I am Great and Powerful

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

Main Character: Mushu

Secondary: Mulan, Xander,

What did he do to deserve this!?

First stuck as a statue for years and years, and then collecting dust in a house that wasn't part of his family – and thus had no chance of living again.

What in the Blue Moon did he do that those honourable ancestors didn't protect him from this!?

To be used as a paperweight by some teen who was so very boring. And he was not Chinese! So again no hope of him being a living dragon again – just a golden figurine that was used as a paperweight!

But then again the honourable ancestors were always annoyed with him. Mushu wouldn't put it past them to have cooked this up just for him.

Even when he guided Mulan to victory over the Huns Mulan the Hero of China, there wasn't a noble or peasant or soldier in China who didn't hear about her. He even managed to stay her guardian after she married that General pretty boy- or General Li Shang if you wanted to be technical. Though Mushu felt some gratitude to the General, he did join the shrines so that he could continue to look after Mulan and Cricket and Mulan's cow.

After Mulan passed away he went to sleep, since his days as Guardian were over with Mulan's passing, and when he became aware of himself again – but still not alive – there was a war. The humans called it "the Boxer Rebellion"; it was against something that was called the "White Devils".

Mushu imagined demons with tusk-like teeth and glowing yellow eyes. Imagine his irritation when he saw his first "White Devil" only for it to be another human. That had different skin and hair colour, but still human – two legs, two arms, one head – though the hair colour varied – Mushu kind of liked the red-headed humans or yellow or orange and they had blue or green eyes! Those were colours he could get behind!

One day one of those non-Chinese people took him from his shelf at the shrine. Then he travelled across the ocean and on a thing called a train. Now that was an interesting contraption, much more comfortable than that cow!

He learned English and French when he was used as an ornament on the bookshelf. But then he was put in a box, and he was faced with nothing but dark and dust.

Annoying and boring. He slept a lot.

Then one day – or night, Mushu lost track of the passage of time long ago the box opened and there was a boy, perhaps a bit younger than Mulan was before she ran away to the army.

Now he was used as a paperweight. But that was OK since he was not alive never alive; Mushu would have cried if he could live – but still part of the world.

The boy's name was Xander; he lived in a town called Sunnydale, California, and it was the year 1997. He had been collecting dust for a decade. And now he has to listen to this guy prattle about how he'll sweep some girl – who sounded suspiciously like Mulan – off her feet.

Even if Mushu didn't know that Buffy girl personly, he did get the gist of her trough Xander's prattling, it described a California version of his girl Mulan, and character wise the dark haired boy was some mixture between Yao and Ling. Hence he will ever be a friend – talk about friend zoned.

Days passed and one day Xander had blonde hair and somehow managed to wake him up – he lived again!