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Draco Malfoy sat in Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour, his one year old son in his lap. "Mummy's slow isn't she, Scor?"

The little blonde boy giggled up at his father and reached for his face, "Dada!"

"No, Mummy," Draco gently turned his son's head to see the witch approaching them with two ice creams. Chocolate for Scorpius, cookie dough for his parents. Draco would be sharing a cone with his wife. And quite likely finishing Scorpius' dish for him. It was Scorpius' first ice cream and Draco was looking forward to seeing his son enjoy the frozen treat.

Scorpius lit up, "Mama!" He clapped his hands and reached toward her.

Hermione Malfoy sat down next to her husband and son, "Hello there my handsome little man. Did you miss me?"

Scorpius giggled. Hermione handed Draco the dish of chocolate, "I got plenty of napkins. Being a witch with a baby is so much easier than being a muggle with one. Scourgify is particularly useful." Draco laughed as he adjusted his hold of their son to be sure that he could see his son's reaction. So far they'd been able to share every first; which was an impressive feat because Scorpius was advanced for his age.

Hermione took a bite of the cookie dough cone before taking the spoon and dipping into the chocolate. Draco couldn't help the smile as Scorpius opened his mouth for his mother, taking the bite of ice cream. Scorpius' little lips smacked together before he reached for the spoon, a big smile on his face, "Someone likes ice cream," Hermione smiled. Draco took the spoon from her and took over feeding their son.


Family time like this was something he didn't ever think he'd experience. Their relationship was forged in chaos way back in their sixth year of Hogwarts. Draco was a pessimist and had always believed their relationship would end in tragedy. Most likely his death. But in his darkest moments it had been Hermione's love and memories of their time together that had motivated him to fight like hell to survive. Shortly before Dumbledore's death they'd talked about their future and he'd expressed doubts that she'd still love him if he had to do some of the things he might have to do. Hermione hadn't blinked. "Your only job is to survive the war," she'd told him. He suggested there were some things she couldn't forgive and Hermione had kissed him, "I love you and nothing will ever change that Draco. You only have to survive," she'd repeated.

Those words had got him through some of the worst days of his life. But after the Final Battle, when Hermione flew into his arms and kissed him, Draco knew what she'd meant. Holding her in that moment he felt this sense of accomplishment and power. They'd survived. They were alive. Then he'd seen his father arrested. And then Draco had been arrested. Someone, probably Weasley, had tried to pull Hermione away. But she hadn't left Draco's side.


Draco was pulled out of thoughts of the past with his son's squeal of delight as he reached for the ice cream, "No Scorp," Draco gently scolded. "You aren't big enough to hold your own yet."

There was that pout. Their son looked just like Draco physically but in many of his facial expressions all Draco saw was Hermione. He had her pout, which made it very difficult for Draco to refuse his son anything, but his eyes would also light up in laughter just like Hermione's did. He was hopeful that meant that his own bad attributes would be muted by Hermione's typically more cheerful demeanor.

Of course, some things there were no hope for. Hermione had zero problems telling him she was brilliant and Draco was quite boastful about his own intellect. He was certain Scorpius would be cocky and arrogant and drive people mad. And if their son was half as stubborn as even one of his parents, they were doomed on that front too. "He has your pout," Draco told her.

"Of course he does," she held out their ice cream for him to take a bite, "Are you okay? Being back here?" It was five years after the war. When Draco was arrested and charged for a litany of crimes, Hermione had never wavered. Everyone in her life was certain she was wrong or that she was delusional or that Draco was using her despite none of them knowing anything about the couple's relationship.

She had not backed down, even testifying on his behalf at his trial. Many people had turned their backs on her as a result. Harry and George were the exceptions, but Harry did keep his distance from her. Even when Draco was found not guilty due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding his Death Eater activity. It seemed Hermione came second to Ron for Potter, something Draco thought was incredibly stupid. George, though, had never wavered. He'd even sat with Hermione on Draco's side of the courtroom during the trial, assuring her that Draco would be cleared.


Draco and Hermione had lived in the Granger home that summer before their final Hogwarts year. Hermione wanted to finish school and sit her NEWTs like a normal witch. Draco could deny her nothing and agreed to return to Hogwarts with her. He was not disowned by his parents but they told him that so long as she was in his life, they would not be. Five years on he hadn't spoken to them since their ultimatum. Returning to England had been a difficult decision but ever since Scorpius was born they'd both been getting homesick.

But just coming into Diagon Alley Hermione had seen some of the stares that were being directed at Draco. It brought her back to why they'd left in the first place and while they'd both agreed to return with the Grangers, Hermione wondered if maybe they should look into moving to France. She didn't want her husband, who had only taken the mark under threat of death, getting depressed. Draco leaned over and kissed her, "I'm fine, love. I can handle the staring."

She smiled at him and took another bite of the treat. After six years together, Draco would tell her if he was uncomfortable. She knew that. "Mama!" Scorpius reached for her and she handed Draco their ice cream before taking Scorpius from him. They'd had ice cream in Australia, obviously, but there was something about Fortescue's that was just special.

"Do you want Mummy to feed you?" she asked. He gave her a toothy grin. He had two upper front teeth and three bottom front teeth already. Hermione had always heard her mother say that babies grew too fast but she'd not appreciated it until it was her own son. Her mother was right. It did feel like Scorpius was growing very fast. It seemed like just yesterday she was in labor and Draco was holding her hand and whispering how much he loved her into her ear.


The ice cream was eaten in peace, with Draco keeping Hermione clean of chocolate drool from a very giggly and happy Scorpius. Ultimately Hermione finished Scorpius' portion while Draco finished the cone and then, after cleaning a sticky baby up, they left the ice cream parlour. The Alley didn't look much different since they'd last been there. Draco didn't see any real changes made to the Alley itself. Some of the shops had changed. Ollivander's store had a new name above it and a few places looked to be new but by and large, everything seemed to be the same as it had been before the war. "We need to go to the apothecary. I want to make up a salve for his gums," Hermione told her husband.

Draco nodded and adjusted his hold on Scorpius before taking his wife's hand again as they set out for the apothecary. Scorpius had been finding teething very painful and Hermione had come across a teething salve in one of her potions books in a passage on child rearing. Draco thought it was a great idea, but it made him angry that they had no magical assistance. The Grangers were great, but some of their advice didn't apply to magical children. Or Hermione didn't want to rub brandy on her son's gums. Sometimes it was more that Hermione didn't like her parents' solutions, which amused Draco to no end.


With a trip to the apothecary already under their belt, and Scorpius wide-eyed and admiring everything, Hermione suggested a trip to the bookstore. Scorpius loved being read to and they had very few magical children's books. Draco agreed. So far there hadn't really been any issues on their visit to the magical world. Some people stared but it seemed holding their son kept people from making their opinions about Draco's presence known. He carried Scorpius through the store as Hermione looked at the books. She found the potions section and spotted a rare book they'd been looking for, "Draco can you get that down please?"

"Sure," he handed over their son and Hermione felt Scorpius snuggle into her. She smiled. He would do that when he was tired.

Hermione adjusted her hold carefully and Scorpius' head rested under her chin. "Love I'm going to go sit down with him for a bit in the children's corner. He's tired. Can you occupy yourself for ten minutes?"

Draco kissed her gently so as not to disturb their son, "Go on. I'll roam the shelves, try to find something to amuse myself." Scorpius was quite infamous for his ten minute naps from which he would spring back wide-awake. In counter to that Draco and Hermione had become very adept at a less than ten minute shag, which Draco found not as enjoyable as their long sessions that they'd only recently begun enjoying again with their son finally sleeping through the night.


As he perused the books his thoughts turned to finishing that year in Hogwarts. Not long after graduation Hermione suggested going to Australia and finding her parents with Kingsley and Draco had said he'd love to go find the Grangers.

While it was not the meeting you might have hoped for, it wasn't the worst thing Draco had ever bore witness to. Troy and Helen Granger were outraged at Hermione's actions. It wasn't until Draco confessed that Voldemort had sent him with a group of Death Eaters to the Granger home to kill them but Hermione had already sent them to Australia that they calmed. The very real fact that Hermione had been right and they would have been hunted and killed while being quite defenseless was a sobering one.

It was a slow reconciliation after that, and Troy clearly did not trust Draco, but Hermione and Draco weren't going anywhere and they eventually made their peace. Draco giving up everything to be with the witch he loved was something that impressed the Granger parents. Kingsley returned to England after making sure her parents were okay and smoothing things over with the Australian Ministry of Magic. Hermione and Draco ultimately decided to stay with her parents.

They lived with the Grangers one week before Draco got a job. It was at the Australian branch of Gringotts and they offered to put him up in a nice apartment in Sydney. Hermione agreed and they moved into it together while she took a job in the Ministry of Magic, also in Sydney. After a year there Draco had earned enough money to buy Hermione a wonderful ring and placed it on her finger, beaming as she said yes to his marriage proposal.


While Draco had entered the relationship with no money due to being cut off, Hermione had been given reward money for her actions in the war. A small fortune, really. She refused to let Draco pay for anything when they moved into their apartment. Draco argued, but gave in because she insisted that she'd won the war to be with him in the first place. Plus she didn't have to pay rent, living with him in the company owned apartment. He'd saved up all of his salary that first year as a result to buy her a goblin-made engagement ring.

He picked up a few books they'd been unable to find in Australia. Since arriving in England they had been staying in the Granger home with her parents again. They weren't sure what to do with their careers. Draco did not want to work for Gringotts in England. The goblins of England were nothing like their Australian counterparts. Hermione wasn't entirely sure what to do either. She'd quit her job after having Scorpius because she and Draco didn't want to leave him with strangers in Australia as her parents both worked but she also loved spending time with Scorpius. While she wanted to work again, she didn't want to work at a job that took her away from Scorpius.


Draco was looking through a book when he heard someone gasp, "Draco?"

He turned to see his mother, Narcissa Malfoy, standing about ten feet from him along with his father, Lucius Malfoy. He blinked, surprised to run into them at the book store, "Mother? Father?"

"Oh Draco! It's been so long," Narcissa moved to hug him but Draco stepped back, making her stop. "What…why…"

"Last I checked, I'm not to have any contact with you so long as I'm seeing Hermione. Given she's now my wife, why should that change?" Draco's voice was harsh and colder than either of his parents had ever heard it. He wondered how quickly he could get away. He didn't want them saying something vile to Hermione in front of his son.

Before his parents could say anything, though, Draco heard his wife's voice, "Someone has inherited Mummy and Daddy's love of books."

Draco turned to see his wife and son approaching them with Scorpius holding one book and Hermione holding several. He smiled as Scorpius grinned at him, "Dada!"

"Show Daddy what you've got love," Hermione encouraged, unable to see Narcissa and Lucius as Draco was between two bookshelves and his parents were in the aisle approaching the bookshelf.

Scorpius showed Draco the book, "Dada! Rawrrr," he growled, showing Draco the dragon on the cover.

Draco couldn't help the grin on his lips as Scorpius practiced his dragon roar. When Hermione had learned they were having a boy (she and Draco both hated surprises) he had been unable to attend the appointment due to the bank scheduling a last minute client meeting he had to attend. When he arrived back at his desk after the meeting Hermione had sent him a short note with an ultrasound picture. The note said- We're having a boy! Draco had sat in his chair, stunned at the picture of his son in Hermione's womb. He'd then packed up and gone to the store to purchase a stuffed dragon for their son. Hermione had loved the dragon; especially when Draco asserted that their son would always know that dragons were tough and like his namesake, Draco would never let anyone hurt their son.

Scorpius loved that toy and took it with him everywhere. In fact, Hermione had the dragon squeezed between Scorpius and her to keep it close to him. "That was a brilliant roar," he leaned down and kissed his son on the forehead before leaning back up and kissing Hermione, "Love we should go."

Hermione's face showed her confusion but that was put to rest as the Malfoy parents stepped into view, both staring wide-eyed at the blonde toddler in her arms. "Oh," Hermione said, holding onto Scorpius a bit more firmly.

Narcissa's hands flew to her mouth as soon as she saw the boy who could have been one year old Draco. Lucius' jaw dropped as he stared. The resemblance was uncanny, "Is that…" Narcissa swallowed, "is this your son?"

Draco moved to stand next to Hermione, wrapping his arm around her and smiling at Scorpius who was looking at the people staring at him with confusion. "This is our son," Draco said. "Scorpius Troy Malfoy."

"Scor-" Narcissa's eyes filled with tears. Her son had named her grandchild in the Black tradition of the names of constellations. Even after she and Lucius had turned their backs on him because of his relationship with the muggleborn witch his arm was wrapped around.

Lucius swallowed, "How old is he?"

Hermione could see that both of the Malfoys were unnerved by the presence of their grandson they'd not even known about. It was the only reason she answered the question, "He just turned one year old last week." Hermione then turned her attention to Draco, "Give me the books and I'll pay for them. We should get home. Scorpius needs a real nap. Until we came across the dragon book he was getting quite fussy."

"Just like his father," Narcissa whispered. "Oh Draco…"

Draco handed his wife the few books he'd gathered and kissed her, "I love you," he whispered.

She smiled, "I love you too Draco." Her eyes told him it was his decision what to do about his parents. She trusted his judgment.

Draco leaned down and kissed his son's cheek before moving back up to kiss Hermione once more, "I'll be right with you," he promised.

"I know," she smiled warmly at him and Draco smiled back as Hermione walked between his parents to the register to buy the books.

Once his wife was gone Draco folded his arms and glared at his parents. Narcissa, overcome with emotion at the sight of her grandchild, took a handkerchief from her husband and dabbed at her eyes. Lucius swallowed, "When did you get married?"

"Almost three years ago," Draco looked at his parents. As much as he loathed them for their dismissal of his relationship and the way they'd disregarded Hermione, he'd spent too much time around his beloved wife. Her voice had become his conscience and he knew what she would say. That they had only taught him what they were taught themselves. That she had given him a chance to prove he wasn't a Death Eater and not the same bigoted little boy she'd met when she was eleven years old and his parents deserved the same chance. And the most annoying one was the loudest one. It was the reminder that they were his parents and he could have chosen any number of names that weren't a constellation. Draco was the one who'd told Hermione about the tradition and how he'd always wanted to name his son something cool, like Scorpius.

He weighed his options. No way in hell were Hermione and Scorpius stepping foot into Malfoy Manor. That meant that his parents would have to prove their mettle. If they wanted to see their grandson, and him, then they'd have to come to the Granger home. He took a breath and looked at his parents, "It's past Scorp's naptime but if you want to…to talk, and see him, you can come to her family home. But if you insult my wife, or my in-laws, and especially in front of Scorpius, I will throw you out and never talk to you again."

Silence fell before Narcissa spoke, "When would be a good time?"

"Late this afternoon should be fine. Around five," he answered. "You can join us for dinner." Draco prayed this wasn't a mistake. He wrote down the Grangers' address, "It's a muggle neighborhood," he informed them. And then he was gone.


Back at the Granger home Hermione got Scorpius to sleep and put him to bed in the guest bedroom which had become Scorp's nursery. Her bedroom had a larger bed to give her and Draco more room, which they both appreciated. Draco was waiting downstairs, "Did I do the right thing? Inviting them here?"

"They're your parents," Hermione said, hugging her husband, "they deserve the same chance you were given. That doesn't mean if they don't show up, or things end poorly, that they get another one. It just means they are getting a chance to fix their mistakes."

Draco smiled and kissed her, "So long as you're sure."

"It's been five years," Hermione said. "Maybe five years without you, four without knowing where you were or even if you were okay, made them see the light."

He wasn't sure he could be that optimistic. But then, that was why Hermione complemented him so well. He kissed her again, "I love you Hermione Malfoy."

She grinned and pressed her forehead to his to whisper, "Scorp will take a longer nap today since he's been up almost all morning. How about you show me just how much you love me?" Draco growled and the couple hurried up to their bedroom, quickly casting silencing charms to keep sound from escaping their bedroom. They could get quite loud when they were together and there was no way they were ignoring a chance to make love.


Ten minutes to five Draco dressed Scorpius in his third outfit of the day. "Someone is messy today," he said. Scorpius giggled and reached for him. He picked up Scorpius and carried him downstairs. While the naked afternoon he'd spent with Hermione was absolutely brilliant, Draco had started to feel the doubt and worry growing again after the couple had exited their shared shower and begun getting dressed.

Downstairs Scorpius saw Hermione, "Mama! Mama Mama!"

"Hello handsome little man," Hermione kissed both of her son's cheeks and he giggled. "Draco it will be okay," she soothed her husband.

"How do you know that?" Draco asked, the worry etched in his brow.

"Because nothing could get between my mother and her grandson and given how your mother reacted to seeing Scorpius, I think his blood status isn't as important as his being a Malfoy is."

Draco frowned, "I don't want them accepting Scorp because he's a Malfoy yet ignoring you because you're muggleborn."

"We won't let that happen Draco," Hermione assured him. "They accept our entire family or they accept none of us."

He smiled and kissed her, Scorpius' little hands reaching up to his father's chin. When the couple parted their son pouted, "I saw you trying to stop me from kissing Mummy," Draco informed his son. Scorpius gave him an innocent expression. "I think he wants you all to himself," he told Hermione.

"He's a baby, Draco. Of course he's possessive of me. He'll grow out of it."

Draco pouted, "But I'm the only one allowed to be possessive of you."

"Merlin help me I have two children, not one," Hermione sighed dramatically. Draco kissed the corner of her mouth, laughing. He loved his witch so much.


Their domestic bliss was interrupted by a knock at the front door, "I'll get it," Draco told her. She gave him an encouraging smile and took Scorpius from him. Draco took a deep breath and opened the door to reveal his parents. In muggle clothes. He blinked, "Uh…"

Hermione was at his side in an instant, "Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, please come in," she said, tugging Draco back to let his parents enter. She was surprised they were in muggle clothes but apparently not as surprised as Draco. Hermione led them into the living room, "My parents are making dinner. Draco and I haven't had time to look for a place since we got back to England."

"Thank you," Lucius said, sitting in the offered chair and watching her put Scorpius on the ground.

The little boy lit up as a dragon flew into Hermione's hand and he clapped at the magic she'd cast to summon the toy from the upstairs nursery, "I'm glad you appreciate Mummy's magic," Hermione kissed the top of his head and gave him the dragon.

Scorpius hugged his toy to him before crawling toward Lucius. He sat down in front of him and lifted up the dragon, "Dada Rawrrrrr!"

The corners of Lucius' mouth lifted in a smile, "Is your daddy a dragon?" he asked in a kind voice Draco had never heard before.

Scorpius grinned and nodded his head. Draco sat down in the floor at Hermione's feet and Scorpius turned to look before hoisting himself upright using Lucius' pants and toddling over toward his parents. Draco leaned forward to catch his son as Scorpius leaned too far forward the last three feet and very nearly fell. The little boy laughed as Draco scooped him up. "Where do you think you're going Scorp?"

Scorpius giggled and growled at him. Draco leaned close and growled back before tickling Scorp's sides. The baby laughed and wiggled, trying to escape his father's clutches. Hermione smiled at their antics before looking at the Malfoys. The new grandparents seemed speechless. "I'll just go see if Mum and Dad need help," she said, squeezing Draco's shoulder affectionately.

"Sure love," Draco nodded.


When Hermione left silence fell in the living room other than Scorpius' giggles and squeals. Narcissa broke the silence, "Draco we're sorry for what happened five years ago."

It took everything in him not to explode at his parents. Seeing them reminded him of the bastard he'd been at age eleven and while he'd well and truly changed long ago, he hated being reminded of the little arsehole who'd called Hermione mudblood. The last time he'd seen them they'd called Hermione that very word and it still angered him. "Sorry because you were in the wrong or sorry because you've just realized that your actions have precluded you from learning you have a grandson? Because Hermione is his mother and I will not have you poisoning our son with lies like you poisoned me."

Lucius' pride would never let him answer that question. He went with a different tact, "Your mother has been talking to her sister Andromeda the past few years."

Draco's eyes moved to his mother, who nodded. "We've been learning more about muggles and muggle culture, Draco. We've been trying to put the past behind us. It isn't easy, unlearning several decades of prejudice."

Hermione returned to the living room and Scorpius reached for her. Hermione stopped roughly ten feet from him and knelt down, "Come on handsome. Come here." Scorpius pulled himself upright and slowly toddled over to his mother, who planted kisses all over his face when he got to her, "You're getting so good at that!" Hermione pulled back to look her son in the eye, "Please quit growing up so fast."

"Cissa used to say that to Draco," Lucius smirked. "Especially when he got to the climbing stage."

"Scorpius has already taken to climbing stairs. He can get up all of them, too," Hermione looked at Draco, "I blame you for that."

"You climbed a bookshelf when you were almost two just to get a book," Draco retorted. "It's not just me," he stuck his tongue out at her.

Hermione returned the gesture as Scorpius tugged on her finger, "Do you want to read?" Scorpius nodded and Draco summoned the dragon book they'd bought that day. Hermione looked at her mother-in-law, who was still watching Scorpius. "Would you like to hold him Mrs. Malfoy?"

Narcissa blinked back tears, "Please call me Narcissa, dear. We're family." Draco smiled. He'd accept that. Narcissa nodded, "I'd love to hold him."

"Scorpius, this is your grandma," Hermione said, standing with practiced ease despite the baby in her arms and carrying him over to the blonde witch.

"Hello dear," Narcissa accepted him from Hermione, "my goodness you remind me of your daddy."

Scorpius looked up at Narcissa at the mention of daddy, "Dada RAWRRRR," he growled.

"Is your daddy a dragon?" Scorpius beamed at her and nodded as he began to babble in various noises and grunts. Draco handed his mother the book and upon seeing it Scorpius clapped his hands and reached for the stuffed toy that was on the floor. Draco quickly picked it up and Scorpius hugged it to him as he snuggled into Narcissa. She opened the book and began to read to him.


Draco felt Hermione's arms around his waist, "Are you okay?" She asked quietly.

"Now I am," he answered, watching as his father moved to sit next to his mother. Scorpius looked very content, sitting in Narcissa's lap. Hermione smiled. She had hoped eventually Narcissa and Lucius would come around. For her husband's sake; he was their only child, which was what gave her hope in the first place. They couldn't be upset with him forever, could they? Especially over a relationship that gave them their grandchild.

It seemed she was right. Draco looked at his wife, "You're too forgiving sometimes."

"Everyone deserves a second chance Draco," she kissed him gently, "If I hadn't given you one imagine how miserable your life would be right now."

Draco chuckled and shifted to hold her against him, "That is very true. I love you."

"I love you too," Hermione responded.

"It won't be easy."

"We'll get through it," she said. "We've been through worse together." Draco pressed his nose against her to inhale her scent. Hermione's scent was very soothing to him. She seemed to bring out a calmer side of him.


The couple settled on the loveseat together and once Scorpius was back on the floor playing with his dragon Lucius spoke, "We brought him a gift," he pulled a package out of his pocket and tapped it with his wand to expand it. "We bought one for Draco when he was a baby and he loved it. Since at the store Scorpius was so attached to the dragon book, this seemed a good purchase." It was a dragon sanctuary playset. Like many magical toys, the dragons were enchanted to breathe fire, roar, fly…but no destruction, death, or mating. "We still have your magical mobile that we hung over your crib. If you want it," Lucius added.

"That would be quite lovely, thank you," Hermione said.

"Here Scorp let's put your new present together," Draco knelt on the floor with his son and opened up the box. It required very little assembly but what was important was that it would distract Scorpius while some serious things were talked about.

Scorpius loved the dragons. When Lucius easily cast the spell from memory to activate them Scorpius stood up, hobbled over to the older blonde wizard, and hugged his leg with a grin on his face before moving back to his new toy. Draco looked at his parents, "So have you two decided Hermione's heritage doesn't matter? Because we're raising our half-blood son in both worlds."

"Love you could be at least a little more subtle," Hermione gently reprimanded him. "I am fully capable of defending myself if need be."

"You shouldn't have to," Draco protested.

Hermione sighed and gazed at his parents, "I blame you two for this," she said, pointing at her husband.

Lucius didn't miss a beat, "It's from the Black side of the family, not the Malfoys. We're much more subtle than that."

Narcissa's scoff had Hermione smiling, "Lucius dear your father was as subtle as a brick to the head."

Draco was in awe of this informal side of his parents, "What happened to the two of you?"

"We carelessly tossed our son aside," Narcissa answered honestly. "And we don't want to lose you again. It's not been easy, unlearning everything we were ever taught. But we have been trying, Draco."

"And we're," Lucius paused. It was very hard for him to apologize to anyone, even his son, "We're sorry. For everything."

"We tore down the Manor," Narcissa added, "we built a new one in its place."

"We added a pool," Lucius cut in, "you always wanted one growing up. It's an indoor pool with a flower garden near it. It looks just like the one you and your mother planted when you were little."

Hermione rubbed Draco's arm and he gazed at his wife. He knew what she was thinking. His parents were trying to show him that they'd changed and he needed to pull his head out of his arse. "It sounds very nice," Draco conceded. It did sound more than nice, actually. Draco knew Hermione loved the water and swimming.

"If you want you can move into the manor. We can move into the cottage on the property," Lucius offered. "You'd have your privacy and if you like we can put in one of those mirrors to maneuver between the Granger home and the Manor so you can visit the Grangers, or they could come to the Manor, easier."

"Malfoy Industries has branched out into the muggle world, dear," Narcissa smiled at Draco. "Andi helped your father with that. Lucius has been hoping you might want to join him, running the company. You both could," Narcissa looked at Hermione, "It is a family company after all. Severus always praised your abilities in potions and he had very high standards."

Hermione blushed at the praise before turning the focus to Draco, "Draco worked at Gringotts in Australia. He's quite good at brokering deals. I daresay it's the inherent Malfoy charm."

Draco held his wife's hand. He was trying to decide what to do. He would either take the job or the house. He didn't want to jump into both at the same time. But his wife seemed to indicate otherwise. He understood why; they needed their own place and they needed jobs but living in the muggle world made the latter very difficult. "We could go look at the new manor, I suppose," he conceded, well aware he and Hermione would be having a talk tonight. Although whatever she wanted, he would do. Hermione was much less biased than he was toward his parents and Draco didn't want his residual anger to get in the way of his wife and son having the great life that they both deserved.

"What kind of potions business is your company into?" Hermione asked, pleased her husband was at least willing to try to get along with his parents. Draco had been so angry with them the past five years she'd worried he would lash out when the Malfoys didn't even deserve his anger.

That was an aspect of her husband she wished she could change. The way he held onto his anger, for years, and just let it ferment. Hermione put those thoughts to the side as her father-in-law clearly relaxed as he began to talk about Malfoy Apothecary, the combined winery and potions branch of Malfoy Industries.


When dinner was ready Hermione picked Scorpius up off the floor, the baby not happy his new toy had to stay in the living room. They were able to distract him with his favorite spoon, a dinosaur shaped spoon that Helen Granger had found in a store when Scorpius was a little over 3 months old. It looked close enough to a dragon to satisfy Scorpius, who showed off his spoon to Narcissa, who sat on his other side while Hermione was on the other. "RAWRR!" Scorpius said.

"It's very nice," the older witch smiled at him. Scorpius beamed and looked toward his mother, who had his plate.

Hermione gently took the spoon from Scorpius and gave him a small spoonful of mashed potatoes. Draco smirked as Scorpius predictably tried to escape his mother. Hermione wasn't one to be denied and she asked her son, "Scorpius what does a dragon say?"

Scorpius immediately responded, "RAWRR-mph!" He obediently chewed and then swallowed, smacking his lips and reaching for his spoon, "Mo!"

"Definitely Draco's son," Lucius chuckled, "you were the same. Bossy from day one."

"Hermione too," Troy smirked. "As soon as she could talk she was bossing us around."

"Even before that," Helen teased her daughter. "You get what you give," she told the young parents.

"That means at least two of you were also bossy as children," Hermione retorted.

Narcissa and Helen both pointed at their husbands, making Draco smirk. Some things seemed to be the same no matter your magical status.


They all began to eat dinner, Draco surprised that Lucius was able to talk sports with Troy while Narcissa and Helen discussed recent new releases in muggle fiction and fashion. Hermione kissed her husband's cheek and whispered, "Draco you have to give them a chance, not just say you are."

He knew she was right. At a lull in the conversation he looked at his father, "What would I be doing at the business? And what about Hermione, for that matter? Neither of us wants to miss out on Scorpius' baby years too much."

"We have a full potions lab at the manor now," Lucius said. "If Hermione wanted to work in that field I'm sure she could create new potions or improve old recipes with ease and not have to leave the house very much."

"I'd be happy to babysit any time you need me," Narcissa smiled, "and Draco's nanny elf would be elated to get to care for Scorpius too."

"I like the sound of that arrangement," Hermione admitted. "I always have enjoyed brewing potions but I would love to be able to work from home to be with Scorpius."

"Severus was quite impressed with your natural ability," Lucius said, "he knew you'd brewed polyjuice in your second year. He was incredibly amazed. That is a very difficult feat."

"He was a good teacher," Hermione said. "His manner could be rather harsh but his expectations were so high that you felt very good when he finally complimented you."

Draco nodded his agreement before looking at his father, "And what would you have me doing?"

"You could learn to run the company with the intent to take over for me. So shadow me, learn the businesses, make your presence known. We employ many more people now, and not all magicals." Draco had to admit, he was intrigued. And more than a little impressed at the progress his father had made in five years.

"That sounds pretty good," Draco conceded. "But what about the hours?"

"We can ease you into it," Lucius said. He understood his son wanting to be at home with his family as much as possible. Lucius himself had always made an effort to spend time with Draco when he was a child. "And as your own boss, you can set your own hours."


Conversation over dinner continued and toward the end, as Hermione cleaned up her son, Narcissa asked, "Have you thought about having more?"

"We have," Hermione admitted. "Draco and I thought about waiting until Scorpius is two before trying. He's very needy and quite possessive of me at this age. And when he's two he'll be able to understand if I'm sick during the pregnancy a little better."

"When I kiss Hermione our son glares at me," Draco said, making Lucius chuckle. He had clear memories of baby Draco doing the same thing.

Narcissa looked at Hermione with concern, "Were you sick with Scorpius?"

"I had morning sickness a few times but it wasn't too bad. I've heard though that sometimes women are even sicker their second pregnancy so we're trying to be pragmatic," Hermione answered.


When his parents had finally left the Granger home two hours later Draco looked at Hermione, "I have to say it don't I."

"You don't have to," Hermione said with a smirk, "I mean, it's not like you need sex or that Scorpius is down for the night and we have some very rare privacy," she added.

Draco knew when he was beat, "Hermione, you were right. My parents can't resist their grandchild."

She grinned and pulled him to her, "Now was that so hard?"

"Horribly painful," he answered. Hermione giggled and kissed him.

As the kiss ended Hermione whispered, "Thank you for giving them the chance to prove they're changing."

"I know how you can really thank me," he growled.

"I'm sure you do," she wrapped her arms around his neck, "and I think after such good behavior on your part you deserve to be rewarded so I am willing to listen to your suggestions."

Draco grinned. He had many, many suggestions for how he should be rewarded. He tugged her toward the stairs and Hermione followed, pleased with the day's events and especially happy that it seemed Scorpius had two more grandparents to love him and spoil him.