A/N- Not every meeting will go off perfectly or end in a happy reunion, as typically happens in reunion stories like this. I make this proclamation because the below chapter highlights this. I hope everyone's had a wonderful holiday and enjoys the New Year.

Draco gazed at his arm. Since getting the tattoo about two weeks after Hermione had suggested it, he couldn't help frequently gazing at the arm that had once had the dark mark on it and smiling at the scorpion that was now upon it. He sighed and looked back at the box. Somehow he was in charge of putting together the bicycle that Andromeda had bought Teddy for his birthday and he wasn't sure where to start. He'd ridden one, but never assembled one. He sighed and moved to the portal. He needed his father-in-law.

Ten minutes later, Troy Granger was helping Draco assemble the bike. "I remember doing this for Hermione when she was little," Troy said. "There are few things my daughter needed to learn from us but I treasure the memories of each one."

"Scorpius will be the same. He picks everything up so quickly," Draco lamented. "I'm glad he's so intelligent but I kind of wish he'd stay small and needing us for everything. Teddy's not yet six and he wants to read to you rather than you read to him."

"Hermione started that with us at four," Troy laughed. "My daughter never wanted to be a child when she was small. I always thought if we'd been able to have another that might have changed things somewhat; at least Scorp has Teddy until you have more children."

"That's true," Draco nodded. "But Scorp wants to catch up to Teddy which is the problem."

"Well savor what you have with him now. He'll only be so small once. He already has a large vocabulary and he's not even two yet," Troy attached the bicycle chain, "you're not going to let my grandson on a broom are you?"

"Not until he's at least five can he go on rides with me," Draco answered. "Hermione was clear. And she doesn't want him on his own training broom until he's at least seven. She wanted nine but I talked her down a bit. I got my first broom when I was six and Teddy's allowed his first broom when he turns seven. So she agreed to seven so that Teddy and Scorp were held to the same standard."

"You had to sell that, huh," Troy chuckled, knowing his daughter such as he did it was easy to imagine that argument.

"She's very stubborn and overprotective," Draco admitted. "But I wasn't expecting her to be any other way," he added, "I do know her rather well."

"Does she know you asked for help?"

"No but when she sees Teddy's present completed, I think she'll be able to guess." Draco was honest enough to admit he was not particularly handy. He was learning, but it was slow going. Fortunately his father-in-law was happy to teach him how to do things like assemble a bike.


Early that evening Hermione got Scorpius dressed for their dinner with Blaise and Daphne. They were actually supposed to have dinner with Draco's old friends the previous week but Scorpius had come down with a fever and they'd had to reschedule. Draco had half-expected Blaise to say they could leave Scorpius at home with a house elf but to his surprise, they'd said they'd just push it back a week.

So, already dressed herself, Hermione was preparing Scorpius who was not interested in cooperating. "You're as stubborn as your father," she gently scolded him. Scorpius pouted and she rolled her eyes, "That doesn't work on me and you know it, Scorpius."

"It works on me," Draco said from the doorway. "I'm ready now."

"So is your son, despite his best efforts," Hermione said, bemused as he put his head on her shoulder when she picked him up, "and now he's trying to suck up to me."

"Mama," Scorpius smiled up at her.

"He'll be a Slytherin," Draco asserted.

"Probably," Hermione nodded. "Come on then. We don't want to be late."

"Yes dear," he said with a cheeky grin, well aware that if she wasn't holding their son she'd have smacked him for that reply.

"Don't tempt me," she said, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I love you," he kissed her, "let's go see my former friends."

"Before you get in more trouble," she teased him as they walked into the floo room to leave.


Blaise and Daphne were there when they arrived, "Welcome," Daphne smiled at Hermione, who was still holding Scorpius.

"Hermione, this is Blaise and Daphne. Guys, this is my wife Hermione and our son Scorpius," Draco introduced, his arm around his wife's waist.

"We've already met," Daphne said to Draco, "although I hadn't yet seen your son. He's adorable!"

"Thank you," Hermione said.

"Nice to meet you," Blaise said to her, seeing her hands full with the little boy.

"I wish I could say I've heard all about you but Draco has been sparse with the details," Hermione said.

"He likes to be mysterious," Blaise said.

"Come in, come in," Daphne led them to the living room, "Dinner will be in half an hour."


Hermione sat down and put Scorpius on the floor, giving him his toy cars to play with. "Why did you decide to have kids so soon?" Daphne asked her.

"Draco and I both wanted to have multiple children; one day around our first anniversary as a married couple I just woke up with this intense desire to have a baby. I told Draco and he was thrilled so we stopped using birth control immediately," Hermione shrugged, "It just felt like the right time."

"And Scorpius is perfect," Draco boasted, slipping his arm around his wife's waist.

"Just because he's the spitting image of you," Hermione rolled her eyes.

"I am perfect," Draco pointed out.

"You think you are," she retorted, pecking him on the lips.

"Oh she has you nailed down," Blaise laughed at Hermione's words.

"I'd hope so after over seven years together," Draco said, not bothered by his wife's teasing. "So how did this happen," he indicated between the two of them, "Because I recall Daphne thinking you were an idiotic lothario sixth year."

"I left England after Dumbledore died," Blaise said. "And I stayed in Italy after the war having lots of fun. But I started to miss England so I came back."

"I didn't return to Hogwarts. My father arranged for me to sit my NEWTs elsewhere," Daphne said, watching the little boy who was playing with his toys happily at his parents' feet. "When Blaise returned we ran into each other and things began from there. I could tell he'd matured a fair bit since the war and it's not like there's that much in the way of choice for suitors. So I said yes when he asked me out."

Hermione did not like arranged marriages, and she knew enough from Draco's explanations of pureblood culture to know that Daphne was sugarcoating what was actually an arranged marriage. Draco had taught her that oral code sixth year and she still remembered it. But she kept quiet; if the couple was happy with their arrangement she didn't see it as any of her business to say otherwise. Draco leaned down as Scorpius stood to offer him his car, "Do you want to play with Daddy?" He asked his son.

"Dada pway," Scorpius nodded. Draco moved to the floor and Hermione smiled, watching Draco play with their son. She could watch that for hours on end. In school Hermione would never have pegged Draco as being fatherly or good with children. But as soon as they'd decided to start their family, Hermione had seen Draco change; he was excited to be a father and determined to be the very best one.

In large part, she suspected, this was due to wanting to prove he wasn't just like Lucius. Which was understandable but also not the whole reason. Since they'd become a couple she'd seen how Draco sought to belong to something. Her opinion had mattered so much to him and he'd been terrified of her leaving him after the war because of what he might have to do in the war to survive.

While in the present his parents were involved grandparents and able to let their hair down, she knew that wasn't how they'd been when he grew up. For Draco seeing his parents like that was strange and new. But he was adjusting fairly well to it. Family meant the world to her husband, and she had known that as soon as he'd met her parents. The desire to make sure her parents weren't upset with her, that they understood Hermione had needed to protect them, that they'd been in danger…at first she'd thought it was all for her but she knew that it was for him too as Draco wanted her parents in their lives.


In the buildup to dinner it was polite conversation, Blaise telling as many entertaining stories as he could. Hermione got the impression her husband's former friend was very shallow, and she very much doubted Daphne's claim that he had matured. His efforts to stretch the truth were rather disturbing, in her opinion, as he retold stories Hermione already knew but made Draco appear to be a lech going after anything in a skirt. Draco glared at Blaise, "Knock it off, Blaise."

"Oh come on mate you've never been an innocent school boy," Blaise scoffed. "Or does your wife not know what all we got up to sixth year? Awful lot of girls we had."

"I'm guessing you don't spend time around small children," Hermione said to the former Slytherin. "Or around witches not afraid to cast dangerous, painful spells on you," she added, her fingers rotating her wand in her hand.

Blaise's eyes widened in fear at the sight and Hermione gazed at him calmly, "Draco might not have talked much about the others in Slytherin, but I know everything about his sixth year as we were in one another's company every chance we had. Test my patience with your attempts to paint Draco as the lothario he has never been again, in the presence of my son no less, and you will not like the consequences Blaise."

Draco smiled at his wife, relieved she knew him so well, and very much enjoying the way Blaise awkwardly crossed his legs as he eyed Hermione's wand with fear. Draco looked at Blaise, not sure what the idiot was even getting at with those stories. He could see that Daphne was embarrassed, but he didn't know why Blaise would think it was a good idea to tell those stories or to lie about him.


Daphne excused them and practically dragged Blaise out of the room. Hermione watched Draco play with Scorpius once their hosts left. "I thought you were friends?"

"I said we were friendly, not friends," he responded. "Blaise didn't think I was a Death Eater. You were the only other person who believed that too."

Hermione ran a hand through her husband's hair, giving him an understanding smile. "Oh Draco…"

"Most people still think I was a Death Eater," he said. "I guess I cut him more slack because he didn't see a Death Eater when he looked at me."

"Draco, love, that is the saddest thing I've ever heard," Hermione shook her head with a sad smile. She really wished she could dig Voldemort back up just to kill him again for what he'd put Draco through. In her opinion, the bastard had not suffered enough before his death. Harry was too much of a wimp on that front. Hermione would have made Voldemort suffer and beg for his life. But then, she was incredibly vindictive and Harry wasn't.

"That was my sixth year," he shrugged. "Becoming your boyfriend and being with you was the only good thing that happened to me that year."

"At least it was a really good thing," she smiled at him.

"It truly was," he nodded, leaning over to kiss her, "I love you."

"I know," Hermione straightened and smoothed her dress, "I am fairly certain Blaise will end up hurt if I'm around him often."

He laughed at that. Personally he doubted that he'd be around Blaise much. The evening so far was a disaster and he didn't see a recovery on the horizon. Blaise and Daphne held values and attitudes that he and Hermione didn't, and he saw nothing they had in common.


When dinner finally ended the Malfoys returned to their home, Draco relieved it was done and over with. "I think it's safe to say Blaise won't be around here ever," he said to Hermione once she'd returned from tucking Scorpius in.

"Very safe," Hermione nodded. "I'm sorry things didn't go well this evening, Draco."

"It's not your fault," he shrugged, "they just represent everything I came to hate about being pureblood. Everything that was set up for me to be forced to be a Death Eater. I'd much rather have you," he tugged her into his arms and slipped his hands to her rear, "but now you've had a taste of pureblood 'high society' as they call it. What did you think?"

"That Blaise is an idiot and Daphne has no spine," Hermione answered honestly.

"Both true," Draco laughed, kissing her. Her arms moved over his shoulders and when they parted he smiled, "You look gorgeous tonight, you know."

"You said so when you saw me getting dressed earlier," she smirked.

"It's still true," he pressed his forehead to hers, "now how about we salvage this evening?"

"I think we still have some of that modified lust potion torte," she mused. The one from their anniversary had been too strong, so she'd been at work modifying it to make it not last so long. Not that they'd minded it, but Hermione didn't think most people would appreciate a potion that lasted 8 hours like she and Draco did given that they were a couple who couldn't keep their hands off one another anyway. So she'd cut the proportions again and got it down to four hours, which they both thought was quite manageable for most people. And George and Angelina had agreed after testing it for Hermione. Her most recent attempt was the recipe she'd make for the shop for Valentine's Day next year.

"I love that idea," he said, kissing her before they headed downstairs to get the dessert.


It was nearly two in the morning when the potion finally wore off. The couple reached their final orgasm of the evening before collapsing, Draco planting small kisses from the small of his wife's back up to her shoulder before turning onto his back on the bed, "I love you," he whispered.

"That is something I am very aware of," she turned onto her side and put her hand on his chest, "You have a birthday coming up. What do you want?"

"Nothing much," he answered. "You, Scorp, our parents, Teddy and Aunt Andi; of course George and Angelina."

"So a small, intimate party," she mused. "That's feasible. What about your present?"

"I have everything I could want, really," Draco shrugged.

Hermione smiled as she gazed at him, "There's really nothing you want?"

"No," Draco answered, then he paused, "Well, I guess there is one thing I'd like."


"My wife to have a dragon tattoo on her body," he answered. "I would love that."

She laughed. Of course he would. It'd be a symbol of not just him claiming her, but her letting him claim her. That possessive side of him was something he controlled rather well for the most part but every so often it would rear its head again. "And where would you want this tattoo placed? I'm sure you have some ideas."

"A few," he admitted. "But it's your body so that is up to you."

She had to admire that Draco wasn't pressuring her into any one location for a tattoo of his namesake. After an evening with Blaise she certainly saw and understood just how far Draco had come. Still, she could play with him a bit. "I will think about it," she told him, kissing his cheek. "Good night Draco. I love you."

"Good night Hermione," he kissed her on the lips and shifted to hold her, closing his eyes.