Patriot woke up with a bang. He was in his titan. Patriot looked around confused. He activated his titan hud, seeing over a wrecked land. He looked down and saw he was right above a building. "Nessy, where are we?" the Titan answered: "Unknown, cannot interface with any data records about this. They are damaged to a critical point." Patriot responded: " try to restore power to them and give me a sitrep on titan systems."





"ok, good now give me a sitrep on how high up we are" Patriot looked at the hud, there was a long fall down.

"We are 80 klicks from the surface. Impact of titanfall will commence in 2 minutes and 15 seconds."

"Roger, Give me a sitrep on systems and battery levels"













BATTERY 10: 100% (MISC)

"Well at least we aren't completely screwed" Patriot said while watching the sitrep. NESSY answered: " Should i activate Combat mode?" Patriot nodded and said: "sure i just need to drink before we land." Patriot took of his helmet with his hand and looked at it, Grapple issue. Black with a mute swan on it. Patriot took a water bottle and began to drink.

"60 seconds to impact" NESSY said in a reminder. Patriot Put his helmet on, and waited.

"Impact in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. BRACE FOR IMPACT."

The titan plumped into the building, destroying the roof and plumping into what looked like to be a big waiting hall. The West wall was almost knocked off the building and Patriot looked at the wall. "Nessy, how stable is that wall?" Nessy answered: "Unstable, i recommend a small kick or push to knock it down" Patriot nodded and kicked the wall. The wall fell down and Patriot walked out. And spotted a lot of people with guns pointing at him.

"That was a long ass titanfall." He looked at the raiders that slowly raised their guns. Patriot sighed and and raised his sword. And stomped on the nearest raider.

Irene's POV

Irene's day just could not any worse. First she had to be the one to get the savage patrol out to a place right next to Cambridge. One of the most heavily mutant infested places in the commonwealth, meaning there was a high chance of attack from Ghoul's. But there was nothing she wouldn't have traded for it to be as simple as that.

For it was in that between the time she had landed with her squad and reaching arcjet systems she had been jumped by a group of heavily armed raiders, two of which had salvaged suit's of t-45 power armor; one even had a gatling gun.

And it was here we find our only survivor of the attack, in arcjet systems, pinned down and low on ammo. And a high possibility of dying and that was before half the building collapsed after the guy with the gatling gun started firing at her.

After a brief crossfire between the group's a wall fell away from the collapsed part of the building and a bloody giant robot stepped out if the hole crushing the raider with almost complete t-45 armor into a shrapnel infused paste.

Patriot sliced through the next raider like it was butter. A raider with a minigun started shooting at the Titan barely scratching the shield. Patriot activated his vortex shield, and caught a shit ton of bullets. The majority of them were taking cover behind cars, Patriot sweeped and released the vortex shield. Hitting all of the cars the raiders were hiding behind. Multiple explosions roared through the air as the cars exploded in a mushroom cloud effect.

"the hell, are those nuclear powered?" Patriot asked NESSY and NESSY answered.

"Scanning, Yes those are nuclear powered cars." Patriot picked one of the raider up that had the weird armor on, and threw the raider into a raider without that armor. Crushing the bones as the T-45 power armor hit the raider. Patriot then send a couple of missiles to kill the remaining raiders. Patriot looked over the area, there was an overpass and a lot of wrecked trees. Patriot walked around the building to get familiar the environment, he then noticed an armored figure hiding behind a car. Patriot activated his loudspeakers and said: " well well, would you look at that" Patriot pointed his sword towards the figure and began to walk towards it, the figure fell and tried to crawl backwards. The figure quickly had the back towards the wall, and couldn't crawl further. The sword was now only 3 centimeters away from what appeared to be a throat. His sword was on blunt mode, and he switched it to sharp mode. Small plates on the outer end of the blade sharpened and the sword was now only 1 centimeter away. The figure got shocked and tried to crawl back further. Patriot asked: " WHERE THE FUCK AM I?"

"u-um w-w-what?" said Irene, who was the figure, said from the ground with a fearful tremble in her voice. I mean how often do you see a giant robot the size of liberty prime come out of nowhere.

Patriot sighed and said: "I woke up in a titanfall, my database which is one of the strongest had no connection. Which planet am i on?"

"I think its called earth!?". Patriot looked shocked at the figure." Earth, FUCK i gotta get out of here before the IMC finds me… Wait, i can't. Demeter, im stuck. Patriot was now nervous, for the first time in a long time.

"erm who are you Mr robot?" said Irene

Patriot almost yelled: "AND WHY THE FUCK WOULD I TELL YOU THAT? SO YOU CAN GO TO THE IMC SO THEY CAN KILL ME?" Patriot was tempted to slice the head off the figure.

"who? And can you let me go Mr robot?" Irene asked.

Patriot was confused, "wait you don't know what a titan is? have you been living in a hole for the entirety of your life?"

"A what? Is that your name?" Irene asked confused; As she tried to push the blade that was pinning her away from her. And failing, only getting a few scratches on her armor for her efforts.

"Dont try to push it away, it can cut through you like you're thin air, and no im not called "titan" for fuck sake" Patriot answered stressed. He pushed the sword a bit closer and carved in the word: PATRIOT. on her armor.

"hey I'm not mad but is that your name? And who are you Mr robot?"

My name is secret to protect me in my free time. But Patriot is my codename. And you clearly know nothing about IMC, titans, and not the Militia as well."

"the only milita I know of is those minutemen fool's who are running around. And you still haven't told me who the imc are."

Patriot became more frustrated, before letting the sword go of the figure. The figure stood up but jumped down as patriot threw his sword into the wall out of rage.

Irene ran towards the building to escape the wrath of the giant mech that seemingly had it out for her. As she ran, Patriot grabbed the figure as it ran, he then opened the hatch exposing himself.

Just as Irene jumped and ran towards the door, Patriot grabbed her and opened the hatch, Irene was shocked to see a human sized armored figure inside. The figure pulled out a revolver and shot. he shot her in a chink between the joints of her armor. The bullet going straight into her shoulder. Almost taking the shoulder off and causing her to scream in pain and struggle harder, the power armors positions that worked the arms were working overtime to help her release herself from the death grip the titan had on her. Eventually she succeeded and fell out of the titans grasp, as she hit the ground her helmet came flying off.

The figure ran inside the building, it was a woman with a bleached white hair. Patriot jumped out of the titan and ran with an enormous speed towards her, he tackled her and put her in an arm lock. Putting his Data knife on her throat and he yelled to NESSY: "Im going to release her, if she tries to escape grab her tight, not to kill but to prevent an escape" Nessy answered:" Roger"

"hey I just want to live, pleasedontkillme!" Irene cried out.

Patriot released her and yelled: "DON'T TRY TO ESCAPE, IF YOU DO MY TITAN WILL GRAB YOU AND IF YOU ATTACK ME, I'LL SHOOT YOUR KNEE OF!" Patriot pulled out the Wingman again.

"come on what did I do to deserve this!" said irene.

Patriot answered: I want answers first, then ill answer yours!" Patriot then pointed towards some fucked up chairs and said: "Take a seat".

"alright, fuck fine!" Irene said as she crawled to the chair and proper herself

against it while cradling her shot arm.

"First you said this was Earth. How did i get here?" Patriot asked while taking a seat in front of her.

"I DON'T KNOW! YOU TELL ME!" shouted Irene before she winced at the extreme pain from her arm.

Patriot shot, one inch above her head and yelled: " I'VE HAD A BAD FUCKING DAY, WAKING UP IN MY TITAN 80 KILOMETERS OVER THE FUCKING HEART OF THE IMC AND ALL COMMUNICATIONS DOWN TO MY GROUP" He then took something out of one of his many pockets. Pilot stim, he injected it into her shoulder and said: " that should take of some pain…"

"arah fuck. God what was that? That's better than a Goddamn stimpak." irene asked

"High tier pilot grade stim, uses it to take of the pain of getting shot so i can concentrate" Patriot answered the woman.

"the fuck do you mean eighty kilometres above the heart of the imc?" asked Irene.

Patriot looked at her for 2 minutes. He then said: "come, come here." Patriot activated a holo map of the what the Militia assumed to be the core systems. "Im at war, you see. I'm a soldier, i fight for the freedom of the frontier. Patriot called out another but bigger map of the frontier. This is militia control and about 25% of the map cloved blue, and this is the IMC, the rest cloved red. The IMC are treating us like slaves so we fight them off. And about those minutemen, they existed over 300 years ago. They protected the freedom of the so called USA. (the other map zoomed into the earth illuminating the USA).

"where did you get that? Are you from europe? Have they found a way to cross the Atlantic?" asked Irene not at all grasping what he was getting at. Or wanting to.

"I was born in europe the 8th of october 2337. I then moved to the frontier 12 years before the destruction of demeter. when i was 17, demeter got blown up, cutting off all supply from the core systems. and yeah, earth will be, by assumption of Militia. One giant city."

"wait? You said two thousand three hundred and thirty seven? It's only two thousand two hundred and eighty seven? You fuckin liar. Where are you really from?" asked irene.

"wait, that's not possible. I would have been blown to electrons. He looked at Irene. " i might have jumped to a different dimension."

"you expect me to believe that? I've seen aliens and the closest thing you can get to demons in this world and even that sounds far fetched?" said irene.

"No im serious, i have jumped, that explains why i woke up so high in the atmosphere and our different timelines.

"really? Why would you be in the air? And how did you get inside arcjet? I bet you just found big nasty out there and are trying to fool me. Yeah that's it. Space travel isn't possible! Just look at this place they tried to go to mars and couldn't even get there! How would you explain that!"

THAT'S THE POINT. I WOULDN'T LIE. I GOT SUPERIOR ARMOR, GUNS FOOD EVERYTHING, I JUST NEED YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT IM NOT LYING." Patriot activated a video shoving Militia and IMC destroyers fight each other in space, in color.

"holy shit." she said before falling over into a ball on the floor before almost laughing at it "oh I know. I've had this dream before. Giant robots and space. Shit are you with the enclave?! hell you wouldn't survive five minutes in the glowing sea, Haha fuck me! Hey dude can you wake me up!?"

"No, i'm serious. I have somehow shifted dimension… Patriot looked at the woman, who was crawling into a ball. It all adds up, don't you see?"

"no no no no, I'm just waiting to wake up." she said rocking back and forth on the spot.

They say that you feel no pain when you dream, to your body i mean. Didn't it hurt when i shot you? Patriot sighed and checked his geiger counter. "Holy shit, 187 rads? thats high."

"what are you talking about? I've got nothing on my counter?" Irene said briefly said coming out of her stupor.

Patriot clicked on his geiger counter, seeing if what he was seeing was right. "ok good, its going down to 75 rads, still enough to burn me, but not enough to kill me. Still, i need to find a place to rest, assuming your thoughts. That shouldn't bother you, since its a dream. Right?"

"no why don't you just send time way ahead with dream powers. You know what I'm gonna go sleep and wake up. Hopefully the worst that will be happening will be ill be getting chewed by ghouls." said Irene before she laid down.

"Suit yourself, either way im leaving" Patriot began to walk towards the door. He knew that the woman would die of curiousity if she didnt follow.

As suspected the woman after, he had walked a bit, came right out after him following him and his titan at a distance.

Patriot embarked and set his course south towards what looked like to be a city. He rotated one of his mounted cameras, spotting the woman following him. He set up into a light sprint until he heard a large roar. Some kind of reptilian monster was aproaching him. Patriot pulled out his sword, watching the reptilian giant. It send off in a sprint trying to tackle him, Patriot dashed to the side and sliced the reptilian monster in the left arm. The reptilian did a quick jump and pinned down Patriot for a moment. The monster began to unleash its fury, with powerful strikes from its Extreme sharp claws. Patriot answered to this by sending a barrage of missiles into the stomach of the creature. "Warning, shields down by 15%, "Hull has taken Minor damage. Damage report 0,001%"

Patriot kicked the monster in its stomach and dashed backwards. The creature attack again, but failed. Patriot shot it with his laser shot, the monster became even more furious. It then charged to tackle him, but that failed too as patriot just did a 360 and punched it in its head. Making it fall onto its back. AMPLIFIED LASER CORE READY, USE PARTIAL CORE?

"Use partial core" Patriot answered, the golden yellow laser tore through its skin, killing it several seconds.

Looking around he saw the woman who was following him had dropped to her knees and had dropped her gun and was just staring at him in awe.

"I knew you would follow me. Patriot said in a casual tone.

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