabba" Kale said. Vegeta then said, "And even if that doesn't happen, then I'll use the Super Dragonballs to un-erase Universe 6" and at that, Vegeta then departed.

Meanwhile, Frieza is hiding behind a rock, listening to the conversation between Cabba, Kale, and Vegeta.

"The Saiyan bond of master and student. How utterly repulsive" he said. Noticing that Vegeta was leaving, Frieza decided to make his move.

Cabba suddenly sensed a massive power level coming and immediately said: "Kale, get behind me" to which Kale obliged. Soon, Cabba had found the source of the power. None other than Frieza.

"Hello. You seem rather strong. I'd like for you to fight me" Frieza said. Cabba shook his head, said to Kale "Ready?" to which Kale nodded, then said "Sorry, I have a mission to carry out. And right now, you're the sort of person I must avoid if I want to continue with that mission" and at this, he said to Kale "NOW!" and at this, Kale went Super Saiyan Green, while Cabba went SSJ2, and they both fired off big blasts into the ground, angled so Frieza would be blinded by them, and used the opportunity to retreat.

"Cowards" Frieza said when the dust cleared. Frieza then went off looking for Cabba and Kale, though without success.

Soon Goku and Vegeta appear next to each other shortly afterward, very nearby to where Cabba, Kale, and Frieza were just a few moment ago.

"Looks like you're having trouble with that trash" Vegeta said. Goku replied with "I'm fighting while waiting to recover", to which Vegeta grunted.

"Looks like Caulifla lost at some point" Goku said, sounding a little disappointed, to which Vegeta replied "Yeah, Cabba's taken over Caulifla's role, so you'll be training with them now", to which Goku then nodded. Toppo then reappeared, and said "Is that all?" to which Vegeta replied with "Cocky bastard" and re-engaged Toppo. Goku meanwhile came face-to-face with Pancea, Koitsukai and Borartat again, all beeping incessantly.

"I can't use up all of my power yet, but I got no choice" Goku said. However, as all three fighters charged at Goku, Pancea is kicked away by Kale, while Cabba blasts away Borereta. Then Kale and Cabba team up to send Koitsukai flying.

"Good shot Kale" Cabba said. Kale smiled before they landed in front of Goku.

"Uh, thanks! That was a real help" Goku said. Kale smiled, and said to Cabba "Thanks to you and Caulifla, I'm almost back to full strength".

"Great, now maybe I can get a chance to rest. That Quake of Fury form took a lot out of me" Cabba said, returning to his base. Kale turned to face Cabba, and asked "Am I facing him alone?" to which Cabba replied with "If you want. It'll be great for your confidence" he then called to Goku "Can you please go easy on Kale?"

"Sure, for a while" Goku replied. Kale then turned to face Goku, went Super Saiyan Green, and said "Goku, fight with me".

Caulifla, watching from the stands, said "Go Kale! Show Goku what you can do"

Then the announcer finished with "Just what are Kale and Cabba up to? Intentions cross in the tournament of power. The time until the tournament ends is 20 minutes"

A/N 2: Cabba is referencing both Caulifla and Kale when he said, "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND", though you probably knew that because both Kale and Caulifla said "HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND"

A/N 3: Liked the change in ending with Kale preparing to fight Goku and not Caulifla? I literally thought of it just as I finished watching Dragonball Super Episode 112. When Caulifla thanked Cabba for allowing her to get back to full strength, I thought "Cabba's still in, but he's likely tired. Let's give Kale some time to shine" and that is how Kale wound up preparing to fight Goku. So, what happens with Episode 114? I don't know yet, that's not until Chapter 3. Yes, this is a multi-chapter fanfic, it keeps going while Universe 6 is still in the tournament, and even includes the part when they're erased.

A/N 4: I had to do a major re-write after the first draft. I didn't like the first draft much, so I re-wrote it.